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Adrian Loveridge, Peach and Quiet

A VIRGIN Opportunity

While the concept was rolled out some time ago, the details were largely announced in a media conference which took place at the Museum Park in Miami last week. Never shy of dominating the global limelight, Sir Richard Branson announced that Virgin Cruises should have three brand new Italian built ships in the water by […]

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Adrian Loveridge, Peach and Quiet

2015 Budget Ignores Important Tourism Sector

I had hoped to dedicate this week’s column to the new measures put in place announced in the 2015 budget to stimulate spending, especially in the tourism sector. Unless I missed something while trawling through the 57 pages, not a single ‘incentive’ has been announced […]

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Adrian Loveridge, Peach and Quiet

Sunil Chatrani: STOP Discounting!

While not attending the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association Annual General Meeting recently, if media reports are accurate, the outgoing Chairman is quoted as stating ‘discounts were not the way to attract visitors to these shores’ […].

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Adrian Loveridge

Help Car Rental Sector

Whether travelling on business or pleasure, I usually hire a car, because for me it adds a huge dimension to the experience and dramatically increases the options available. With a budget on the horizon, I implore the Minister of Finance to look again at our car rental sector, if we are going to maintain

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Adrian Loveridge

Incentive Travel the Way to GO!

One of the first and largest groups I brought to Barbados was back in the 70s. Seventy two people in total which included salesmen, their partners, distributors and the company’s senior management. While the firm, Cavalier Caravans, was headquartered in Sweden it had a substantial manufacturing plant in the Eastern English port town of Felixstowe […]

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Barbados Tourism Numbers Achieve Double Digits Growth

BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS. May 27, 2015 – Barbados’ tourism sector broke a 25-year record during the first quarter of 2015 to reach 171,471 long stay arrivals.BTMI Chairman, Alvin Jemmott, noted that there were record arrivals in each of the first three months of 2015 and extended his congratulations to all industry workers and partners for their […]

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Adrian Loveridge

Sandals Barbados Not Doing Enough to Help Food Production

First let me declare my absolute and total support for those advocating the use and consumption of more locally produced items especially by our tourism industry. When the head of the Barbados Agricultural Society recently boasted that Sandals Barbados promised to purchase 1,000 pounds of local produce each week, no-one thought to question him as […]

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Adrian Loveridge

Let Us Execute Please!

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) was kind enough to invite me and a large number of representatives from both the private and public sector to a half day discussion forum last week. To quote from documentation provided the objective was to ‘Maximise Bridgetown’s economic and cultural activity’ by leveraging ‘existing institutions (tangible and intangible) and infrastructure […]

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Adrian Loveridge

Barbados is an Attractive Product

The double positive whammy for our tourism sector last week was the number of English cricket supporters who came for the Kensington staging of the cricket test match and the announcement by JetBlue that it was introducing a weekly seasonal flight on Saturdays non-stop from Boston. From the first flight which began on 7th November […]

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Adrian Loveridge

Local Businesses Must Up Their Game!

From a tourism perspective and many other sectors, it is almost impossible to comprehend how so many businesses seem to think they can trade to an optimal degree without maintaining a fully functioning and up-to-date website and/or Facebook page. Also surprising is the number of local companies who take to the air via radio or […]

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Adrian Loveridge

Garbage Disposal Dumps More Cost On Businesses

While at first this week’s column may seem to stray from the subject ‘matter’ the consequence of certain actions has a direct negative effect on our tourism performance. As a business we get absolutely no ‘free’ state collection of garbage. We sort and separate everything we can with the wonderful assistance of B’s Recycling and […]

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Adrian Loveridge

The Underground Tourism Sector

Let me be among the first to congratulate a Minister of Tourism for embarking on a personal visit to all the hotels in his domain. He was quick to point out that this was not meant to be an inspection visit but rather a ‘familiarisation exercise’ to view ‘each and every tourism establishment first hand, […]

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Adrian Loveridge

Tourism Players Need to Learn from the Ants

Over the years, airlines most cruise ship and train operators together with many hotel brands have understood and in the main applied the concept of ‘revenue control’ very effectively. It is almost a given when you board a plane, even when you are in the same designated seating class, that passengers have paid different levels […]

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Adrian Loveridge

NO Beaches = NO Seats

I subscribe to a website called which for those of you are unfamiliar with, monitors airfares across the world. When Delta Airlines resumed their flights from Atlanta to Barbados, I placed an alert to several times a day, scans all available options on that route whether direct flights or through connecting cities. Last week […]

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Adrian Loveridge

Working Collectively to Make Advertising Affordable

As a small business person for most of my life, trying to make miniscule budgets become larger profitable realities goes with the territory. As a general rule we adopted a very simple psychology, any marketing dollars spent, had to produce a tenfold return, or ROI of 1:10. For example if you took a quarter page […]

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Adrian Loveridge

Target Members of Rewards Programs to Boost Tourists Numbers

Way back in 2001 we registered a business name and established a website domain under the trading title of MILESCloser. The idea then, which still has not changed, was to target the hundreds of millions of frequent flyer members who largely use their accumulated miles for vacation or holiday travel.

One of the impediments to growing the United States market especially is we are a little further away from key source market cities. Inevitably airfares are often more expensive, resulting in the overall cost of the ‘vacation’ making it more difficult when competing with other destinations. This is especially true with non-gateway departure points. A good example is Minneapolis-St. Paul to Barbados where the current cheapest bookable fare online in October or early November is US$761 economy return. For the same dates the miles required are just 25,000 and US$60.60 in taxes. So by getting rid of the perceived ‘high’ airfare, we then only have to compete on accommodation options.

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