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Latest CADRES Poll Shows DLP Trailing the BLP

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A Heather Cole Column – Open Letter to the Trade Unions of Barbados

Time For a Rebirth Barbados is once again at the crossroads, as it stood during the 1930’s. The Trade Union movement of that day challenged the authority of the island when they stood up for the political, social and economic rights of the working class. In every shape and form what had occurred on the […]

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Budget Confusion

A feature of the Stuart led government and the Thompson before, it has had an issue with effectively implementing policy measures promoted in several budgets since taking office. Many of the government’s missteps have been harshly critiqued by BU and other media sources. One does not need to be reminded about the cellphone tax, solid […]

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The George Brathwaite Column – DLP’s Dodge

“The least we can expect from our leaders is to deal with the ‘issues of real life’, [and] provide at the very least … shelter, healthcare, education, sanitation, and transport” – Senator Dr. Jerome X. Walcott, 2016). Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) performed sufficiently impressive to put Barbados as […]

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Was the Tax Clearance Certificate Brouhaha Necessary?

The brouhaha surrounding the requirement by the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) to request a tax clearance certificate as part of closing a property transaction seems to have gone the way of the day 7-day news cycle. The issue was brought to a head when the Barbados Bankers Association flexed its not too considerable influence by […]

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Attorney General Adriel Brathwaithe | Liar and Politician

Recently the BU household observed in awe the incident where a Republican candidate vying for a seat in the US Congress body slammed  a journalist for asking a question about the contentious health care system. The incident was “straightoutta” Hollywood. Greg Gianforte the Republican politician at the centre of the furore went on to win […]

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The Logic of Freundel Stuart

Submitted by Sunshine Sunny Shine The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenges and controversy – Martin Luther King It would be interesting to know the ultimate measure of Freundel Stuart because we certainly cannot apply the above […]

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A Heather Cole Column – Post-Colonial Misery

Submitted by Heather Cole The nine year recession in Barbados has taken a toll on the economy. The government’s policy of trying to tax its way out of the recession has failed. As unemployment continues to rise it appears that industrial development has come to a halt. Foreign reserves are under threat. There is no […]

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Freedom of Expression in the Constitution of Barbados

Submitted by Samantha Walker Dear BU I called VOB, after listening to the woes of a female caller who was in the midst of her story and the word “politicians” was mentioned.  The programme was immediately CUT from the air.  It was resumed with the knowledge that you had missed the most “important” part of […]

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – Of Overweight Jockeys and the Road not Taken

“I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference” -The Road not Taken –Robert Frost To my best recollection, each of our Prime Ministers has been blessed with a […]

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Roland Clarke Disagrees with Owen Arthur’s Recommendation on Currency Peg

Roland Clarke posted the following to BU’s Facebook Timeline Here are my thoughts in regards to the budget debate contributions of the Rt Hon Owen Seymour Arthur on the occasion of his response to the Barbados Budget 2017. Mr Arthur is the immediate past Prime Minister of Barbados and Minister of Finance. My thoughts are […]

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Budget Reply | United Progressive Party (Barbados)

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Berries for the Boys

The Government needs tax revenue in order that we may all benefit from Government managed health, education, road maintenance, police, fire, and other services.  Therefore, we should all pay our taxes.  If we do not pay our taxes, then the Government must unfairly burden another group with additional taxes to make up the difference – […]

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Barbados Budget 2017

Bloggers may use this space to comment on the presentation. Read full text of the 2017 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals Follow the debate on the Barbados Parliament website

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The George Brathwaite Column – Sinckler’s Swan Song: Sting or Solution?

In the 2016 budgetary proposals, the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs stated that “we must push ourselves harder to be more efficient and proficient in accommodating investors, both domestic and foreign, in getting business done in this country.” Minister Christopher Sinckler was in effect, admitting that there was an urgent need “to drive investment, […]

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Freundel Stuart: Holding Our Leaders Accountable

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Mia and Freundel …we want transparency legislation IMPLEMENTED!

The following was poster was created by Sunshine Sunny Shine The Barbados Labour Party opposition leader has painted a picture that the parliamentary system of government under the Barbados Model needs a drastic amendment to make it more effective and public centred. When one listens to the gusto of the opposition leader, the way forward […]

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