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Bajans Can do a "Peaceful" Revolution

Submitted by PUDRYR @ Exclaimer And you said, and I quote. If a businessman in the UK were to make such a statement he would have been held to ridicule. Here is a businessman who has outgrown this government. With each protestation from the William’s clan becoming more shrilled we have to ask ourselves who […]

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Remembering Haiti


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Caribbean States Raise De-risking Concerns

by caribbeantradelaw Alicia Nicholls De-risking was one of the myriad of developmental issues raised by small states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) at the 71st Regular General Assembly of the United Nations in New York over the past few days. The theme of the general debate of the 71st session was “The Sustainable Development Goals: […]

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Son of the Soil Sir Frederick “Sleepy” Smith KA MBE QC 1924 – 2016

Sir Frederick ‘Sleepy’ Smith has died at the age of 92. Sleepy was the first Attorney-General of an independent Barbados, former Chief Justice of the Turks and Caicos Islands, president of the Court of Appeal of Grenada, assistant Attorney General of Cameroon and a justice of the Barbados Court of Appeal. Along with his brother, […]

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David Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement

The David Comissiong Column – Time To Heed PAULE MARSHALL’S Message To Barbados

Over the past sixty years, Paule Marshall – the famous 87 year old Barbadian/American female writer – has been trying  to deliver a very important message to the Barbadian, Caribbean and African-American people through her impressive suite of novels – Brown Girl, Brownstones; The Chosen Place, The Timeless People; Praisesong for the Widow; and Daughters. […]

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Attorney General, Adriel Brathwaite

Tales from the Courts – Adriel Brathwaite #bajanswantchange XXX

The latest report emanating from Adriel Brathwaite on amendments to the Legal Professions Act has appeared in several news outlets. For those who have not read about it, here is one such report. The truth is that these amendments will be as much use as trying to stick a plaster on a gaping abdominal wound. […]

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transgender beforeafter

Press statement: UNAIDS Condemns Violence Against Transgender People

KINGSTON, 25 April, 2016— UNAIDS condemns killings and violations of human rights against transgender people reported in recent months by civil society and media in different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, including Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Guyana, Honduras and Venezuela. In Bolivia, through a press release issued last week, the LGBT Collective denounced the […]

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Prince the Humanitarian

Prince was a musical genius.  Of greater importance to the BU household is the revelation that he did his part in a relative brief stint of in a temporal existence to improve the lot of mankind. If only more human beings were predisposed to assist a sister or brother financially or through mentorship and to […]

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Barbados Underground #bajanswantchange


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Poster Offensive Launched, #bajanswantchange

Th historically passive Bajan continues to explore non violent tactics to express disapproval to the myriad of concerns prevailing our once small proud country. With the emergence of technology and along with it the exponential growth of social media, two BU regulars have come up with the idea to create posters to graphically detail our […]

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Professor Kamala Kempadoo

Prostitution as Legitimate Business

A BU repost from elsewhere because it should be a matter of public interest if for the only reason that it exposes our hypocrisy – Barbados Underground There may be more explanations than one for the deafening public silence that has followed the recent suggestion from Professor Kamala Kempadoo of York University that prostitution should […]

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Madam Justice Cornelius

A Conflicted Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius

As Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius accompanied by and photographed with her BLP-candidate husband Mr Ralph Thorne, garners credit for her stance on sexual abuse and harassment and calls for legislation to address same, she appears not to know, and certainly fails to mention, that this issue has been comprehensively addressed by Madam Justice Kaye Goodridge […]

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Cuba and Cricket

Cuba Cricket Connection – Improving Cuba Barbados Relationship

Now that the powers have deemed that the legacy of lame duck President Barrack Obama must be anchored to the return of Cuba to the fold, it has opened the floodgates for pundits all to spew the ideological and political rhetoric like there is no tomorrow. Although the froth has not receded with the exit […]

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Everything is Relative – Barbados May be OK After All…

Submitted by Bush Tea Perhaps we need to put our local brass bowlery into a global perspective. After all, everything is relative, and it may be that while we are despondent about our declining situation, we may in fact be doing very well… Consider the below article by Tanya Rakhmilevich of The Alternative Daily… where […]

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Welcome to Suck Salt!

The strength of the blogosphere can be defined by the number of diverse views on offer. BU is quick therefore to encourage others to step up to establish websites, blogs or any forum to share perspectives on any issue. BU has been playing our part for the past 9 years and the time has come […]

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Jonathan Shuttlesworth

Evangelist Jonathan Shuttlesworth Delivers from the Pulpit of People’s Cathedral Church

Submitted by islandgal Can you imagine that this piece of garbage spoke at a service for the Grenada Association’s service held at the People’s Cathedral last Sunday. Why I described him as a piece of garbage? My mother attended along with the many Grenadians who reside in Barbados along with the regular congregation. This man […]

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Media Malpractice: Who Will Guard the Guardians?

Submitted by Natasha Ford The standard of journalism in Barbados continues to plummet. Journalists are the gatekeepers. They decide what is news, how readers will receive that news and when they will receive it. Journalists and reporters are some of the most powerful people in any society. But with power comes great responsibility. And like […]

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Jones with the disgraced jack Warner

BCC Staff “in the Dark”

Submitted by Neil Watchman BCC staff members are still in the dark as to why after three top posts Principal: Deputy Principal and Registrar, were advertised in November 2015, no one has been appointed to any of these posts. Of course, only in two of these appointments does anyone seriously expect any surprises. The Board […]

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