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RIDGE, Christ Church: 179 Acres to be Reclassified to Plant Concrete

It seems like yesterday BU was at the vanguard of highlighting the indifference shown by the then Barbados Labour Party government to how agricultural land was being reclassified and subdivide to plant concrete. Eight years later under a Democratic Labour Party government nothing has changed. The featured notice was published in the Nation newspaper on […]

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Central Bank Economic Review January to September 2016


Central Bank Economic Review January to September 2016

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David Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement

Open Pre-Action Letter to the Sanitation Service Authority Board

Submitted by David Comissiong 22 October 2016 Ms Margot Harvey Chairman Sanitation Service Authority Board and Members of the Board (Erskine Simmons, Neil Marshall, Peter Barrow, Jeffrey Nurse, Stephen Layne, Peter Gilkes, Carolyn Brathwaite, and Debra Walker) c/o Sanitation Service Authority 2nd floor NPC Building Wildey St. Michael Dear Sirs / Madams Re: Privatization of […]

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Charles leacock, Director of Public Prosecutions

DPP Charles Leacock Found Guilty

We give credit to Barbados Today for highlighting this grave injustice meted out to Kobia Jamal Robinson by Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock. The idea that a person charged with a crime in Barbados has to wait for three years to have their case heard is embarrassing and wrong.  The fact others have had […]

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Jean Delangis and Robert Richardson Versus the Duecks Described as a Mistake

A follow up on the To DPP Charles Leacock: Why Did you Drop the Case Against the Duecks? story which BU carried and is quoted below. The Sunday Sun of October 16, 2016 on page 36A titled Couple free at last, answers the question as to why Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock discontinued the […]

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Samson On The Wall … Keep Calm: Education Revolution In Progress

Extracted from Our Afrikan Heritage website Last night, The African Heritage Foundation (AHF) working group tasked with developing a curriculum acceptable to the Ministry of Education had its first meeting. One of the attendees who runs a small school, Sister Nailah, presented the group with a curriculum guide for Class 3 (for 9-10 year olds). […]

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More Water Problems for the BLACK(man) from St. James


This photo represents a burst BWA pipe leaking at the back of my wall for months. The inconsiderate BWA work crew for work #499557 did the clumsy job of repair by cutting the pipe where it was not leaking, placed a joint but left the leak under the wall worse – Blackman.

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To DPP Charles Leacock: Why Did you Drop the Case Against the Duecks?

Many Barbadians read the story that appeared in yesterday’s media Charges dropped against couple with some interest including members of the BU household. Why did Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock QC drop the matter against Barry and Barbara Dueck? You mean to say not even one charge could have been prosecuted out of the […]

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Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart and Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite

The Day After Bad Weather

From early reports the bad weather that affected Barbados from about midday yesterday did not result in loss of life. We pray that Tropical Storm Matthew projected to intensify to a Category 1 hurricane will not cause too much damage/harm on its path across the island chain. One of the talking points coming out of […]

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PURE Beach = PURE Fantasy

Compiled by Due Diligence It being close to three years since the name PURE Beach Resort & Spa has come up, DD has not thought of it until recently after reading the story Counting on Hyatt. The first five paragraphs are below. Despite the ongoing controversy surrounding the Hyatt hotel project and the possibility of […]

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Standard & Poor’s Lowers Barbados Sovereign to ‘B-‘ from ‘B’ (outlook is negative)

Barbadians have become fatigue under the the constant negative feedback from armchair pundits and professionals like S&P. Where do we go from here? All the experts have painted a gloomy forecast EXCEPT the minister of finance Chris Sinckler.  Who are the citizens to believe Sinckler or all the other who are experts in the field. […]

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Sexual Terrorism: “The Rape of the Black Women” – Historical Reverberations and Imprecations of Blood Lust

Submitted by Terence Blackett “Pornography is the theory – Rape is the practice”  – Robin Morgan Rape is rape! There are no grey areas. Its checkered history goes back to the African slave trade and the pernicious commodification in slave breeding and forced pregnancy through rape and other misogynistic practices by both white and black […]

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The Real Race Issues in Barbados

Submitted by the Secretariat of the PEOPLES  EMPOWERMENT  PARTY The issue of race is ever present in Barbados, and surely underlies the amazing  public furor that has arisen over the recent crowning of a white Miss Barbados beauty queen. And so, we now take the opportunity to revisit the issue of racism in Barbados, and […]

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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart

Public Service Operators Have Asked Prime Minister Stuart to Intervene

psv-letterThe letter dated 22nd July 2016 reproduced below is self-explanatory. BU readers are encouraged to put aside the standard knee jerk reaction of emotional opposition in any matter concerning the PSV industry and to examine objectively the facts and the situation which it reveals.

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John Boyce

A Typical Meal @Psychiatric Hospital

Psychiatric Hospital Meal

BU was reliably informed the the image is a typical meal being served to patients at the Psychiatric Hospital as a result of government cutbacks.

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Outstanding Decisions in Barbados Courts – Don’t Blame Me!

as at August 2016

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Valuing Our Own

Read this entry on the famous Barbadian Ken Jone’s Facebook timeline and it resonated. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It explains the DNA of an ordinary Bajan. Ken Jones 1 hr ·   The Greatest grave 50 years of Independence .I listen to Larry Mayers and hear all the comments etc.. […]

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The State of Castle Grant Reservoir

A good indication of quality management of any entity is to examine the physical infrastructure (as one example) for which said management is charged. The state of the condition of the entity in this case should raise an alarm when the infrastructure under scrutiny is the national water generation and distributions read Castle Grant reservoir. […]

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