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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – The Citizen, the State, Partisanship and the Rule of Law

“The country has gotten so partisan that if you’re not on my side, you’re the enemy” –Mark Cuban. The popular misidentification of the State machinery with the party that constitutes its governing administration at the time is always likely to result in a scenario whereby any person who seeks to have the state comply with […]

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Minister Denis Kellman Must Apologise to BARBADIANS

The video of a passenger being dragged from his seat by security forces on an United Airlines plane recently evoked  world wide public consternation AND condemnation. The revelation that United Airlines resurrected a fine print clause embedded in their terms and conditions of travel which supported they have the right to remove any passenger in […]

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Trying Our Best to Get Left Behind

Given our history, it was necessary that all Barbadians be given access to similar opportunities to create their futures.  Over the past 50 years, the Government of Barbados has facilitated this by providing all Barbadians with free access to health-care and education services.  Our children and elderly are also provided with free access to transportation […]

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David Comissiong Branded Enemy of the State

“An idiot is in the House of Parliament recommending that there are 15 – 17000 unoccupied houses in Barbados and Government should look at compulsorily acquiring them to either sell or rent. Pray tell when would THIS government pay the owners for their land. There is currently a plantation about to declare bankruptcy due to […]

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The George Brathwaite Column – A Call for Direct Democracy

Generally, it is suggested that democratic politics involves public deliberation focused on the common good; it requires some form of manifest equality among citizens, and shapes the identity and interests of citizens in ways that contribute to the formation of a public conception of the common good. The great philosopher Aristotle posits that “the character […]

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The French in Bajan Politics

Those of us who refuse to navel gaze by maintaining a keen interest in global affairs would have followed the the Brexit referendum and all that ensued in the United Kingdom, followed by the elevation of Donald Trump to the presidency of the USA. Both outcomes represent outcomes not predicted by many talking heads who […]

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – A Perceived Evolution in Candidacy

With the minds of most Barbadians directed towards the upcoming general election campaign, some of the more recent nominations of those political parties expected to face the electorate have caused me to reflect on the evolution of the popular composition of the local political class. It was not that long ago that the traditional professional, […]

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Bond Issues

by Afra Raymond One of the major issues facing the country as this recession unfolds is the pressing need to review the State Enterprise sector. A Cabinet-appointed committee, chaired by Dr Terrence Farrell, was established to examine the SOE sector, but we have no idea yet as to their recommendations. One of the hugest State […]

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David Comissiong Responds to Sinckler and Inniss and their Demagoguery

Submitted by DAVID  ANDRE  COMISSIONG Perhaps Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler  and Minister of Industry Donville Inniss could explain to us Barbadians how the process of having Mr Mark Maloney construct a  hotel at Bay Street, St Michael would boost Barbados’ reserves of foreign exchange. It would seem to me that Mr Maloney would be […]

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Who is the Real Third Party

When we elect politicians, we mainly want them to manage the country without putting us in an unsustainable debt situation.  Barbados’ national debt is an unsustainable $13 Billion, with the BLP being responsible for approximately $8 Billion and the DLP for approximately $5 Billion.  The crucial question that Barbadian voters are being forced to answer […]

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Solutions Barbados Announces Candidates

Solutions Barbados would like to start announcing its candidates.  Anyone who has been able to maintain a business in this economic environment, without Government assistance, has done well.  Managing a business for over a decade can help prepare an individual to manage our national economy.  Each of the Solutions Barbados candidates that we are announcing […]

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PM May Calls Snap Election: Pros and Cons

by Caribbean Trade Law and Development United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister, Theresa May, has today ‘reluctantly’ announced that Britons could be going to the polls in a general election on June 8, 2017, three years shy of the due date of May 2020. The UK has a parliamentary system of government. Since 2011, parliamentary elections […]

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Warrens Roundabout – Politicians Must Listen to Citizens

Why do politicians ignore feedback? The BU household vividly recalls the period during which the Greenland Landfill debate was a hot topic. Despite the sensible feedback offered by Barbadians the government of the day forged ahead with the project and today we are saddled with the result –millions of tax dollars wasted. Former Minster of […]

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The George Brathwaite Column – Growing Distrust and DLP FACTS

American Tom Daschle once said that “what we need is not more distrust and division. What we need now is acceptance.” This statement is applicable for Barbados given the heightened political rhetoric and the dismissiveness that is implied in the many utterances from governing officials. Increasingly, the Barbados society appears to be affected by a […]

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – More Than an Economy…

“Barbados is not only an economy. It is a society. We must never forget this. – David Thompson (late Prime Minister of Barbados (2008-2010) The week just past was one in which neither partisan politics nor the rickety state of our economy appeared to play a significant role in national discourse. Nary a whisper about […]

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Submitted by David Comissiong, Clement Payne Movement Who or what gave US President Donald Trump and the Government of the USA the right to set themselves up as the prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner of the Government of Syria? The short and simple answer is that neither President Trump nor the US Government possessed any […]

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Solutions for Barbados – Put Public Servants on Four Day Week and Cut Salaries…

Submitted by William Skinner As the clock ticks, those of us who refuse to be drawn into the web of deception that is now the main engine driving the ambitions of the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party, can do nothing more than rely on a dwindling number of independent thinkers to save […]

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For Democracy

Submitted by Debra Ifill I am minding my business but I would like to know what did David Thompson know in 2007 when he suggested that we might need to have election monitors? Was that a smoke screen? Many persons may not want to believe it and it may be alarming to some. Too often […]

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