The Current State of the Economy…Crisis

Chris Sinckler,Minister of Finance

Chris Sinckler,Minister of Finance

There’s no mystery here. Regardless of whether you’re talking about business, politics, sports or the military, the best leaders are first-rate communicators.

Communication: The most important key to leadership success

BU will continue to flog the point that good leaders find the best way to communicate effectively. Good communication is about  sending a message which is situation specific. The case of Prime Minister Stuart and whether he is a good communicator must be assessed against a landscape of what is the role of the prime minister in a harsh economic period.

If Prime Minister Stuart is a student of history he is aware of how Sir Winston Churchill used language to infuse a nation with confidence during a war. Truth be told Barbados appears to lack quality leaders in many spheres at this juncture in our history. Why should the Governor of the Central Bank feel constrained to speak (or write) about economic issues every quarter? Isn’t the country gripped in the throes of an economic meltdown which creates the ideal opportunity for him to comment? What about the cadre of academics at Cave Hill? Isn’t this a perfect time for Bajan-academics to share their knowledge and ideas  incubated deep in the bowels of academia on the Hill with an expectant public?

Governor Delisle Worrell stated in his last quarter economic review in 2012 that the tourism performance in the quarter was make or break for Barbados (words to the effect). The tourism numbers for the last quarter of 2012 and first quarter of 2013 have been disappointing therefore the Governor’s second quarter economic review will be interesting for many.

As far as BU is aware the country has not been able to hive off strategic assets to local private sector or foreign interest in the second quarter. With tourist receipts on the decline, based on current trending a good prediction is that our foreign reserves will take a big hit. BU will be glad to be proved wrong!

In the post 2008 period there was a good argument that government’s stabilization program was a sensible strategy. Many had projected that the poor global economic condition would last no longer than three years. It is evident that the prolong global depression has exposed structural flaws in our economy which has combined with a shift in how a future global market will perform. It should be evident given North South capital flows as well as changing behaviours of tourist from our traditional destinations Barbados cannot hope to sustain historical trends by doing the same things.

Now more than at any time in our history Barbados is crying out for leadership.  And this is not only from the political front. Daily we have to listen to the BCCI, ICAB, BHTA, BFSA and others demonstrating (bickering) displeasure at government’s policies. Whether the government is right or wrong is far from the point. Government has clearly not been able to convince key stakeholders to buy in to its policies. One one have thought having been given a second mandate, albeit a narrow one, the government deserves some support. Unfortunately this appears not to be the case.

BU agrees with Native Son, we are a country adrift akin to a deer trapped in the beam of oncoming headlights.

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  1. Carson C. Cadogan

    You can be ignored. You belong to the League Of The Discredited!!!!

    Didn’t you see your name up there?

  2. Georgie Porgie


  3. What is evident EXCEPT to the yardfowl brigade is that we have a fractured social partnership. The IR climate maybe calm both a willingness to cooperate for national good does not exist. Who is responsible/accountable to ensure we correct this problem?

  4. SnapBack Large

    @ Frustrated Businessman

    I am always amazed at those “businessmen” who try to take the moral high ground when the DLP is in power, knowing full well that when OSA & BLP was the government they hand a seat at the table and had not problem gorging themselves on milk, honey and wine while others complained of being “frustrated”.

  5. it not good to hear both sides admitting the adherence to cronyism by both sides?

  6. SnapBack Large

    @ Frustrated Businessman

    Don’t bring Jamaica and Trinidad into the equation/comparison, you ever had to do business in either of those islands? They are the pastmasters of corruption and the fellows in Barbados can’t hold a finger to them.

    You didnt see that Jack Warner awarded a contract to vehicle towing company worth TT$10 Million dollars to extract an ambulance from a ravine. The cost of the ambulance when new was 1/4 cost they paid to have it extracted from the ravine. An independent evaluation of the cost for such extraction was shown to TT$100K.

    Boy dont compare Barbados to Trinidad and Jamaica and let me tell while you at it, Guyana is miles ahead of both Trinidad and Jamaica when it comes to political corruption.

  7. SnapBack Large

    @ David

    But what about these cars on Spring Garden highway which were imported drastically under-invoiced and authorisation for their release sanctioned by non other than the Minister of Finance himself?

  8. Carson C. Cadogan

    What is evident EXCEPT to the LEAGUE OF THE DISCREDITED is that a big part of the problem was created by the very people who are crying out the loudest.

    But the Blog owner is not man enough to say this.

    Too afraid!!!!!

  9. Carson C. Cadogan

    Georgie Porgie


    Man you are two steps away from the Old Peoples Home.

    Shady Pines beckons you!!!!!

  10. Georgie Porgie



  11. Carson C. Cadogan

    you are deleting my posts.

  12. In the capital of Barbados, Bridgetown, there isn’t any other place in this country, where there is any greater evidence than what is seen by the PDC in this main commercial administrative district of the enormous maleffects of the very destructive pernicious policies and programs of these jack o lantern DLP/BLP governments over the years.

    What is clearly indicating that this general state of political economic depression has finally started to affect severely Bridgetown more than any other recession would have done at any previous point in time in this post-independence – and too only after this recession itself would have taken heavy toll on Speightstown, Oistins and Sheraton Centre – is in relationship to the increasingly significant number of buildings in the main shopping areas as well as in other areas of the inner city, that are being put up by their owners for rent or sale – for instance, the building that used to house the shoe store on Victoria Street – Mademosielle – that is up for sale. On the same Victoria Street and at the corner of Bolton Lane, there is a building that used to house Kiran’s and City Mart, that has not had any persons to rent it for several months now, and with the owners of it having every since last year renovated it. There is the Correia’s building on Prince William Henry Street, that is also up for sale.

    We have also been carefully observing within numerous shopping malls in the heart of Bridgetown, that there are also plenty vacant store spaces – for instance, in Mall 34 on Broad Street, Satjay Bridgetown Centre on Victoria Street; City Mall and Mall 89 on the same Lower Roebuck Street; as well as we have been realizing that there is very little business activity taking place on business days in them – for instance, Mandela Plaza on Swan Street, the Colonnade Mall on Broad Street, Moon Diamond Mall and Pandor Plaza – both on High Street.

    Even the once usually busy SY Adam stores on High and Swan Streets respectively, are experiencing very slow tough times.

    A walk through Cave Sheperd and Co Ltd on Broad Street at times now will also illustrate evidence of the very depressing conditions that are affecting Bridgetown.

    There is even a pall of gloom and doom hanging over the heads of those investors that have gone and bought over buildings from other people, with a view to providing for business activity in them. For instance, there are these new owners of a renovated building that used to be home to Eddies Restaurant on one of the corners of Victoria Street and Bolton Lane, and who are entrepreneurs that, we dare say, must face the spectre of this depression worsening more than before.

    There are also cases where existing owners have gone and have been renovating buildings in the face of this great dedevelopmental path that has primarily been created by the inept and destructive policies and programs of these two jack o lantern BLP/DLP governments over the years – the owners of the Norman Centre building which is unduly long in its total re-opening, and those of the Gateway Mall on James and Tudor Streets. To be continued. …..


  13. We are not and never was at ’91 levels economy wise. Bajans aint gine take to no street marching and agitating now. We are too humble, tempered & quiet for that.

  14. @PDC

    Lalu Vaswani is the owner of Sanjay Mall and is president of the BCCI. He better than most who operate in Bridgetown is aware of the depressed state. Let us hope Crop Over acts as a stimulus.

  15. Perhaps Minister Inniss can tell us how many offshore companies have transferred from Barbados in the last 2-3 years.

  16. David

    Please go one better than deleting CCC’s post – filter them out altogether, so we do not have to read his trash.

  17. Charles Knighton

    “…we fight for liberation from economic deprivation of our people.” Minister Ronald Jones, June 12 Nation

    “Cut out de cryin’ an’ start cuttin’ back” Willie Worm, editorial cartoon, June 12 Nation

    Mr. Worm is spot on. If the old world of scarcity yielded a mass population that was hungry, bored and impoverished, our current surpluses lead to a population that is fat, lazy, in debt, overwhelmed, and swamped with too much stuff. The miserable in Dickens’s times—malnourished, impoverished, overworked—had the right to blame social conditions and demand change.

    But in today’s richer world, if you are overweight, in debt, and overwhelmed, there is no one to blame but yourself. Go on a diet, stop watching cable, cut out the fetes and cut up your credit cards—that’s the answer. In short, we need to think of scarcity problems as real, and surplus problems as matters of self-control.

  18. millertheanunnaki

    So Alex McDonald who put his integrity on the line for Lime has received his just desserts.
    He has been used, abused, disrespected and refused even if for a million dollar or more settlement.

    Never, my friends, should you do like Alex and sell your materialistic soul to the Capitalist devil especially when that devil is dressed up in multi (trans) national corporate Lime coloured clothing.

    Is this Fumble and Leroy style of eliminating upstarts imbued with a false sense of self-importance corporate political security just before an election because of his locally useful but dispensable position at the top of an exploitative profit-driven organization?

    The miller predicted his hubristic downfall by the nemesis of greed called “Fall Guy”.

  19. checkit-out

    Miller; Tell us some more or point us to the source of the Alex McDonald story. I missed it and perhaps some others did too.

  20. millertheanunnaki

    @ Luvs Bim | June 12, 2013 at 4:41 PM
    I am not in total support of your recommendation.

    There is an old Bajan saying: “De higher monkey climb de more he expose he tail” (or true intentions).

    Carson C. Cadogan is an exceedingly reliable barometer of the thinking and prevailing mindset that control that one great and proud party called the DLP whose initials now stand for a Dangerously Delirious Destructive Lying Party.

    That cadre of liars, crooks and conmen controlled by a fraud called Leroy Greenverbs is the epitome of what Barbados has always tried to keep away from; its political devil.
    But life being a river of paradoxes always forces to us meet at the confluence of inevitable choices.

    It seems we have made that choice to go the road of least moral resistance even to the point of threatening our own people with violence and killing unless the tow the DLP line.

  21. islandgal246

    Miller fill us in about Alex, did he really get the booted out the doors?

  22. checkit-out

    Miller; Seems you are in the know. There was a short segment on the matter on CBC TV news tonight.

  23. old onion bags

    So Old Mc Donald gets the abominable handshake….nuff of them young ‘early retired’ workers musse in stitches…..goes to show no one is invincible

  24. Will let the two top blogs ride today given that they align with what is trending.

  25. Continuing from the PDC’s 11.26, June 12, 2013, blog……….

    There are even cases where some owners of some buildings have seen these particular assets rotting away and have clearly not been doing anything much, if any thing at all about them, to rehabilitate them, in cases where there has clearly become little or no commercial business activity taking place in them. Case in point, that building in which Moses – the cloth merchant store – would have for a long time been operating out of on Swan Street ( Moses might have recently gone out of business on Swan Street) – too, that building a little way pass the top of Spry Street going down on Roebuck Street that was recently home to a reggae night club; too, many of those old buildings that are located on the middle stretch of Roebuck Street driving/walking down before you get to the four cross roads at Pinfold and Crumpton Streets.

    And who would believe that Hill Supermarket on the same Roebuck Street was a place where one could have hardly entered during peak opening hours to buy some items without bumping into some others some times back, but that is now an establishment where one could at any time be in a Transport Board bus and could see without obstruction, rather than throngs of customers setting anxiously upon many items, instead many vacant aisles between the commodities on the shelves right down close to the back of the main store!!??

    In many cases it can therefore be said that it is BLP/DLP governments that have been directly and indirectly destroying Bridgetown and certain commercial traditions associated with it:

    1) By their permitting and, in some cases, creating some opportunities for much traffic congestion of the main streets in inner Bridgetown – which will, in turn, and to some extent, help lead to migration outwards of many businesses from central Bridgetown, and otherwise little or no migration inwards of many others into it;

    2) By their adopting and thereafter maintaining evil and wicked TAXATION and interest rates regimes that will continue to take heavy toll on the income and payment affairs of many industrial commercial businesses, and especially when considering the abject lunacy, idiocy and falsity of these things called land and property value regimes, where of there will be the partiality of results that will see the use, and in very brazen, loathsome, manners by government and commercial banks, of these regimes to altogether help parasitically feed their despicable desires for more evil and wicked TAXATION and Interest Rates, respectively, whilst at the same time helping to force many of these industrial and other businesses to leave inner Bridgetown or otherwise to help prevent them from entering.

    3) By their continuing over the years to look askance from the very exorbitant rents that continue to be handed over by renters to the owners of building spaces within the said inner Bridgetown, and with the afore described continuing – to a great extent – to follow illogically from 2, and such continuing to help drive many industrial and other businesses from out of inner Bridgetown, or otherwise continuing to help prevent many industrial and other businesses from entering it, point to both these ignorant insensitive jack o lantern governments having therefore failed to put in place a regime of rent control for reining in these very excessive rents and the direct effects of such crassness and grossness;

    4) By their overly emphasizing too many leisure/relaxation recreation entertainment points and thereby especially focussing on tourism (this so-called Pierhead Development Project, things like walk tours of Bridgetown, now Pork Limes) they incidentally take away from the significance of the noesis of growing and developing Bridgetown into a major industrial capital district and from which suburban Barbados and the rest of Barbados would benefit substantially from the proposed increase in activities and things associated with the nature and character of such possibilities (and the reverse).

    Also, this UNESCO designation of Bridgetown and the Garrison as a World Heritage Site will serve – by reinforcement of and the consistency with and expectations of particular actions of the government and the relevant others that are caught up in the fervour of the occasion – to help – in the long term – put another insidious element into the disgraceful plans of some people to unwisely irrationally remove much substantial activity from central Bridgetown itself and to otherwise devalue the great importance that there would be in assisting in redefining this capital city as an intergral centre of industrial life in Barbados.

    Imagine that the Careenage used to be for many years up to the 80s, a major port for the import export of goods and services – and that now it has been replaced with the emptiness of a boardwalk and activities of leisure craft and store shops and restaurants?? And imagine too that the Wharf used to be for some time a very important landing point for small fishing vessels and the owners of those boats catches, and look now what has replaced it: part of the boardwalk, a berthing point for the Jolly Roger, and another relaxation point next to LIME??

    Imagine too that what is now referred to by many people in the country as Heroes Square used to be a major point for taxi-operators, has now been converted into a space for mainly some persons sitting down and relaxing – leaving little space now for taxi-operators?? Recall that the Jubilee Gardens used to be some years ago a very active bus terminal with some food and drink stalls, now has been transformed into an open space for mainly leisure relaxation entertainment of many people?; and remember how Cumberland Street and Temple Yard used to be as many as 8 years ago major areas for small outdoor and indoor commercial business, now what? taken up by multi-storied car parking facilities and other things.

    And what about Acme on Upper Roebuck Street, now damnedly replaced by some vehicle accessories distribution centre? And the area that used to be occupied by the BBC factory just off Roebuck Street, that has been taken up by lousy unproductive government offices? The productive Foundary on White Park Road?, now replaced by the epitome of emptiness. What about the wonderful Herbert Lumber Yard that was there on Magazine Lane? another misused space! What about the Bakery that was on Palmetto Street?

    In closing, it must therefore be posited by the PDC that inner Bridgetown has had much of its industrial life and their positive social implications unnecessarily uprooted and destroyed by the very deficient and destructive policies and programs of these two older ramgoat party/governments and of the respective owners at the time of these establishments that were once located in the inner parts of Bridgetown. And from our propounding those itemizations 1 – 4, there must be the recognition by some individuals in Barbados that those are some of the descriptions of some of the very fundamental exactitudes (ideological, material, etc) that have been behind helping to make the capital city, Bridgetown, a very materially and otherwise depressed one and that without the broad masses and middle classes addressing (and eliminating or reversing ) these and other fundamentals Bridgetown will become a third rate city.

    Now, from such perspectives, surely the BCCI’s revitalisation of Bridgetown efforts are a waste of time.


  26. Alvin Cummins

    Response to your sensless blog, and asking what I was talking about:”Pick sense out of nothing” as the old people used to say.
    Your blog makes sense, the problem is that too many people got themselves into large debt, adopted an unsustainable lifestyle, and now refuse to cut back. Who can afford to buy a Totato for $171,000.00? do you realy need it in Barbados? People have to look at the affordability of what they pursue and adopt restraints. Grow mor of your own food and adapt. Barbados now has to go through its pruning period wo that the tree can be more fruitful later.

  27. Alvin Cummins

    Correction. in the blog the question is “Who can afford to buy a Toyato for $171,000.00. as recently advertised buy the dealer..

  28. Alvin Cummins

    Sorry. Senior moment. It should be Toyota, as advertised by the dealer.

  29. Big Guts Horse

    @ Alvin
    Why you doan come down here and meet n mingle wid the ordinary people and stop talikn Cxnt…$171,000 car for the uppety and those wid company expense privlg….ordinary Bajans buy recons for $45-50,000 for 4 year old cars….Man Alvin ya vexxin ma now..Dah is wha DEM sent you to put? Why DEM din tell ya bout the big mout BALL they went to in New york?…..or bout $ 17,000 salary minister duz get and say it ent nuttin

  30. Carson C. Cadogan


    All of the destruction of business life in Bridgetown and its surroundings was carried out by the Barbados Labour Party during its 14 years of misrule.

  31. Carson C. Cadogan


    “I think it is time we hear a response from our Party to statements coming from the BHTA. This organization believes that the Government should do everything for them and they do nothing for themselves. Minister Sealy needs to get tough with these people. What would it take off him to tell the nation exactly what the BHTA is asking for, why the Barbados Government can’t give them an open cheque without proper accountability, remind Barbadians that the BHTA is behaving like the farmers in the sugar industry to which Ms. Dass alluded yesterday. Remember when they got concessions to plant more canes and ended up planting them on the periphery as a camouflage, while lucrative cash crops were planted on the inside? . The Prime Minister of the day, Tom Adams, unlike the current leader of the Opposition, did his own investigations , found out what they were doing with Government money and exposed them. Mr. Sealy, I am younger than you but I do research. All of what I just mentioned, happened when I was a todler. You can do similar research and respond to Ms. Dass. I am sure Ms. Dass is not speaking on the behalf of Sandylane , Royal Palilion and other hotels which do their own marketing.

    Read the BHTA mission statement and then read the Jamaica Hotel and Tourism Association’s Mission Statement and Objectives. Tell me if you really think that they are serious about promoting Barbados as a tourism destination.

    Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association Mission Statement:-

    Our Mission

    Bringing people, research knowledge and technology together to resolve challenges of business and to provide strong advocacy while fostering unity amongst our tourism partners.

    And now the Jamaica Mission Statement:-

    Mission & Objectives 1

    Mission Statement

    To represent the interests of our members, foster their economic and professional growth while contributing to community development and the sustainability of Jamaica’s tourism industry.

    Vision Statement

    To become the most effective trade association in Jamaica providing superior service to the tourism industry.

    Aims & Objectives

    To promote cooperationamongst hotels and other bodies interested in the tourist industry and afford a means of exchange of information on all matters affecting the hotel and tourist industries of Jamaica.
    To promote fair and harmonious labour relationsbetween members and their employees and to assist them in labour disputes.
    To establish and enforce a code of ethicsto be followed in all business dealings between hotels in Jamaica, their patrons and other bodies interested in the travel and/or tourist industries.
    To represent, foster, develop, encourage and improve the tourist industryand to establish standards and make regulations which the Association may, from time to time, deem conducive to the better operation and expansion of the industry.
    To foster both foreign and local goodwill towards the hotel and tourist industries of Jamaica.
    To assist in promoting business for its membersand particularly in developing every aspect of the tourist industry.
    To undertake such research, experiments, enquiries and work as shall be considered necessary to develop and improve the tourist industry.
    To adopt such means, including all types of publicity, promotion and advertisement of making known all aspects of the industryas well as the work of the Association.
    To promote legislation calculated to benefit, improve and expand the hotel and tourist industries of Jamaica.
    To settle the policy to be followed annually by members of the Association in respect of the recognition of tour operators, or any other suppliers of business to the members of the Association, the payment of commission and allowance of discounts and refund of deposits, as well as setting guidelines for bonus incentives and net rates.
    To confer, correspond, deal or enter into any arrangements with any Governments or authorities(supreme, municipal, local or otherwise) or any companies, forms, organizations or persons as may seem conducive to the attainment of the Association’s objectives or any of them.

    Who can be a Member?

    There are three types of membership:

    ACTIVE restricted to hotels, with members having voting privileges.
    ALLIED all categories except hotels, i.e. villas and firms, which provide goods and services to the hotel industry. This member has voting privileges.
    AFFILIATE open to all categories listed under Allied membership but without voting privileges.
    As a prerequisite for membership, applicants must be licensed by the Jamaica Tourist Board or the appropriate authority.”


    Adrian Loveridge are you around here?

  32. Carson C. Cadogan

    Minister of Tourism and International Transport, the Honourable Richard Sealy, said:

    “The decision of Royal Caribbean International to include Barbados on the itinerary for ‘Quantum of the Seas’ is one that we have been working diligently to bring to a successful conclusion. It represents a clear statement of the strength of the relationship between Royal Caribbean and Barbados. It should inspire confidence in the cruise industry specifically and tourism generally. It means that we will experience tremendous increases in our numbers and along with other initiatives produce expanded economic opportunities for Barbadians.”

  33. Carson C. Cadogan

    To- Current BLP Leader
    From –
    Re – Candidacy of St Peter.

    It has been brought to my attention of your intention to intrude in the affairs of the rural constituency of St Peter. My recent announcement of my pending departure was inevitable. I spoke to my branch on the matter as they have served me faithfully. They are in full agreement on the person of MY choice.

    I know you may say that it’s not my choice and that I am no longer leader, but just let me remind you. You are leader because I don’t want to be leader. My comment is not meant to be offensive but for you to have an appreciation of the need to have a relationship.

    I have noticed you rubbing shoulders on Thursdays but I would have thought that an initiative of that nature would have had me starring in it from the word go, while endorsing yourself as my able-bodied successor. I know, I too may be perceived as guilty of deceit but I swear in this ink that I did not design or invite myself to the last two branch meetings held in Christ Church West and St Joseph respectively . We know the public secret of the no love for you among our colleagues is real. The Parliamentary Representative for Ch. Ch. West, though a school mate and junior does not think and never thought you should be leader. While the current Parliamentary Representative of St. Joseph will never support you so long as he and George Payne continue to see eye to eye on your destruction.

    I took the opportunity to address the issue publicly because my integrity is at stake in a matter of this nature. I also want to suggest that we don’t allow this matter to descend into a Hinkson and Payne affair. You and I are quite aware of the wrong doings that occurred in St James North. We are now reaping the after shock of the inadequacies of my action during that period. I would wish however to advise that two wrongs don’t make a right. I believe the matter of Hinkson and Payne should have been resolved within the corridors of Grantley Adams House and not in the public domain. I am very embarrassed but not surprised at the turn of events. It’s now over to you.

    However, let me return to my main concern regarding St Peter. St Peter is not for sale. It is not open for business to ” carpet baggers or political opportunists.” I said so in St Joseph but I am repeating it to you in writing while I still have the respect for you as my leader. You would never allow me to come into the constituency of St Michael NE and invite any of my dear and close friends to be foisted on the people of St Michael NE .

    In closing, I want to humbly suggest that you leave the politics of St Peter alone and go deal with the other 29 constituencies. St Peter is currently the least of your concerns but I assure you the bigger concern you have is ..those among the MPs that continue to be uncomfortable with your leadership style.”

  34. In closing, I want to humbly suggest that you leave the politics of St Peter alone and go deal with the other 29 constituencies. St Peter is currently the least of your concerns but I assure you the bigger concern you have is ..those among the MPs that continue to be uncomfortable with your leadership style.”

    that”s what you call a “NO CONFIDENCE VOTE” no wunda Mia running around town looking for friends from uptown to downtown with blow torch in hand…,

  35. Carson C. Cadogan


    Major announcement on offshore tax havens investigation forthcoming


    WASHINGTON, DC – The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), a project of the Center for Public Integrity, will hold a telephone press conference on Saturday June 15 to make a major announcement concerning its “Offshore Leaks” investigation into the secretive world of offshore tax havens.

    Drawing from a leaked trove of 2.5 million digital files, ICIJ has released a series of groundbreaking stories exposing the individuals behind the covert companies and private trusts based in the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands, Singapore and other offshore tax havens. ICIJ’s investigation, the largest in its history, has shaken political and financial institutions from Europe to South Korea to Canada. At the press conference, ICIJ Director Gerard Ryle, Center for Public Integrity (CPI) Executive Director William E. Buzenberg and other project leaders will announce a major development in the ongoing investigation.


    ICIJ Media Relations
    Washington, DC
    Office: 1 + (202) 481-1232

    Jim Popkin, Seven Oaks Media Group
    Washington, DC
    Office: 1 + (202) 253-7959

    I wonder if any names from Barbados will be on the list?

  36. Monkey Nuts

    So much for you and truths Carson

  37. CCC;

    To- Current BLP Leader
    From – SCL
    Re – Candidacy of St Peter.


  38. Colonel Buggy

    Last week there were some instances of school children involved in disturbances in St Peter and St Joseph. Today we learn that a stabbing took place at St Leonards School.
    Has the ‘Crack some heads,shoot some people’ syndrome being ratchet-ed up by our school kids.
    I hate to think what the last day at school is going to be like in a couple of weeks from now.

  39. The DLPites won’t like to read this but it is all beginning to unravel.

  40. pieceuhderockyeahright

    De ole man cyan sleep, when wunna gets to be my age, you fear dat when you sleeping, death gine creep up pun you, so we does be ever vigilant, hating de bed.

    I know dat unna gine say dat I post dis already but I gine post it agin like Plantation Deeds does do.

    All up in unna face, or Sickliar face en believe me, he AND Fumble does read DJ blog.

    Richard Sealy too, but he does hold he IPad 6 1/2ft in de air -to see de floating spirits en ting. One more time

    Dear Buffalo Sinckliar

    While i doan really like none uh wunna,. I would suggest the following

    Reduce the VAT TO what it was before you got seduced by that idiot Darcy Boyce and “Head Boy’s” Ingrunt idea to increase revenue.

    Let an ole man teach you (fools) a few things about people, particularly people under pressure. In case you and Fumble de sleeping giant doan know who I talking bout, I mean de Bajan people.

    Moody’s already gi’ unna a bad report card.

    Buffalo Sincks you need to do two things, give the people of Barbados the common man in the street, HOPE..

    In one swoop, decreasing the VAT WILL DO THAT.

    You also have to get businesses in Barbados place some confidence in you clowns.

    I going be your Wickham and Hartley Henry dis morning at 4.58 am

    You and your party are at rock bottom now. If dere was a general election tomorrow in your constituency, I cud run Clyde Mascoll in your seat, or a dog (some people would say dat dem is de same ting) and he, de did dat is, would win

    Sinckliar, leh me brek it down fuh yuh, cause i unnerstan dat you is not de sharpest tool in de shed, but, once you get the common man/woman (not to exclude the “Mummy why U bite me variants ) in the street back into the business houses, spending money, you will get people to start spending again.

    Try it for 3 months Sinckliar and see if what de ole man saying wuk fu you and if de “cumulative benefits” – spending, private sector comfidence, general sentiments, accrue like I am suggesting that they will, fire dat big head fellow Darcy Boyce

    I does doan unnerstan whu he does be twisting up he mout saying anyways, does you?.

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