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The following suggestion was submitted by BU family member Austin

Let the Bajan people’s voice be heard: Exercising our right to hold government accountable

In looking for ways the bajan masses can voice their concerns on the state of affairs in Barbados, it occurred to me that the Internet can play a significant role in sharing the thoughts of the public at large. Our current mass media outlets have no interest in doing this being owed by the respective parties (DLP/BLP). They are those in government and society that bank on the disengagement of the masses to voice their opinion on a wide range of matters. Public disengagement allows them to continue the status quo of non-performance, and unethical practices in these troubling time. BU members have a unique opportunity to start a grassroots movement to directly reach out to politicians and government officials to make them aware that the public is watching.

BU should start a page that list the emails of government officials (under freedom of information guidelines) for the public and members to voice concerns and provide suggestions for a better Barbados. If we are truly all in this together this suggestion should not be a problem of any sort. Obama used this type of grassroots strategy during and after his campaign which has served to open two way communications between government, supports and opposers.  The PM may be missing the value that such a campaign can bring in leveraging the public’s voice for many of his initiatives.

See Barbados Government Key Contact Information:

As you can appreciate, contact information such as this is often prone to changes, therefore kindly check our website at periodically for updates. BU invite the BU family to post government and other contacts which would help Barbadians to effectively participate in our democracy.


7 Comments on “Government Contacts”

  1. Austin April 25, 2010 at 7:26 PM #


    “Absolutely Excellent – Thank You “…. this is exactly how “we the people of Barbados” participate in our democracy in the Internet age, transforming mere “Talk” into “Action” in support of building a better Barbados.


  2. David September 3, 2011 at 8:56 PM #

    Contact information for government members of parliament.


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  5. peter dodds March 30, 2012 at 4:45 AM #

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