The BLP Has Rescued, Rebuilt, And Restored Barbados Before And We Can And Will Do It Again: Facts Versus Fiction


Many reasons exist why Barbadians today need to “VOTE BLP” in the next general election soon to come.  The current DLP is “slowly killing Barbados” from top to bottom and we cannot survive another term of inaction on key national challenges.  The DLP simply (1) lack innovative thinking and know-how in key leadership positions, (2) simply lack a fiscal and economic vision for Barbados at this critical time, (3) simply lack the inability to reduce spending and grow national revenues, (4) simply lack effective leadership and governance coming from the PM daily and other key government ministers, just to mention a few key shortcoming.

Our current PM remains “MISSING IN ACTION” on key issues facing Barbados and refuses to speak to the Bajan people, and when he does speak pure non-sense comes out, then he disappears again to read “PLATO” under a guava tree, while Bajan families are struggling “DAILY”.

So let’s BU take a walk back down history lane …. 2007 was the year … and let me tell you a few reasons why “THE BLP is BEST for Barbados at this CRITICAL time in our national history”. “ The BLP has RESCUED, REBUILT, and RESTORED Barbados before and WE CAN AND WILL DO IT AGAIN”

JOBS: In 1994 more than 32, 000 of the 132,000 work force could not find jobs. This included 17,000 of the 64,200 females in the labour force.  The BLP back then changed the state of the game with innovative thinking and hard work that spurred investor confidence, leading to the creation of more than 30,500 jobs — as promised.

FOREIGN RESERVES: Foreign reserves were $2.2 billion, Enough to cover imports for 35 weeks. and our dollar is WAS secured.

GOVERNEMNT POLICIES: BLP’s policies led to sustained growth in the tourism and services sectors, which in turn generated significant foreign exchange.

ATTRACTING FOREIGN INVESTMENT: In 1993 the BLP attracted overall investment in Barbados was $419.8 million.

INCOME TAXES: Since 2003, 26,000 persons no longer pay Income.

INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION: Former UN Secretary General Dr. Kofi Annan described Barbados as a nation punching above its weight.
POVERTY: In 2007, the United Nations declared Barbados the number one developing country in eradicating Poverty.

TAX RATES: Small business tax rate reduced from 25% to 15%.

EXPORTS: Domestic exports from the manufacturing sector jumped 49.2 %: from $329.4 million in 2003 to $491.6 in 2006.

DEPOSITS: In 1993, total deposits $1.9 billion In 2003 total deposits $ 7.3 billion

LOCAL INVESTORS: Local investors, brimming with renewed confidence in the economy, injected millions in housing development; the upgrade of physical plant in the distributive and retail sectors.

NIS: Increased the NIS contribution rate by one per cent of insurable earnings each year for four years, shared equally by employee and employer. The NIS retirement age for unreduced pension was raised by six months every four years, starting in 2006 until age 67 is reached in the year 2018. Flexible NIS retirement ages were introduced so that in due course persons may retire on an NIS pension at any age from 60 to 70 years. These changes have resulted in an improved NIS scheme that will ensure that all Barbadians have access to its many benefits when they do retire.

LOANS: BLP provided 319 persons with $3 million in loans for projects ranging from retailing and food services to cosmetology and craft under the Urban Enterprise Loan Fund.

GOVERNMENT SUPPORT: BLP subsidized the purchase of house lots where the tenant paid $2.50 per square foot while the landlord was given free market price. It is expected that in total over 5000 households will benefit.

YOUTH TRAINING: 10,474 persons benefited from programmes to train youth in leadership, information technology, marketing and accounting.

TOURISM: The Tourism Development Act has facilitated more than $2 billion in actual new investment, with a further $4 billion pledged.

In closing:
Now I know the “KOOLAID”  and “EVERYTHING IS OK” propaganda the DLP is serving Bajans is real sweet and blames everything on the global recession. However what the current DLP “CANNOT” blame on the global recession as I have said is the: (1) lack innovative thinking and know-how in key leadership positions, (2) lack a fiscal and economic vision for Barbados at this critical time, (3) lack the inability to reduce spending and grow national revenues, (4) lack effective leadership and governance coming from the PM daily and other key government ministers, just again to mention a few key shortcomings.

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0 responses to “The BLP Has Rescued, Rebuilt, And Restored Barbados Before And We Can And Will Do It Again: Facts Versus Fiction

  1. @Observing and Observing

    You “observing and observing and observing and sometimes listening and listening … “AND AINT LEARNING NOTHING” :) ..

  2. islandgal246

    Onions…… I got to hold muh belly and laff real hard……yuh got fried to a crisp by this yung un…RFLMAO LOLLLLLL You nasty ole man…LOLLLL

  3. Young Independent
    I am delighted with your response. I have children, UWI graduates and still studying and The Lord only knows if the job based on their qualifications will show up. Due to my interacting with my children and their wide cadre of friends, I can understand your frustrations. You, like your elders and your colleagues would like to hear constructive decisions on financial and societal innovations that will propel this country. Sometimes it is difficult to produce alternatives too far from election time since the ones in Government might hijack the said ideas. Welcome aboard on the blogs and we look forward to your political virgin strategies instead of the worn out political sitcom by some bloggers.

  4. old onion bags

    @ Yung Indp
    Hope you studied Shakespeare

    Madam, I swear I use no art at all
    That he’s mad, ’tis true, ’tis true ’tis pity,
    And pity ’tis ’tis true—a foolish figure,
    But farewell it, for I will use no art.

  5. old onion bags

    “Ignorance is a curse”

  6. Carson C. Cadogan

    tell me why

    New brooms sweep clean, but the old ones know the corners.

  7. old onion bags

    What day is day, night night, and time is time,
    Were nothing but to waste night, day, and time;
    Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit,
    And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes,
    I will be brief. You my noble son is ——- . . .

  8. islandgal246

    And maliciousness is the worse

    Some old farts now resorting to quoting dead men. Onions go an tek yuh pills puleeze.

  9. Observing (and observing)

    If the teacher cannont teach, the student cannot learn.

  10. @ Observing

    I’m not a teacher …. I dont have time to teach “common sense” and not sure I can… plus you not interested in learning ….

    If you can’t clearly see the nonsense, lack of leadership coming from the current DLP administration I can’t help ya.

    I can however “HELP” those who love barbados and want to see our country survive.

  11. old onion bags

    @David to Austin
    The litmus test for your last comment is for you to name countries in the region which did not grow GDP in the boom years.
    Ya sweet…..but on Austin’s other thread…….you were arguing that GDP was NOT a good indicator (litmus test) …..countries in” region which did not grow GDP in the boom years.”. Which one is it man …make up your mind.
    link :

  12. And that is the point by using Austin’s favorite measuring stick…lol.

  13. @ Old onions
    David will tell you they didn’t have the ‘entitlements’ we had here in B’dos like health care, education etc………but that means, given this argument, that they should have done far better than us because after all no skills were required a country just had to bask in the boom. lol

  14. @enuff

    Again you seek to trivialize an important point. The fact which you and others can’t deny is that Barbados padded it international reserves by borrowing in a market which was rich with opportunities to do so. The money has to be repaid.

  15. Both the BLP and DLP must be kicked out of the parliament of this country.

    This country and the government of this country belong to all Barbadians.

    This country and the government of this country does not belong to the DLP or BLP.

    The time for many very patriotic politically conscious people to commit themselves to kicking the BLP and DLP out of the parliament of this country, and putting intelligent people centered coalition building parliamentarians in their places is now and henceforth.

    For, these stupid joke BLP and DLP factions – which are essentially the same ideologically programmatically – have been playing some very stupid psychological political games with many people in this country.

    Whenever either of these old archaic parties has had the opportunity to become at the helm of the government of this country, it foolishly believes that it has dominion over the government of this country and the country itself.

    And so this is what a couple hundred of their supporters outlandishly believe!!

    But, the political history of Barbados is replete with instances where either of these parties believes that once it has become at the helm of government it has so much political power and authority over the people that it can – with impunity – put in place all kinds of stupid and inept policies to make the poor and needy suffer more and more, and the productive sectors struggle and struggle and that they can launch charges and counter charges against each other whilst the country goes quickly on a path of becoming a second rate Third World developing country.

    Well, this ignorance must be stopped by as many very patriotic and politically conscious Barbadians carrying the fight to remove DLP and BLP problems from the political landscape of this country, with the securing of the permanent removal of the DLP and BLP from the social political landscape of this country and thus greater freedom and democracy to the people of this country.


  16. @ David
    Every week you shift your argument. Had they not borrowed and built where would we be now when money is so hard to access? The fact is that you and others somehow pretend that a global boom means there is no need for competence. In 1994 the unemployment was 25% and the previous year’s growth close to -4%; to maintain an average of about 3% for 14 years and get unemployment down to 7% is no small feat and simply could not have been merely due to a ‘boom’. Less you forget, commodity prices were climbing since 2004 and there was the 9/11 recession–short-lived comparatively speaking but it still required some action and leadership.

    Look at the issue of cost of living. All of a sudden global circumstances are responsible for the higher cost of living as recently stated by Minister Sinckler, but in 2007 it was all local. Now if the problem was local, the base price of items evident during the ‘corrupt practices of collusion’ under the BLP should have been reduced once the ‘virtuous’ DLP came to power and implemented their plans and policies. Do current prices reflect the removal of the local causal factor(s) of the high cost of living or has the situation been exacerbated? It is worthy to note that the commodity food price index between October 2008 and July 2010 was lower or equal to that of January 2007.

  17. I had to stack up on my supply of toilet paper before I touched Austin’s latest attempt at BLP propaganda.
    The BLP toilet overflowing now Austin, cudddear man,
    The BLP is not the answer to any issues in Barbados – plain and simple !

    The so called boom years and innovation that you talked about – crap and soft crap. I repeat the tourists that are the lifeblood of the Barbados economy do not sit in Europe, Canada and the USA and first check who is the Prime Minister before they take a vacation or a cruise.
    In case you did not notice, many visitors do not check for BLP or DLP. if they have the money back home they will spend. That is central to the economic argument.
    The DLP government has been proactive in trying to maintain arrivals from our source markets and to develop new markets but across the region, tourists are not spending like before.The foreign reserves left in 2007 was as a result of a lot of borrowing – don’t make it seem that this money was earned by the productive sectors.
    You are trying to mislead people but there is no superior talent in the BLP. Under Owen Arthur there were still complaints of an unproductive workforce, wastage of taxpayers money, lack of integrity legislation, supercession in the public service and the list goes on. The BLP candidates presented are the worst ever presented as cadidates in this country. Wuk Fa Wuk, Arthur, Dale Marshall – they could rescue somebody- please.
    The BLP will fool those who allow themselves to be fooled!

  18. The BLP has never rescued Barbados. In September 1994 when the BLP came to power, an honest observation would show that the Barbados economy was coming out of the recession of the previous years and the world economy was starting to pick up.
    The ensuing years saw EVERY tourism dependent economy in the region growing.
    I REPEAT – the ensuing years saw every tourism dependent economy growing.What is the lesson here folks – There is no economic magic or magician. Owen Arthur does not know any more economics than any one in Barbados.
    But the BLP spindoctors tell people no, Barbados was growing beacuse of the PM- wHAT UTTER NONSENSE.
    Internationally, it well known that Dr. Delisle Worrell has more skill in the field of econonics in his little finger that Owen Arthur could ever try to attain.
    CLyde Mascoll said it best – Clyde Mascoll said consistently that Owen Arthur is not even a good economist.The question therefore for BLP supporters is :
    IS Clyde Mascoll a liar?

  19. Is it not interesting that the same BLP that tells people that the “global recession ” is not that important can only point to growth in The Barbados Economy during 1994 – 2007 when the global economy was also growing?

    The BLP will fool those who allow themselves to be fooled

  20. @enuff

    There are multiple arguments which can be brought.

  21. Caswell Franklyn

    NIS: Increased the NIS contribution rate by one per cent of insurable earnings each year for four years, shared equally by employee and employer. The NIS retirement age for unreduced pension was raised by six months every four years, starting in 2006 until age 67 is reached in the year 2018. Flexible NIS retirement ages were introduced so that in due course persons may retire on an NIS pension at any age from 60 to 70 years. These changes have resulted in an improved NIS scheme that will ensure that all Barbadians have access to its many benefits when they do retire

    The writer of this post somehow thinks that the above is a plus for the BLP. Think again! Most of these measures were introduced out of fear that the NIS fund would be in trouble sometime down the road and were implemented without consultation or adequate thought. For example the introduction of flexible retirement ages allow a person to retire early and receive a reduced pension or retire later and receive an enhanced pension. They estimated that the amount of people claiming early would be balanced out by the number claiming late and so there would not have been any adverse effect on the fund. They couldn’t be more wrong, so far hundreds have claimed early pensions but only one person had deferred. This has resulted in the NIS paying out millions that they would not have paid out .

    Also there was no need to increase the the contribution rate. All that has done is to generate excess income for NIS that they can lend to Government. At the lower rate there was already a healthy surplus.

    The writer did not mention that they also changed the formula for calculating the NIS pension as a result persons would receive a smaller pension while they raised the contribution rate. A move that was designed to take away more from workers and give them back less when they retire.

  22. Wickham says that the cuurent situation requires of Stuart to make a political decision instead of a legal . however in Jan uary Stuart intervention was political and now we are seeing the end result being more of the same. the political expedient thing would have been to let both sides aired the views in the court of public opinion and with the children being in the centre of it all both sides would have had to reach a compromise since both sides do agree on one thing “the children”

  23. seeking a new way

    what barbados needs is an understanding about how the capitalist system works, about our past and how this affects everything that is happennng to us and to develop a new cadre of thinkers whose role is t develop the socal, economiic status of the african man in Barbados that would have a ripple effect world wide.

  24. old onion bags

    The need to rebuild definite now……seems like 4 yrs of pull down took its toll…but how we could entertain all this unnecessary SPENDING still it,.. boggles…gone to fete the is said…It is time the Constitution
    should contain some Order to stop lavish necessary spending when a country has reached some piss poor level with its finances …and stop this ineptocrasy..(borrowing Hal’s word)….”.your measures don’t work …you don’t fly “…..then all these trips would be more scrutinized….Nonsense man.

  25. old onion bags wrote “gone to fete the Diaspora.”

    Onions. wunna want we money ($100 million a year) so a little fete every now and then ent nuh big ting.

  26. Lynette Eastmond has tossed her hat in the ring in St. Philip West.

  27. Travelling allowance for public worker is no longer tax free . A lot of public officers at this level will take a big hit when they file their income tax . No tax benefits for savings in the Credit Union. Tax benefits only for the rich.

  28. The DLP we know is sole owner of CLICO but the Barbados Water Authority problems totaling 13 years were inherited from Arthur and the BLP. The Barbados Water Authority, a government corporation in 2009 was near bankrupcy. Arthur and the BLP apparently paid no attention to the Barbados Water Authority, didn’t care or thought to wonder WHAT’S GOING ON in the Barbados Water Authority house. Al Barrack also was inherited from Arthur and the BLP. Arthur and the BLP gave birth to the Al Barrack mess. Now, according to Arthur, “the REDjet Airlines might still be flying if the Barbados Government had honored its financial commitment to the collapsed airline”. Al Barrack is linked to both Barbados government parties, the BLP and the DLP. It, however, was born in 2006, Arthur’s era. If the government during Arthur’s era had honored its financial commitment to Contractor Al Barrack, Barbados NOW would not owe him seventy five million. The BLP government under leadership of Owen Arthur and Mia Mottley awarded Al Barrack Construction Company a thirty six million dollor contract “without tender”. Al Barrack has possession of a court ordered judgement, REDjet Airlines does not. Bajans owe REDjet Airlines nothing, absolutely nothing. They, however, owe Al Barrack seventy five million. Barrack in 2008 received 2.5 million from the Thompson administration. The 2.5 million demonistrated effort not even considered by Arthur and his cronies. Arthur in 2006 invested 2.4 million dollors into a Nigerian Solar Water Heater project. No solar water heaters were produced and the 2.4 million dollars were lost and or unaccounted for. The BLP in this matter does not examplify SOUND JUDGEMENT. Certainly sound judgement would apply if the 2.4 million dollars were surrendered to Al Barrack. If the 2.4 million were surrendered to Al Barrack, Bajans in 2006 would have owned him 2.4 million dollars less.

    Bajans and the DLP before 2008 general election were extremly close friends. The DLP campaign almost five years ago called for change, but nothing changed. The DLP and David Thompson, while campaigning promised Bajans cake and ice cream. Thompson said he would implement a Ministerial Code of Conduct “immediately” upon forming a government and would introduce Integrity Legislation and Freedom of Information within the first 100 days. The DLP is close to completing its five year term. The cake and ice cream sad to say NEVER showed up, a Ministerial Code of Conduct, the Integrity Legislation or Freedom of Information. The DLP made promises it did not keep. It also entertained friends but the wrong ones, Leroy Parris and Lawrence Duprey. The result was a CLICO disaster. Bajans and the DLP are now no longer best friends. The BLP knowing this is making every effort to befriend them in place of the DLP.

    Bajans possibly will give the BLP back their power with Owen at the helm. Surely, this would cause them to enter a DANGER ZONE. Owen we know is alive and kicking, but with notable signs of demencia. He is forgetting things, walks slow and sometimes with a cane.

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