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Bajans Wake up! You are About to Lose Brown’s Beach!

Submitted by DAVID A. COMISSIONG , President, Peoples  Empowerment  Party On Tuesday 26th July 2016 — Barbados’ “Day of National Significance” — notorious Barbadian businessman Mark Maloney, Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy, Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler, and one Patrick Mc Cudden, senior Vice President of the American multi-national company known as Hyatts Hotel and […]

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Sir Garry Sobers is the GREATEST!

Submitted by William Skinner There is, or at least was, a picture of Sir Garfield Sobers, in the hall of the Bay Primary School, located in Bayville that most of us will recall was once called Bay Land. The striking aspect of the picture is that Sir Garry is standing there with bat in hand […]

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2016 Crop Over Festival – One Big Party

The 2016 Crop Over Festival is quickly approaching its grand finale (Kadooment).  A key ingredient that helps to make the festival is the music. There are the many genres -calypso, traditional soca, bashment soca.  To support the music are the parties galore: Fyah De Wuk, Jalapeno Sunrise, Caesar’s Army Ambush BIM, Jalapeno Sunrise, Puff of […]

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In the Public Interest – A Musing Directed at Editor-in-Chief of the nation Newspaper Roy Morris

It would be a worthwhile exercise in determining how and why the Nation Publishing Group of Companies reported that the money was repaid? Was this primarily intended to embarrass and compromise Dr. Grant? We already know why Barbados Today will not be motivated to be prolix about the outcome of the case – Peter Harris […]

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2016 Financial Statement of the Barbados Bar Association – A Matter of Public Interest

BU is of the view the 2016 Financial Statement of the Barbados Bar Association (BA) is of public interest for two key reasons.  There is sufficient cash generated from membership fees to fund  the recruitment of a senior clerk to assist with trying to improve service delivery to the public. Then there is the matter […]

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Employment Rights Tribunal 2014 064 Cutie Lynch and NCC Decision, with document

The decision was finally handed down by the Employment Rights Tribunal (ERT) in the matter of the NCC and Cutie Lynch. This is a matter that stoked robust public debate. BU is pleased to post the following document for one and all to study. Of note is that the complainant Cutie Lynch acted on her […]

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Chief Gibson Marston Gibson

Barbados High Court Outstanding Decisions for 2016

The BU family will be interested in the outstanding decisions of the High Court for 2016 recorded on the attachment. Of interest is the column labelled ”LAST HEARD”. If readers have formed the conclusion that the BU household is unforgiving in our criticism of Chief Justice Marston Gibson, please go to the top of the […]

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Central Bank of Barbados

Barbados’ Economic Performance for the Q2,2016

The Barbados economy grew by 1.3% over the first six months of 2016, compared to virtually no growth a year ago. This was a slight deceleration from the first quarter, mainly on account of unexpected delays in major tourism investments projects… [youtube= Press Release June 2016 Final.pdf (1.03 MB)

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Chief Gibson Marston Gibson

Tales from the Courts – CJ Gibson Hammered by the Court of Appeal XXXII

BU is awaiting the remainder of the posted document because true to expectation it is not yet available on the Supreme Court of Judicature website and it is not readily available in soft copy. Yet, the losing attorney, Barry Gale QC, has commented on it in the press. “It” is the decision of the Court […]

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Key Takeaway from the Grants’ Sandy Crest Experience

In 2013 BU posted a blog to react to the surprising news well respected Dr. Grant and his wife were charged with theft from the company they founded.  The recent news that the charge  brought by the Peter Harris controlled Sandy Crest Medical Centre was dropped is good reason for BU to revisit this horrible […]

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CTO Q1 Report – Tourists Visiting Barbados Spent MORE

BARBADOS, Bridgetown. July 14, 2016 – Long stay visitors to Barbados spent 20 percent more money during the first quarter of 2016 than during the same period in 2015. These are the findings of the quarterly survey conducted by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) on behalf of the destination. According to the report, total visitor […]

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nazim blackett

The Brutality of the Royal Barbados Police Force, with video

statement-highlight Highlighted from Nazim’s Police Statement

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Peter Harris and Sandy Crest Medical Centre Forced to Drop Charges Against the Grants

On July 8, 2016, a Court decision made on June 23, 2016, some 15 days earlier, commanded less than 120 words on the Court pages of the Nation newspaper and barely a few seconds on the Voice of Barbados. In April 2012 the same Court matter was trumpeted far and wide by the Nation newspaper, […]

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Barbados Festival Day in New York with Ronald Jones

In the same way the Muslims trek to the Mecca to pay homage to Allah so too local politicians fly to New York to build their brand. Last weekend Friends of the D.L.P Association Inc in New York hosted ‘Festival Day’ (Bajan Day) and look who a BU correspondent spotted. It appears that a good […]

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Tales from the Courts – CJ Marston Gibson Usurps the Legislature With Practice Directions (MEDIATION/ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION) XXXI

It is very interesting to BU that none of our legal fraternity has come out publicly, YET, to condemn the lack of legality of the new Practice Directions handed down by Marston Gibson, despite the fact that they have been widely publicized by the Nation newspaper. Needless to say, if you go on the Supreme […]

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Walter Blackman

The Human Unemployment Rate in Barbados – The Need to Develop an Entrepreneurial Class

Submitted by Walter Blackman Prodigal Son July 5, 2016 at 10:57 PM But wait…….is Fumble off his medication? The man told a bold faced lie on DLPTV tonight ……….the man said in Guyana that unemployment is down to 9% and that jobs are coming back. Fumble, where? In Barbados? You have been travelling overseas too […]

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Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart and Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite

David Comissiong’s Release – FINAL Refutation of HAL GOLLOP’s Absurdity

Submitted by David Comissiong Dear Members of the Media, I do not possess the luxury of time to be constantly used in responding to Hal Gollop’s absurd claim that the Immigration (Biometrics) Regulations 2015 were only an “idea” of the DLP Administration, and did not actually exist. I have therefore attached the following documents hereto:- […]

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David Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement

Exposing the Legal and Political Sinfulness of the "Fingerprinting Regulations"

Submitted by David Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement The most efficient way to respond to the many varieties of political “yardfowls” in Barbados who prostitute themselves  on the altar of political expediency is to expose them with the facts! And so, I now propose to use this article to expose the facts underlying the legal […]

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