A Smouldering B’s Recycling Plant

Environs of Bs Recycling

Environs of Bs Recycling

The tragic event which occurred at B’s Recycling located at Cane Garden, St. Thomas yesterday has tossed up several issues. According to a recent press report surveillance cameras recorded two characters running from the vicinity of the metal dump. In their haste they left a wheel barrow and spade behind. If it is that this fire was caused by thieves, it adds to a growing belief at home and abroad that the crime situation has started to wobble out of control.  For those who do not yet have an appreciation of the situation, it was reported today that   “British MP Stephen McPartland has called on the Foreign Office to warn travellers that Barbados is “not a safe place” until the local police properly investigate the rape of two British women”.

Then there is the issue of whether a business of this type should be located in a large residential area with a newly built school – Lester Vaughn – downstream. Barbados is a 21 by 14 island and common sense says there is no perfect location in Barbados. However we need to have a national policy regarding this type of business and the safeguards necessary to operate. Are we sensitive about matters to do with the environment anyway?

What is next for the Bynoe’s and Bs Recycling?


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  1. millertheanunnaki March 29, 2013 at 12:40 PM #

    @ old onion bags | March 29, 2013 at 11:49 AM |

    They were warned about the deceit and dishonesty of this current crop of DLP politicians. They ain’t see nothing yet.
    Let the DLP shit start to hit the fan, fuh real!

    With a fiscal deficit on the current account alone of over $400 million Bajans going to smell hell in the coming months. The ordinary people who are easily fooled will be the early targets.
    The next items to be taxed would be basic food to be subject to VAT.
    The DLP achieve their electoral objective so to hell with the stupid ignorant disposable (m)asses who were tricked and bought out.

    Could you, OOB, explain to a simple miller where this government is going to find money in a depressed economy to close the fiscal deficit gap on its current account?
    Onions, you are a man with a head for numbers, can you figure that one out for the BU family including ac?
    Maybe we can get Alvin our own Bajan J.K. Rowling literati of Booker prize and Oscar status (we now know who he is) to tell us how his Harry Potter magic would close this massive current account deficit.


  2. Well Well March 30, 2013 at 8:30 AM #

    UP the creek, no boat, no paddle.


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