Independents in the 2013 General Election

There is a growing segment of opinion that the country needs to examine alternatives to the two established political parties. The fact that both parties are driven by individuals from the legal profession – a profession which is unable to efficiently manage and influence the Barbados Bar Association and the Barbados Judiciary – is evidence we need to critically examine the model of government in use.

The coming general election will feature six Independent candidates who have decided to challenge the status quo. Many believe that the six do not have the resources or constituency wide recognition – with the exception of Tann Abed – to be successful at the polls. To be fair to the six candidates BU introduces the group to the BU family.

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31 responses to “Independents in the 2013 General Election

  1. Congrats to Scantlebury for holding his first meeting in St. Peter today.

  2. Very decent of you David to give exposure to the Independants.

    They cannot win but deserve our praise for the effort they are making.

  3. They say things tight in Barbados, and people got $250.00 to throw away. Tann Abed will fear the best of the lot, he could even get lucky and win if the people vote personality and not party. From what I read, he did a lot of work when he was running.

  4. Caswell Franklyn

    I am sorry that I could not vote for Plantation Deeds, I like his spunk but unfortunately for him, I vote in St. Thomas.

  5. Crazy Horse Jockey

    David & Caswell

    Fruendel is just about finished writing his latest book ‘ How the North was Won’. It’s going on sale next Friday 22nd February.

    How ironic will be when Operation Bang launched by Pitbull catches Dale in a nasty stinking deal.

  6. yes let us put a rich Syrian
    as prime minister.a abed.can you say cocaine?

  7. If Independents want to be taken seriously they must organize themselves around the issues and ensure their message is heard. How else will their cause resonate?

  8. If my memory serves, both parties have accused the other of assuming the Bajan electorates are illiterate and to disprove this; we must vote their party for whatever reasons given. Having witnessed my first election here in 2008 since 1976 and as a first time voter having also experienced a partial term under the BLP, after a full five years term with this DLP lot; independent candidates or a third party should be very much a factor in this coming election. I think a literate populace would be beating a path to anyone or third party presenting this up coming elections. Then again, since most Bajans don’t recognized when they are treated like crap when they’re out and about conducting their business and to simply walk away from the offending person or company, voting for others as a form of protest is indeed a stretch.

  9. jus mekkin sport

    Hey Tan, Mah man.
    Tanned is wha yuh ent.
    Get mah drift!!
    But wat de Hell 27 shades a Grey hit de spot.!!

  10. We all agree that independents entering the race adds value to the process but some may question the motives of some independents. Take Herman Lowe for example, a spoiler may be? You may recall James Paul won by a handful of votes last time around.

    All eyes will be on Taan Abed who is one of maybe three bonafide independents in the race.

  11. Once again a milquetoast article with coded messages supporting a DLP with no record in the last 5 years of any iota of deliverance; leadership or indeed of pragmatism and an almost total lack of integrity. Their record speaks for itself especially the total lack of leadership. By his own admission Freundel has established himself as no leader fit to inhabit the pantheon of past leaders in Barbados, including Owen Arthur. I can only ask what deliverance has he and his party of shallow scaredy cats shown themselves capable of? Deliverance from good financial management?

    Yardbroom’s are just words strung together meaning nothing in his usual style. I suspect this is the forerunner of operation “big bang” where the half truths and untruths will be exploded onto a presumed unwary public. But the public, immunised by the David Thompson record of serial exposure of unsubstantiated untruths will see through this current ruse wielded by a DT wannabee with no ability to think for himself and execute appropriately.

    As for integrity there is absolutely no evidence that the DLP party has or had any greater integrity than the BLP or that the individuals running for power in the DLP individually had or have any greater integrity than the BLP ones. Its all smoke and mirrors. They are all the same from that yardstick. The difference is leadership and governance at this time. Freundel is demonstrably the worst or second worst leader that Barbados has ever had. In addition to an abysmal management style he has shown time and again that he could not manage his cabinet and left them to their own devices and had no power to curb their excesses.

    What deliverance what?

    We need a new system of checks and balances which can smoke out the ones on both sides who lack integrity and can punish them either before or after a term in government appropriately with serious sntences. As it now stands calls re. integrity on both sides need to be taken with a large dose of salt.

  12. @Check-it -out
    Somebody strike a nerve?
    Owen Arthur is blatantly trying to trick Bajans.Imagine after complaining about expenditure, the BLP comes with a socalled manifesto which is basically about deception and trying to catch votes.
    How the hell can a man get on a platform in an environment with a fiscal defict on current account in a small tourism dependent open economy with your major tourist market in recession and promise 1 billion dollars in giveaways to boost consumption and not have the intellectual honesty to answer this simple question:
    “Where will the money and spending cuts come from?”
    Even the most diehard BLP yardfowl must admit- It does not add up. Arthur really thinks that we are stupid. I am not, are you?

  13. @ Chekit-out….Do I hear the peal of the bell activated by a depressed panic button?Take it easy man.When I hear this bang is when I will believe this bang.Don’t get me wrong….I would love a bang but was bitten by a similar snake before.

  14. Crazy Horse Jockey

    Check-it Out

    Operation Bang is coming. The material has all be cut and as we speak the tailor, one General Pitbull is sewing the suit. You must appreciate that this is going to be one of the new fashion suits worn by the youths, it’s going to be very tight fitting.

    The BLP campaign will be limping after Friday night. Mia escapes untouched by OSA, Gline and Dale are damaged goods.

  15. Crazy Horse Jockey

    On one score OSA was right, he was right when labelled the DLP a pack of ‘wild boys’. The conventional tactics are out the window as these ‘wild boys’ know a political nuclear bomb when it’s given to them. They have a bomb expert inspecting it to make sure it’s working and will reliabably detonate on Friday.

  16. Bajans really need to get real, why not let a couple of the drug dealers from Chapman Lane into the race as well, at least they will be members of the island’s majority. Did this Abed guy and his family have a falling out or something that if he by some miracle wins the election, their known cocaine connections won’t represent a part of the government. What is going on??? Only in Bim can this be allowed to go so far, making a mockery of the system.

  17. By the way, I am all for seeing new candidates, tired of the same ones along with their squad of skeletons, however we also don’t need new parties or candidates accompanied by the same old skeletons.

  18. Old Onion Bags

    Onion rings…

    We hearing of gambling on our waters
    Senator Emeritus not a tweet
    Now later, time of elections
    He beggin for a second sweep.
    Redd Plastic surely had put it right
    Politics from D pulpit….. bare shh..

    People are suffering like hell in silence,
    Don’t know daily, where to turn,
    Juggling bill fixes, no money to spend,
    Holding on frailly, amidst chaos and churn,
    What MTFP plan what….
    Call a spade a spade man…..
    DLP is nuff boondoggle
    Boot Dem to damm.


  19. For those who are interested New Barbados Kingdom Alliance will stage a meeting at Six Mens, St. Peter tonight.

  20. Gabriel Tackle

    @Old Onion Bags
    Was there a walkout by several congregants on a sermon on Sunday Feb 3rd
    at the Cathedral Church of St Michael and All Angels?Things getting desperate as I understand those congregants who walked out wear RED and there were many who took that break in transmission of the message from D pulpit.

  21. Georgie Porgie


  22. Barbados at moment is chiaotic. It’s just a mess. The S&P and Moody’s said so. There is lots of theft there. The United Nations said so and Violet Beckles proved it. Worse, corrupt politicians are racing for re-elected seats: Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, Dale Marshall, Gline Clark and Geroge Payne.

  23. I voting fuh cup*

    *Coalition of United Parties

  24. My vote fuh cup*

  25. Coalition of United Parties sounds unique, that’s a start.

  26. Crazy Horse Jockey

    What about Coalition United Nationalist Today.

  27. Anything sounds better than what’s currently out there, just leave out the royal and kingdom and majesty, that crap is annoying after so many centuries.

  28. Gabriel Tackle

    @Georgie Porgie Feb 13th 4.03pm
    As John 3:16 it took place as stated.A number of people walked out of the church Sunday morning February 3rd 2013.Check it out.

  29. If u have proof that Taan Abed is involved in drugs…bring it or go to the police.If ur relatives are suspected to be involved in drugs does that then mean that u are too. WTF!!


    Taan is very vex to find out his family bought land that did not belong to the sellers, Persons that look white did not Rob Violet , its the people that call them self black that rob her and then sell to those that look white..Hammy also know the truth and we wish he was still in the race .
    Bajan Free Party and the C.U.P will for the 2nd time speak in open air at the Bay Street Esplanade from 7:00pm to 11:59pm on MONDAY 18th Day of February 2013. Take notes to ask Owen , Mia, PM and AG ,, to back up or shut up…
    Need truth to fix what wrong ,,,,


    we will rent 20,000 open lots at 500 a year, can now build houses with the true land owners permission,
    We need your votes to get things going

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