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Afra Raymond

CL Financial Bailout – False Firing?

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Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar greets former Clico chairman Gerard Yetming, second left, and former Senate president Timothy Hamel-Smith, second right, after they showed up at a UNC “foot soldiers” mobilisation meeting in Debe on Tuesday. Also in photo are Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal and UNC campaign manager Rodney Charles,…

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West Indian American Day Carnival Association

West Indian Day Carnival Association Accused of Discrimination

Submitted by the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy NEW YORK: The New York Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) has expressed concern about discrimination, based on national origin, by the West Indian Day Carnival Association (WIADCA). WIADCA’s board of directors is almost exclusively Trinidadian. […]

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Gun Violence

Gun Violence and the Caribbean Region

Human Rights and Peace Ambassador for the region, Felicia Browne, has cited the urgent need for new initiatives against gun violence. When women and youth are fatally shot with such brutality, it raises serious concerns about the effectiveness of our crime-related policies. No citizen can feel safe within areas which are ridden with crime and […]

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Afra Raymond

Our Land – Land for Everybody? Part 2

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SIDEBAR: The Minister responds This is a short video (courtesy of TV6) in which the Minister of Land & Marine Resources, Jairam Seemungal, responds to questions on the occupation of State lands in Couva by SIS Ltd, one of the main financiers of the Peoples Partnership. The ‘Land for the…

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Barry Mayers, CEO of Up Beat Wholesale

Digicel, Nation Newspaper and Others Must Join the Fight Against the Dominican Republic

The Community [CARICOM] calls on the Dominican Republic authorities” to adhere to the principles of protection of citizenship to Dominicans of Haitian descent, adding that those “persons shall not be rendered stateless – Fox News Latino After the usual procrastination CARICOM […]

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Leroy Parris (l) Terrence Thornhill (r)

CLICO Players Living High on the Hog

Submitted by Fidel The criminal justice system of the United States saw to it that Bernie Madoff, the Ponzi Schemer was essentially put in jail for the rest of his life. The criminal justice system of the United States saw to it that Sir Allan Stanford and the Financial Services Regulator in Antigua were put […]

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haiti-dominican republic

Silence by the Region in Response to Haitian Cleansing Next Door

The loud silence by the government of Barbados, traditional media and other actors to the deportation (‘cleansing’)  of Haitians from the Dominican Republic betrays why attempts at regional integration is a pipe dream. Yet again Haitians find themselves […]

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Mia Mottley, leader of the Opposition

Mia Mottley Prosecutes Government on CORRUPTION in Her Reply to 2015 Budget

Those  Democratic Labour Party (DLP) members in parliament advocated the need for Barbados to enact Integrity and Freedom of Information legislation prior to being elected in 2008. There was an expectation Barbadians would have seen movement on this issue within 100 days of the DLP government […]

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LIAT Continues to Rack-up Debt for Shareholders

There is a newly elected government in Guyana preceded by one in St. Kitts and there is the T&T general elections announced for 7 September 2015. It seems our governments (politicians) around the region have allowed themselves to be consumed by domestic issues and the idea […]

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Afra Raymond

Our Land – Land for Everybody?

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A detrimental ‘land grab’ is almost upon our country and we all need to be alert to prevent the destruction of our patrimony and prospects. Hon. Jairam Seemungal, MP. Minister of Land and Marine Resources The State owns most of the land in the country – recent estimates by Minister…

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National Unity and Modernity: Priorities For Guyana’s New Coalition Government

Commentary Part II: by Rickford Burke National Unity and modernity: Priorities For Guyana’s New Coalition Government Change has come to Guyana. The nation has put the dark era of the PPP domination behind. Diligent exercise of the franchise has secured the election of President David Granger and his A Partnership

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Afra Raymond

Integrity Inquiry

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“…The question really is integrity, and if he or she does not have it he or she should not be a Commissioner in the first place. The simple fact is that try as we might, we cannot legislate for integrity…” From Press Release of 21 June 2013 by then Integrity…

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CLICO Cheque_Leroy Parris

David Thompson’s Punctured Legacy

The FIFA corruption scandal has confirmed the nature of humankind and our ever present  fallibility. The  epicentre of the investigation struck close to home with key decision makers in CONCACAF  – including former Vice President Jack Warner[…]

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Good Riddance to Guyana’s Former PPP Regime

Submitted by Rickford Burke Good Riddance! The PPP’s demise has inspired a renaissance of national pride and cemented a determination to unite, rebuild and develop Guyana Part I On May 11, 2015, the Guyanese electorate decisively voted the

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Afra Raymond

Land for Everybody?

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My letter to the Editor was published in the Trinidad Express on 3 June  2015 as “Protecting our patrimony.” The Editor, The government laid the State Land (Regularisation of Tenure) (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill, 2015 in Parliament on Friday 29 May and I am reliably informed that it is due to…

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The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

The Guyana Institute for the Defense of Democracy is BOGUS

Submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) NEW YORK: The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) wishes to inform concerned citizens and other supporters that we are in no way affiliated with a purported organization, which has recently surfaced, calling itself “The Guyana Institute for the Defense of Democracy (GIDD). We have verified that […]

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