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The Business Blog – Panama Papers Investigation Updates Barbados Information

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) just released the latest tranche of information for public consumption as part of the Panama Leaks investigation. Of interest to Barbadians is that a browse of the information on the Panama Leaks website reveals the following linked to Barbados domicile: 35 Offshore entities 47 Officers 14 Intermediaries 57 […]

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Commonwealth Secretary General Baroness Scotland Has Links to the Dark World

One has to marvel at the lack of due diligence Caribbean governments and others in authority exercise when making decisions on behalf of the people they serve. There is the perception by the developed world that we are a bunch of banana republics, yet we continue by our decision-making to give truth to the belief. […]

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WikiLeaks Bridgetown: How Uncle Sam Used and Abused Little England the Ignorant

The following is an extract from the famous Wkileaks files dumped to the Internet by the besieged Julian Assange (B) CINCLANT INSTRUCTION 5410.1 OF 15 SEPT 75 BEGIN CONFIDENTIAL 1. THE BARBADOS WEEKLY NATION OF JANUARY 18 (ON THE STREET JANUARY 16) RAN A PIECE IN ITS CENTERFOLD CALLED “UNCLE SAM’S SLICE OF BARBADOS.” IN […]

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No Fatbergs Here Mr. McLelland!

Submitted by Anthony Davis Deadly mounds of congealed palm oil are being washed up on British beaches, posing a serious threat to children and animals over the summer months. Known as fatbergs, the rock-sized white blobs smell like diesel and are covered in killer germs. They have invaded Britain’s coastline having been carried thousands of […]

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Senator Bernie Sanders

‘I am the Bern’ – the Evils of Two ‘Lessers’

Submitted by Pachamama The stakes are high in the epic battles brewing in NYC, on both sides. The Dems up dey are fighting for 291 delegates, with 247 up for grabs. The Clintons have already secured the support of about 44 ‘super-delegates’. By now the Clinton camp would have thought that their obvious shoo-in for […]

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Donald Trump

Haile Drumpf – The Rise of a New Hitler – When the Centre no longer holds

Submitted by Pachamama More than a dozen years ago these writers were denounced when we suggested to those who locate themselves at the center of Caribbean thought that the United States of America was a fascist empire, at its nadir. That financialization had delivered all forms of western capitalism to conditions not dissimilar to Germany […]

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Follow the Money: inside the world’s tax havens

The following article reproduced at the request of Green Monkey – David, Barbados Underground SNIP Around a decade ago, I was writing a book about six countries along a stretch of west Africa’s oil-soaked coast, running from Angola up to Nigeria. Despite hundreds of billions of dollars in oil revenues, their people didn’t seem to […]

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Everything is Relative – Barbados May be OK After All…

Submitted by Bush Tea Perhaps we need to put our local brass bowlery into a global perspective. After all, everything is relative, and it may be that while we are despondent about our declining situation, we may in fact be doing very well… Consider the below article by Tanya Rakhmilevich of The Alternative Daily… where […]

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Fruendel Stuart and Adriel Brathwaite

Do Barbadians Care About Political Campaign Reform?

In a document titled ‘Getting there on time:notes on the regulation of campaign finance in Latin America the author in great detail outlines issues of campaign finance our region continues to be challenged. The BU household hardly expects the BU family to read the 122 page document although we highly recommend it. The unexpected annoucement […]

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Things Fall Apart Series IV – Caribbean Export Development Agency Pillar Assessment Findings

BU with the help of informants continue to expose the shenanigans at a leading Caribbean agency responsible for export development. Like Cahill Barbados, CLICO (CL Financial) and others the Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA) appears to lack a strong governance and management framework to assure donors who fund the agency that the process of disbursing […]

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Dateline Glasgow:Another Gasification Plant Bites the Dust

Take note Barbadians, a 120,000t/yr plant failed to secure planning approval in Glasgow. What makes this case interesting was the proposed scale of the plant and the level of environmental planning AND the infrastructure to support air quality in that locale. The debate continues in Barbados whether gasification is the best technology for a 166 […]

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Domestic Violence: Victim Protection and Intervention

by Felicia Browne and Alicia Nicholls Victims of domestic violence in Barbados are on the verge of receiving greater protection. The Domestic Violence (Protection Orders) Amendment Act, Cap 130A was recently passed by the House of Assembly and is currently before the Senate for debate. The Act, which seeks to make several sweeping changes to […]

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Caribbean Region Most Affected by Loss in Correspondent Banking Relationships…

by caribbeantradelaw The withdrawal by international banks of correspondent banking relationships with Caribbean-based banks and money transfer businesses has once again been making headlines in the Caribbean. This week Antigua & Barbuda’s Prime Minister raised the issue at the Fourth Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), terming it a “clear […]

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Anti-Semitism Needs Only An Excuse

Submitted by Charles Knighton The Palestinian murderers do not want to build a state, they want to destroy a state and they say it out loud. They do not murder for peace and they do not murder for human rights. Netanyahu says UN chief Ban Ki-moon encouraging terror –  January 28 Advocate We have to […]

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UK High Court Homeowner Intruder Ruling

The BU household is known for keeping an eye on interesting events was they occur in the world of jurisprudence. A recent High Court decision in the UK has given householders the green light to use ‘disproportionate’ force against home breakers to protect their families. Sir Brian Leveson sitting with Mr Justice Cranston in a landmark […]

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Countering Homegrown Terrorism … as if that should concern any of us

Submitted by David Weekes Dear David. I have been thinking about writing this article for over 9 months now and decided to do so motivated by the recent Oval Office […]

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2014 HIV Data for Barbados

See the latest HIV Epi data for Barbados and related documents released by the United Nations AIDS. Epidemiological data for Barbados Statement from UNAIDS Executive Director Statement from UN Secretary General World’s Aids Day 2015 UNAIDS EXD address to Barbados church on the role of faith organisations in ending AIDS: […]

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The Caribbean and the ISIS Threat

A few years ago is was all about Al Qaeda, now the world has become preoccupied with the threat from ISIS. Although some will challenge the degree to which the two terrorist organizations […]

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