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tony cozier

What Tony Cozier Meant To Us

Submitted by David  Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement So, why didn’t the Government of Barbados confer our country’s highest national honour on Tony Cozier during his lifetime? Why wasn’t he “Sir Tony Cozier”? Similarly, why didn’t our regional university– the University of the West Indies – confer an honorary doctorate on Tony Cozier, as they […]

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tony cozier

Tony Cozier, the LEGEND

Posted by Sargeant I haven’t listened to cricket on the radio in decades but the passing of Tony Cozier has stirred some long dormant memories. I can’t remember when I first heard Cozier on the radio but my first memories of listening to cricket was the WI tour of Australia in 1960-61 when as a […]

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – The Mirage of Integration (I)

If uh wasn’t there to see fuh meself, I would’a never believe it, I would’a never believe it. But I say it once an’ I say it agen: When things goin’ good, you cahn touch We; but leh murder start an’ you can fine a man to hole up de side…” -Kamau Brathwaite –“Rites” (Islands: […]

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Cuba and Cricket

Cuba Cricket Connection – Improving Cuba Barbados Relationship

Now that the powers have deemed that the legacy of lame duck President Barrack Obama must be anchored to the return of Cuba to the fold, it has opened the floodgates for pundits all to spew the ideological and political rhetoric like there is no tomorrow. Although the froth has not receded with the exit […]

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – Of Glorious Uncertainties

It has always been my view that the closeness of the outcome of the 2013 general elections in Barbados spoke more to a popular perception that there is very little to choose from between the two major parties with regard to policy and general conservatism, and to a shared wonderment whether the solution to our […]

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Leave Cricket to Players and Board

Submitted by Buddy Cal Luke 13; 7-9. Parable of the fig tree. “Then said he unto the dresser of his vineyard. Behold, three years I come seeking fruit on this fig tree, and find none: cut it down. […]

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Sir Garfield is Right!

Submitted by Wayne Cadogan It appears that everyone wants to condemn Sir Garfield Sobers for speaking the truth regarding the status of players and state of West Indies Cricket. Well, I endorse every word that he said, he is so right. […]

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Chetwyn Stuart and Stephen Lashley

Manup Chetwyn Stuart and Minister Stephen Lashley

The following received from an anonymous source. CPL T20 Cricket made the decision to hand control of the [cricket] ovals back to the local entities. Kensington Oval Management Inc (KOMI) invited groups to bid on the Party Stand tender for CPLT20.

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Jack Warner

Jack Warner Arrested

Jack Warner will be recorded as one of the most enigmatic politicians of our time. His popularity as a politician in Trinidad belies the underhand dealings he has been associated with through the years in his capacity as Vice President of FIFA and Czar of the football operations in Trinidad. The David Simmons report logged […]

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National Stadium

On Your Mark, Get Ready …

Perhaps our sports officials are unaware of the impact of such an event [2015 Jamaica International Invitational] in inspiring the country’s youth, in building national pride, and in building a sporting heritage – Bush Tea The Jamaica International Invitational 2015 track and field meet was a spectacular event for many reasons – view event 3hr […]

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Submitted by Wayne Cadogan

Sports Illustrated: Now I Really Understand

Submitted by Wayne Cadogan Over the years I have heard many stories about athletes who had athletic scholarships and had returned to live on the island, and would not give back by getting involved. Personally, I have seen it first hand for myself and can sympathize with many of the athletes for their actions of […]

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Carifta 2015

Congrats to Barbados CARIFTA Team 2015 BUT …

BU adds its voice to the congratulations directed at the 2015 Barbados CARIFTA team.   Jamaica as expected led the medal count with 41 gold, 25 silver and 19 bronze followed by the Bahamas with 8 gold, 13 silver and 10 bronze AND Barbados with 7 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze. We did well but […]

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Team Guyana USA Soccer League Urges Guyanese Soccer Players and Fans to Boycott Caribbean Cup Inc, Soccer Tournaments

Submitted by the GUYANA USA SOCCER LEAGUE INC BROOKLYN: Team Guyana USA Soccer League announces its complete withdrawal from Caribbean Cup Inc., (CCI) as well as from its tournaments, structure and activities. This action is in protest of overt discrimination against, and abuse of, Guyanese players and management. Team Guyana will no longer participate in […]

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Sports Administrators to Blame

Submitted by Wayne Pilgrim-Cadogan I am sad as a former national athlete at the state of athletics in Barbados, and to see that we are not progressing in athletics or any other sport for that matter. After watching the Boys under 20, 400 meters at the recently concluded 2015 BSSAC Championships and to hear the […]

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Kirk Edwards

Barbados Cricket Selectors Blunder

Submitted by Wayne Cadogan-Pilgrim

Am I the only one, or are they others who continue to be baffled as much as I am after all these years as to how the Barbados and West Indies cricket selectors select players for duty? Even though they continue to fail game after game so miserably! I have always thought that any player seeking selection in any sports team had to be performing admirably and be selected on merit. Evidently this not the case when it comes to the Barbados cricket selectors

Is there anyone with a sound mind who could tell or explain to me how Kirk Edwards, could be failing for so long and yet the selectors continue to find favour in selecting him for national duty before other in form batsmen? Looking at the young man’s scores for the last eight to ten innings or more, are like selecting Lotto numbers which cannot add up to 120 runs. Why are the selectors continuing to select him in front of other young talented batsmen? Is it because of his arrogance that he is not listening to others regarding his batting problems? Or is it the same old problem that has always dog Barbados regarding favoritism?

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Jason Holder

Are the West Indies Out of the ICC World Cup 2015?

Submitted by Pachamama

We have always blamed the West Indies Cricket Board, of Control (WICB)(C) and their regional members for the persistent failures in West Indies cricket and we intend to continue in this vein. The successes, we shamelessly attribute to the players, and the players alone. That trajectory of management failure is now likely to lead to the early exit of our team from the ICC World Cup of Cricket 2015. We will be asking what has to happen for us to jettison this culture of persistent failure in a form of the game where we are supposed to have a competitive advantage. An advantage based on our natural approach to the game. An approach which predates the commercialization of limited overs cricket. An approach not always accepted by the so-called regional cricket connoisseurs. Those who would want to be more English than the very English!

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West Indies Cricket Continues to Slide

The decision by the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) to withdraw support for Joel Garner and back countryman Dave Cameron confirms the crisis West Indies cricket finds itself. Cameron has presided over the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) at a time when a West Indies team had to abandon a recent tour of India speaks volumes. The end result of the failed tour to India is that the WICB has been in grovel mode to resolve the issue with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) who is understandably upset at an out of pocket position of USD42 million.

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Clive Lloyd

Clive Lloyd the Alex Ferguson of West Indies Cricket

The decision by Chairman of Selectors Clive Lloyd to drop Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard from the World Cup squad has sparked a hailstorm of comment by cricket pundits. Many side with Lloyd’s view that with the present crop of underachievers West Indies has perpetually occupied the bottom rung of the world cricket ODI rankings. It seems obvious to BU Chairman Lloyd has to be able to coherently defend the selection of the team but we are also aware Lloyd and his selectors hold the prerogative to select who they want unless fired by the WICB.  How dare Clive Lloyd and his team drop a player(s) who he thinks is/are not committed to West Indies cricket!

The following article reproduced from Wisden India, and penned by former President of the WICB Patrick Rousseau, gives further insight into the challenges being experienced by West Indies cricket.

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