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Roy Morris - Editor in Chief Nation Newspaper

Roy Morris – Editor in Chief, Nation Newspaper

I am waiting with bated breath to Emoji see a page-one comment from either the Publisher or the Editor in Chief of the Nation newspaper denouncing, in the strongest possible terms, its own journalistic faux-pas     (I am being kind) committed in today’s Sun on Saturday.

None of us, not even the most perverted person, would have expected that that tabloid would have sunk further into the depths of depravity and lewdness, especially after the recent appointment of  “people of impeccable character”.

Perhaps, such erotic journalism  can be easily explained-away since many in society, including some people in our most noble professions, have had to wrestle with their own amoral feelings, as they try to overcome an obsessive propensity for pornography and predatory exploits, while simultaneously fighting the said sexual appetite and their rapaciously  philandering demons.

I wonder if it is mere happenstance that today’s salacious story (Sex Scene) by one of the paper’s editors (also a man of unblemished standing) and accompanied by a most graphic and explicitly offensive photograph, that left absolutely nothing to the imagination, coincided with the start of a certain group’s get-together. They might have needed a little titillating to spur them on after falling far-short earlier in the week.

Remember, they make queer bedfellows.

We, however, should not be totally surprised at the level of trash emanating from the junior publication on “Barbados’ Fleet Street”, since weekend after weekend  (just read Flying Fish & Cou-Cou, Pudding &Souse, and I {Lie} Confess) that newspaper insults and seeks to undermine our sensibilities and time-honoured values, with a constant diet of wanton vulgarity, sexual innuendo, gossip and lies – that can only pass for ‘gutter journalism’.

Even the late  fearless Chocholingo of T&T (Founder of The Punch newspaper) would have derided such smut and lasciviousness. But, not the Nation! That sensationalizing tabloid, the self-proclaimed paragon of virtue, has all but outdone itself this time.

So, we all await that front page self-censure.

I believe the likes of Gladstone Holder,  Jimmy Cozier, John Wickham and Clennel Wickham, all past local doyens and guardians of “the fourth estate”, must all be turning in their graves.

Notice, I did NOT include the other Wickham (the self-proclaimed Emoji homo-analyst) in that august company.

Indeed, she might be rubbing her hands in glee and salivating at the clear doggie position shown and explicitly elucidated by Mr. Price.  Lord Have Mercy! Emoji

As it stands, this country is crying out for a Press Censorship Body. I want to Emojihear The 4-H Emeritus Man (aka Hard Headed H—– H—-) pronouncing on this one – what the late J C Proute ( a renowned Barbadian journalist of The Gleaner newspaper) used to call “journalistic gaucherie”.


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77 Comments on “Sheer PORNOGRAPHY In SUN On SATURDAY!”

  1. Simple Simon November 2, 2013 at 8:01 PM #

    Does anybody know whether it is a criminal offense to make, possess or distribute child pornography?

    And if I have last Saturday’s image or the Facebook video of the children apparently having sex, can I take that image or video with me on my phone or laptop into the U.K., U.S. or Canada without fear of prosecution?

    While I am those countries can I distribute the video or still image to my relatives and friends in those countries?



  2. Colonel Buggy November 2, 2013 at 8:35 PM #

    @Simple Simon
    Another vital question is if the Saturday Sun with that image was sold at the usual news agents in London or New York


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