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Maria Agard Denied the Right to Natural Justice

The following was extracted  from the Facebook page of Christ Church West (BLP), posted by Lynette Eastmond, one of the lawyers representing Maria Agard in the unprecedented matter of a sitting MP expelled […]

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Barbados National Bank

Selling the Shop!

Have you noted, David. that no one bats an eyelid at the FACT that NON-CANADIANS CANNOT (by law) own more than 25% of Canadian assets like Air Canada, …. but that PRIVATE Canadian companies can own 100% in banks,[…]

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Metal Craft Works Accused of BAD Workmanship

The following message was received from someone who appears to be an abused consumer. Another helpless Barbadian consumer. BU sent a message to the mentioned company, however, we have not been able to elicit a response from Metal Craft Works. […]

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What Are We Celebrating?

Submitted by Heather Cole (The Barbados Lobby) Barbadians are patriotic to the bone. Not even in the USA is Independence celebrated for a whole month as is done in Barbados. It is pride and industry and those colours of blue, gold and black that holds the threads that bind us all together. […]

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pamela coke-hamilton

The Caribbean Export Travesty or "Things Fall Apart – Caribbean Style" Part I

The following originated from a BU source. Some years ago, during my formative school years, I had to read a novel titled “Things fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe. I must say that it is quite a fitting title for the travesty and abuse of international […]

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Clare Cowan

Cahill Cowan – Spencer: A Matter of Transparency

On the 20 October 2015 BU received the following communication from rhw law firm who purports to be acting on behalf of Liz Spencer a self styled financier. […]

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Extracted from Barbados Association of Non Governmental Organisations (BANGO) Facebook page. Roosevelt King (ROK) participated in robust discussion for many years on BU until he retreated to his Facebook […]

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Open Letter to Minister Ronald Jones On behalf of Teachers and Parents

A wholesome society must be built on a strong foundation made up first and foremost of a quality family unit, other attributes like a functioning law […]

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More Cahill Leaks –Traditional Media a No Show

BU continue its pursuit of truth! The Cahill fiasco continues to be another transaction which exposes the shortcomings in our system of governance. […]

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Verla De peiza

DLP Can’t Camouflage Cahill

Submitted by Beresford Freundel Stuart can insult leader of our party, Mia Mottley, in keeping with his signal feature to show he is in charge, all he likes. That will shed no light on the questions on the Cahill controversy […]

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Water Rights Violated!

Submitted by Anthony Davis Taps in some districts in Boscobel, St. Peter, have been dry since May this year, yet some residents continue to receive Barbados Water Authority bills as high as $238 in some cases. – Barbados Today […]

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Tariq Khan

TALES FROM THE COURTS – Vernon Smith QC Has Sued the Barbados Bar Association XXIX

Hot on the heels of his suit against Marston Gibson, Vernon Smith QC has sued the BA. It is reported that the BA has responded by filing and serving […]

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Bjorn Bjerkhamn

Is that YOU CC #2?

The following again posted in the interest of the public of Barbados.  The names of Bjorn Bjerkham and Philip Tempro are mentioned, in a shady light. We invite both gentlemen to submit their rebuttal.[…]

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BURNSIDE Environmental Impact Assessment: Mangrove Pond Green Energy Complex and Beautification Programme (Cahill Waste-to-Energy-Plant)

Re: TCDPO Application 1123/07/2013C Erection of a building for industrial purposes (mechanical workshop, waste to energy plant, […]

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Clare Cowan

Cahill Final Agreements, DISCLOSED!

The following documents are posted to BU in the interest of the public of Barbados.

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Adrian Loveridge, Peach and Quiet

The Adrian Loveridge Column – jetBlue is Coming!

More good news with the announcement that jetBlue will commence a daily flight from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood (FLL) airport to Barbados from April next year, opening up a second main gateway from the South Eastern United States. Depending on the final flight times, it also may present […]

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Banks Brewery

Bid for Control of Banks Holdings Limited (BHL)

Submitted by Atrue Freeman Mr. Cozier, BHL’s second directors’ circular ( makes for very interesting, but unpalatable, reading.  Will any employee, officer and/or […]

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Central Bank of Barbados

Review of Barbados’ Economic Performance for the First Nine Months of 2015

Barbados’ tourism has been encouraging so far in 2015, with arrivals increasing by 14.5 percent to end -September. However, construction activity fell short of expectations, and the spillover effects to the retail and domestic services sectors were muted, resulting in growth of 0.3 percent […]

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