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Mia Mottley Addresses Governance Reform

It was reported recently that leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley floated the view Barbados needs to amend our system of representation in parliament to ensure there are greater checks and balances -see BU blog The Silly Proposal of Mia Mottley. As she correctly points out in the video posted our parliament is currently hijacked by […]

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Document Leaked Reveals LIAT Pilots Have Requested Intervention from Labour Commissioner

The Leeward Islands Airline Pilots Association (LIALPA) in a letter dated 17 May 2017 requested the Labour Commissioner of Antigua Eltonia Rojas to intervene in the deteriorating relationship with its employer LIAT (1974).  The letter signed by President of LIALPA Carl Burke outlines 17 matters grouped under Health, Safety and other Industrial matters. The contents […]

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School Children Fighting is NOT the Problem

Almost every day a video featuring pupils of one of our schools is posted to sites on social media and to coin the description by traditional media, it goes viral. The BU household does not intend to post the latest video of students attacking one of their own like a pack of wild animals making […]

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Dismiss Barbados’ Ambassador to the Organization of American States

Submitted by DAVID  COMISSIONG, President, Clement Payne Movement Barbados’ newly appointed Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) – Selwin Hart – continues to embarrass our nation with his words and actions and should be immediately recalled from his Washington D.C based posting. Mr. Hart committed a major diplomatic blunder when, on the 3rd […]

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Prime Minister Stuart Deigns to Speak

This week the Prime Minister of Barbados Freundel Stuart deign to address an issue which has been of concern to many Barbadians. It is an open secret David Comissiong’s challenge  of the decision to grant approval to Mark Maloney of Vision Development Inc to build the Hyatt Centric Resort on Bay Street reported to cost […]

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A Mother’s Day Cry will be -how did my son hang himself with his pants while in Police custody?

Many in this region will celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow. For Angela Best it will be a day the memory of her 34 year old son Corey Best who died under suspicious circumstances while in the custody of the police at Oistins station on the 13 April 2017 will evoke sadness and stoke inquiry. How did […]

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Michael Carrington and Allison Helen Alexander-Lovell – Is the Law an Ass?

This week [9/5/2017] the local press reported as follows: a “41-year-old female attorney-at-law was Tuesday suspended from practising law in Barbados for 18 months, after she was found guilty of professional misconduct. Tuesday, the Court of Appeal handed down the decision against Allison Helen Alexander-Lovell of No. 140 Breezy Hill, Halton, St Philip, who was […]

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Central Bank of Barbados Economic Review of 1st Quarter 2017

The latest review of the Barbados economy revealed that the Barbados economy grew by approximately 2% in the first quarter of 2017. Foreign reserves rose to $705.4 million but remain below the benchmark of 12 weeks. Overall, the Barbados economy has recorded gains in addressing some of its economic issues, but challenges remain (CBoB). After […]

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Acting Governor Cleviston Haynes to Deliver 2017 Six Month Economic Review

Acting Governor Cleviston Haynes is expected to share with the public this week the six month economic review of the Barbados economy. It will be his first major public outing since being elevated to the post of governor of the Central Bank of Barbados.   The controversial circumstances surrounding his appointment continues to be a […]

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News Media Invited to Ask Permission to Attend Hyatt Interlocutory Hearing in Chambers

Dear Members of the Media, As you would be aware, the hearing of my Interlocutory Application for an Interim Order suspending the grant of permission to Mr. Mark Maloney’s company pending the full hearing of my Judicial Review application, is scheduled to be held in the Chambers of Justice Randall Worrell at 9:30AM on Tuesday […]

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David Comissiong Responds to Sinckler and Inniss and their Demagoguery

Submitted by DAVID  ANDRE  COMISSIONG Perhaps Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler  and Minister of Industry Donville Inniss could explain to us Barbadians how the process of having Mr Mark Maloney construct a  hotel at Bay Street, St Michael would boost Barbados’ reserves of foreign exchange. It would seem to me that Mr Maloney would be […]

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Solutions Barbados Announces Candidates

Solutions Barbados would like to start announcing its candidates.  Anyone who has been able to maintain a business in this economic environment, without Government assistance, has done well.  Managing a business for over a decade can help prepare an individual to manage our national economy.  Each of the Solutions Barbados candidates that we are announcing […]

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RBC Chief Economist Reviews the Barbados Economy

“I think the most important number to watch right now is foreign reserves. Central Bank of Barbados (CBB) online data to February 2017 show that reserves declined by 29% year-over-year (y/y) to USD 329 million, which I estimate at roughly two months of imports. (2) that USD inflows raised from debt (from the development banks […]

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Submitted by David Andre Comissiong, Citizen Advocate The Claim or Application that was filed in the Supreme Court of Barbados on the 22nd of March 2017 entitled “David Andre Comissiong  v  Freundel Stuart, Minister Responsible for Town and Country Planning” constitutes an application for “Judicial Review” of the legality (or lack thereof) of the process […]

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Stephen Lashley, Gimme $10.00

Members of the BU household love sports. As we type this blog we are congregated in front of the TV watching the Grenada Invitational. Those who cannot access ESPN 2 here is the link to the online stream. The image above shows an emotional coach of the St. Michael School athletic program being comforted by […]

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Dr. Honohan’s Visit to Barbados

The following Barbados Advocate editorial is reproduced to facilitate discussion on the highly publicised visit to Barbados by Dr. Honohan, former Governor of the central bank of Ireland – Barbados Underground EDITORIAL – WHY DEVALUATION IS NOT THE ANSWER Mon, 04/03/2017 – 12:00am Barbados IN the presentation he made last Thursday evening at the Grande […]

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Chris Sinckler Vs Delisle Worrell Court Appeal Document Available – Board of the Central Bank Expressed Concern About the Falling Foreign Reserves

In the Court of Appeal No.8 of 2017 DeLisle Worrell (Appellant) versus the Minister of Finance ( Respondent) presided over by Justices Sandra Mason, Kaye Goodridge and Andrew Burgess on February 23 and March 3, 2017 the decision by Justice Randall Worrell to lift the temporary injunction was upheld. The ruling cleared the legal hurdle […]

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NIS Dumps 21 Million Dollars in Apes Hill Development

The National Insurance Board keeps pumping money into the Apes Hill development project. So far the NIS has invested BDS$25.4 MILLION DOLLARS in what can fairly be described as a highly speculative development project. The NIS Directors led by Chairman of the Board Dr. Justin Robinson (who coincidentally sits on the controversial Central Bank Board) […]

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