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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – Day of the Double Downgrade

I trust that readers are not misled by today’s caption into thinking that I am writing for a second successive week on the economic misfortunes of Barbados; a circumstance that I chose to refer to last week as “our darkest hour”. As would be widely known by now, Barbados’s sovereign credit rating was downgraded on […]

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When A Chinaman Bowls a Googly

Submitted by Pachamama. In cricket, a googly has a deceptive bounce. Whereas the chinaman is delivered by a left-arm bowler to a right-arm batsman, spinning from the offside to the legside. The Chinese may only be playing cricket in Hong Kong and we are uncertain as to its mass appeal on continental China. However, soccer […]

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The Demise of West Indian Cricket?

The following Advocate Editorial is reproduced for the benefit of the few loyal cricket fans to be found lurking on Barbados Underground. Maybe to those of a certain age, popularly referred to as the millennial generation, sometimes as millennials, or frequently as the quizzically titled Generation Y, it may merely be classed as the stuff […]

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$150 Million National Stadium Coming – "IS IT AN ALL FOOLS DAY JOKE"?

Submitted by DAVID  COMISSIONG, Former President of the United Athletic Club (UAC) Surely the Nation Newspaper was cracking an early “all fools’ day joke” when it published a full colour drawing of a spanking new $150 Million National Stadium on the front page of last  Wednesday’s newspaper, and asserted that “plans are in the pipeline […]

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Why Sports Has Not Progressed in Barbados

Submitted by Wayne Cadogan Four years ago after the 2012 Olympics in London, the Barbados Olympic Association stated that they have to go back to the drawing board for the 2016 Olympics after another dismal performance once again of our athletes not getting pass the first rounds in any event. This has been the norm […]

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Austin Sealy Says Keep Pressing On

Submitted by Bush Tea From the Nation -August 17, Sir Austin calls to keep pressing on…. International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Sir Austin Sealy hopes that Barbados will not be disheartened by the modest performances at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Speaking last night on telephone link-up from the Copacabana Beach in Rio, Sir Austin told […]

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The Rio Games – Dancing with the Devils – the IOC and the Politics of Mekking Sport

Submitted by Pachamama Many years ago we often wondered why people like Steve Stoute, Erskine Simmons and another man employed at Barclays Bank were so interested in the International Olympic Committee (IOC). We have subsequently learnt why. Last night Barbados appeared to have taken its first gold medal as the golden jacketed team’s outfit emerged […]

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WICB OUT of Control

Submitted by Wayne Cadogan The time has come and has been long overdue for the revamping of the West Indies Cricket Board and its band of myopic nomadic members, whose purpose is to splurge off of West Indies cricket for their own personal gains and to keep West Indies cricket a submerged state in the […]

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Sir Garry Sobers is the GREATEST!

Submitted by William Skinner There is, or at least was, a picture of Sir Garfield Sobers, in the hall of the Bay Primary School, located in Bayville that most of us will recall was once called Bay Land. The striking aspect of the picture is that Sir Garry is standing there with bat in hand […]

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Elvis Forde for National Coach

Submitted by Wayne Cadogan It is another Olympic year and once again Barbados would be sending athletes off to the games as they have always done in past years. To date only two Barbadians have ever graced the podium, one representing Barbados and the other the West Indies, yet we continue to send athletes to […]

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Enforcement Order on Bushy Park Takes Effect on June 30, 2016, with documents

The Minister of Housing Denis Kellman needs to communicate to Barbadians what the hell is going on at Bushy Park! Why has Minister Denis Kellman allowed  illegal structures to be constructed at the Bushy Park raceway; said lands vested in the Ministry of Housing and Lands. We note Bushy Park is being rented to the […]

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West Indies Cricket Dilemma

Submitted by Wayne Cadogan What an inept West Indies Cricket Board and a bunch of jokers for selectors on a road to nowhere. I just happen by chance while turning around in the kitchen, to hear one of the selectors say that hardly anyone was at Kensington Oval watching the cricket and that it was […]

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A Serious National Sports Program a Must

Last week veteran sports administrator Sir Austin Sealy at an award some where made the contentious remark – in BU’s view – that Barbados as a small country does well when we only qualify athletes for the Olympics. The argument often used is that given the paucity of resources it is nigh impossible to compete […]

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What Tony Cozier Meant To Us

Submitted by David  Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement So, why didn’t the Government of Barbados confer our country’s highest national honour on Tony Cozier during his lifetime? Why wasn’t he “Sir Tony Cozier”? Similarly, why didn’t our regional university– the University of the West Indies – confer an honorary doctorate on Tony Cozier, as they […]

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Tony Cozier, the LEGEND

Posted by Sargeant I haven’t listened to cricket on the radio in decades but the passing of Tony Cozier has stirred some long dormant memories. I can’t remember when I first heard Cozier on the radio but my first memories of listening to cricket was the WI tour of Australia in 1960-61 when as a […]

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – The Mirage of Integration (I)

If uh wasn’t there to see fuh meself, I would’a never believe it, I would’a never believe it. But I say it once an’ I say it agen: When things goin’ good, you cahn touch We; but leh murder start an’ you can fine a man to hole up de side…” -Kamau Brathwaite –“Rites” (Islands: […]

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Cuba and Cricket

Cuba Cricket Connection – Improving Cuba Barbados Relationship

Now that the powers have deemed that the legacy of lame duck President Barrack Obama must be anchored to the return of Cuba to the fold, it has opened the floodgates for pundits all to spew the ideological and political rhetoric like there is no tomorrow. Although the froth has not receded with the exit […]

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – Of Glorious Uncertainties

It has always been my view that the closeness of the outcome of the 2013 general elections in Barbados spoke more to a popular perception that there is very little to choose from between the two major parties with regard to policy and general conservatism, and to a shared wonderment whether the solution to our […]

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