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Leroy Parris

Does Leroy Parris Maintain a $5,000,000.00 Deposit with the Central Bank of Barbados?

BU seeks clarification, in the public’s interest, on a 5 millions dollar deposit listed on an asset disclosure to the Barbados Court in an Affidavit filed by LEROY PARRIS to overturn an order freezing his assets and those of Branlee Consulting Services Inc. BU is unaware the Central Bank of Barbados is authorized to accept […]

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Rickford Burke

Guyana’s PPP Selects Afro-Guyanese Elizabeth Harper as a Candidate in Upcoming General Elections


Selection of Elisabeth Harper cannot conceal racism and corruption in the PPP’s DNA

Guyana’s ruling People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) seems to have come down with schizophrenia over the merger of Guyana’s two main opposition parties, the APNU and AFC, and is in panic.  The two opposition parties formed a coalition and will contest the May 11, 2015 general elections as a single party.

The PPP’s panic is not misplaced. The coalition portends an end of the racist and corrupt PPP regime. Combined, the APNU and AFC garnered a majority of votes in the last general elections held in 2011.  Consequently they captured control of the Parliament, rendering the PPP a minority government.

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Minister Donville Inniss

Donville Inniss’ Response to Vote Buying by Politicians

Posted by Artaxeres to the Well Done Freundel blog

It seems as though once again Donville consumed too much alcohol or mind altering substances at Friday and Saturday night karaoke sessions, which puts him in the frame of mind to talk shiite at the DLP Sunday evening constituency branch meetings.

The suggestion from three businessmen to implement laws forbidding politicians from bribing people to vote for them, seems to have brought condemnation from “The Don”. He is reported as having said, “You need to strongly, not subliminally, but boldly state that any businessman who provides money to a politician to buy votes should also be locked up and heavily punished.”

But we all know Donville is a man who loves the attention he receives from the press, as well as constantly contradicting Stuart, or implying that he’s a liar.

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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart

Well Done Freundel

Submitted by Douglas

Saturday, 21st February, will mark two years that the Democratic Labour Party, under the leadership of Prime Minister, the Right Hon. Freundel Stuart, Q.C., M.P, was re-elected to serve the people of Barbados. Every day over those two years we have kept our commitment to the people of Barbados to deliver on our promise to develop a Barbados which is: socially balanced, economically viable, environmentally sound and characterized by good governance.

Our Prime Minister, his Cabinet and members of the parliamentary team have shown that they are capable of managing the affairs of Barbados in the most challenging period that this country has ever gone through. We wish to commend our Prime Minister and party leader for his mature leadership style. He has handled every challenge faced with a fearless resilience and integrity.

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Greece Elections

Greece, Spain and Barbados – When a Government/Party Really Seeks to Represent Its People

Submitted by Pachamama

It is impossible to understand the current cultural wasteland in the Caribbean unless it is properly located within its wider regional and international contexts. In Barbados, for example, only a Pyrrhic victory is possible by rightfully positioning the local political and economic elites at the centre of the circular firing squad which passes for public discourses. Our basic truth is that the future of the Caribbean, as has the past and present, is being decided elsewhere.

On the 25th January the people of Greece elected a near absolute majoritarian Syriza government. In an election pregnant with meanings for those who contend that no government anywhere truly represents its people’s interests, as a primary consideration. In opposition to the Troika’s colonial mandates, Syriza was serious about its promises to the people of Greece. Our reference to a circular ‘logic’ may even extend to the birthplace of western ‘civilization’ as this alleged ‘mother’ is now being raped by her children.

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St.Kitts & Nevis flag

Unexplained Delay of Elections Results in St. Kitts and Nevis Dubious


NEW YORK: The New York based Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) has condemned the unexplained delay in the declaration of elections results in St. Kitts and Nevis. The Caribbean island nation went to the polls in general elections yesterday, February 16, 2015.

CGID President Rickford Burke in a statement Tuesday said “It is utterly unacceptable that almost twenty-four hours after the people of St. Kitts and Nevis exercised their franchise to select a new government, there seems to be a deliberate effort to delay the election results.” 

The unexplained delay has justifiably engendered confusion and speculation of apparent dubious motives; including an attempt to undermine the democratic process by impeding the expressed will of the people,” he contended.

Burke said that from pronouncements by the Prime Minster of Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves; St Kitts and Nevis opposition Unity Party Leader, Dr. Timothy Harris, as well as several press reports, it appears that the opposition Unity Party has defeated the ruling Labor Party lead by Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas.

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John Griffiths

Barbados Brand Tarred by Speaker Michael Carrington and Deputy Speaker Mara Thompson, REPURCUSSIONS

Barbadians continues to be part of the charade which sees Minister Michael Carrington being allowed to preside over the highest court in the land AND third oldest parliament in the Commonwealth. A reminder: Speaker Carrington was ordered by the High Court of Barbados to pay over $200,000.00 to a wheel chair bound septuagenarian; monies he had withheld for years. The government via its agent, deputy Speaker Mara Thompson, deflected the matter to the Committee of Privileges. We have been promised a report soon. Parliamentary committees in Barbados can accurately be described as supine and considered by many to be a big reason the Westminster version of government practiced is ineffective.

To add to the national embarrassment. Deputy Speaker Mara Thompson was named recently in a Court filing by applicant Leroy Parris in her capacity as executrix of the late David Thompson’s estate.  A case of a good thing gone bad. To lean on former Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s position AND current Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart, no House rules were broken. In other words it is business as usual. Are we surprised at the moral and social decay that has taken root? How can we expressed horror in response to a murder accuse giving the thumbs up yet ignore the poorakey behaviour of members of parliament?

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Mark Maloney

Transparency Required for the Rock Hard Cement Project – Mark Maloney and the Bjerkhamn Gang Championing ANOTHER Project

BU has no issue with the private sector leading development especially if the result will translate in benefits for a wide cross section of Barbadians and not a few. The news that a new cement company to be called Rock Hard Cement is to be built at the Flour Mill, Spring Garden has generated valid questions by the public. Bear in mind the citizenry has been taken for granted under successive government when approving large private sector projects, the Greenland landfill comes to mind. Town Planning Department stipulation which requires Environmental Impact Assessment Studies and Town Hall meetings have long been accepted as a checklist item. Always the 9-day noise erupts from the population and abates until the next project.

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Leroy, Leroy,Leroy K*** …

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Do we have confidence in the 11+ model to equip our nation to be globally competitive?

Hard Work – Educational Success

Submitted by Douglas

Our educational sector plays a vital role in the development of this country.  This DLP administration has always regarded education as one of the key developmental tools which would take this country forward.  That decision made by the first DLP administration in 1961 to allow free secondary education for all Barbadians continues to be one of the foundation policies which accounts for all of the growth and development which this small country has accomplished since that time. 

One vital component of the educational sector which requires some focus discussion is the Secondary School.  

We note, with amazement, that the Opposition continues to dodge their work but yet still draw their salaries and dine at the tables of parliament.  We hope that mature bodies who have a vital role to play in the development of this country do not adopt the bad habits and practices of our childish opposition lead by Ms. Mottley.  However, we the members of the Democratic Labour Party will press on in our efforts to move this country forward.  This week, we focus on secondary school education.

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Leroy Parris

Leroy Parris and Eight Million Dollars

If Barbadians were to dispassionately try to solve many of the ills affecting our little island, a priority item would be a flawed governance system. The revelation that head of the Fair Trading Commission (FSC) is the nephew of deceased late Prime Minister David Thompson should make those calling for greater transparency in government raise the level of advocacy.

In 2013 Leroy Parris of Professional Services Inc was ordered by CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank to remove eight million dollars from that bank – CIBC First Caribbean International Bank Instructs Leroy Parris to Take a Hike. The reason has not been made public although John Public would have to assume CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank took issue with the source of the funds. Of interest is that the funds were reported to have been transferred to a credit union. Obviously, if true, the credit union had no similar concerns.

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Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart admitted he witnessed voting irregularities


Submitted by Old Onions Bag

PM Stuart shows another side.

Nowadays have you all noticed the ‘fiery gusto of recent’ coming from our PM Stuart? Think it was Prodigal who first noticed a change in the temperament of Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart. Not wanting to play devil’s advocate, but every since giving parlous advise to Speaker Carrington, Prime Minister Stuart seems to have red in his eyes and fire in his tone. Ever since Miss Motley signalled that she won’t be leading HM Opposition back into Parliament until stipulated amend, PM Stuart seems to be on a war path.

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Fruendel Stuart, Prime Minister

Who is the Sanctimonious Hypocrite Prime Minister?

Submitted by Anthony Davis

"Sanctimonious hypocrites!"

That’s how Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has described some of those who disapproved of his advice to Speaker of the House Michael Carrington to ‘get a lawyer’ during his publicized legal dispute with a former client. "Speaking as tough to critics of Government’s University of the West Indies (UWI) tuition fee policy, Stuart today made it clear that his administration would not be changing course on that matter to please any minority group, even in the face of a letter from the president of the Cave Hill Campus Guild of Students Damani Parrish, ‘threatening’ action if the decision was not reversed”Barbados Today

Well, well, well, what a tirade!

The question here is: who is being a sanctimonious hypocrite?

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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart Cursed by a Monstrous Perversion of Logic

The fierce defence of Speaker of the House Michael Carrington by Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart – and by extension members of parliament of the government side including former Prime Minister Owen Arthur – must be elevated to the status of a monstrous perversion of logic. By dismissing widely held public views clamouring for Michael Carrington to recuse himself from the Chair until the Committee of Privileges submits its report rivals his earlier reference  that Leroy Parris is “a long-time friend and a one-time client”. What manner of man is he who continues to reveal by his public utterances that he is a most insensitive brute? Why abuse the sensibilities of CLICO policyholders by acknowledging his friendship with Leroy Parris?  Has the Prime Minister ever cultivated the capacity to demonstrate empathy? Isn’t empathy a key attribute of a good leader of men? What message is Prime Minister Stuart continuing to send by defending the Speaker of the House who did not contest a court order to pay $200,000 owed to a septuagenarian wheelchair bound client?

NO Prime Minister Stuart  this matter is not closed.

When the daughters and sons of ordinary Barbadians ask mothers and fathers why has the Speaker been allowed to preside over the highest court in the land  – a body of lawmakers -  by his colleagues what should they be told? Are we to understand you consider the matter closed because the Speaker has handed over monies hurriedly collected from pals to respond to a High Court order? Why did you advise Carrington QC to secure a lawyer after he was exposed by the uncontested Madame Justice Jacqueline Cornelius’ order?

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