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Media Malpractice: Who Will Guard the Guardians?

Submitted by Natasha Ford The standard of journalism in Barbados continues to plummet. Journalists are the gatekeepers. They decide what is news, how readers will receive that news and when they will receive it. Journalists and reporters are some of the most powerful people in any society. But with power comes great responsibility. And like […]

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Jones with the disgraced jack Warner

BCC Staff “in the Dark”

Submitted by Neil Watchman BCC staff members are still in the dark as to why after three top posts Principal: Deputy Principal and Registrar, were advertised in November 2015, no one has been appointed to any of these posts. Of course, only in two of these appointments does anyone seriously expect any surprises. The Board […]

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Public Service Announcement AGAINST 700 Million Waste-to-Energy Plant

Advocacy Director of Future Trust Barbados Kammie Holder has requested BU promote the following advertisement, and we do so gladly. We take this opportunity on behalf of the BU household to extend congratulations to Kammie […]

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Internet Security

Understand Internet Data Privacy: What Should You Know and Expect

Submitted by James Austin Bynoe, International Cyber\IT Security Expert, Co-founder of the Caribbean Cyber Security Center Using the Internet responsibly […]

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Bajans Against 700M Waste to Energy Plant

Barbadians Against Waste-to-Energy Plant

Public spirited Barbadians have been voicing concern in growing numbers about government’s plan to locate a Waste to Energy Plasma Gasification Plant at Vacluse, St. St. Thomas. Environmental advocate Kammie Holder of the Future Trust has been leading the charge and is responsible for the Facebook page  Bajans Against $700M Waste to Energy Plant. BU […]

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Adrian Loveridge, Peach and Quiet

Sunil Chatrani: STOP Discounting!

While not attending the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association Annual General Meeting recently, if media reports are accurate, the outgoing Chairman is quoted as stating ‘discounts were not the way to attract visitors to these shores’ […].

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The Dream by Random Bajan

Submitted by Crusoe

The sun rose through my window, the dawning of a bright and cheerful day, sparrows tweeting, blackbirds singing, doves cooing. After I stretched, I succumbed to the world of technology, grabbed the iPo remote and switched on. The early news roused me more than expected, indeed, startled me into a state of unheralded alertness. ‘The Prime Minister stated that he has enjoyed each and every moment of the last eight years, but believes that the time has come to rest, unlike Napoleon Bonaparte who ‘“had tasted command, and could not give it up”, he can.’

Stunned I listened intently as the reader further expanded ‘ the PM has indicated as April 30 as his last day of office, which shall herald in a bye-election.’ [In other news, the Finance Minister has stated that he is no longer comfortable with leading the charge against the widening economic issues, he has also tendered his resignation from the Cabinet and from Parliament’.

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Eric Garner Choked to Death by Police Officers Galvanises Protests Nationwide–Call to Enact Eric Garner Law

New York Caribbean Institute for Democracy (CGID) condemns Eric Garner Grand Jury decision, endorses federal probe and calls for immediate justice system reforms BROOKLYN: The New York Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) condemns the decision by a Richmond County (Staten Island) grand jury, under the direction of republican District Attorney, Daniel Donovan, Jr., not […]

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Barbados Then and Now

Barbados is about to celebrate 48 years of Independence (whatever that means). You will read a lot of trite proffered by well meaning Barbadians in the days to come. The BU picture gallery clearly confirms that Barbados has made quantum strides in physical development. The speeches by Sir Grantley Adams, son Tom  and the late […]

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Sea Front Development at Coral Bay, Virgin Islands and Residents Have Asked Barbadians to Share Six Men’s Bay Experience

Submitted by a resident of Coral Bay, Virgin Islands  who wants to learn about the Barbados experience with the Six Men’s Marinia. I am interested in any comments pertaining to the Six Men’s marina project. Now that the South has been filled, and the West has been filled they’re moving further north. I live in […]

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Fond Farwell Looking Glass

Submitted by Stan Carter To all the many Underground readers who either liked or disliked the articles posted by the controversial Looking Glass, I have the sad task of informing you that Looking Glass passed on or about January 02, 2014. His contributions  will be sadly missed. May He Rest In Peace.

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Seasons’s Greetings

Dear BU family, Commenters all BU apologizes for the disruption caused to our readers and contributors over the last 48 hours. Site traffic drops below average during the holiday period and the BU household belatedly grabbed the opportunity to transfer the blog (BU) from to  Due to the large size of our blog […]

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Workers Misrepresentation, Who Benefits?

Originally posted on Barbados Underground:
Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union Recently the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Dale Marshall, accused the National Union of Public Workers of playing politics. That caused me to reflect on the state of trade union representation in this country and wonder if the accusation was true for other…

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When Obituaries Make Pleasure

Submitted by Charles Knighton “Carson Anthony Ismael….had pleaded guilty to manslaughter earlier in the Continuous Assizes. Calista Alleyne, whose throat was cut, died on May 26, 2010.  Ismael had previously been convicted of causing the death of his former wife Kirani Ismael back in January 2007. The charge had been assault occasioning actual bodily harm. […]

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A Green Party Beckons in Barbados

The following text was circulated by Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament, Saanich-Gulf Islands, Leader, Green Party of Canada After seven years as leader of the Green Party of Canada and two and a half years as a Member of Parliament, I do not think of myself as a politician.  I don’t think of myself as […]

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Barbadian Author Andrea Stuart Discusses her Book Sugar in the Blood

Listen to Barbadian author Andrea Stuart gives a riveting insight into her book Sugar in the Blood at the Barbados High Commission in London. An introduction is given by Barbadian historian Richard Drayton who is the widely respected Rhodes Professor of Imperial History at King’s College London. The book launch comes at an interesting time with […]

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Appeal to Roebuck Secondary School formerly Louis Lynch Former Students

Urgent notice do read and repost: Did you or any one you know attend the Roebuck Secondary also known as Louis Lynch Secondary? Do you know of anyone who died from cancer,suffering an endocrine disease or any mysterious illness who went to the aforementioned school? Please call the Future Centre Trust at 6252020 and leave […]

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Notes From a Native Son: For Whom the Bell Tolls, If Not for Thee?

Introduction: The natives are getting restless as the dark clouds descend, it is as if there is  an expectation of bad news. While ministers and their advisers, clearly out of their policy-making depths, struggle with a patchwork of policies initiatives, mainly around the exhausted tourism sector, the rest of government and the private sector is […]

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