Deltro Group: Barbadians Have a Right to Question the Character of the Del Mastros

Determination[202]   The appeal as against conviction is dismissed. The appeal as to sentence is varied to set aside the restitution order; otherwise the appeal as to sentence is dismissed. Dean Del Mastro shall be taken into custody, immediately, to serve the balance of his sentenceJustice J. Bryan Shaughnessy – R. v Del Mastro, 2016 ONSC 2071 (CanLII)

Apparently there was a town hall meeting held in Barbados two weeks ago that was organized by the Deltro Group to share information about a plant to manufacture photovoltaic panels and a solar farm proposed for Waterford site. Sorry that BU was unable to attend. We understand the project is awaiting approval from the Town Planning Department and therefore it is appropriate to label the meeting held as an Open House meeting and NOT a Town Hall.

Of interest to BU is that the principals of Deltro Group appeared on the VOB talk show to share information about the status of the project. Barbadians were assured that an Environmental Impact Assessment is not required after meetings with Minister Chris Sinckler, Donville Inniss and other government officials.

Despite the naked support VoB talk show host Glyne Murray gave to Dean Del Mastro and the Deltro Group, BU and Barbadians have a right to ask questions AND to demand answers. Murray should not forget that this government has a poor record of being transparent and good governance read Cahill Energy.

Does anyone find it amusing that the Deltro Group has shipped millions of dollars in equipment to Barbados BEFORE securing approval from the Town Planning Department? According to Dean Del Mastro there is a right to concessions in the legislation and it is for this reason millions of dollars in equipment is in storage and Deltro Group has spent upwards to 40 million dollars so far, according to them.

It continues to amaze the BU household given the huge investment in education the number of Barbadians who called the program to support the Deltro Group project because it will create employment and generate foreign exchange. Let the record show that the BU household is NOT against foreign investment. What we DEMAND is for companies who want to invest in Barbados they be allowed to do in an environment where transparency and good governance is paramount.

There is enough information available to the public to inform a high level of scepticism about the principals of Deltro Group David and Dean Del Mastro. Both have had to appear in the Canadian courts, one was charged and convicted of election fraud and the other divorce matters. BU gives credence to the court documents and NOT the mouthings of Del Mastro’s PR spin.

See the above links to the court matters for David and Dean Del Maestro to support Barbadians making their minds up for themselves. The job of the media – and talk show host Glyne Murray – is to share information with the public. Murray is entitled to his opinion but he should avoid foisting that opinion on the public to suggest his is the only feasible position. The disclosure Murray, a VOB talk show host, gave at the end of the interview with Del Maestro was distasteful. What authority does he have to avail the facility of VOB to Del Maestro? This is the first time the company has come to the public to share information. We have a right to be sceptical until we are able to analyse and verify all information.

Del Mastro you need to share information with the social media if you want to be fulsome in your communication strategy.

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The BU household is not yet convinced about the quality of character Dean and David Del Maestro. We need to be convinced. Unlike Glyne Murray who prefers that we focus on the project, No such luck from BU. The quality of character of the principals behind Deltro Group will be our focus.

Glyne Murray should note the text quoted at the top of the blog that Del Maestro was convicted of election fraud.


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79 Comments on “Deltro Group: Barbadians Have a Right to Question the Character of the Del Mastros”

  1. recoanthony August 16, 2016 at 12:31 AM #



  2. BELLYHURT August 16, 2016 at 7:38 AM #

    The never ending bullshit continues with this government. Whatever happened to the promises of transparency? What the hell is wrong with our wotld here in Barbados? Why are we just willing to vociferate and take no action? Watching all this away from the island breaks this poor old heart of mine. Why are the youth not standinG up to all the bull going on – it is them that must take up the baton now and demand that voices be heard, demand that things be done right and well. AHHHH. Forgot. How could I. They are out partying. This and the absolute we doan care atttitude answers a lot of things.


  3. Anthony Davis August 17, 2016 at 5:23 AM #

    This seems to be nothing but a money laundering exercise!



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