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Stealing Water

Posted to the Unfinished Vendor Stalls at Probyn Street an Example of Government Leaking Tax dollars mention was made of a farmer who has been allowed to fill several containers with water from taps located outside Golden Square market to water his animals. BU wishes to support farmers everywhere but the market authorities have a […]

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Mentally ILL Barbadians Are Human Beings TOO!

Barbadians everywhere have been hopping on the bandwagon to express righteous indignation at the death of 12 year old Shamar Weekes. And rightly so. With only a few more days left to complete the 7-day cycle we should expect the talk shows and social media scrutiny to intensify. As a society we have become so […]

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Teen Suicide: Boys Need Help Too.

It is a tragedy for our society when any child takes his or her life. The death of 12 year old Shamar Weeks in Barbados is one more example of the many children who have committed suicide within the Caribbean region. Teen suicide is one of the major concerns for adolescents who suffer from depression […]

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Unfinished Vendor Stalls at Probyn Street an Example of Government Leaking Tax dollars

The following photographs are of some of the unfinished vendors’ stalls located opposite the temporary market on Probyn Street (the site where the Plaza Cinema was located).

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Denis Lowe (1) Peter Allard (r)

Waste Dispute and Governance

The whole art of government consists in the art of being honest. Only aim to do your duty, and mankind will give you credit where you fail. ― Thomas Jefferson The dispute between the Waste Haulers is about to enter a second week and as the impact of the tipping fee on the public becomes […]

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Minutes of Meeting Held Between the BRA and NUPW:Customs Department to be Renamed External Taxes and Border Control Division

The decision by government to transition the Customs Department (CD) under the management of the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) must be carefully monitored by stakeholders. BU has no problem with the initiative to improve the efficiency at the CD.

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Grantley Adams International Airport


The following was submitted to BU’s Dropbox As we approach the precipice of celebrating this island’s 50th anniversary of Independence from our colonial masters, the burning question is ‘what have we really gained and at what cost?” This question is posed against the backdrop of recent developments at an enterprise located at this island’s lone […]

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Government Using Intimidatory Tactics Against Protesting Waste Haulers

Submitted by Mitchlans “The recent serving of a Town and Country Development Planning Office enforcement notice on one waste hauler and notice of a Barbados Revenue Authority audit on another has raised concerns among protesting truckers that Government is unfairly using its might against them” Nation Newspaper 15th May 2015. The hauler subjected to what […]

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IS LIME Exempt from the Laws of Barbados? Even the Barbados Courts Can’t Constrain Them!

Submitted by David Weekes I would be grateful if you would publish this for me. Last year around September 26th 2014 after going to Surepay to pay a bill, a conversation with a Surepay attendant led me to review all my bills and services with LIME. Suffice it to say, I found that I had […]

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Transport Board Strike: Conspiracy to Deceive

Submitted by Caswell Franklyn It would appear that Barbados is in a worse crisis that most people can even imagine. Yesterday (May 6, 2015) Bus Operators of the state-owned Transport Board refused to work citing as their reason the hiring of a person with political connections to fill a vacancy that could have been filled […]

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Convicted Murderer of Russian Teenager Appeals His Sentence in Barbados, May 5, 2015

Submitted by Amy L.Beam On May 5, the Court of Appeals of Barbados (in the new High Court building) will hear the appeal of Teerath Persaud for the length of his sentence for manslaughter of Anna Druzhinina.  It took family friend, Amy Beam, two years (and a new Registrar of the Court) to obtain the […]

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Google’s Cost Obsessions Search

What if Barbadians knew how people in other countries perceived them. Users of Google search engine offers an autocomplete function based on common searches by other users. How many times, if you are a Google search engine user, you start to type a search and the Google search engine ‘drops down’ several options. It is […]

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Rising Crime

GOVERNMENT HAS SIGNED two licences with BHP Billiton, clearing the way for the Australian oil giant to explore for oil and gas offshore Barbados – Nation Newspaper Are we there yet? After 8+ long years the government inked a deal with BHP Billiton to permit exploration in our waters for hydrocarbons. The length of time […]

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Chefette Warrens reopenning

What Tings Bad in BIM What!

Submitted by Due Diligence That the largest privately held company in Barbados, a fast food business comprising, 15 restaurants, 10 drive-thrus, 8 playgrounds and a manufacturing plant, employing almost 800 Barbadians continues to grow surely indicates that, despite 5,000-6,000 public sector employees being added to the unemployed, all is well and the people have lots […]

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Barbados Judicial Centre

Judicial Centre Efficiently Enforcing Dress Code BUT What About Delivering Justice

BU has no issue with government departments demanding the public it serves uphold certain standards when visiting to do business. Barbadians are reminded frequently via radio ads and other media placements about the dress code enforced at the National Insurance Board. BU was made aware recently of an incident where a young lady went to […]

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Barbara Cooke-Alleyne

Case 190 of 2007– David Weekes and IBIS America Corp vs The Caricom Secretariat and 3M

The ongoing ‘feud’  between the Knight of St. Andrew and he who is primus inter pares on Mount Olympus has sparked a robust debate about the lack of leadership in Barbados at a time when the country should have high expectations given its investment in education. It is ironic to observe while two of the […]

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