The NOTE: Was Hal Gollop Brokering a Deal Between Owen Arthur and Fruendel Stuart to Get Mia Mottley?

Submitted  by Ckeckit-Out on BU’s General Election page (as a comment)
Note from Owen Arthur to Fruendel Stuart (sent via Hal Gollop)

Note from Owen Arthur to Fruendel Stuart (sent via Hal Gollop)

David;  I thought I should push my mout in your discussion with Miller of 1.35 pm today.  There are a number of things about the NOTE that was reproduced in Barbados Today that is somewhat troubling.

  1. Only a portion of the note is given.  The first portion is not shown.
  2. It is evident that the writer considered the first part of the letter shown “I sent a note to you by Hal Gollop etc.” as the most important part of the note and that he confirms that he would not get involved in the Eager 11 situation as he knew the problems involved in keeping a party together.
  3. It is also clear that the above discussion did not come out of the blue. There must have been some discussion between OSA and Freundel about the eager 11 which led to this note.
  4. The note was mainly about the eager 11  situation
  5. The note ends with “you can help me by taking Mottley”.  It does not say I am giving you Mottley, especially since Mottley was not OSA’s to give.  It says (let me repeat) “You can help me by TAKING;.  To my mind that puts an entirely different complexion on the matter.  It suggests to me that moves were afoot for Mottley, perhaps by Mottley, to go over to the DLP.  Indeed that was rumoured on this blog around the time of the rift.  So the note then becomes one where OSA might be saying I am not getting involved in your eager 11 affair as I told you through Hal Gollop and as a matter of fact you are free to TAKE Mottley as it is rumoured that you are considering.

If that is so.  and I am almost certain it is, then the spin by FS [Prime Minister Stuart] is disingenuous at the best and shows a total lack of integrity at the worst.  People of integrity do not publish notes themselves sent to them in confidence (something falling off a truck and published by someone else might be par for the political course but is unheard of for someone who promotes himself as being a paragon of virtue).

If FS wins the election on the back of ploys like this one and the privatisation volte face the Barbados electorate would deserve him.  I still think he won’t as there are enough undecideds who can read him like a book.

FS would have cemented himself, in my books, as being equally as duplicitous as his former boss David Thompson and vying with him for being the worst Prime Minister that Barbados and the Caribbean has ever known.

The spin machine of the TTP’s of this world is alive and well.

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No Comments on “The NOTE: Was Hal Gollop Brokering a Deal Between Owen Arthur and Fruendel Stuart to Get Mia Mottley?”

  1. Observing(...) February 19, 2013 at 6:00 PM #

    @all three Davids, lol

    What I find amazing is after the big build up and all the hype about “the note,” the DLP has NOTHING in the past 24 hours to amplify and plow through on the momentum they thought it would have given them. Instead, the BLP has quickly regrouped and are ready to attack like mad tonight armed with a poll predicting their victory. So far all we have seen are excerpts from an Auditor General report in a “too big” document and the same ads we’ve been seeing.

    Just imagine, the Noel Lynch comments about Thompson went up on their site Sunday, almost a full 10 days after they were made…and attacking a candidate who has already defeated himself. Does this sound like “strategy?”

    Just Observing


  2. David February 19, 2013 at 6:05 PM #


    The DLPites don’t want to read this but the BLP ground game and using relevant communication blasts is superior.

    Here is another example: Since Sunday Jimmy Serrao and Owen Arthur have sent out (3) communication pieces to BLP website subscribers. Not one similar communication from the DLP.


  3. ac February 19, 2013 at 6:52 PM #

    to all you men. you seem to think that woman dumb we know when we are being played and we know the difference between abuse and insult. chris said words which might have been offensive and rude ,but to compare that to OSA derogatory remarks about Mia and her sexual escapades is like day and night. not only was he down right abusive to her in language and terminology her but also he accused herof . stealing funds from the campaign treasury when apparently some bills were not paid. Not forgetting the unforgetable sin of having five men gang up on her to decapitate her . wait wunna men think all that forgotten by the woman. who going to send that short pint sized midget a message on how to respect woman on thursday,


  4. ac February 19, 2013 at 6:55 PM #

    you men think that NOTE does not carry any weight ,ASK NOW! they all geared up to show OSA who is the real leader of the BLP and fuh sure it won’t” be HIM after THURSDAY.


  5. David February 20, 2013 at 11:51 AM #

    The issue of communication: through the Thompson stewardship his political strategist Hartley Henry used a weekly column to peddle a certain narrative and to respond to topical issues. The article was posted on BU many times unabridge versions. During the Stuart administration it has struggled to push a consistent communications strategy.


  6. Denise Phillips February 23, 2013 at 9:50 PM #

    The BLP fell on their own sword…the greedy overthrow of Mia was always going to sit badly ….OSA took the hit for it and consequently his party….should be interesting to see how Roebuck street deals with the fallen leader….and that eager 11 scenario, fabricated by the BLP to destabilize the DLP….as I suspect t he note about OSA wanting to rid himself of Mia was…politics is a game of seizing opportunities and OSA seized the leadership but did not anticipate the outcome in 2013… He forgot that MAM would employ her own tactics….Plus they appeared too eager for power always a sCary sign…then the2nd poll created to bolster sagging fortunes by influencing voters brought the opposite reaction….the voters weighed the options and chose to stick with the DEMS in spite of all the hardships….


  7. David February 23, 2013 at 9:57 PM #

    Now that the election is behind us are we agreed that we the E11 was orchestrated by three people, three very well know players in the political world?

    One can be sure PM Stuart is aware his denial that there was an attempted coup notwithstanding.

    BU eagerly looks forward to the appointment of the Cabinet.


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