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The Caribbean and the ISIS Threat

A few years ago is was all about Al Qaeda, now the world has become preoccupied with the threat from ISIS. Although some will challenge the degree to which the two terrorist organizations […]

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Human Rights vs National Security Interests: An Uneasy Tension

by caribbeantradelaw If we destroy human rights and rule of law in the response to terrorism, they have won. Joichi Ito (Japanese-American entrepreneur) In the best of times human rights and national security interests enjoy an uneasy tension. In the darkest annals of human […]

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Terror in Paris, France

The world is looking on in horror at an act of terrorism in Paris, France that has seen 43 people reported dead so far. Surely a heinous act against humanity. […]

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Venezuela Guyana Dispute, Explained

The border dispute between Guyana and Venezuela has escalated to an alarming level. In response to the build up of Venezuelan troops in the disputed Essequibo territory BU read the report Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez arrived in Trinidad on 22 September 2015 to hold diplomatic talks. […]

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Violence at J’Ouvert 2015 - Photo credit: New York Times

Calls for Safety Zone with Security checks for J’Ouvert Festivities

Submitted by CARIBBEAN GUYANA INSTITUTE FOR DEMOCRACY (CGID) J’Ouvert 2015 was tarnished by unaccepted gun and other forms of violence, which left at least […]

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Jack Warner

Jack Warner Arrested

Jack Warner will be recorded as one of the most enigmatic politicians of our time. His popularity as a politician in Trinidad belies the underhand dealings he has been associated with through the years in his capacity as Vice President of FIFA and Czar of the football operations in Trinidad. The David Simmons report logged […]

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France's National founder Jean-Marie Le Pen on stage with his daughter Marine Le Pen

The Divide Between What is Permissible Versus Acceptable Freedom of Expression

Submitted by Charles Knighton “The running father-daughter feud escalated into a political crisis after the party decision Monday to suspend the senior Le Pen for reiterating anti-Semitic remarks that got him convicted in French courts in the past.” Family feud rocks top of France’s National Front party” – National Post [BU] Following the horrific attacks […]

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Google’s Cost Obsessions Search

What if Barbadians knew how people in other countries perceived them. Users of Google search engine offers an autocomplete function based on common searches by other users. How many times, if you are a Google search engine user, you start to type a search and the Google search engine ‘drops down’ several options. It is […]

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Violence in Baltimore after Freddie Gray's funeral

Baltimore Under Siege in the Wake of Freddie Gray’s Funeral

Baltimore is listed as the largest city in the State of Maryland, the largest independent city and the 26th most populous city in the USA. Of note is that greater than 60% of the population is Black followed by about 29% White. In the wake of Freddie Gray’s funeral – yet another Black man to […]

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ISIS beheadings

ISIS Irrationality Unexplained

Submitted by Charles Knighton On Monday, April 20, both sections of the press informed their readership of the latest ISIS atrocity, the beheading of 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya. Why does ISIS consistently act with such savage irrationality? What goals does it seek by slaughtering and alienating other Muslims, beheading and incinerating hostages, stoning adulterous […]

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Clive Lloyd

A Confidential Letter to Sir Clive Lloyd with an Urgent Request

Submitted by Errol Harry

Dear Clive,

Since you do not know me personally I do hope that my first-name familiarity is not considered an impertinence but I am sure that you appreciate that to all Guyanese at home or abroad you are still our very own Clive, our National hero …

I also appreciate that in the perilous times in which our country finds itself it might be considered ill-advised even risky to accede to the request above : to lend your considerable popular appeal and celebrity status to the pro-democratic pro-decency and anti-racism, campaign for real change in our benighted country and for which Mr Crum-Ewing’s life was taken…

I believe it is high time UWI History Professor Hilary Beckles of your West Indian Cricket Board of Control starts challenging the effects of Columbus’s error which has led to an identity crisis in our team and through-out the English-speaking Caribbean.

Read full text of letter in PDF format.

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Binyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu – The End of the Zionist Project

Submitted by Pachamama

This week’s unwelcome visit to Washington by Benjamin Netanyahu is the latest manifestation of deep-seated differences between the Obama administration and an Israeli government driven further and further to the right, at home, but more and more popular within the ranks of the love-hating, dispensationalists, WASP, Republican led, United States Senate and House of Representatives. These are occupied Israeli territories in the place called North America!

Nobody who has any sense, in the ‘international community’, likes Netanyahu. Whether it is Obama telling former French president Sarkozy, into a hot mic, that he did not like him. Or Obama himself complaining that he had to deal with him every day. Or the Europeans, countries like Switzerland, distancing themselves from the Zionist regime over settlement expansion while recognizing the Palestinian Authority, as a legitimate government, in international fora. Indications of how distasteful this maniac is.

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Global Affairs – The American Empire of Chaos

Submitted by Pachamama

As Obama steps up his concentration on the part of government where he still holds relative influence, he and his allies are taking a beating in Ukraine. As commodity prices leap into a deflationary death spiral, American internal pressures mount on the Venezuelan government to curb its influence in the region, with a serious threat to the Maduro regime. With the ’empire of chaos’ becoming more and more unpredictable, by the day, foreign policy thinkers are seeking to make sense of what appears to be a monumental nonsense – they must come to see it as characteristic of empire’s end. With the rise of Syreza, in Greece, Europhiles are waiting for an anti-austerity backlash that could change the political landscape of the community and deliver a mixture of socialists and far right elements into the seat of several governments.

This represents but a snapshot of the global political-economic-military environment. It is an environment in which interests, not friendship nor sentimentality, inform national decision making in a largely callous manner. There is no loyalty amongst nation states as there is none amongst thieves. So the ‘peace’ president has traveled to Indian where he signed significant agreements with Narendra Modi, an ultra right wing, Hindu, zealot. Those agreements included the transfer of nuclear technology in a potentially volatile arena. The trade dimensions would suggest to observers that Indian is now being groomed to challenge or create a rift in relations with China. It is however remarkable that at the military parade, of which Obama was invited to observe, nearly 100% of the equipment on display was Russian.

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Donna St.Hill -

Donna St.Hill Accused of Questionable Decisions in the Nigerian Student Affair

Press Release – Nigeria Delta State Project

Prepared jointly by Douglas Trotman, Attorney-at-Law for Nigerian Students, R.E. Guyson Mayers, Attorney-at-Law for Sharon Brathwaite, R.E Guyson Mayers represents Ms. Sharon Brathwaite and Douglas B. Trotman represents 66 Nigerian students in this matter

Mr. Trotman was instructed by his clients that they wished to have Ms. Sharon Brathwaite reinstated as their coordinator; they also wanted issues related to their accommodation, food, laptop computers and cell phones raised and settled preferably before the start of the program. The matter of the lack of decency and respect shown by Ms. Donna St. Hill towards them was also an issue raised by the students.

A letter was written and delivered to Ms. St Hill on the 7th January 2015 outlining the issues raised by the students; to date Ms. St. Hill has not responded to the letter nor has she accepted service of a subsequent letter written to her. Instead Ms. St. Hill used the media to put her story in the public domain. The assistance of a government senator was sought and that senator communicated with Ms. St. Hill to no avail.

During the effort to resolve the issues we have listened over the past two weeks with keen interest to a string of accusations that were levied against Ms. Sharon Brathwaite, whether she was named or not.

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Charlie Hebdo

Dateline France – When the Chickens Come Home to Roost

Submitted by Pachamama

The killing of 12 and injury of dozens more at the offices of satirical publication, Charlie Hebdo, in France has to be seen in its proper context. They come on the same day the bodies of over 320 were discovered in Mosul in five mass graves. These were the victims of ISIS, ISIL or DASH. But nobody in the West is crying for these long disappeared. All the tears will be shed for the precious blood of the French 12+. Not the Izadi, Kurdish women, children and old people of Mosul – and others. In the West, we did not even miss them. We did not even know that they were dead but the blood of 12 Frenchmen will be consecrated and made to give impetus to the prolongation of unholy Western, Christian, crusades  on the Muslim world. […]

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Sir Neville Nicholls - Chairman,FTC

Vote NO to Cable & Wireless Columbus Merger

The Fair Training Commission (FTC) is advising on its website that on the 24 November, 2014 an application was received from Cable & Wireless Communications Plc and Columbus International Inc seeking permission to merge the local subsidiaries (C&W and LIME) in Barbados in accordance with Section 20 (7) of the Fair Competition Act. Pursuant to […]

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Vladímir Putin - President of Russia


Submitted by Pachamama Russian Federation President, His Excellency, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has emerged as the most important person, not only for 2014, but maybe for the past decade or so. Indeed, we will argue that Putin’s agenda has the capacity to radically transform all geo-political, geo-strategic equations. Putin’s real problem with the west is that […]

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President Obama and Castro in history setting decision....


Submitted by Andrew Nehaul A tsunami of concern must have gone through the Caribbean tourism community yesterday with the announcement by President Obama that he was reestablishing diplomatic ties with Cuba and would open up travel by all Americans to that country. After years of closure for American tourists, this Caribbean nation will now welcome […]

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