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Crime and Girls

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Group We now seem to be concerned that our young women are active participants in dangerous criminal activity. Societies do not become submerged in deviant behavior over night, this so called new phenomenon, has once more proven that […]

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Janice Millington Gone NOT Forgotten

BU received the following message from W.Gibson and have to concur there is a paucity of information to be found about Janice Millington online although there is exhaustive references to her writings to support research. For someone who made […]

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2015 Crop Over and Rihanna

Crop Over 2015 is about to slide off the calendar and by the measurement of many it was a success. BU will reserve judgment until a more respectful  time but we offer this: is Crop Over […]

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Crop Over King and Queen

Inadequate Compensation for King and Queen

Submitted by Wayne Cadogan On Sunday May 24th. Minister of Culture, The Honourable Stephen Lashley M.P. was on CBC TV 8 program Meet the Minister. A number of questions were posed to him by the Presenter and the public via emails. Towards the end of the program, I emailed the following question to the Minister. […]

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2015 Barbados Crop Over Festival

Revamping Cohobblopot

Submitted by Anthony Davis A slap in the face of Barbadian artistes and promoters! “That’s the view of many in the entertainment industry following the announcement that Cohobblopot, a staple event on the National Cultural Foundation’s (NCF’s) Crop Over calendar, was being replaced by a private event billed “One Love”, with Trinidadian Machel Montano as […]

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We Barbados

Recent public protests in the United States in response to perceived police brutality should give onlookers pause for thought. Many may disagree about the reasons that have brought the societal tension to the fore, however, BU is sure an erosion of  practices in the community which call for citizens to work together and in the […]

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African Liberation Education

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel Fun and entertainment addiction is a computer chip that is placed in the psyche of every slave on the plantation via a continuous counter-intelligence operation that is performed by The Walt Disney Nation.Any possibility of The Negro regaining his African intelligence is countered by this counter-intelligence program. Because of this chip, […]

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Fruendel Stuart, Prime Minister

Who is the Sanctimonious Hypocrite Prime Minister?

Submitted by Anthony Davis

"Sanctimonious hypocrites!"

That’s how Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has described some of those who disapproved of his advice to Speaker of the House Michael Carrington to ‘get a lawyer’ during his publicized legal dispute with a former client. "Speaking as tough to critics of Government’s University of the West Indies (UWI) tuition fee policy, Stuart today made it clear that his administration would not be changing course on that matter to please any minority group, even in the face of a letter from the president of the Cave Hill Campus Guild of Students Damani Parrish, ‘threatening’ action if the decision was not reversed”Barbados Today

Well, well, well, what a tirade!

The question here is: who is being a sanctimonious hypocrite?

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November is the Month of Independence

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BU Members Featured in Barbados Bu’n-Bu’n

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Crop Over & Carnival – What is Caribbean Culture? What Does it Mean? Where Are We Going?

Submitted by Pachamama We are working with a few ideas. The people who seem to know, like to consider a culture as the beliefs, enactments, values, mores, stories and maybe traditions of a people. We always talk about the dead-endedness of the political and economic cultures in the Caribbean but it is also difficult to […]

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Barbados Grapefruit and Opportunities

Submitted by Andrew Nehaul The Grapefruit. The grapefruit (Citrus × paradisi) is a subtropical citrus tree known for its sour to semi-sweet fruit, an 18th-century hybrid first bred in Barbados.[1] When found, it was named the “forbidden fruit”;[2] and it has also been misidentified with the pomelo or shaddock (C. maxima), one of the parents […]

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Lewis Hamilton Shifts to Top Gear

One positive coming out of the Top Gear Festival to be hosted in Barbados next weekend is the participation of 2008 Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton is following the script nicely after winning a fourth straight race in Spain today to move to the top of the drivers points tally one week before the […]

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Black Barbadians Refute Bogus Mildewed Theory

Submitted by William Skinner “In his presentation, the Prime Minister made mention of a book about the company (Everson R. Elcock and Company), which he said “refutes the bogus mildewed theory that black people are incapable of establishing businesses that grow and prosper beyond the control and by extension, the lifetime of the founder” –  […]

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Crop Over Festival Part of a Cultural Dynamic

We live in a society where the study of humanities is trivialized when stacked against the sciences. Why would human beings – in this case Barbadians – fail to appreciate the importance of understanding how we interact and integrate with our environment through the many avenues we use to express ourselves? We have so many […]

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Natural Habitats on the Decline

Submitted by Charles Knighton “Almost a quarter of Europe’s bumblebees are at risk of extinction due to loss of habitats, climate change, the intensification of agriculture and changes in agricultural land.” Study: A quarter of Europe’s bumblebees face extinction, 3 April Barbados Advocate Insects are under siege not just in Europe but worldwide, including Barbados. […]

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Arts and Culture, the Serious and NOT so Serious

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Just a Bunch of Little Non-Entity Ass-Kissing For-Sale Negroes

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel A LACK OF IDEOLOGICAL SOUNDNESS on the part of Africans is a necessary pre­requisite for prolonging the hour of Black subjugation and Black subordination. Read full article and see video

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