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Nigel Marshall

Roebuck Secondary School Cancer Case: Nigel Marshall Makes an Impassioned Plea Before Passing

The mystery concerning what occurred at Roebuck Secondary is a question still to be answered. Many continue to beg government to release the environmental report which was conducted in the interest of satisfying transparency. BU posted the following request issued by the Future Centre Trust in 2014:- Did you or any one you know attend […]

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Denis Lowe, Minister of the Drainage

Solid Waste Tax Dumped in the Consolidated Fund

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler advised Barbadians one of the reasons government introduced the controversial solid waste tax was to repay several millions owed to Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre (SBRC). The man behind SBRC is Bizzy Williams recently confirmed on national radio government still owes about 30 million dollars. BU is forced to ask government […]

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At Risk to Superbug Infections

Recently we were advised of the outbreak of bug infections at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH). The BU family was enlightened by a presentation Understanding Why Bacteria Are Present at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) shared by resident medical expert Dr. GP.  Contrary to popular view fighting bacteria is a struggle for all hospitals although […]

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Understanding Why Bacteria Are Present at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH)

The news broke last week that several bacteria present at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) have caused many surgeries to be rescheduled. The first reaction by many Barbadians is to blame the management of the QEH for not ensuring the health care facility is adequately sanitized.  A deeper and more informed analysis of the problem indicate all hospitals have to defend the environs from marauding bacteria because of an increasing resistance to antibiotics.

View the following presentation with the compliments of BU family member Dr. GP.

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Minister Boyce, Minister of Health

QEH Problem, AGAIN

Submitted by Anthony Davis

Doctors are warning that shortages of basic and essential supplies will continue at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) with Government cutting the allocation to the already underfunded facility by another $10 million this year. “The Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners (BAMP) is calling for ‘necessary, decisive and corrective action to be taken nowBarbados Today

My, my, my, this “people-centred Government” is at it again!

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Dr.Dexter James, CEO QEH

QEH Head Suggests “Rationing” to Save Cost

Submitted by Anthony Davis

The chief administrator at Barbados’ lone public hospital is suggesting that authorities may have to consider discontinuing treatment for some terminally ill patients… the question I want to ask . . . ‘is Barbados ready for a conversation and a debate around futility of care versus rationing?Barbados Today

Well, well, well. What next? The answer is a resounding NO, Dr. James!

How much is a life worth, doctor? What you should do is drum it into Chris Sinckler’s head that the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) needs the funds which he recklessly cut. The QEH was functioning very well until he came along and cut the funds to that institution along with the funds to the UWI and welfare. These are all things that are hurting the poor, the needy and the vulnerable in our society.

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The State of “medicine” in Barbados

Submitted by Sr. George’s Dragon

On page 3 of Monday’s Nation is an advertisement by the Natural Medical Centre titled “Get Well for Less”. Presumably this is a medical establishment advertising its professional services? Among the list of its offerings are MRBA full body scans and 3D NLBA organ scans. Intrigued, as I had never heard of these medical procedures, I Googled to find out more.

Incredibly, MRBA (Magnetic Resonance Bio-Analyzer) scans and 3D NLBA (Non-Linear Bio-Analyzer) scans seem both to be performed using the same piece of equipment – an A/O Analyzer made by Innergy Development. The operator’s manual is HERE.

MRBA is apparently “a non-invasive, full body analyzer that scan(s) 21 major areas of the body covering over 270 bodily functions”. NLBA “presents detailed visual reports of the health status of all the organs, systems and tissue of the body”.

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Barbadian Men MUST Conquer Fear of the Prostate Examination

Submitted by Due Diligence (Prostate Cancer Survivor) “Call for prostate cancer test cut … the incidence of prostate cancer in Barbados is so high that the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is preparing to submit a recommendation for a 50 per cent cut in the cost of the examination used to detect the disease. According to QEH […]

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Stand Your Ground QEH Policy Not Working

Submitted by Anthony Davis “Speaker of the House of Assembly Michael Carrington does not see the current status of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital as a matter for urgent parliamentary debate. Carrington made this ruling today when the House met and Opposition Leader Mia Mottley sought to have her motion on the QEH discussed. After a […]

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AIDS Free Generation Within Our Reach – Call to Routinized Rapid Testing

Press Statement by Rev. Ruth Phillips, President, Barbados Family Planning Association to mark World Aids Day- December 1st 2014 On World AIDs Day 2014, the Barbados Family Planning Association (BFPA) joined the national, regional and global community on its thematic focus of : Getting to Zero: zero deaths from HIV, zero new infections and zero […]

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Another Band-Aid for the QEH

Submitted by Anthony Davis ‘’Warning that the unavailability of essential medical supplies at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) has reached a crisis of the highest order, doctors at the state-run health care facility have decided to handle emergency cases only. And they have called on Government to not only state unequivocally how it plans to […]

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DIABETES: Dawn Phenomenon and Somogyi Effect

Submitted by Georgie Porgie One of the most frustrating things that diabetics deal with is an unexpected rise in blood glucose overnight. You go to bed with a BG of 100 mg/dL (5.6 mmol/L), and wake up with a BG of 130 (7.2)! You didn’t eat, so what happened? This results from two distinctly different […]

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Towards a Radical, Healthy, Veganism

Submitted by Pachamama In this article we shall connect the environmental discourses, to ‘development’, to energy usage, to cruelty to animals, to calls for innovation, to militarism, to finite petroleum. In fleshing out a path towards a radical veganism our conclusions will include that, as a political-economy philosophy, it holds the best chances for saving […]

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Innovation Required by Barbadians to Make the Quantum Leap to Survive the Future

Barbados Underground (BU) is on record defending government’s mission to roll out a Renewable Energy (RE) program to reduce reliance on fossil fuel energy. Minister Darcy Boyce under whose ministry is responsible has been one of the most INVISIBLE ministers in the Cabinet of Barbados rivalled only by Prime Minister  Freundel Stuart, Minister Dennis Lowe […]

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Impose Ban on Travellers from Africa NOW!

It is interesting to observe how Barbados has reacted to the Ebola threat. In spite of the assurance from the Barbados government that surveillance measures are in place at the airport and the seaport, in real terms, we know the surveillance is NOT a robust method to screen Ebola affected travellers seeking to enter Barbados. […]

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Chikungunya (Chik V) Bulldozing its Way Across the Caribbean

Minister John Boyce has broken his silence to confirm that Barbados has recorded 49 confirmed cases of chikungunya and 200 suspected cases. To be fair to  minister Boyce he is quoted as saying “the figures could be higher because a number of Barbadians might have resorted to treating themselves at home, rather than going to […]

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Who believes Barbados is ready to treat Ebola?

Dispelling a Myth About EBOLA

Submitted by Robert D. Lucas, PH.D and CFS Food biotechnologist & Certified Food Scientist There was a letter in the Daily Nation (30th. September 2014), entitled: Ebola a weapon of mass destruction? written by Mr. Leonard St.Hill. The gist of what he had to say is as follow: he avers that the absence of speculation […]

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Malathion Insecticide Used by Ministry of Health Officials Maybe Killing Our Children

The Ministry of Education has finally taken the decision to relocate pupils of the Grazettes Primary School. Why the matter to relocate took several days after the revelation by the ministry of health that several chemicals were mixed including MALATHION is surprising. Further – the fact there has been no hue and cry, although not […]

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