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Afra Raymond

Formal Submission to Joint Select Committee – The Whistleblower Protection Bill, 2015

by AfraRaymond This is my formal submission on these important proposals, which are intended to give protection to persons reporting wrongdoing in public or private bodies. Most fraud and white-collar crime is reported by ‘tips’, so the effective tool has to be ‘If you see something, say something’. We also need to push for more […]

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Domestic Violence: Victim Protection and Intervention

by Felicia Browne and Alicia Nicholls Victims of domestic violence in Barbados are on the verge of receiving greater protection. The Domestic Violence (Protection Orders) Amendment Act, Cap 130A was recently passed by the House of Assembly and is currently before the Senate for debate. The Act, which seeks to make several sweeping changes to […]

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Caribbean Region Most Affected by Loss in Correspondent Banking Relationships…

by caribbeantradelaw The withdrawal by international banks of correspondent banking relationships with Caribbean-based banks and money transfer businesses has once again been making headlines in the Caribbean. This week Antigua & Barbuda’s Prime Minister raised the issue at the Fourth Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), terming it a “clear […]

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Rising Crime in the Region – A Word to the Wise Should Suffice

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Group In almost every sphere-the economy, education, agriculture, health, national security, and transportation-we are living the logical outcome of over 50 years of policy failure. As in the case of Dudus and Trenchtown in Jamaica, our communities have developed into hot spots because weak and ineffective politicians have entered into […]

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Petrocaribe In Doubt

by caribbeantradelaw On June 29th 2005, fourteen of the Caribbean countries which met with the late President Hugo Chavez Frias in the beautiful northern Venezuelan port city of Puerto La Cruz signed an energy cooperation agreement which would seek to be a beacon of south-south cooperation and solidarity. Nearly eleven years after the ink has […]

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Guyana Prime Minister to kick-off 50th Independence Celebration in New York

Submitted by Rickford Burke FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Contact: Nevlon Duguid, Director of Communications Tel: (862) 224-9697. Email: NEW YORK CITY: Guyana’s Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo, will on Saturday, January 16, 2016 launch his nation’s 50th Independence celebration in New York. […]

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Afra Raymond

Property Matters – State Offices – part 2

by AfraRaymond On 5 January 2016 the Business page of the Trinidad Express newspaper carried an article titled ‘Millions to be saved from rent’ in which the UDeCOTT Chairman, Noel Garcia, advised on the progress in completing the State-owned offices in Port of Spain. That was also the topic of last week’s Property Matters column, […]

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The Beat(ing) Goes on…@LIAT

Message received from a concerned individual. LIAT passengers stranded in St. Maarten for a week, Letter from LIAT CEO. I find the CEO’s letter to be well hidden, don’t know ’bout you… does the knee-jerk Chairman have anything useless to say? Just like his Boss, a pair of mouths with hot vaporised garbage flowing out […]

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Afra Raymond

Property Matters – State Offices

by AfraRaymond The PM’s address to the nation on the evening of 29 December 2015 was an official announcement as to the need for shared sacrifice and reduced State expenditure to tackle the decline in our collective fortunes. I also took particular note of the statement by new Central Bank Governor, Dr Alvin Hillaire, during […]

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St Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme Officially Opens for Business

by caribbeantradelaw As of January 1st of this year, St. Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment programme is officially open and taking applications by interested investors. Late last year, Prime Minister, The Hon. Dr. Kenny Anthony formally launched the programme at the Global Citizen Forum held in Monaco. St. Lucia joins St. Kitts & Nevis, Grenada, Antigua […]

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baha mar_bahamas

The Spectre of Baha Mar

Under even normal conditions when times are good, even in the 14 years the Barbados Labour Party was in office, not even then [would we get such a low interest rate],” he said…Very few funders…in the world would lend a developing country the size of Barbados and with the issues facing Barbados financing at the […]

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Walid Juffali

St. Lucia Facebook Page Censors Alternative View on Walid Juffali

Freedom of expression is often taken for granted by the many who comment on Barbados Underground blog. One does not have to agree with views expressed by others, however in a democratic society, we should always be willing to defend the right of others to disagree. Usually when alternative ideas contend the big winner is […]

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OUR Caribbean

2015 Year in Review

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Group Dr. Ralph Gonzalves Within the region, our strongest economy, Trinidad and Tobago, appears to be facing unexpected challenges because of falling oil prices. This reality has forced the Central Bank to review growth predictions downward. Coupled with widespread state corruption and an election that will reveal the ugliest use […]

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Afra Raymond

The Whistleblower Proposals

by AfraRaymond The Whistleblower Protection Bill 2015 was submitted to Parliament on Friday 13th December 2015. Those proposals will create legal protections for persons making reports of wrongdoing in both public and private bodies. A Joint Select Committee has been established to examine these proposals and report back to the Parliament no later than 22nd […]

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Banks Brewery

Directors of Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) Sold Shareholders Down the River for a Mess of Pottage

Banks DIH Limited says its recent sale of shares in Barbados beverage conglomerate Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) […]

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Leave Cricket to Players and Board

Submitted by Buddy Cal Luke 13; 7-9. Parable of the fig tree. “Then said he unto the dresser of his vineyard. Behold, three years I come seeking fruit on this fig tree, and find none: cut it down. […]

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Human Development Report 2015 – A Mixed Bag for Barbados and the Caribbean

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) released its Human Development Report 2015 yesterday. Entitled “Work for Human Development”,[…]

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Diplomatic Immunity and Human Rights

Diplomatic immunity involves exemption from the enforcement of one or more laws of a host country granted to resident foreign diplomats. Its purpose is to ensure that the official duties of foreign […]

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