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The Caribbean and the ISIS Threat

A few years ago is was all about Al Qaeda, now the world has become preoccupied with the threat from ISIS. Although some will challenge the degree to which the two terrorist organizations […]

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Maria Agard Denied the Right to Natural Justice

The following was extracted  from the Facebook page of Christ Church West (BLP), posted by Lynette Eastmond, one of the lawyers representing Maria Agard in the unprecedented matter of a sitting MP expelled […]

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St.John Polyclinic, a Case of Political Corruption

It rings hollow for sensible Barbadians to be expected to applaud government for completing the St. John Polyclinic 27 long years after it was first mooted. It is no mistake we have not referred to it by its official name, a subject for another blog. […]

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Human Rights vs National Security Interests: An Uneasy Tension

by caribbeantradelaw If we destroy human rights and rule of law in the response to terrorism, they have won. Joichi Ito (Japanese-American entrepreneur) In the best of times human rights and national security interests enjoy an uneasy tension. In the darkest annals of human […]

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The BLP Purge: Maria Agard Appears to be Undaunted

The government and DLP supporters are pleased for the distraction the Maria Agard disagreement with her political party offers. […]

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Terror in Paris, France

The world is looking on in horror at an act of terrorism in Paris, France that has seen 43 people reported dead so far. Surely a heinous act against humanity. […]

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Clare Cowan

Cahill Cowan – Spencer: A Matter of Transparency

On the 20 October 2015 BU received the following communication from rhw law firm who purports to be acting on behalf of Liz Spencer a self styled financier. […]

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The Barbados Lobby

3 Reasons to go Back to the Polls

Submitted by Heather Cole (The Barbados Lobby) It may be a sign of the times because three major occurrences can be resolved swiftly by the electorate of Barbados. […]

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – Novel Political Realities

BU shares the Jeff Cumberbatch Barbados Advocate column – Senior Lecturer in law at the University of the West Indies since 1983, a Columnist with the Barbados Advocate […]

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More Cahill Leaks –Traditional Media a No Show

BU continue its pursuit of truth! The Cahill fiasco continues to be another transaction which exposes the shortcomings in our system of governance. […]

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Verla De peiza

DLP Can’t Camouflage Cahill

Submitted by Beresford Freundel Stuart can insult leader of our party, Mia Mottley, in keeping with his signal feature to show he is in charge, all he likes. That will shed no light on the questions on the Cahill controversy […]

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Afra Raymond

Setting the Table

Setting the Table by AfraRaymond The PNM’s successful election campaign placed strong emphasis on the critical need to restore proper standards of Accountability, Transparency and Good Governance. That was a commendable […]

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Killing Hope, Middle Class

Submitted by Beresford In dire times, while the society rallies in national survival mode, driven by personal crises, there is always that element that crassly exploits the desperate times for solely their own good. As Barbados struggles and becomes daily weighed down under the onslaught […]

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Mottley vs Maria

Submitted by Douglas “The most powerful way I can register my strongest opposition to this undemocratic and unconstitutional cutting of members’ rights and tinkering with our Constitution is to withdraw from the contest for the post of Chairman.”  […]

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<h6 align="justify"><font style="font-weight:normal;">L-R): Edison Alleyne (Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment), Margot Harvey (Chairman, Sanitation Service Authority), Dr Denis Lowe (Minister of Environment), Clare Cowan (CEO of Cahill Energy), Christopher Sinckler (Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs), Denis Kellman (Minister of Housing, Lands and Rural Development), Senator Darcy Boyce (Minister of Energy in the Office of the Prime Minister)</font> - Caribbean News</h6>

cahill, CAHILL

Submitted by Anthony Davis The CEO revealed that work had already started on the controversial multi-million dollar project, with waste studies and sampling completed, and a front-end engineering design contract negotiated – You’re Safe (Barbados Today) On October 27, 2015, Minister of Finance, Chris Sinckler,stated in Parliament: […]

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Citizens Accused of Aiding and Abetting

Submitted by William Skinner I am among those who have long given up on the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party. I have concluded that they have done equally badly and equally well. Try as I may, it is almost impossible to discern any significant difference between the two. A classic case of […]

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Questions for Clair Cowan of Cahill Energy and Government of Barbados

Submitted by Kammie Holder, Advocacy Director, Future Centre Trust Tuesday October 27th 2015 will forever be etched in my memory for two reasons. One, it was the day members of the DLP who gained the government on a ticket of transparency and integrity squandered the mandate earned. […]

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The Barbados Lobby

The Cahill Conspiracy

I am a firm believer in conspiracy theories. There have been many great conspiracy theories in history, ranging from the September 11 Terrorist attacks to the assassination of John F. Kennedy to UFO’s at Roswell. […]

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