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Dr. George Brathwaite

The George Brathwaite Column – Budget Falls Short but High on Politics

The official debates on the 2016 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals are now over. The implications arising from Minister Chris Sinckler’s pronouncements in Parliament will continue to attract discussions across Barbados, and for several vexing reasons. Emergent from the budget and perhaps achieving consensus is that Barbados’ troubled economic situation will continue into the foreseeable […]

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Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler

Government Blames Workers

Submitted by Brian Frederick Here we go again shortly after shameful admissions by the Director of the Urban Development Commission of the waste of taxpayers money by incompetent management now we have the Minister of Finance complaining that politicians are taking the blame for management and he mentioned Ministry’s of Water, Housing, and Environment and […]

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A Legal Challenge to the HYATT HOTEL is Looming

Submitted DAVID A. COMISSIONG,Citizen of Barbados During his presentation in the Budget debate, Minister Donville Inniss claimed that the Chief Town Planner had already dealt with and given approval (“with conditions”) to an application to construct a 15 storey Hyatt Hotel at Carlisle Bay. (I,personally, harbour serious doubts about this, and I hope that the […]

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2016 Budget Doodle

BU thought to share a few doodles from the BU note pad about 2016 Budget and related. We should declare that except for listening to some of Sinckler budget presentation and most of the reply by the leader of the opposition one was left with a feeling of ‘what next’. It is obvious that government’s […]

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Trumpism – A Political System in Flux

Submitted by Pachamama Large numbers of the people of the United States have followed their peers in Europe and have made a lurch into the open embrace of fascism. The process towards an open embrace of totalitarism comes as people everywhere have been pushed towards the margins by the political duopolies. The failure of the […]

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Michael Carrington, Speaker of the House

A Matter of Integrity – Call for Michael Carrington to Resign, OUTSTANDING

Integrity is the cornerstone of good governance and democracy. By upholding the highest ethical standards, public servants conserve and enhance public confidence in the honesty, fairness and impartiality of the federal public sector – Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector One of the enduring and unflattering memories of the Stuart led government so […]

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Deltro Group: Barbadians Have a Right to Question the Character of the Del Mastros

Determination[202]   The appeal as against conviction is dismissed. The appeal as to sentence is varied to set aside the restitution order; otherwise the appeal as to sentence is dismissed. Dean Del Mastro shall be taken into custody, immediately, to serve the balance of his sentence – Justice J. Bryan Shaughnessy – R. v Del Mastro, […]

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Political Murder Around Pennsylvania Avenue

Submitted by Pachamama Some weeks ago a blogger on BU asked us whether we were not afraid that the CIA station in the Caribbean may have a file on us. That blogger seemed to have our welfare at heart. Though we place no more value on our own lives than those who are murdered for […]

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So What if it is Budget Day Next Week – President of the BCCI Eddy Abed Accused of Being Unpatriotic

The Minister of Finance has announced that Budget Day in Barbados will be on the 16 August 2016. It is evident to sensible observers that Minister Chris Sinckler’s policies have failed Barbados as we observe the country’s infrastructure crumble and the confidence of a proud Bajan dissipate. His PR effort this week on the talk […]

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Deltro Group (Del Mastro): Here We Go Again

Here we go again! Even before the Cahill Energy Scam has been forgotten, enters Del Mastro centre stage. Deltro Group (Del Mastros) is reported to be responsible for constructing a 20 megawatt solar farm on 70 acres of land somewhere in Waterford for which he has received concessions from the Barbados government. What does Del […]

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David Comissiong Exposes Nation Newspaper Editorial

Submitted by Anthony Davis SOME THINGS SHOULD best be  left alone, but there are others that must never be overlooked. This is particularly true when contemptuous comments are made in public that may stir emotions among people who follow opinion leaders without thinking. Such is the case with the remarks delivered by political activist and […]

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All Bajans Need to Participate in our Democracy, Including LAWYERS

Poster designed by Pieceuhderockyeahright

For OUR democracy to work effectively ALL stakeholders in civil society must participate, advocate, agitate, support … DISENGAGEMENT is not an option

Join the Poster War – #bajanswantchange

#bajanswantchange #bajanswantchange

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David Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement

Dear David Comissiong, time mek a change

Submitted by Heather Cole Dear Mr. Comissiong, My mother had a saying, that “time mek a change.” I do not recall how old I was when I asked her what she meant by this. Her explanation was that something profound occurred from which there was no going back. It is that something that is always […]

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12 Storey Hyatt Hotel to be Built on Bridgetown UNESCO World Heritage Site

Submitted by Anthony Davis It has taken three years to get to this stage but work on the much anticipated US $100 million Hyatt Centric Resort is finally set to get under way within the next two months – Barbados Today In a letter to BARBADOS UNDERGROUND under the headline BAJANS WAKE UP! YOU ARE […]

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Turning the Brexit Lemon into Lemonade for Caribbean Countries

Alicia Nicholls In a non-binding referendum on June 23, 2016 the British public by a 52 to 48% margin voted for the United Kingdom (UK) to withdraw from the European Union (EU). Although the UK has not yet triggered Article 50 of the Treaty of European Union (Treaty of Lisbon), there is understandable concern among […]

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The Caswell Franklyn Column – Unfair Dismissal by NCC, Unfair Decision by Employment Rights Tribunal

The long-awaited decision in the case of the National Conservation Commission (NCC) workers, who were unceremoniously dismissed on April 30, 2014, was handed down by the Employment Rights Tribunal (ERT) on July 15, 2016. That is a day that will go down in infamy in the local labour movement, even if some of the major […]

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Tell Me Barbados… Who Are We Going to Vote For B or D?

Submitted By Freedom Crier From my simple observation, how does the BLP and the DLP differ in their Ideology?I am very concerned that unless we practice Free Market Principles with fewer Burdensome Rules, Regulations and Controls, the Reaper lies at the Gate! “Governments make no money they only Spend money, that is why Socialist Governments […]

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Turkey – Game Changer in the ‘Middle East’ – Central Asia?

Submitted by Pachamama The critical thing about intrigues is that you never know who’s on whose side until the music stops. The music stopped for the globalist party goers in Turkey about a week ago. On 15th July 2016, in the late evening, Caribbean Time, American government deep state forces, operating in Turkey activated a […]

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