Barbados Police Force Getting A Bum Rap

Submitted by RUSERIOUS

An article was posted on that ignorant site called BFP about the and I quote “Inability of the Police Force to stem the violence“. I respond as a law abiding citizen who has a clue.

You say “inability of the Police force to stem the violence?” You are being sarcastic right? Let’s check some facts. There are 80,000 persons since Barbados became independent who have been charged with a crime. That is a significant portion of the population.

Time after time and all the time and every time the judiciary hands down monkey sentences, and recycles criminals through the prison system, violent repeat offenders who no longer serve a purpose in society are sentenced to miniscule prison sentences, come out, kill/rob/rape again multiple times,  are caught by police and the process repeats itself. Nearly ALL of the persons committing violent crime have multiple conviction records on average of 7 or more convictions. Some have as much as thirty for burglary/robbery/serious bodily harm/possession of weapons.

Now you tell me that the POLICE can’t stop violent crime?? It’s a half statement. THE POLICE cannot stop violent  crime when the judiciary constantly does not enforce maximum penalties for crimes. One example is the man who killed the Canadian got 10 years and on appeal it was raised to 15. The man who killed Bibi Ifill got 15 years. He killed her and stuffed her in a well and claimed he knew nothing of it. Got 15 years…When was the last time someone was sentenced to life in prison for killing someone else? Probably in the 70s or 80s those two clowns who blow up an old lady in her home with dynamite and now want to get out.

There are burglars who are charged and plead guilty to multiple counts of burglaries, robbers who plead guilty to multiple counts of robberies and are sentenced to three years CONCURRENT on each charge, meaning society is only protected from them for three years. You claim in your article that the COP is mad at BFP for scrutinizing the police and that issues that once died quickly are now kept in the public eye forever by BFP.  Well you are still useless because you keep mis-information and mis-issues in the public eye.

Instead of focusing on the real cause, you are at the police. Then when the police play judge jury and executioner there is a problem. But the reality is we have a NON functioning judiciary. How is it that someone who breaks into a house 20 times can spend three years in prison, come back out, repeat the cycle, get caught again, break 20 more houses, get caught again, do it again in three years?

What about the Customs Officers and guards at our ports of entry who are taking bribes to let in unknown packages containing guns? Are the police to blame for that too? Blaming the police for crime is like blaming the sanitation for garbage, Police don’t generate the garbage they only clean it up. Similarly the Police don’t make the violent crime, they do their best to clean it up, and then the landfill (judiciary) puts the garbage back on the street again for the sanitation/police to go and deal with it again.

If you want results, put pressure on parliament to change laws giving the judiciary mandatory orders to pass sentences that will jail violent repeat offenders for life. Laws that will help police locate, identify and prosecute the organizers of crime  such as the gang leaders who hands are not dirty and who can never be prosecuted with the absence of conspiracy charges.

How many Immigration officers selling Barbados passports and work permit stamps do you see prosecuted? At least the Police Force gets rid of the ones among them giving trouble, when was the last time you saw Immigration get rid of one of their own, all the corruption in customs, when did Customs get rid of their own? When Immigration and Customs wrong you, who do you complain to? They do not have a complaints department at all, at least the Police have one.

Police officers who are found doing unlawful acts are charged and tried before the court, if they get off in the court it is a matter again for the judiciary. You need to wake up and hop off your high horse about the police, because otherwise nothing will change if you keep beating the wrong child with the stick.

March and get together, use your blackberry, use Facebook, use Twitter, march on your politicians, demand they change the laws to keep violent repeat offenders behind bars. Call them, write them, email them, put stickers about it all over the country, call the radio call in program, demand the judiciary sentence people accordingly.

Crime is not only now out of hand, it has been out of hand for some years now as the gold prices have risen and street robberies rise as a result. But now that people are dying and people are afraid, now you want the police to do something, well news flash all the people that are robbing you, have done it before. Now people are getting shot and dying, everyone wants the police to do something about it. The parents who raise vagabond children want the police to do something about it.

So I ask you… R U SERIOUS??

0 responses to “Barbados Police Force Getting A Bum Rap

  1. The Commissioner of Police has suggested that the business of “cash for gold” may be fueling some of the crime in Barbados. Who are the persons who run such businesses? I believe that a very large majority of persons buy jewelry to keep for personal adornment and NOT for investment purposes. It is in rare and dire circumstances that people sell (or pawn) their jewelry to get money to meet some expense. I am therefor suspicious of any business that is receiving regular quantities of gold jewelry in return for cash. I thus agree with the COP that such businesses may be associated with criminality. So what are the authorities doing about such businesses? Given the nature of BU and other such blogs can the people behind these “cash for gold” businesses be exposed here? I note that in Jamaica the Government had to shut down the scrap metal trade because of the criminal destruction of infrastructure to get metal. There have been such incidences here in Barbados as well.

  2. @Sean .The biggest criminals in this country are the ones who sit in parliament. They have the vote of the people to introduce and amend laws to deter the criminal from “cooling out at Dodds”, but like most politicians, they look towards the next election, rather than towards the fears and concerns of the populace .

  3. @Ping Pong

    The AG is on record stating in his last address that he is bringing legislation to address scrap metal and cash for gold business.

  4. We have had 22 murders year to date in a country which averages 25 murders a year. The COP believes that although we have worrying trends in crime stats it has not reached crisis level. BU begs to disagree with the COP.

    This talk about crime being down is BS, we are talking about reported crime. Please tell David Ellis so!

  5. There are also missing persons.

    These probably do not go into the murder statistics.

    I am told this number stands at 35 persons over a period of years.

    Published on: 12/17/08.


    DOES anyone remember Thelia Snagg?

    This month marks 20 years since the then-seven-year-old girl vanished, leaving her parents Eulene and Fernando, police and the rest of Barbados baffled about her disappearance.

    It was December 6, 1988, when Thelia, a reportedly very active and intelligent pupil at Eagle Hall Primary School, went missing leaving no clues as to where she might be, dead or alive for certain, except in the minds and hearts of those who knew her.

  6. RUSERIOUS I agree with your post totally .We ammend laws but still no AG. What more are the police to do when they do they duty apprend these criminals and then a judge can sit , hide behind archaic laws and give people slap on the wrist for sentences . How can a man as Barbadians say juck another with a garden fork right through his stomach and cause death instantly be out in less than four years ? How can another man cut off the penis and stab another to death and be out also in less than four years ? This is madness .However doing something that does not cause death you can get more time . Lets be serious here our judicial system stinks .Our ministers people

  7. The minister chew out and make teachers look like little children ,They are now like dogs without a bark .Dont hit the children ,parents refuse to discipline their “lil men and women ” and all is supposed to be well .When you can get a man 30 years old with over 50 traffic convictions and still holding his drivers licence something wrong .Many recidivist are on our streets and that is ok . From the time I saw that cash for gold offer on the foreign channels i said if and when it reaches Barbados it will be alot of trouble and hell to pay .Every body have to do their part .Parents need to come out of denial and the NOT MY CHILD CRIES .

  8. Oh hey guys, don’t take it from me but read the newspapers…apparently the guy who raped the woman in st. john was on bail…

    ah well who cares right

  9. Law practice in Barbados is like a game to some of these lawyers, these young and old knows the ropes too well. The “would be” chief justice doesnt have a clue about current practice in Barbados legal system ,he’s coming in at too old an age to adapt, they will rap him around their fingers and he would become a laughing stock in office. It is a grave mistake that the current prime minister and the chief justice would have much more in common than their alma matar- and short lived too! Lawers say something nah!

  10. Can the Commissioner of Police in Barbados articulate how his proposed license plate policy will effectly lower car related crime other than effectively causing more revenue to the treasury by way of liscencing manufacturers.and higher cost for such items.

    When a speeding car takes off, will i be able to determine whether its plate is authentic and made of vinyl, plastic, metal or sprayed numbers?. people find it rather difficult to determine counterfeit money-whereby the latest technology in colourography and material science is inputed. I guess Christ sinkler loves this idea (more tax-money,money.).

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