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West Indies Cricket Continues to Slide

The decision by the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) to withdraw support for Joel Garner and back countryman Dave Cameron confirms the crisis West Indies cricket finds itself. Cameron has presided over the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) at a time when a West Indies team had to abandon a recent tour of India speaks volumes. The end result of the failed tour to India is that the WICB has been in grovel mode to resolve the issue with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) who is understandably upset at an out of pocket position of USD42 million.

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Clive Lloyd

Clive Lloyd the Alex Ferguson of West Indies Cricket

The decision by Chairman of Selectors Clive Lloyd to drop Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard from the World Cup squad has sparked a hailstorm of comment by cricket pundits. Many side with Lloyd’s view that with the present crop of underachievers West Indies has perpetually occupied the bottom rung of the world cricket ODI rankings. It seems obvious to BU Chairman Lloyd has to be able to coherently defend the selection of the team but we are also aware Lloyd and his selectors hold the prerogative to select who they want unless fired by the WICB.  How dare Clive Lloyd and his team drop a player(s) who he thinks is/are not committed to West Indies cricket!

The following article reproduced from Wisden India, and penned by former President of the WICB Patrick Rousseau, gives further insight into the challenges being experienced by West Indies cricket.

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Wayne Pilgrim-Cadogan

An Insult to Barbadians and its Sports Program

Submitted by Wayne Pilgrim-Cadogan Once again Barbadians have been insulted by one of their own. Not only have we become a copycat society, but a worshiper of politicians and also people with titles behind their names and continue to be the laughing stock of the West Indies. After receiving a phone call on Saturday and […]

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Michael Holding (l) Jason Holder (r)

Lamb to the WICB Slaughter

Submitted by DeeWord Michael Holding has been forthright and unrelenting towards both the players and the WICB re the strike action out of India. Below is snap-shot of his latest remarks and those of other former players as a back-drop to the current WI cricket news-cycle. There are questions re governance of our cricket, the […]

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Will West Indies Cricket Rise from the Ashes?

Submitted by Wayne Cadogan As far back as the late 80’s I have been addressing the issue of the structure of the West Indies Cricket Board and how it should be restructured. I guess since I am not seen as a cricketer or one who has played test cricket, that I do not qualify to […]

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West Indies Cricket at Implosion Point

West Indies cricket continues at pace on a path to implosion. The WICB Board latest statement reads as follows – WICB STATEMENT FOLLOWING SEVEN HOUR MEETING. The decision by the WICB to go the route of a press statement in lieu of a press conference is indicative of the ‘peer down the nose’ approach to […]

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West Indies Cricket Continues Downward Spiral

The following extracted from the blog  The WICB(C) Conspires Against Our International Players, Again! posted by commenter Dee Word Yes @David change is needed I agree. But sensible people understand that the process of change is often as important as the change itself. On the evidence of the last 10 years specifically and generally the […]

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The WICB(C) Conspires Against Our International Players, Again!

Submitted by Pachamama We have argued in the past that the West Indies Cricket Board (of Control) WICB(C) is a slave plantation. An institution where the house niggers on the Board constantly  ‘conspire’ to end the hard won rights of our international players. Their aim, under every guise, is to reverse the benefits to international […]

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Sports and Games

The decision to send a team to participate in the 2014 Commonwealth Games comprised of 104 athletes and officials has stuck in the BU throat like a fish bone. Barbados was represented in Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Cycling Road, Cycling Track, Judo, Netball, Rugby Sevens, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis and Triathlon. Compared to Bahamas which sent […]

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Otis Gibson Sacked by the WICB

The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) sacked Coach Otis Gibson tonight, a decision known 48 hours before it was announced. Hurray for transparency. The news that he was terminated by a telephone call after just renewing a contract for 2 years makes the Gibson sacking another saga to observe for the comedic relief it offers. […]

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Sports Program Not Up to Scratch

Five years ago, I wanted to write this article giving an in depth analysis of the various sports programs on the island and my opinion on why I thought that we were being stagnated and not going forward, and this goes for most things in Barbados. Barbados sports has been going through a metamorphosis for […]

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Barbados Underground Congratulate Akela Jones

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World Soccer 2014 – It’s Anybody’s Cup

Submitted by Pachamama As we leave the round of sixteen (16) and move to the final eight (8) it is fairly clear that the homogenization of soccer culture has left the leading teams nearly equal. There has been few results with margins of more than three (3) goals. Indeed most matches, even in the preliminaries, […]

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World Cup Soccer – The Organized Criminal Religion, That It Is!

Submitted by Pachamama As the World Cup of Soccer enters the knock out phase we are closer to a declared winner, on the field. But regardless of the nation state that will hoist the trophy, FIFA will always be the real winner. The Fédération Internationale de Football Association, as founded in 1904, has grown up […]

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