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David Estwick

David Estwick and CHIRP

On June 16, 2013 BU highlighted a presentation by Minister David Estwick – Sugar Cane Production: A Race Against the Clock –  in which he laid out government’s strategic plan for restructuring the sugar cane industry. Part of the plan (at the time) was to diversify the sugar cane to generate power and reduce the […]

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John Boyce

Barbados Psychiatric Hospital An Embarrassment to Barbadians Everywhere

The government boast of a mantra it is about building a society. One measure citizens are able to measure growth in the society is how we implement initiatives to care for people. As the topic of the day continue to gain currency – something about building a $700,000,000 plasma […]

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George Hutson

Pat Brayshaw Matter Not Forgotten: Letter to Former MP George Hutson

Mr. E . George  Hutson Former MP for St. James Central 2008-2013 Minister In DLP Government Of 2008-2013 Dear Sir, The contents of this letter is not aimed at anyone’s character, the names therein  are merely to show the persons I have spoken to in the past 10+ years in my pursuit of redress for […]

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Clare Cowan

Guernsey Registered Cahill Energy Registration Documents, EXPOSED!

We hope the traditional media become involved soon and perform the task a healthy democracy deserves. Memorandum if Incorporation Change of Director Cahill Validation Document 2012 Validation Documentation 2013 Cahill Validation Document 2014 […]

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Barbadians Turned Out in Large Numbers to say NO to Cahill Waste to Energy Plant

Fireworks started  the moment concerned Barbadians entered the LESCS  and were informed questions had to be written down to solicit answers from the panel assembled, including the much talked […]

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Barbados Association of Professional Engineers

Mechanical Engineer Calls on the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers (BAPE) to Address the Proposed Cahill Waste to Energy Plant

The following was submitted to the Facebook Group Bajans Against $700M Waster to Energy Plant by a Mechanical Engineer. My concerns are the true scale of the project, […]

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Cahill Energy Open House

Bajans Against Waste to Energy Plant Committed to Zero Waste Management

The Future Centre Trust (FCT) continues to be a willing advocate on matters related to the environment. It has assumed growing importance in a climate where Barbadians have shown themselves not to be sensitive to issues which pertain to the environment. BU applauds the FCT for taking a lead role educating Barbadians on the topical […]

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Put Your House In Order

Originally posted on Weighed in the Balance:
Dear Readers: From my experience in working among people in post-hazard environments, I can conclude that a stable house is the most prized possession. I have witnessed the grateful expressions of relief among those whose houses survived the tragic events.  The contrasting near hopeless expressions of misery among…

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Coconut Creek Hotel Water Course

Pat Brayshaw of Palm Paradise, Shame on You!

The election campaign battle cry of this government in 2008 and 2013 echoed loudly –  “Barbados is more than an economy, it is a society”. All agree it was an effective slogan […]

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International Monetary Fund

IMF Article IV Barbados Consultation Report Released, FINALLY

The IMF 2015 Barbados Article IV Consultation reprinted from the IMF website. A couple weeks ago Barbadians learned the government of Barbados had suppressed the release of the report […]

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Dr.Paul Connett

Dr. Paul Connett Educates Local Media About Plasma Gasification Technology and Supports Zero Waste Approach for Barbados

Below are the questions answered by Dr. Paul Connett, in blue, for an article to be written and published in the Barbados Advocate newspaper: Yesterday the Barbados Advocate carried an article – Technolgy safe – which gave the assurance […]

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Coverley Exit to ABC Highway

Interesting Coverley Exit to ABC Highway

The death of Abijah Holder-Philips which occurred at the entrance/exit of Coverley to the ABC Highway will soon be forgotten EXCEPT for his parents and close circle of friends and family. Many continue to question the protrusion from Coverley which encroaches on the shoulder of the highway. Should we expect a statement from Chief Town […]

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David Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement

The Real Destroyers of Barbados

Submitted by David Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement If there is a group of inexperienced and irresponsible “leaders” who have done serious damage to our country that group is not to be found in the trade unions of Barbados! Rather, they are to be found in the Freundel Stuart-led Democratic […]

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Central Bank of Barbados

Barbados Economy Grew 0.5% in the 2nd Quarter 2015

The headline of the Central Bank’s review of the 2nd quarter 2015 performance is 0.5% growth. According to the Central Bank the growth was driven mainly by by tourism and the country is on track to achieve 1% growth for the 2015. BU continues to be very aware growth is being driven mainly by tourism. […]

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