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Grenville Phillips II

Grenville Phillips II Launches the Next Political Party

Grenville Phillips II is the man behind the initiative to start the next political party in Barbados. The following was extracted from the Solutions Barbados – The Next Party. We are a group of men and women who love Barbados, treasure our reputations, and plan to offer ourselves as candidates in the next general elections […]

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St. John Polyclinic

A Prime Minister and a Minister PROMISED But St. John Polyclinic Missed 30 June 2015 Deadline

Is a promise still a promise even if it was made in a gully? Minister of Health John Boyce PROMISED the member of parliament for St. John Mara Thompson earlier this year the St. John Polyclinic would have been completed by the 30 June 2015.  The PROMISE was echoed by Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart. Mara […]

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Bjorn Bjerhamn (l) Mark Maloney (r)

A Pop Kite Cabinet, PRECONCO JADA and more

The Barbados Labour Party (BLP)  continues to pressure the government on the lack of transparency surrounding the Cahill Waste to Energy project proposed to be located at Vacluse, St. Thomas. The political meeting held by the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) at Tyrol Cot on the weekend reinforced concerns raised by the Opposition Barbados Labour Party […]

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Caswell Franklyn

Bring the Facts Caswell Franklyn! We Live in a Real World

Submitted by Douglas IS THERE MORE OR LESS POVERTY TODAY IN BARBADOS THAN IN 2008?  I say there is a lot less since 2008, despite what the Barbados Labour Party and its supporters are saying. If one reads the claptrap written in today’s Sunday Sun – NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE: Govt should resign for […]

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Adriel Brathwaite

Qualificationsgate: Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite Continues to DEMinish the Office

During the Presentation of the Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals 2015 the intelligence of Barbadians was trivialized (or was it) by the debate whether Lowe has earned a Doctorate or leader of the Opposition possesses the requisite qualification to practice law in Barbados. Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur has routinely described contributions to debate in […]

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Sweet Drink Tax!

Submitted by Anthony Davis Minister of Health John Boyce today linked high consumption, especially of sweet drinks, to the island’s exploding problem of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and expressed gratitude that the Ministry of Finance took on board the budget recommendations of an NCD Committee – Barbados Today (18 June 2015 Pray tell me, Messieurs Sinckler […]

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Afra Raymond

Our Land – Land for Everybody? Part 2

Originally posted on
SIDEBAR: The Minister responds This is a short video (courtesy of TV6) in which the Minister of Land & Marine Resources, Jairam Seemungal, responds to questions on the occupation of State lands in Couva by SIS Ltd, one of the main financiers of the Peoples Partnership. The ‘Land for the…

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Mia Mottley, leader of the Opposition

Mia Mottley Prosecutes Government on CORRUPTION in Her Reply to 2015 Budget

Those  Democratic Labour Party (DLP) members in parliament advocated the need for Barbados to enact Integrity and Freedom of Information legislation prior to being elected in 2008. There was an expectation Barbadians would have seen movement on this issue within 100 days of the DLP government […]

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<h6 align="justify"><font style="font-weight:normal;">L-R): Edison Alleyne (Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment), Margot Harvey (Chairman, Sanitation Service Authority), Dr Denis Lowe (Minister of Environment), Clare Cowan (CEO of Cahill Energy), Christopher Sinckler (Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs), Denis Kellman (Minister of Housing, Lands and Rural Development), Senator Darcy Boyce (Minister of Energy in the Office of the Prime Minister)</font> - Caribbean News</h6>

Cahill Energy Waste-to-Energy Scam Exposed by Mia Mottley

Barbadians listened with rap attention to the demolition job inflicted by Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley on the government to expose the Cahill Waste-to-Energy scam. It boggles the mind OUR government would be swayed […]

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Mia Mottley, leader of the Opposition

Mia Mottley Accuses Government Ministers of Entering Shady Arrangement with Cahill Energy and Trans Tech Inc

Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley used the cloak of parliamentary privilege in her reply to the 2015 Budget and Financial Statement to accuse […]

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Barbados Parliamentarians 2013

2015 Barbados Budget Reply…

It is the turn today (16/06/2015) of the Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley to reply to the 2015 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals. BU has little doubt the four hour period allotted will be used to poke holes in many of the proposals the minister of finance delivered yesterday. […] 

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Barbados Parliamentarians 2013

2015 Barbados Budget…

Today is Budget Day in Barbados the 15 June 2015. For many what is hidden in the ‘Black Box’  in recent years seems to be of little interest to the citizenry compared to what occurred in the 80s and 90s. The politicians will grab their 30 minutes in the spotlight rabbling as if programmed in […]

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Rush for Savings Bonds

Sometimes one has to wonder. The media and analysts have been mostly silent to explain reports two 10 million and one twenty five million savings bond issues have been fully subscribed within hours of being floated. The recent decision by the Central Bank of Barbados to remove the regulation to pay Barbadian a minimum savings […]

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National Unity and Modernity: Priorities For Guyana’s New Coalition Government

Commentary Part II: by Rickford Burke National Unity and modernity: Priorities For Guyana’s New Coalition Government Change has come to Guyana. The nation has put the dark era of the PPP domination behind. Diligent exercise of the franchise has secured the election of President David Granger and his A Partnership

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The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

The Guyana Institute for the Defense of Democracy is BOGUS

Submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) NEW YORK: The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) wishes to inform concerned citizens and other supporters that we are in no way affiliated with a purported organization, which has recently surfaced, calling itself “The Guyana Institute for the Defense of Democracy (GIDD). We have verified that […]

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The "Old Colonial System" Is Still Choking Us!

The following was posted to Facebook and credit given to David Comissiong who is President of the Clement Payne Movement. Our nation will be celebrating 50 years of “Independence” next year, but there is overwhelming evidence that crucial components of the “Old Colonial System” are still very much alive and well in today’s Barbados ! […]

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