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Sir David Seale

Sir David Seale Responds to Sandals Barbados: I am NO Idiot!

Sir David Seale recently accused Sandals Barbados of preferring Jamaican Appleton Rum at the expense of the local product. The hotel management responded by labelling Sir David’s accusation ridiculous and mischievous. BU understands Sandals Barbados stocks a Mount Gay product for display purposes and that ALL rum used for mixing is Appelton rum.

See a copy of a letter Sir David has addressed to the Nation newspaper to defend his good name.

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Canadian Banks Struggling in the Caribbean

One of Canada’s largest newspapers The Globe and Mail published an unflattering story last week titled Trouble in Paradise: Inside Canadian banks’ billion-dollar Caribbean struggle. It comes at a time the government of Barbados has been telling Barbadians the economy is on the bounce. It is no secret the three sectors which drive the economy […]

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Vote Danny Gill for President

Danny Gill_NUPW

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Wiliam Layne

Open Letter to Former Permanent Secretary William Layne: ‘CLICO Was a Time Bomb Waiting to Explode and Explode it Did’

The CL Financial/CLICO saga continues to occupy the news space in Barbados and regionally. Many have predicted it will take years to unravel if not resolve. And given the sloth of the Barbados Court system and the interlocking interests of politicians and prominent others there is good reason for those with material interest in the matter to batten down for the long haul.

One individual who has had a prominent role to play and a lot to say about the CLICO/Parris matter is William Layne. He is a retired permanent secretary in the ministry of finance appointed to Chair the CLICO Oversight Committee established by the late prime minister David Thompson. Another little discussed role Layne held was Supervisor of Insurance. Layne in a hard hitting CLICO exposition titled RECENT FINANCIAL FAILURES IN THE CARIBBEAN – WHAT WERE THE CAUSES AND WHAT LESSONS CAN BE LEARNT? delivered a few interesting observations on what lessons we can learn about the demise of CLICO in Barbados.

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Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

Barbados Workers Union Hauled Before the Employment Rights Tribunal for Unfair Dismissal

It is unusual to observe an employee forced to seek remedy against a trade union. Unfortunately for the employee (Christopher Jordan) the Chief Labour Officer was unable to resolve the matter, and as the law requires, he referred the matter to the Employment Rights Tribunal (ERT).

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Speaker Michael Carrington

Barbados Bar Association and Michael Carrington

Several weeks ago Barbadians were promised the Committee of Privileges will determine if Speaker Michael Carrington broke House rules, we continue to wait. To any observer it appears to be business as usual and this matter like many others will shuffle along until the next general election is called where is will die. We hope not. Parliament will resume sitting on the 10 March 2015. The people, the servants of the political class in parliament will have to wait like dogs waiting for a bone.

Let us assume the report, if it completed, will confirm Prime Minister’s Stuart’s view that the Michael Carrington issue is a personal matter, and has nothing to do with parliament. It will confirm to many that public opinion is not a factor with this government. (The idea a political leader of Barbados would make such an idiotic statement continues to be incomprehensible to many and deserves greater national discourse)

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John Griffiths

Barbados Brand Tarred by Speaker Michael Carrington and Deputy Speaker Mara Thompson, REPURCUSSIONS

Barbadians continues to be part of the charade which sees Minister Michael Carrington being allowed to preside over the highest court in the land AND third oldest parliament in the Commonwealth. A reminder: Speaker Carrington was ordered by the High Court of Barbados to pay over $200,000.00 to a wheel chair bound septuagenarian; monies he had withheld for years. The government via its agent, deputy Speaker Mara Thompson, deflected the matter to the Committee of Privileges. We have been promised a report soon. Parliamentary committees in Barbados can accurately be described as supine and considered by many to be a big reason the Westminster version of government practiced is ineffective.

To add to the national embarrassment. Deputy Speaker Mara Thompson was named recently in a Court filing by applicant Leroy Parris in her capacity as executrix of the late David Thompson’s estate.  A case of a good thing gone bad. To lean on former Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s position AND current Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart, no House rules were broken. In other words it is business as usual. Are we surprised at the moral and social decay that has taken root? How can we expressed horror in response to a murder accuse giving the thumbs up yet ignore the poorakey behaviour of members of parliament?

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Sandals Barbados

Well Done Barbados

Submitted by Douglas

Barbados (Crane Beach) Comes Up #1 of the World’s 15 Best Beach Getaways for 2015

Two new, non-stop Delta flights, from JFK and Hartsfield-Jackson International in Atlanta, allow easier access to this island paradise. The hard part is choosing among Barbados’s 60 beaches—all of them public. Whether you opt for the calm waters of the west coast, aka the Platinum Coast, or the surfable waves of the east coast, it’s hard to go wrong. And when weary of the rays, there’s plenty else to do, from wreck and reef diving to touring rum plantations to spelunking through Harrison’s Cave.

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Barbados First Family, The thompsons

Time to Come Clean Mara Thompson

Submitted by Skiinny Tee


The leaked Deloittes CLICO Judicial report in 2007 revealed troubling information about a 3 million dollar payment to Thompson & Associates, a law firm which the late Prime Minister  lead partner. The revelation a three million dollar payment was made to former Chairman of CLICO Holdings Leroy Parris as a gratuity payment should have raised more debate in Barbados. Further, Thompson acted as lawyer for Parris, CLICO Holdings and there is a godfather role which may or may not be relevant. It says something about Barbadians given our silence on the matter. The three million dollar payment requires an explanation from someone with the knowledge to address it. All are mindful subsequent judicial reports have been sealed by the court.

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Burning stuff

Burning Stuff, It Needs to STOP!

Submitted by Anthony Davis HOUSEHOLDERS ARE being urged not to burn rubbish or other debris around their homes. “Speaking after smoke from an early morning rubbish fire in the nearby district of Farm Tenantry, St. Peter, prevented classes from starting at the Alexandra School yesterday, Acting Chief Fire Officer Errol Maynard told the WEEKEND NATION […]

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Regulate Lawyers’ Clients Accounts

The Speaker of the House Michael Carrington has been reported to have significantly repaid monies withheld from a septenarian wheelchair bound client demanded by Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius’ court order. The issue of the indiscipline approach to how Barbadian lawyers appear to manage client’s monies must become part of a national discussion and lobby to make better.

While it serves the purpose of the legal profession, including the large cadre who makeup the members of parliament, managing client’s accounts (monies) does not require a rocket science approach. President of the Barbados Bar Association (BBA) Tariq Khan can deny it all he wants, we know lawyers hold client’s monies handed to them for simple to complicated transaction for unacceptably long periods and complaining to the BBA is a joke.

Have a look at the Solicitors Regulation Authority handbook. We claim t be an educated people, we pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to educate lawyers so where is our return in value to making our society a better place.

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Adams Castle Development EIA and 200 Acres

It is disappointing Barbadians are not having a national discussion about the Adams Castle Development Inc Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report ahead of the Town Hall Meeting to be held at Deighton Griffith School Wednesday Jan 28, 2014 at 6:30PM. The Town Hall meeting comes at a time when it is being reported that Thicket and Dayrells Plantations – leased by state agency BAMC – have been put on the market for sale.

If we scan the landscape of Barbados it does not seem there is planned development of our limited land resource. A good example is the ‘housing development’ under construction at Lower Greys. Whoever came up with the idea to plant prefabricated houses at that location should be made to drink Epson salts for the rest of their days on this earth.

BU is pleased to post a few pages from the Adams Castle Development EIA.

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Hon Ronald Jones, Minister of Education

Kindly Honour Your Word Mr. Minister

Submitted Napolean Bonaparte

Will the Minister of Education, the Hon. Ronald Jones update the people of Barbados as to his seriousness and intentions of remaining in his post and fulfilling the institutions mandate, as our children’s education, (that which most Barbadians cherish) is at stake. Mr. Jones if you reading this and if you have not yet noticed, we have become disgruntled as to their plight with you at the helm.

As you may know, Barbadians for many years have used this vehicle education, as a means of social mobility and have been most discreet and frugal with their spending to enable at least their children (if not themselves) the opportunity to further themselves. To have expected parents of the current years’ university entrances to find between $5,500 and $19,765 at the spur of the moment is wrong. Your proposal to somewhat buffer this unexpected hardship was a proposed 3,000 bursaries to families lacking the means.

Exactly where does these UWI students and their families stand with regards to these bursaries you have promised? Are you aware of the stresses and strains placed on them now that the term has started, with regards to completion of their education program?

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Donna St.Hill -

Donna St.Hill Accused of Questionable Decisions in the Nigerian Student Affair

Press Release – Nigeria Delta State Project

Prepared jointly by Douglas Trotman, Attorney-at-Law for Nigerian Students, R.E. Guyson Mayers, Attorney-at-Law for Sharon Brathwaite, R.E Guyson Mayers represents Ms. Sharon Brathwaite and Douglas B. Trotman represents 66 Nigerian students in this matter

Mr. Trotman was instructed by his clients that they wished to have Ms. Sharon Brathwaite reinstated as their coordinator; they also wanted issues related to their accommodation, food, laptop computers and cell phones raised and settled preferably before the start of the program. The matter of the lack of decency and respect shown by Ms. Donna St. Hill towards them was also an issue raised by the students.

A letter was written and delivered to Ms. St Hill on the 7th January 2015 outlining the issues raised by the students; to date Ms. St. Hill has not responded to the letter nor has she accepted service of a subsequent letter written to her. Instead Ms. St. Hill used the media to put her story in the public domain. The assistance of a government senator was sought and that senator communicated with Ms. St. Hill to no avail.

During the effort to resolve the issues we have listened over the past two weeks with keen interest to a string of accusations that were levied against Ms. Sharon Brathwaite, whether she was named or not.

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