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They Were Actually Promising Us Debt

Update from the new political party Solutions Barbados (Grenville Phillips II) Dear Readers: Our system of Government requires politicians to compete for our votes every general election, for the responsibility of managing Barbados’ economy.  However, rather than it being mainly a competition of management proposals, our politicians tended to compete by trying to out-promise their […]

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Chris Sinckler -Why Do You Want to Pay Hari Narayan USD10 Millions?

Who is Harry Narayan? Why is the Barbados Cane Industry Corporation (BCIC) and Minister of Finance wanting to pay Narayan US$10 million dollars?

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Public Transportation Hits a Pothole

Submitted by Anthony Davis It seems to me that no one cares how and if the lower echelons get to/from their various destinations. We have a transport system which is totally unreliable, and neither the Minister of Transport, nor any of the heads of the private sector transport system is interested in rectifying it. It […]

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For the Claim of Solutions of a Third Political Party Part I

Submitted by nineofnine SOLUTIONS BARBADOS seem intent to make a difference on the political landscape by offering what it deems a proposed draft of solutions (subject to improvement/revision) for the countries’ present economic and social challenges which by public outcry shows that present governance is found wanting in every Ministerial portfolio. It is evident that […]

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Michael Lashley: Lawmaker Lawbreaker

The following was posted to his Facebook page by former Attorney General and member of parliament for St. Joseph Dale Marshall The Ministry (read Minister) of Public Works is demanding that the Road Safety Association remove the fluorescent flags which that association has installed to give warning of potholes. The Ministry (Minister) asserts that it […]

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Afra Raymond

Property Matters – State Housing Facts

by AfraRaymond This is a continuation of my examination of the National Housing Policy (2002), its implementation and the associated implications. Over the last year I engaged with HDC’s management who cooperated with me, much like the previous team. I asked about new homes produced by the National Housing Authority (NHA) and the Housing Development […]

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Hold On Barbados – Help Is Still On The Way

An Update from Solutions Barbados. Celebrating 50 years of our political independence was an important national event that the Government should have been allowed to manage, without being distracted by constant criticism.  Given the foreseen economic challenges this year, it was also important that Barbadians be allowed to enjoy the Christmas and New Year celebrations.  […]

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Ministers Donville Inniss and Chris Sinckler

We See Through Your Shenanigans MINISTER Donville Inniss

Submitted by Debra Ifill (also sent to Barbados Today and the Nation newspapers) So again the mainstream press is eating out of Donville Inniss’ hands.  It appears that he has been providing them with tidbits to disseminate, designed to position him as separate from, and now a victim of, the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of his […]

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...Barbados dollar as exacerbated by a lack of a vision that would have strategically redeployed the reserves of the country into gold, Bitcoin, silver and other real wealth currencies...

Governor DeLisle Worrell Warns Foreign Reserves Continue to Fall

The Barbados private sector agency has raised the alarm that their members have had to wait for foreign exchange to be released from commercial banks to honour purchase requests. This is not good news for Barbadians who have had to tighten their belts for eight long years. Have we not been boasting of record arrivals […]

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8 Years and a Mule

The local press carried a story this week titled Worrell advised to meet press that addressed the unbelievable occurrence of the Governor of the Central Bank DeLisle Worrell not having held a press conference since the first quarter of 2014. Instead, he has preferred an orchestrated TV event where individuals were cherrypicked to participate in […]

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Fake News, Media Propaganda & ‘Managing’ Public Perceptions

Submitted by Pachamama Recently a list of more than 200 ‘alternative news sites’ were referenced by the Washington Post, as secondary source, as being the bearers of questionable information. These 200 websites covered a fairly wide range of opinion, from Russia’s RT to Alex Jones’ Prison Planet Radio. We will argue that anything we see, […]

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Denis Kellman, Minister of Housing

Denis Kellman: Question Time About the GROTTO High Rise Project NOT Potholes

16. The NHC has indicated that housing units for lower income earners should be provided at a cost of $125,000 to $195,000. However, the construction costs of these high rise unit s ranged between $300,000 and $450,000 per unit. Even though all the units were built within the agreed time frame, the high cost per […]

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Overhauling Our Governance System

  The ancestors of the modern Cabinet system were, in reality as well as constitutional theory, creatures of the monarch, a monarch who appointed ministers, and arranged meetings of his or her government. ‘Cabinet’ was, in effect, a meeting of the monarch’s individual ministers. The monarch was the Prime Minister of the era (and, in […]

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Brothers Shurland Jones and Henderson Jones

The Daily Nation’s Continuous Poor Grammar

Submitted by A Fair and Balanced Douglas Leopold Phillips I hate to return to this topic; and, although I may want to resist invoking his name, like the late Branford Taitt, these days, I am forced to read the Daily Nation (and the Sunday Sun) with a red-ink pen in one hand. I often tell […]

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Future Generation of Barbadians Will Have to Repay Billions in DEBT

In piloting the amendment to the Local Loans Act in Parliament this week, Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler said it was a reality of governing small countries with resource constraints that Government would at times be unable to meet commitments for demands, provision of goods and services and the orderly management of the country based […]

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David Comissiong

Minister Richard Sealy Should SHUT UP on the HYATT ISSUE

Submitted by DAVID  COMISSIONG, President, Clement Payne Movement Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy would be well advised to keep his mouth shut on the issue of the application by Visions Development Inc. (Mr. Mark Maloney’s company) to construct a 15 storey Hyatt hotel on Browne’s Beach. The Law of Barbados — as spelt out in […]

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Mia Mottley, leader of the Opposition

Does Mia Still Regard Call-in Programs and Blogs a Threat to Democracy?

In 2006 the then Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley made the following statement while addressing the opening of a week long conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association’s Caribbean, Americas and Atlantic Region at Hilton Barbados. POPULAR ELECTRONIC OUTLETS for citizens to air their views like call-in programmes and Internet blogs ought to have […]

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Garbage Everywhere!

Here is a photo of an overflowing and smelly garbage skip that greeted a member of the BU family in the parking lot on a recent visit to Foul Bay, one of a diminishing number of large, scenic, and so far relatively unspoiled (by development) beaches in the island. The smelly and overflowing skip was […]

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