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Hold President Trump Accountable Before UN General Assembly

From the INTERNATIONAL  NETWORK  IN  DEFENSE  OF  HUMANITY (CARIBBEAN  CHAPTER) There is no such thing as “American Exceptionalism”! And therefore, the President and Government of the United States of America (USA) are just as subject to the rules of International Law as are the President and Government of any other country. Thus, when– on Friday […]

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Property Matters – Tobago Sandals

by Afra Raymond Is there a link between the Uff Report and Tobago Sandals? Is Tobago Sandals such a unique opportunity that we ought to adopt unique standards to assess its costs and benefits? What are the various benefits being proclaimed by the supporters of that project? This article will examine some of those claims […]

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Dancin Africa: Black Lives Matter

“View a video of the award winning dance entitled BLACK LIVES MATTER, choreographed by Aisha Comissiong and performed by Dancin Africa. This was one of the stand out dances at the recently concluded CARIFESTA arts festival in Barbados. It is the ultimate REPARATIONS DANCE!”

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CL Financial Bailout – The Caribbean Connection Part Two

The previous article set out my criticism of the CLF bailout situation in respect of the CARICOM claims and our nation’s treaty obligation to exercise non-discrimination in its policies. In that light I am sceptical of the position now being advanced by the CLF shareholders to highlight that group as being a black-controlled conglomerate. My […]

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Ten Fundamental Principles of Reparations

Submitted by DAVID  COMISSIONG, Chairman,Caribbean Pan-African Network (CPAN) “I, and I know you, too, believe in time, and we shall wait patiently for two hundred years if need be, to face our enemies through our posterity……When I am dead wrap the mantle of the Red, Black and Green around me, for in the new life […]

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CL Financial Bailout – the Caribbean Connection

My previous article examined the November 2007 appointment of Karen Nunez-Tesheira as our Minister of Finance by then PM, the late Patrick Manning. For whatever reason, the consternation over the appointment of Christian Mouttet to investigate the #ferrygate imbroglio is reminding me of the confusion many people felt when PM Manning made that appointment. An […]

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Building High-maintenance Tombs

From my experience in working among people in post-hazard environments, I can conclude that a stable house is the most prized possession. I have witnessed the grateful expressions of relief among those whose houses survived the tragic events.  The contrasting near hopeless expressions of misery among those whose houses were destroyed were almost unbearable. It […]

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CL Financial Bailout – Charting the Ruins

Posted by Afra Raymond The voices of our leading Artists urge us to search for meaning, if we are serious about building a civilisation out of the lies and ruin we inhabit. That kind of serious building requires a solid foundation which must contain sober reflection and acceptance of responsibility by both the people and […]

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What’s REALLY Happening in Venezuela

BU asked by multiple sources to circulate the following: Please circulate this as widely as possible. The Empire’s WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION are spewing out fake news and false narratives 24/7. This constant misinformation campaign is one of the most potent weapons in their arsenal when it comes to destabilizing and overthrowing progressive and revolutionary […]

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Caribbean Governments Asked to Approach UN Security Council to Stave Off War Between US and North Korea

Submitted by Bobby Clarke, Vice President, Clement Payne Movement The Clement Payne Movement call upon the Caricom Secretariat to call a meeting of the Caribbean Heads of Government to impress upon Donald Trump, President of the United States of America and to Kim Jong Un, the Democratic Republic of North Korea President, to settle their […]

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UWITV Region Talk: Interview With Veteran Caribbean Entertainer Richard “Dick” Stoute

The UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES has started its own television programming , known as UWI TV. The attached programme is a wide-ranging and in-depth interview with Mr. RICHARD STOUTE of Barbados, a veteran entertainer and youth mentor. The series from which this interview is taken is called “REGION TALK”. Look out for other REGION […]

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Cable & Wireless Barbados Shareholders Offered $2.86

Notice has been given to Cable & Wireless Barbados Limited (CWB) shareholders to consider a cash offer of $2.86 from Cable & Wireless West Indies Limited  (CWWI) AND to approve the Amalgamation Resolution that will allow CWWI to acquire ALL of CWB common share not already owned. The meeting will be held at the Barbados […]

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CL Financial Bailout – The Tangled Web

by AfraRaymond “…The official also pointed out that no interest was ever charged on the amount of money that was loaned to the CLF group…” —Quote from an anonymous ‘Government official’ in this newspaper on 21 July 2017. Well yes. A bold-faced snatch-and-grab is now being attempted and our total vigilance is now required. According […]

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CL Financial Bailout – Nitty Gritty

CL Financial bailout – Nitty Gritty by AfraRaymond The CL Financial bailout fiasco is headed towards an epic legal mangle as Lawrence Duprey and his cohort aim to regain control of the Caribbean’s largest-ever commercial/financial group. In swift response, the Minister of Finance is making legal moves to put CLF into liquidation. At the root of […]

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A Carifesta Dance of Shame Explanation

Which country that you know of, would host CARIFESTA, and would organize a major international Dance exposition as the central event of the Festival, but would refuse to include a single one of their local or national dance groups in the said Dance exposition? Well, if you guessed that the country is none other than […]

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Reparation Talk With Dr.Pedro Welch and David Comissiong

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Please see the attached video taped conversation on REPARATIONS between Dr. PEDRO  WELCH, the chairman of the Barbados National Task Force on Reparations, and DAVID  COMISSIONG in his role as host of the University of the West Indies REGION  TALK television programme. Region Talk: Interview with Prof. Pedro Welch on Reparations […]

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The Georgetown Prison Fire

 A failure and opportunity for good governance through public accountability Last week swift public accountability reinforced good governance in Trinidad & Tobago. Ms. Marlene McDonald was sworn in as Minister of Public Utilities on June 30. Three days later Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley fired her for countenancing a reputed member of the criminal underworld […]

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CL Financial Bailout – False Equivalence?

In today’s world of ‘Alternative Facts’ we have to be alert to the special dangers posed by ‘False Equivalence’. False Equivalence arises when two arguments are presented as being of equal relevance, but in fact one is solidly fact-based and the other is mere speculation or invention. Those dangers are especially present in matters of […]

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