Things Fall Apart Series IV – Caribbean Export Development Agency Pillar Assessment Findings

Ceda_noteBU with the help of informants continue to expose the shenanigans at a leading Caribbean agency responsible for export development. Like Cahill Barbados, CLICO (CL Financial) and others the Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA) appears to lack a strong governance and management framework to assure donors who fund the agency that the process of disbursing millions is complying with policy. Such a conclusion is supported by a 2014 Pillar Assessment of Caribbean Export Development Agency document now updated to BU. The draft document is populated with mark-ups and highlights to assist readers’ understanding of the troubling practices being ignored by CEDA Board of Directors and Management.

BU expresses our appreciation to those selfless individuals who are in a position to share insight to how this important agency that is critical to our development has been hijacked by a few. Regrettably informants have had to retreat to the Internet to share sensitive information because of the lack of confidence in traditional media to protect sources. The BU team is satisfied we are protected by terms of conditions located outside of the region which zealously guard the right to freedom of expression. Further, the BU team ensures all documents received are scrubbed for metadata. Informants can further protect themselves by utilizing Dropbox and/or TOR among many ‘transporters’  to transmit information to dissolve all relationship with the transaction.

Let us (civil society) continue to be vigilant and engaged to ensure the quality of delivery by actors charged with doing the people’s business.

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100 Comments on “Things Fall Apart Series IV – Caribbean Export Development Agency Pillar Assessment Findings”

  1. Well Well & Consequences March 18, 2016 at 4:10 PM #

    Lol….the EU will ask nicely to be allowed the day to day running of the institution, or they should, or no

    It’s about time, these degreed Caribbean leaders continuously show the world their lack of maturity and discipline in working toward the upliftment of each other…they too


  2. Retribution-things that make me go hum! March 18, 2016 at 8:35 PM #

    FTP, it seems like the severed crew was on the winning streek. Word on the street the TRINI HR gone – I tell yah!


  3. Retribution-things that make me go hum! March 18, 2016 at 8:49 PM #

    “It’s about time, these degreed Caribbean leaders continuously show the world their lack of maturity and discipline in working toward the upliftment of each other…they too”

    Well, well, are you referring to the degreed leaders whom had mastered the art of “work smart, not hard” Lol!!

    Are you referring to the Leaders that shows up to the office once or twice a week and still are paid their six digit salaries every month?


  4. We Are Watching March 19, 2016 at 11:29 AM #

    @ for the people

    I could not agree with you more about CE applying the LIFO (Last IN First Out). Was this principle applied for the 30+ dismissed employees? I bet you my last Bajan dollar that this was not done. Word is that not even performance appraisals were completed for all staff including management. So how can PCH, McNair, Bradshaw and Francis preside over an organisation without knowing who their top performers are? I would include the HR manager, Angelique, but I hear PCH give her walking papers, after all the BS she has done for the ED and management.

    Didn’t the Pillar Assessment state that there is a lack of HR records and performance appraisals. Despite the credible evidence and blatant disregard for internal policies captured in the Operations and Staff Manual, PCH and her management team get to keep their jobs and retain non-performing staff.

    Did PCH ever get her performance assessed by CE Board? Did PCH conduct an appraisal for McNair or any other manager? We know for sure that this was not done for McNair given the malicious destruction of assets (chair and telephone), use of expletives to colleagues (during meeting held in the old meeting room (now Francis’s office) by skpe – SL, ZM, SJ, etc were present), breaching staff conduct and contract procedures, drunk and sleeping at CARICOM meetings, watching EPL in his office during working hours, writing fictitious reports for his JA IT consultant friend to be paid, and being credited with writing CE’s Strategic Plan when the real author was a consultant who delivered M&E to CE staff wrote the strategy.


  5. Retribution-things that make me go hum! March 19, 2016 at 7:48 PM #

    We are watching, Spot on my brother!


  6. pieceuhderockyeahright March 20, 2016 at 4:03 AM #

    @ We are Watching

    When peeple like Angelique and the 30 plus “disgruntled staff” are released under questionable circumstances euphemism for wrongful dismissal etc., do they, if they are individuals with files, not seek to reach out and expose the injustice and unfairness?

    Or do you mean that all of these dismissals were am justified and that the staff were just incompetents?

    What about that fellow David Gomez? Was he incompetent? What is the story behind his matter?


  7. Retribution-things that make me go hum! March 20, 2016 at 1:24 PM #

    @piece, question isn’t whether any of the severed was incompetent, point being they were never told so or otherwise, as madam tricky – Ms cowardice, cowards away from important conversations that needs to be had, and; to add, there was never any performance appraisals in place when the staff was ‘fired’ – call it what you want.


  8. pieceuhderockyeahright March 21, 2016 at 2:31 AM #

    @ Retribution- things that make me go hmmmm

    Don’t get me wrong sir (I will assume you are a man but apologies if you are a woman) the mechanics of there being no appraisals and the Pamela Coke Hamilton dismissing peeple on a whim appear to be corroborated in these “confidential reports”. V

    That is not really what I am remarking on. De ole man is a simple fellow who does like dem pictures wid a smoking gun. De ones where you ent know who dun it does hurt de ole man head.

    My remark therefore referred to the purported suffering of 30 plus staff of whom it is being said that they were dismissed under questionable circumstances.

    For me, this four part blog with its salacious content, its medical insights on labiascopy and the financial improprieties bring me to enquire about the rest.

    the unasked question is if, among the wrongfully fired staff, those who Pammy said were incompetent, but weren’t, I was wondering whether they (and I drew on the name David Gomez, a former Minister in the Belizean government?) whether they were all so incompetent.

    I sought to ask if Gomez, Wharton, Angelique and others are so afraid of Pammy, and the EU, and the BoD etc that, even in the face of purported malfeasance and “willy nilly” firings, i was just wondering what they were doing.

    I am just saying that wif she had fired my donkey unfairly that I did going mek sure dat dese pages was light up wid tings dem.

    Whu you might or might not know is dat she ent pay a lot uh dem staff dem severance, yes sah so I feel dat dem frighten tuh open dem mouf tuh say anyting and mash up dem chances uh getting pay. Whu you tink?


  9. pieceuhderockyeahright March 21, 2016 at 2:58 AM #

    I going divert a little and discuss something that Tron spoke to earlier in this blog the enabling environment within which corruption will thrive.

    I am going to tief this article in true Zoe like fashion from de Internet.

    This speaks to the People’s Republic of China

    “The People’s Republic of China (PRC) aids and abets oppressive and destitute African dictatorships by legitimizing their misguided policies and praising their development models as suited to individual national conditions.

    Beijing holds out China’s unique development model-significant economic growth overseen by a disciplined, one-party totalitarian state with full authority, if not control, over all aspects of economic activity-as an example for others to emulate.”

    The author posits that the PRC looks for destitute states where the government is preying on its people and of course where there are resources that China needs, to effect a rape of the people.

    Pamela is like Bejing and the Destitute States are Caricom and she has used the eternal disorder of the vision less Cariforum member governments and their own dictatorships to implement this Palace aided and abetted by the Heads of Givernment while the poor Eu can only look on.

    I don’t blame the EU though.

    Their policy is we done exploit these savages enough and rape them of bananas and sugar and spices. We done been tiered dem ideas and got we beet sugar replacements and when all this Cotonou and Lome agreements end in 2020 dem savage donkeys going got to BREK fuh demselves


  10. Exclaimer March 21, 2016 at 3:34 AM #

    On the subject of falling apart it makes you wonder if Barbados is going down the same route as The States. The Coke-Hamilton’s of this world are destroying the fabric of our society. Do we really want to live in a society where there exists gross inequalities?


  11. Sting in de tail March 21, 2016 at 4:51 PM #


    PCH is also aided and abetted by the government bureaucrats and the politicians! Piece you have been constantly imploring the so called “disgruntled employees” who were unceremoniously dismissed by PCH and her gang to come forth and expose their dirty linen. You have urged them to take their information to the OLAF’s, EU and other watchdog organisations, but my information is that many of these former employees have already done so!

    My information is that key former employees have had meetings with officials of the EU as well as government bureaucrats with responsibility and oversight for Caribbean Export and not much is happening! A lot of talk and no action! Even the media has been briefed about the shenanigans at ye ol CE but no traction there either!

    Just leaves you to ask the question why. So much credible information being ventilated at this forum among others but no action! I wonder if the likes of Mr Martin Cox at The Ministry of Economic Affairs can shed some light on any investigations going on. Or maybe Ms Sonja Welch can attest; or what about the member for Barbados on the board of CE – Mr Bentley Gibbs……or maybe he won’t say a thing because of his protégé (AB) aka deflon.

    You see these officials enjoy the free flowing benevolence from PCH and her cronies. Countless free trips and favours…you scratch my back and I’ll scrub yours!

    There needs to be a concerted effort to bring all of the malfeasance to light. Once in the public domain there will be enough pressure on the politicians to act. They must act now with swiftness and conviction.


  12. pieceuhderockyeahright April 6, 2016 at 8:12 AM #

    @ Sting in de Tail

    “The failure is first and foremost one of diplomacy, said António Guterres, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. The conflict has left at least 250,000 people dead in the strategic heart of the Middle East and displaced more than 11 million overall, yet there is still no peace process, no discernible solution and no end in sight.

    Now, the humanitarian effort is failing, too, ground down by dwindling interest, falling donations and spiraling needs. The United Nations has received less than half the amount it said was needed to care for the refugees over the past four years. Aid is being cut and programs are being suspended at the very moment when those who left Syria in haste, expecting they soon would go home, are running out of savings and wearing out the welcome they initially received.”

    If refugees, or people assets which are encroaching on the doorsteps of Europe and the European Union, are becoming an issue “right outside the doors” of the Caribbean centric EU programming, do you think that this institution that does nothing but create glossy magazines, will not suffer in the trimming of the fat WHEN IT COMES?

    These people rely on the phenomena known as the “9 day wonder” much like the murderer(s) of Marcelle Smith, late wife of Aurelius Smith, expect that the comments of concerned citizens will, over the course of a two week span, BLOW TO EF AWAY.

    THe wheels of Justice gring slowly, but they grind…


  13. We Are Watching April 7, 2016 at 10:55 AM #

    You know more things change the more they remain the same. Reliable sources have informed me that PCH is now trying desperately to win over the Honourable Minister in Barbados. I have to say this is so crazy. On one hand PCH and her management team have been cursing the GOB and pursuing the relocation of CE to another jurisdiction. I also hear that she has been telling the said Minister that it is the staff that is against her and it must be someone inside feeding information to the public. This is unbelievable, as PCH over her reign has removed all staff that she deemed a threat to her or her beloved management team, even when there was no proof of this.

    The clock will soon strike midnight and all at CE will have to reckon with the survival or reduction of the current staff given the financial constraints. PCH is hedging her bets on the next pot of EU funds, the 11th EDF to continue her reign over kingdom.

    What is even more sad, with the current staff compliment CE cannot seem to generate new funding or revenue to keep the financially struggling agency on its legs. So, no there is genuine concern amongst staff (those in favour with PCH) including senior officers in the DR office that they days are number: July 2016. Imagine CE is broke and has no funds and is now using precious country contributions to keep favoured persons.

    It is time that the whole truth be revealed about CE. Please stand up and give you testimony.


  14. We Are Watching May 30, 2016 at 3:00 PM #

    We Are Watching

    All has been quite here at CE. The dreaded July deadline will soon be upon us and the ED will be giving individuals their walking papers and telling them thanks for their services. We all sit and wonder how will staff be rationalised. The irony is that there is no formal process for keeping an individual based on performance. As the records have demonstrated these simply do not exist.

    What is more telling is the facial expressions on the staff members within the office. Some look so dejected and very concerned. One particular staff member who is very friendly with the Manager, is now some how concerned that she could receive the same fate as the colleagues that were dispatched in the last round. Imagine, she now wants to question whether or not staff will be paid out or even have employee rights. She was NOT concerned before when it affected other colleagues, but now that the shoe is on the other foot, she cares. My advice to her and other colleagues check your contract and consult a lawyer or the Tribunal or NIS.

    It is a pity that she and others like her are NOW concerned about their welfare and livelihoods. They did not see that it was a matter of time, as CE will NOT BE AWARDED RECORDED FUNDING FROM THE EU UNDER THE 11TH EDF and most importantly is not technically capable of generating income.

    Well like they say on a sinking ship ‘every man for himself’ and what is even more important whether or not you can ‘swim’ when the ship is fully submerged as it will be difficult to find work in this tight and retracting Barbados economy. But, as the procedures state, we as employees should receive assistance in being prepared for the working world.

    It appears that the tale of “Things Fall Apart” is very true and applicable to CE. Did you see Pamela in the Advocate last week posing with CIPA’s exporter of the year award. She looked as if her spirit is down and not her joyful bubbly self. The reason I raise this observation is that this award has no meaning or basis. Check the facts, has anyone heard of the previous exporter winners excelling to higher heights? It is evident that the centre cannot hold and Pamela and her world will crumble and dissipate like a bad odour at LESC.


  15. Retribution-things that make me go hum! June 3, 2016 at 7:44 PM #

    Madam tricky will go back to her homeland with her honorary Doctorate in tow and forget about all the people she stepped on.

    Ms Reid, your time is about to be up – you as bestie/Advisor had a say, have a say now!


  16. We are Watching July 11, 2016 at 3:26 PM #

    Well the browling seems to be unsettled and word around ton is that the donors are not happy, so the future may not be so bright. Word has it that the staff is now worried too, seeing that July 2016 is around the corner and they face possibility of unemployment. This is especially true for those persons who have been extremely loyal to the browling, by sacrificing their colleagues and in return they keep their jobs, get a bigger salary or promotion or be transferred.

    Well let me be the first to tell those persons that the browling will hang you out to dry just like she fired 40 staff during her tenure as ED of the Agency.

    I do believe the light is around the corner and this now should make it clear to all that given CE’s reaching 20 years it is only fitting that the owners’ (Caribbean Governments) reclaim control of this very import entity which is needed to support development across the Region.

    CE at 20 years let’s make a difference


  17. We are Watching July 13, 2016 at 9:26 AM #

    Good morning Barbados. Life is good and it is important for us all to smell the roses and stop and enjoy life. I am happy to report that thanks to Barbados Underground (BU), that Pamela and her management team have had to hold off disposing of staff as they see fit. Believe it or not that had it not been for BU, the number casualties would be greater as a result of their non-transparent and unfair management practices.

    So now that the end is near, July 31, 2016, they have sought to send off remaining staff in style. I am very happy that staff will be recognised for their contributions to the Agency and the Caribbean. But what is of concern, is the fact that Pamela and her management team have never been consistent. So the last send off was for a long standing staff member from Suriname. However, the hypocrisy is that Pamela and management repeatedly tried to remove this individual from the organisation. They even went so far in telling key persons at a well recognised Belize trade orgnisation that they should apply for his job. The individual revealed what was happening, so I guess it is only fair that the said staff member was given a rousing send off and a nice ROLEX.

    Based on the above, it is apparently clear that none of the 30 persons exiting the Agency contributed to its development or the Caribbean, as they were never thanked or given a nice watch, cruise or just simply a farewell gathering. To be fair, this does not included those sent on early retirement or those that have been wrongfully dismissed or those who simply begged and kissed management’s arse to keep their job. Remember there is no such thing as performance appraisal at CE under Pamela’s tenure (2010 to present). She openly stated at staff meetings that persons will NOT be kept based on performance but relevance. Things that make you go hmmm. Now for all you intelligent people out there, this sort of thing happens everyday in the working world. So why has this become a concern, is that persons like Pamela and her management team think they are above the law and do not have to answer to anyone.


  18. The Public Wants to Know the Truth July 13, 2016 at 9:37 AM #

    @Eyes are Watching

    I must say that what you have said and raised is quite alarming and given the evidence out there and the number of persons that have been shafted by Pamela and her management team, it makes you wonder if justice will ever prevail.

    I do believe it will, it just takes time and what it requires is the decision makers to consider the information present and as two key questions: 1) is the fact or 2) is it fiction.

    It also appears that you either work at CE or are a past employee/Board Member of CE. Based on your knowledge and understanding of the Agency I would like ask you what you think will be the fate of the the remaining staff?


  19. The Public Wants to Know the Truth July 13, 2016 at 9:44 AM #

    @The Public wants to Know the Truth

    I believe current staff’s fate lies in the following:

    Those who supported Pamela’s and management style despite the overwhelming written evidence, testimonies and complaints against mismanagement of the Agency will be safe.
    New funding under the 11thEDF (no word on this yet from the EU) will allow the CE to operate with most of the remaining staff.
    15 Member countries contributions making their annual payments. Note that this is not sufficient to keep the current staff numbers, so persons must go.

    So based on the above who will stay in the short-term to medium-term. Guess who, the ED, COO and finance team. Everyone else is expendable including the mighty Competitiveness Manager. If you do not believe me, ask the COO. He can give you all the background to this scenario and how CE will leverage pending EDF funds or other donor funds to secure loans from the bank to keep CE operational.

    This is great only if CE retains staff that can actually execute the mandate as laid out in the Agreement establishing the Agency. But be reminded that without assessing the performance of staff, how does one know who can perform the require duties, this goes for the recently hired staff in 2014. They cannot be left out. Actually, according to global HR rules in restructuring or redundancy the “Last in First Out’ concept is applied. But I guess this only applied to the non-existent HR manager from Trinidad, who was hired to ‘clean house’, but also ended up on the chopping list too.


  20. David July 13, 2016 at 10:02 AM #



  21. pieceuhderockyeahright July 13, 2016 at 10:30 AM #

    There is one more nail in this CE coffin that will “soon come” to use a Jamaican slang.

    Once that becomes known then all of the damage control and obsequiousness to secure “other agency funds” and “honey tongue” and tonguing, anteriorly and posteriorly will be known.

    There was a concerted attempt to have the central element delayed since it would have had a deleterious effect on CE’s standing BUT it would seem like if WHOM THE GODS WISH TO DESTROY THEY FIRST MAKE MAD has come to play.

    It is truly Divine Intervention this BREXIT fiasco and its impact on the administrative workings of the EU.

    That certainly goes to show that when white people find that their borders are under threat in the EU, all of the “longstanding relationships with the Caribbean” go straight out the door.

    One can only hope that the powers that be PAUSE for 7 more weeks, to give the item time to surface by natural means since exposure of the matter now will compromise the identities of the parties concerned

    And we dont want that after all of the spartan service that they have rendered to the disclosing of this matter


  22. Retribution-things that make me go hum! July 19, 2016 at 2:03 PM #

    CE has achieved absolutely nothing under the rule of Anthony Bradshaw. A beautiful office was created and a semblance of professionalism came about under PCH however, she would have spent most of her time in rule outing fires created by AB, building back the trust of stakeholders, donor Agencies, artisans etc. Whilst doing so, she happened on a way to do things differently – the Coke-HAMILTON way – things got worse! In came the mighty Competiveness Manager – ( TPWTKTT, I stole that one from yah) Chris McNair the ladies man – things got progressively worse while more fires flamed up to be outed.

    She had great staff then. The eleven that was sent packing were some of the brightest of the bunch, the ones that really contributed in putting CE on the map, the ones that were serious about CE’s future. I add you Carlos Wharton to this list. But, they could not be manipulated and saw right through PCH and her bull shit. Think that PCH cared, she had an Agenda.

    The new staff that the eleven left and the ones that came after knows nothing about CE’s mandate. Give them a good send off I say, for a job well done for doing NOTHING! The management team needs to go with them.

    All confidence is lost in Caribbean Export and PCH and is no longer seen as the leading Agency in trade development. It needs to CLOSE PERMANENTLY.

    Karma has not forgotten you PCH!!

    Oh, Oh, We are Watching, can you find out if CE has any intentions of paying the eleven tha severance? A friend of a friend tell me dem aint get they money yet. It may not be before dem reach retirement either – Lol! Tell yah – things that make me go hum!


  23. Time for Action November 15, 2016 at 11:06 AM #

    Things Do Fall Apart – They say time longer than twine, and it was just a matter of time before all the issues raised about the performance of CE’s management would come to the fore. But what a way to celebrate 20 years of operation. A few words come to mind: Dishonesty, Corruption, Nepotism, Injustice and Unfair, the pillars of CE’s management.

    Well like most people I am truly surprised that it has taken so long for the TRUTH and FACTS to finally surface and enter the public domain. A big thank you to forum’s like BU and other reputable sources for shedding light on this matter.

    Word on the street is that the EU is finally investigating CE’s operations. Some people say it would happen once the former EC Delegation Head departed the shores of Bim. Believe me no one would have bet their last dollar that this would happen. I still cannot believe. Furthermore, it now appears that CE is also under investigation by the Government of Barbados for ill treating and abusing Barbadian workers.

    At the same time reliable inside sources say that staff morale is very low and persons are trying to figure out when to jump ship before it sinks. Well to add to the mayhem, PCH’s management style has resulted in NO NEW FUNDING unlike the former ED who secured the EUR28 – to be fair she signed the Contribution Agreement. Staff have good reason to be concerned. To add insult to injury, more than 40+ employees have been dismissed during her tenure without due process and not to mention the number of resignations. During the period August to November 2016 five (5) more persons resigned. Who knows why they resigned, given the fact that they were the ‘chosen few’.

    Please note, she is now the most successful and the longest serving ED in the history of CE. When you are perceived to be the best in your field this is what happens. Is this how we want to run regional organisations? The Board and Ministers better take stock of what is happening and determine if the stories are TRUE. Given the future state of development funding for the region and the implications of BREXIT and future 11 EDF funding, the time for action is now. The Board and Ministers owe it to all the contributing countries and tax payers. Resources are scarce.

    There are many persons saying that what is happening is nothing more that a witch hunt to destroy a good lady, but one should ask themselves are we being told the truth on all fronts. Despite the number of stories you have heard, it certainly makes you wonder what is the TRUTH. What is even more bizarre, is that people in high places do confirm what is being said. Word is do not cross her. We all know that there is nothing worse than a woman’s scorn. Believe me I should know I am a woman.

    Well let’s hope that flame will not be extinguished and continue to burn for another 20 years to help the Caribbean people. This is my last will and testament.


  24. We Are Watching November 15, 2016 at 11:38 AM #

    @Retribution-things that make me go hum!

    Sorry of taking so long to respond. You friend source partially wrong and right. LOL

    I had to go check my top sources in CE (the man in the corner office) if severance get paid. Word is that ONLY THREE persons get paid severance, but nobody else get paid. Imagine that.


  25. Retribution-things that make me go hum! November 24, 2016 at 10:02 AM #

    @ We are watching – I too was made to understand that the staff that was paid severance was severed in 2016. The severance for the 11 or so that went packing in Dec 2014 is still outstanding.

    @ Time for action, the people claiming that what transpired is no more that a witch hunt has got to be cut from the same cloth as wicked Pam. She has done A LOT of people wrong and she will pay for it.

    Longest serving “successful” ED – hum!!! The EU should also look into the attendance record of madam ED. They better NOT forget the men in the corner offices.

    “Word is do not cross her” – Nothing more than a female Peter Harris – Ruthless beyond measure.

    Absolutely no one can outbeat KARMA!!


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