Israel Versus Palestine, Seems Like Total Destruction No Solution

The six-ship convoy had set out to carry 10,000 tonnes of aid from Cyprus to Gaza, despite repeated Israeli warnings that it would not be allowed to reach the territory

The video shows the Israeli soldiers descending to the ship. The video also shows some passengers on the ship brandishing sword like weapons. The Israeli government claims the ships were warned not to approach its territory. The organizers of the flotilla left the coast of Cyprus on Sunday and is reported to have been boarded by the Israeli while in international waters.

We all know the answer how this conflict will end. The nuclear outfitted Israel with support from the globe’s only military superpower the United States will have its way. When will it end? Well it seems like total destruction no solution.


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  1. Zoe June 23, 2010 at 11:30 AM #


    Some people are convinced that the root cause of ongoing violence in the Miidle East is the mere presence of Israel. These people claim that if it were not for Israel, peace would prevail there and even world wide terror would cease. Yet, a cursory review of history reveals the FACT that VIOLENCE and WAR are endemic to Arab society and history. Israel WAS NOT involved in the two earlier attempts by Muslims to CONQUER the world ( in the year 732 and in 1529). In the past hundred years, almost EVERY Arab country has been involved in intra-Muslim or intra-Arab violence of great proportions. Israel WAS NOT involved in the deaths of MILLIONS who were killed in the Iran-Iraw war in the 1980s. Nor was Israel involved while Muslims were killing more than TWO MILLION Black Christians and animists in Sudan. The thousands whom Assad of Syria slaughtered in Hama had no connection to Israel. Nor did Egypt invade Yemen and gas its people because of Israel. Saddam did not torture, rape, and murder TWO MILLION of his own poeople because of Israel. Nor did he invade Kuwait to punish Israel. It was not because of Israel that the Lebanese suffered a terrible civil war where thousands upon thousands were killied. But, this IS Islam and Muslims for you!

    Siding with the Truth

    Speech by Susan Michael to the 9th Annual Solidarity Event at the Embassy of Israel, Washington DC.

    May 7th, 2010

    “A worldwide campaign to delegitimize the Jewish State is sounding in the halls of governments, global institutions, universities and in streets around the world. This mounting campaign against Istael IS unprecedented and it is undermining her ability to deal with other serious threats she faces. The goal of this campaign is not only to tie Israel’s hands, but actually to bring about the END of the Jewish state.”

    A Campaign od Delegitimization

    “We just ended the Sixth Annual Israeli Apartheid Week that took place on college campuses in over 40 cities around the world. They are calling Israel an ‘apartheid state’; a country in which the Arab minority IS allowed to VOTE, ATTEND UNIVERSITIES next to Jewish students, SERVE in the IDF, SERVE AS ambassadors, as SUPREME COURT judges, and even REPRESENT the nation as Miss Israel. Former President, Jimmy Carter even turned this accusation into a bestselling book. To us this IS LUDICROUS. But do not be fooled. This is a very dangerous global campaign, because it implies that if Israel is a nation like apartheid Sounth Africa, then she can be sanctioned and dismanted in the same way as the apartheid regime of South Africa.”

    “Hitler understood the role propaganda played in preparing the way for the EXTERMINATION of the Jewish people. The steps were first DISCRIMINATION, second DELEGITIMIZATION and lastly, EXTERMINATION. We need to understand the role of the global DISINFORMATION and propaganda campaing taking place against Israel today and take it seriously.”

    “…She is not only the obstacle to Palestinian statehood, but to world peace. But I want to know this: while orchastrated demonstrations were held around the world against Israel when she moved into Gaza to end ROCKET ATTACKS, and while global institutions such as the UN are accusing her of war crimes, and while our academics and mainline churches are calling for divestment – where are the demonstrations AGAINST the Iranian government for the INCITEMENT to GENOCIDE, or for threatening another member-state in the United Natiins, or for beating and imprisoning INNOCENT citizens for protesting against rigged elections?”

    “Where are the demonstrations AGAINST Hamas who fired 8,000 rockets at innocent Israeli civilians, or for persecuting and murdering Christians in Gaza, or for kidnapping and holding Gilad Shalit for four years! Where are the demonstrations against the Palestinian Authority for GLORIFYING suicide bombers and brainwashing little children to WANT TO BECOME ONE?”

    “The list goes on and on, and if I get started on Sudan, and Egypt and Saudi Arabia we will be here past dinner.”

    “It is really madddening. And to think that while an almost-nuclear Iran is threatening to WIPE Israel off the map, the world asks Israel to commit to a nuclear free Middle East! Or get this one: Iran was just elected to a four-year seat on the UN Women’s Rights Commission. Iran DOES NOT RECOGNIZE the basic human RIGHTS OF WOMEN!” emphasis added.

    We are witnessing throughout the world, in the halls of political leaders, at the UN, and in the streets, a total corruption and utter inversion of any sense of moral justice, and this relativism, that there IS NO right or wrong any more, is DEMONSTRATED, vehemently AGAINST Israel, in every area of the world.

    Almighty God in His Word, says:

    “Woe to those who call EVIL good and GOOD evil” (Isaiah 5:20) emphasis.


  2. Zoe June 23, 2010 at 12:27 PM #

    TERROR by Islamists IS merely a tactic.

    Most people persist in thinking that the enemy is terror. In truth, TERROR is just a tactic of the REAL enemy, Islam, which seeks to dominate and subjugate the entire planet. Knowingly or not, the REALITY is that we are in a battle for our very existence – probalby the greatest WAR we have ever faced; unless we are willing to face this REALITY squarely, we might as well now turn over the keys to our homes and our country. Doing nothing (which is still a conscious decision) would be a tragedy, because the catastrophe will have been self-inflicted – a real tragedy because the destruction would really have been averted. If Muslim/Arab entities and countries believe that thay are at WAR with us, we should believe no less, and act appropriately.

    How can Western poiliticians be so obtuse and continue to delude themselves into believing that a Muslim leader would EVER abandon the dictates of the “holy” KORAN and its religious teachings? Who is really ready to believe that a committed Muslim would violate as Islamic Principle of faith in order to embrace Christians or Jews? Muslims take the teachings of the KORAN very seriously and (as suicide bombers, for example) they are WILLING to give up their lives in order to obey its directives.

    But, Muslim violence is not limited to the Mideast. During the year 2004, TWO HUNDRED official Saudi publications were examined (See Saudi Publications on Hate Ideology Fill American Mosque, June 2005). These were publications generated by the government of Saudi Arabia for distribution AMONGST newly arrived immigrant Muslins in America. These were publications with benign-sounding titles like : “Greetings from the [Saudi] Cultural Attache in Washington, D.D. YET, as but one example, this monograph provides the reader with detailed instructions on HOW TO HATE Christians and Jews, after positing that it is a religious obligation for Muslims to do so. The immigrant is REMINDED that those who advocate tolerance of NON-MUSLIMS are branded as infidels and deserving of DEATH. The Muslim immigrant is also being told that living in satanic America can ONLY be JUSTIFIED when the immigrant proselytizes infidels or acquires specialized education and training that can be later employed in *Jihad* action against Americans. YET, we constantly hear analysts and journalists REFER to the Saudis as our Muslim allies. Absurd, is it not?

    In short, 90% of the examined Saudi publications were VILE and HATE-FILLED, designed to INCITE Muslims to commit acts of VIOLENCE against Americans. It should, therefore, come as NO surprise to the informed public that legislation is finally being proposed (Senate Bill 1171 and House Resolution 2037) indicting Saudi Arabia for her many years of deep involvement in TERROR on many levels including that of being the “epicenter” of global terror financing. The legislation calls for sanctions to be imposed upon Saudi Arabia for continued involvement with incitement and terror. The proposed legislation is based upon the Saudi Arabia Accountability Act of 2005.

    At the UN, however, international efforts to write a global anti-terror treaty have been at an impasse since 1996. Is ‘terrorism’ a term that is that difficult to define, or is it, rather, that the nations have compelling reasons to RESIST condemning the real TERRORISTS?

    Wake up, world, Islam is NOT a political problem that can be managed through discussion; NO, Islam is an implacable ENEMY, a radical EVIL that is the basis for the murdering of non-Muslims, and for attempts at destroying Western Civilization.

    Islamists, treasure DEATH, they glorify DEATH, as they are deceitfully mislead to believe in glorious things in heaven, when they KILL Jews and Christians, and other infidels as well.


  3. Technician June 23, 2010 at 1:53 PM #

    The problem isn’t Israel…true!!

    The problem might very well be ReLIEgion…think about it!!


  4. Technician June 23, 2010 at 2:21 PM #

    And after all this posting by Zoe the religious nomad, the question that he and Dictionary continues to evade, still stands….does this justify the collective punishment of a people?


  5. Zoe June 24, 2010 at 5:31 AM #

    What an IDIOT!


  6. Zoe June 24, 2010 at 5:55 AM #

    The preponderence of world opinion re Israel, which includes the majority on BU as well, now called democracy, is akin to Eight men from East Africa, who once said they were going to try climbing Mount Everest – and, ALL EIGHT WERE BLIND!!!


  7. David June 24, 2010 at 7:01 AM #


    As stated already we have sympathizers on both sides of this issue. Both sides need to be tolerant and hold the invective; to what purpose does it serve? If we want to debate the merits and demerits of the issue this is what civilized and intelligent beings should be competent to do.


  8. Technician June 24, 2010 at 12:30 PM #

    @ Zoe…

    You see the idiot every morning you get up!!

    Now, can you answer the question posed or do you have to use insults to hide the fact that you can’t or don’t have an answer. All these posts by you are just distractions.


  9. Zoe June 24, 2010 at 8:00 PM #

    @David (BU) I find it amazing that you ONLY NOW say something in this regard, and addressed to me, when for weeks, even months, all kinds of INSULTS, downright nasty INVECTIVE were hurled over and over again, at Dictionary, and to a lesser extent me, laced with ‘redherrings’ ‘strawmenized’ rhetoric, with NO substance whatsoever, vehemently displaying blatant Anti-Semitism, and utter disregard for much warranted credible truth, supporting FACTS, historic FACTS re Israel and their rabid enemies, Islamic Arabs, and these dissenters, strangers to TRUTH, constantly throwing distorting distractions, one after the other, with little or NO merit whatsoever, and you said NOTHING to them, and you now come and address me like I am the culprick?

    I simply don’t have any interest whatsoever, in answering stupid questions, from ignorant posters, and when I say ‘ignorant’ I use this word advisedly, meaning ‘lacking KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING on one of, it not the most complex issues, that has been going on for thousands of years.

    And, the last stupid question, is just ANOTHER distraction, that I will not dignify with any answer, as it is a ‘myopic’ fixation on people, who have persecuted and TORMENTED the Jews with TERRORISM, beginning HOURS after their declared Statehood in 1948, and HAS NEVER STOPPED.

    Can that TERRORISM, from 1948, to this very day, to DESTROY and annihilate the Jews from their legitimate homeland, sanctioned and ratified by the then League of Nations, be JUSTIFIED!?


  10. David June 24, 2010 at 8:09 PM #


    Don’t be amazed. BU’s tolerance level is now well known. By addressing you it is deliberate, as someone who has confessed to be a practising Christian BU will ALWAYS expect YOU to travel the high road. You may have the last word.


  11. Technician June 25, 2010 at 4:01 AM #


    Amazing that these so called Christians always want to play the victim.
    Anyone can check Zoe the religious nomad’s posts and see that he is guilty of the same offence he now accuses others of…what a hypocrite!!
    As soon as anyone disagrees they are stupid, ignorant etc. All derogatory comments to people who have a different opinion (of which everyone is entitled).
    Zoe knows he cannot answer the question posed, in fact, the very attempt to answer the question puts him and every Christian of his ilk between a rock and a hard place..between morality and prophecy.
    So in order to avoid this dilemma, here he comes with the usual distractions and side stepping.
    What Christian what!!


  12. Zoe June 25, 2010 at 7:47 AM #

    @David, Yes, “BU’s tolerance level is well known.” Assuredly so, as it has tolerated, condoned, countenanced, without one word of rebuke for a long time, to a number of hate FILLED, cloddish, uncivilized, uncoth, vulgar posters, inciting ARSON, reference to ‘white trash’ and the most disguisting, unbred, terms, gutter-words, heaped on Dictionary, and you said NOT A WORD, and now you come here calling for ‘…civilized and intelligent being…’ to debate the merits and demerits, what a farce.’

    Secondly, David, debat what? What debate are you talking about? A true debate, is when both sides present forensic argumentation, dialectic, with ‘attention’ to sound detail, coherent FACTS and evidence, as Dictionary and me have done, time and time again, only to be met by silly folly, one-line or short paragraph nonsense, with NO SUBSTANCE, tenor, NO essence, or meaning whatsoever, as there is NO nucleus, NO corpus, at ALL to the shallow diatribe offered by the haters of Israel and Jews.

    Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion, BUT, an opinion VOID, empty, of any cogent, intelligent import, couched in ‘redherrings’ soaked in ad hominem slander, and vicious LIES on the character of the person, as we have seen here on BU, IS NO DEBATE, and are therefore destitute of facts and historic truth and knowledge, and are ‘ignorant’ and need to be told so.

    And, BTW, I take my example from the One, The Lord Jesus Christ, who said, when it WAS entirely appropriate to do SO, “Go tell that FOX…” (Luke. 13:22), Again, hear JESUS CHRIST, to those who needed to be told, “You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will want to do..for he is a LIAR and the father of it” (John 8: 44a) And the most anointed Apostle of them all, who had occasion, and rightfully so, to say to those who needed to be told so:

    “But if anyone is IGNORANT, let him be IGNORANT.” (1 Cor. 14:38) emphasis added.

    David, you are in no postion to determine when I can, and must say, as a Christian the appropriate things, to those who need to be told so, as I take my lead from God’s Word, not you!

    And, you want to see the height of UNCIVILISED behaviour, void of any MORALITY, as I quoted recently from the International Court at The Hague, when this kangeroo court, ruled unjustly SO, against Israel, who chose NOT to respond militarily to those Palestinian Terrorist, who HAD INFLICTED a staggering *11,356* casualties on Israel, and there were *25,375* TERRORIST attacks on Israel, and Israel errected a BARRIER wall, to prevent these Palestinian/Hamas, HATERS of Israel, from killing any more of their citizens,
    and you and this ‘ignorant’ poster, who obviously support these Muslim TERRORIST, want to now invoke civilized and intelligent debate, and this ‘ignorant’ poster, talks about ‘justice’ and ‘morality’ IS *11,356* casualties inflicted on Israel by Palestinian TERRORIST , JUSTICE and MORALITY?

    Was it JUSTICE and MORALITY when the Court at The Hague said NO to Israel in building a barrier to prevent MORE MURDERING of Jews by these TERRORIST.

    Was it JUSTICE and MORALITY when the CORRUPT UN endorsed this perverted and shameful judgment of this “sage” court decision against Israel?

    Think man, think?


  13. Technician June 25, 2010 at 11:22 AM #

    Then why are you still here Zoe??
    Go to Dictionary’s ‘civil’ blog and chat with the people you desire..or start your own blog, it takes 5 minutes.

    Here you go again, just like Dictionary,accusing me now of supporting Terrorism because I have a different opinion to yours, and you call me ignorant?
    Carry on you religious Nomad, keep regurgitating your one sided view of the issue because it suits your prophecy.


  14. Zoe June 25, 2010 at 4:11 PM #

    ISRAEL ain’t going no where; and I ain’t going no where, they have their God-given right to their ancient homeland, and have been miraculously, on numerous occasions, been rescured from their diabolical, Satanic driven, Islamic Jihadists/Terrorists, with actual testimony from many Arab Terrorist, in the past, Egyptians who said that Angels appeared from NO WHERE, when they were about to kill Israeli soldiers, in the 1967 attempt to wipe Israel off the map.

    Further, while I soundly disagree with David’s most recent attitude/premise re this subject matter, and his obvious bias, I still think and feel, that he has enough objective fortitude to allow me the privilege of posting on BU, and, therefore, I AIN’T going nowhere, as I know there are quiet observers, who are intellectual honest enough, to recognize FACTS and TRUTH on this matter when coherently presented, as a few of us have done, and are greatful for the historic veracity, that has allowed them to form an entirely different perspective on Israel and the Middle East.

    In fact one Syrian living here in B’dos told me after I gave him a few things to read, that he had no idea, that the Jews and Israel had gone through such HELL, over the centuries, and especially since 1948, when his own people, the Arabs had so relentessly attempted to DESTROY Israel.


  15. Zoe June 25, 2010 at 5:01 PM #

    When Almighty God said to Abraham:

    “Those who curse you will be CURSED, and those who bless you will be blessed.” (Genesis. 27:29)

    From that moment in time, until today, whoever has attempted to curse Abraham and his descendants, the Jews, have been cursed, and who ever has blessed them, be it, individual, family or nation, has been blessed, let God deal with those Jews who deserve His punishment, as He is no respector of persons.

    Those who wish the Jews and their God-given homeland, Israel, harm will themselves suffer harm. Those who seek good for the Jews shall be favoured by God, this IS His Word, and He does NOT CHANGE!

    Those who attempt – they can only attempt, but they wiil NOT succeed, because we know the end of the story – their efforts will be in vain. As a consequence, they will suffer exactly what they had intended for the Jews, confirmed over and over again, since 1948, to this day.

    Almighty God proclaimed:

    They (Jews) will dwell in the LAND in security and build houses and plant vineyards…when I EXECUTE JUDGMENT upon those who CONSPIRE against them.” (Ezekiel 28: 15) emphasis added.

    Israel survives and WILL CONTINUE to survive the constant pressure from the West – including the racism of “ethnic cleansing” that is demonstrated by constant calls for deportation of Jews from parts of their land. And Israel will survive, regardless of the wicked, ever-present EVIL intentions of Muslim Murderers and their international supporters.

    As the Lord of Hosts declared:

    “I will plant them in their LAND, and they WILL NEVER again be uprooted from the Land I HAVE GIVEN THEM.” ( Amos 9:15) emphasis added.

    In the past, we had seen how nations had designed the demise of Israel, and now we are witnessing others planning anew. We have also seen that the destiny of Israel, IS in the hands of Almighty God.

    “Nations may devise a [nefarious] plan, BUT that will be ANNULED; they may threaten, but their threats WILL NEVER materialize because the Almighty is with us.” (Isaiah 8:10) emphasis added.

    Thank God Almighty, that the fate of Israel, and the Jewish people, IS NOT decided in the ‘den of thieves” known as the UN.

    When ever nations attempt to dismantle Israel and expose Jews to danger, at that point Almight God unleashes the forces of nature against Israel’s would-be-oppressors, against those who would jeopadarize the lives of Jews in Israel.

    “Those who torment Israel will fall.” (Isaiah 54:15).

    America who stood with Israel in the past, has in recent decades, being pushing Israel to give up more and more land to its sworn enemies.

    Between October 1991 and October 2004, the American President and his administration applied increasing pressure to Israel, to compromise more and more land for so-called peace, and what followed on each of the events, forcing Israel to concede more land to the Palestinians, was major ‘natural’ disasters that struck America between the exact same time period, October 1991 to October 2004, and they INCLUDED 10 of the 11 largest events and 10 of the top 11 FEMA events in U.S. History.

    God warned explicitely, NOT to divide or partition His Land, that He gave to the Jews. Hear HIM!

    “I will EXECUTE judgment upon them for what they did to My people…partitioning My LAND.” (Joel 4:2) emphasis added.

    The British Empire paid a terrible price for ‘dividing’ God’s Land, that He gave to the Jews. Britain ‘carved’ out between 75 and 80 percent of the Mandated Land, approved by the League of Nations, and ‘created’ the state of Transjordan, now Jordan, for Palestinans. It was only a matter of time before the Empire started to crumble. America is doing the same nonsense, to their ultimate PERIL! Watch and see!


  16. David June 25, 2010 at 9:21 PM #


    Carry on smartly but remember, we are all from this world.


  17. Zoe June 25, 2010 at 11:15 PM #

    The Palestinian Ministry of Health published (December 15, 2009) on the number of patients who left Gaza for treatment during the period August-November 2009, according to their figures, 3, 532 patients were sent for medical treatment – 1,067 to hospitals in Jerusalem, 588 to hospitals elsewhere in Israel, 543 to hospitals in Egypt, 214 to hospitals in the West Bank, and 536 in hospitals in Gaza.

    In an interview with the French newspaper ‘Le Monde’ minister of the national economy for the Palestinian Authority, offered this description:

    “The shelves of the stores in (Gaza) are FULL, you can find anything if you can pay the price. The cost of real estate has tripled as a result of the tunnel economy.”

    Similar stories could be found elsewhere in reports of Western newsmen, who actually visited Gaza. Thus, on June 3, 2010 Janine Zacharia of the Washington Post, wrote: “If you walked down Gaza’s main thoroughfare – Salah al-Din Street, grocery stores are stocked wall-to-wall with everything from fresh Israeli Yogurt and hummus to Coco puffs smuggled in from Egypt. Phamarcies look as well supplied as a typical Rite Aid in the United States. The Palestinian Ma’an News Agency also stated on Feburary 19, 2010 that ‘Gaza markets are saturated with goods.”

    Health: “10, 544 patients and their companions left Gaza in 2009 for medical treatment in Israel, 4, 883 tons of medical equipment and medicin entered Gaza.”

    Yet, the negative information coming from so-called respected International agencies, Amnesty International et al, paint a picture of suffering and siege by the Israeli government, completely contrary to the TRUTH, as told by the very Palestinian authorities itself, and independant news people who have visited Gaza this very year, 2010, reporting that what is been presented by many international organizations, is SIMPLY NOT TRUE.

    All of the statistical, accurate information re what Israel has being doing for Gaza, Electricity, Water supplies, and numerous other necessary daily requirments for Gaza, including medical treatment for THOUSANDS of Arabs from Gaza, are ALL documented, by the very Palestinian authorities. Yet, this LIE being spewed forth from other corruped sources, and fed to the international media, is believed to be true.

    I simply cannot list all of the information that IS there, both the negative LIES, versus the TRUTH, the people in Gaza, are NOT under seige by the blockade, it is a disguisting LIE!!!


  18. Zoe June 25, 2010 at 11:26 PM #

    @ David, Your are a man I respect, though at times your judgment and perspective can be clouded, I still believe that one day, soon, you’ll come around to seeing the truth, which is the ultimate certitude.

    Thanks David.


  19. Not Saved June 26, 2010 at 12:20 AM #

    Zoe gave us the following quote from Bassem Khoury, former minister in the Palestinian Authority:

    “The shelves of the stores in (Gaza) are FULL, you can find anything if you can pay the price. The cost of real estate has tripled as a result of the tunnel economy.”

    Zoe, do you know he was referring to smuggled goods? or are you just dishonest.

    Now that is some hypocrisy, to tell us Gaza is not under siege because the people of Gaza are able to smuggle goods.

    Mr Khoury was actually trying to make the point that the blockade and the consequent smuggling was actually strengthening Hamas. Here is the full quote:

    “The shelves of the stores are full, and you can find anything you want if you can pay the price. The cost of real estate has tripled as a result of the tunnel economy. Hamas is benefiting from the situation, since the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah is continuing to pay the salaries of civil servants in Gaza and this is half of our budget. Then these employees buy goods that come in by way of the tunnels, on which Hamas gets paid a tax”

    Now with that dishonest bit of quote mining, absent the full quote, you might be forgiven for thinking that Mr Khoury had supported the “blockade”.

    Certainly that was the dishonest intention of those who would quote out of context.

    But here are a few other quotes of Minister Khoury that may make his position more clear:

    “What is happening in Gaza is a crime and the new government must ensure that the dynamics change fast. We must work quickly at improving the flow of commodities into Gaza.”

    “The Gaza Strip, which lives under a deadly siege. It is economically in shambles. Over 3,500 industrial establishments are closed with very little potential for recovery under the current situation. This is a maximum security prison. ”

    “The siege over Gaza is both a crime and a shame……………. Our [Value Added Tax] VAT revenues, our tax revenues from Gaza as a [Palestinian Authority] PA, dropped by more than 95 percent.”

    No wonder the Guardian reported back in January:

    “The health of 1.4 million people is being put at risk by the ongoing Israeli and Egyptian blockade of Gaza, a report by more than 80 humanitarian organisations warned today”

    Now who is the liar?


  20. London Underground June 26, 2010 at 9:08 AM #

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  21. Zoe June 26, 2010 at 8:56 PM #

    @ Not Saved, “Do you know he (Khoury) was referring to SMUGGLED goods? Or are you just dishonest.”

    “Now that is some hyprocrisy, to tell us Gaza is not under seige because the people in Gaza are able to SMUGGLE goods.”

    NS, you quoted Khoury in full, and in your devious way, used the words, “SMUGGLING” “SMUGGLED” and “SMUGGLE” three times, yet, Khoury never once used any of these words, in describing the economic activity derived through these tunnels. he said:

    “The shelves of the stores are FULL, and you can get ANYTHING you want if you can pay the price. The cost of real estate has tripled as a RESULT of the TUNNEL ECONOMY.”

    Note carefully, that Khoury said ‘…of the TUNNEL ECONOMY.” And this is correct, as it is NOt “smuggling” as you NS, would like to impose for you own crafty ends, to completely misrepresent the truth.

    Smuggling Tunnels OR Import Routes from Egypt?

    “Smuggling is NOT the correct word to describe the network of tunnels along Gaza’s border with Egypt. Wheras “SMUGGLING” connotes illegal activity carried out clandestinely, the Palestinian tunnel network is OUT IN THE OPEN and extends the whole length of the border.”

    “The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC) published an abstract in may 2009 of an investigative article that appeared on tht Al Arabiya network which represents the method of OPERATION of the tunnels on the Gaza-Egypt border. The following are the main points as describes on the ITIC website:”

    “The reporter for the Al Arabiya network, Waal Issam, toured Egyptian Rafah, in the market where goods sent to Gaza through the tunnels are sold. The report said that the market is the major source of the fuel supply to Gaza. Some *10,000* people work in the :tunnel industry” on a daily basis.”

    Clearly, this ‘tunnel’ business, which is not illegal, apart from when Hamas uses the tunnels to then, illegally, “Smuggle” in items barred from entering Gaza via Israel to enforce their military agenda, to torment and DESTROY Israel and its people.

    The Economic Situation in Gaza: Facts and Figures.

    “Is the Israeli and Egyptian blockade of Gaza causing consequences as dire as those described by the human rights organizations? U.S. Sectary of State Hillary Clinton said in a testimony before Congress on April 22, 2009, that the situation in Gaza is different from how it is been described. In response to a question by Congressman Keith Ellison (D.Minn), Clinton said: “Congressman, the crossings are no longer completely closed. There are many items that are being transported through the crossings…We have looked at the lists and a lot of what has been said was not permitted to cross [into Gaza} is just NOT ACCURATE.”

    “A survey by Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territiroes presents the scope of connection between Israel and Gaza in 2009.”

    * Health: 10, 544 patients and their companions left Gaza for medical treatment in Israel. 4,883 tons of medical equipment and medicines entered Gaza that year in coordination with the Palestinian Authority and international agencies. Israel helped the Palestinian Authority stem the spread of avian )bird) flu in Gaza, 44, 500 doses of vaccine were sent to Gaza through the World Health Organization, and three patients left Gaza for medical care in Israel. In addition, two elevators were transfered to hospitals in Gaza, as well as mammogram equipment for breast cancer detection and a computerized CT system.”

    * Electricity: Israel continued to supply electricity to Gaza from its power plant in Ashkelon. In addition, 41 truckloads of equipment were transfered for the maintenance of the electricity in Gaza. Between April and October 2009, Siemens carried out maintenance work on the power system in Gaza, to which more than 100 million liters of diesel fuel were delivered for its operation.”

    * Communications: “45 truckloads of communication equipment were sent to Gaza at the request of the Palestinian Authority.”

    *Water and sewage: “95 truckloads of equipment for water and sewage systems, as well as 3,720 tons of chloride for water purification, were transfered during 2009. Israel assisted the North Gaza Wastewater Treatment Plant Project by transferring 48 truckloads of equipment for the project.”

    *The Private Sector: “77 percent of the contents of trucks sent into Gaza in 2009 were for the private sector. 257 Palestinian businessmen exited Gaza to Israel, the West Bank, and abroad. 10, 871 head of cattle were transfered to Gaza, mainly for the Ramadan and Eid al-Adha holidays. In preparation for winter, 3, 607 tons of glass for windows was transfered to Gaza.”

    *Money: “Over NIS 1.1 billion (approximately $300 million) was transfered to Gaza in 2009 to fund salaries and the activities of international organizations. In addition, NIS 40 million (approx $10 million) in worn banknotes were replaced. In February 2010, Israel and the Palestinian Authority reached an agreement on the transfer of social security payments and pensions to benificiaries in Gaza who have worked in Israel. The money is to be transfered to Palestinian banks in the West Bank, and the Palestinian Authority can then deliver the money to benificiaries in Gaza.

    *Humanitarian aid: “141, 390 tons of hmanitarian aid were transfered by the international community through Israel, including 115, 043 tons of food and 2,990 tons of medicines and medical equipment.”

    *Entry of international organizations: “21,200 foreign stafe members and over 400 diplomatic delegations entered Gaza in 2009.”

    *UNRWA: “3,282, 000 liters of fuel and diesel were transfered for use by UNRWA. In addition, special equipment for summer camps, including swimming pools, ice cream machines, musical instruments, and sports equipment were exported.

    *Agricultural export: ” The export of flowers and stawberries was approved as part of a joint project with the government of the Netherlands. Since the beginning of the project, more than 7 million flowers and 54 tons of strawberries were exported.”

    *Leaving Gaza: “As noted, 10, 544 patients (and their companions) exited Gaza. 147 students exited Gaza for academic studies abroad, in response to request made by the international community. 374 Christians exited Gaza to spend Christmas in Israel and Bethlehem, while 100 Christians exited Gaza to participate in the pope’s visit to the Holy Land in May 2009. 17 representatives exited Gaza to participate in the Fatah General Convention in Bethlehem, and approval was given for palyers on the Palestinian soccer team to leave Gaza for training and friendship games in the West Babk and abroad.”

    Not Saved, I know your *Leftist* mindset, and anything you can do to discredit Israel, and twist terminology, as you’ve already done in other threads, is well known.

    Does the foregoing info on the Israel/Palestinian situation, sound like Gaza is under seige, in real, true, honest terms?

    And, the salient POINT, that people of your ilk, don’t want to remember IS:

    1. Israel withdrew unilaterally FROM GAZA in a stupid misplaced quest for peace, with those fundamentalists, Islamic Jihadists, ( for whom there can be NO PEACE) only to see the Gaza strip within 24 hours misused to ATTACK Israel with rockets supplied by Iran, forcing Israel to enact a naval blockade in SELF-DEFENSE.

    2. The suffering of the people in Gaza is exaggerated in contrast to what Islamists DO TO Christians in Sudan (whose CRIES these same pro-Hamas so-called humanitarian hucksters turn a deft ear TO).

    3. The hardship in Gaxza is a DIRECT RESULT of the Fatah regime of Mahmoud Abbas and his predecessor Yasser Arafat, stealing, pilfering, embezzlling, misappropriating, and MISALLOCATING the humongous AMOUNT of international fiinancial aid FOOLISHLY squandered in Gaza, and just as foolishly provided to these thieves by the American and European governments, and by the great money shredding machine known as the UN.

    4. Commercial commodities and construction materials shipped into Gaza are routinely commandeered for TERROR-RELATED construction for ROCKET launching bunker positions to ATTACK Israeli civilians and everything from toys to medical supplies are routinely hujacked. Both tunnel and sea routes of access to Gaza have furnished Iran with the means to SMUGGLE weapons of Islamic TERROR of the same Jihadist ideology responsible for multiple Islamic global attacks on the West, including those in New York, Washington, Paris, and London. Tel Aviv is simply a much closer outpost of Western civilization and thus an easier target.

    5. The Israeli authorities were quite prepared to allow the self-defined humanitarian aid flotilla to dock and unlosad its wares in the nearby port of Ashdod, and providing no wesapons were discovered, to transport the materials to Gaza ininterrupted. This WAS REFUSED, as some weapons were aboard these crafts and fired at Israeli military personnel intercepting attempts to run the self-defense blockade necessitated by the actioms of Iran and Hamas.

    Who is, the LIAR now, Not Saved?


  22. Not Saved June 28, 2010 at 4:22 AM #

    “Clearly, this ‘tunnel’ business, which is not illegal, apart from when Hamas uses the tunnels to then, illegally, “Smuggle” in items”

    According to Zoe, goods coming through the tunnels are not smuggled, well unless they smuggled.

    The hypocrisy never ends.

    We also have more lies from Zoe,

    “NS, you quoted Khoury in full, and in your devious way, used the words, “SMUGGLING” “SMUGGLED” and “SMUGGLE” three times, yet, Khoury never once used any of these words, in describing the economic activity derived through these tunnels”

    This of course is a lie.

    Bassem Khoury told the following story of his own car…..

    “I can send you a copy of the picture of a car my office bought in Gaza. The car was smuggled through the tunnels”

    Your lies and dishonesty know no end.


  23. Zoe June 28, 2010 at 9:48 AM #

    Not Saved, You are clasping at straws in your flippant, destitute, warped, one-sided, prejudiced *Leftist* ‘denial-excuse-justification’ mind, just like those Islamic Jihadists, having spent two days searching to find some statement from Khoury, to justify his use of the word ‘smuggled’ is this all you can do???

    You vehement stranger to TRUTH, denier of FACTS and EVIDENCE, in every which way of reality.

    Ghazi al-Surani, a Palestinian researcher and one of the heads of the Popular Front for the liberation of Palestine, published a comprehensive study of the ‘tunnel industry’ on the Gaza-Egypt border. the highlights of the study were:

    * The number of tunnels has risen from 20 in mid-2007 (the date of the Hamas takeover) to nearly 500 in November 2008.

    *In operating the tunnels there is cooperation with the Egyptian security forces. Hamas controls most of the tunnels and GRANTS LICENSES to them through the Rafah municipality.

    *A wide rage of commodities flow through the tunnels, including diesel fuel, gasoline, auto parts, sheep, calves, cigarattes, Viagra tablets, gold, and hundreds of other goods, in addition to the movement of people to and from Gaza.

    *The tunnel network has brought an increase in imports from Egypt to the Gaza Strip, from $30 Million annually during the years 1994-2006 to more than $650 Million annually, and it provides employment to thousands of Palestinians. The agencies that are connected with operating the tunnels reap huge profits, and they are the ones responsible for the black market and the shyrockerting prices.


    These Leftist ‘junkies’ like Not Saved, and their international criers of ‘Siege’ and starvation on Gazans, which IS NOT TRUE, as the vast amount of commodities that have the shelves FULL, utterly refutes this LIE, yes, through the thriving tunnel industry, PLUS the THOUSANDS of trukloads sent through Israel to Gaza, and the BILLIONS of squandered $$$ over the years, used for Jihadists operations to DESTROY Israel, instead of building a life for the masses of Gazans, and you, Not Saved, have the gall to accuse me of dishonesty, you LIAR of untold proportions!

    FACT: Which Not Saved et al deceitful minded Leftists, REFUSE to accept, that Israel withdrew unilaterally FROM Gaza, and stupidly so, making 10,000 of its own Jewish families, disengaged, HOMELESS, for the sake of peace, with these Islamic Terrorist, who, *FACT* within 24 hours of Israeli withdrawal, ATTACKED Israel with rockets supplied by Iran.

    WHO IS TO BLAME, then, for the MESS that came upon the Gazans? WHO Not Saved? WHO? Are you capable of thinking critically, honestly, objectively? I think NOT!

    The hardship in Gaza, IS a DIRECT RESULT of the Fatah regime of Mahmoud Abbas and his precedessor Yasser Arafat, who STOLD, PILFERED, EMBEZZELED, and utterly misappropriated VAST amounts of financial aid, to the PERIL of Gaza. But, it did NOT end there, as, instead of taking Gaza, as Israel had GIVEN totally, and building what could have been so good for the Gazans, HAMAS, the de facto regime, launched a vicious TERROR war on Israeli towns, tormenting them with over, 8,000 rockets for the past three years, bringing upon themselves, what NO other soveriegn nation would have taken for so long, as Israel DID, and are nor reaping the consequences for such beastly terror on Israel; and YOU, Not Saved et al, have the termerity to accuse others of dishonesty and lies.

    Ziad Jarghoun, a member of the central committe of the Demoncratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, also published a comprehensive study of the tunnels on the Gaza-Egypt border (December 13, 2008) Some of its highlights are:

    *Some 800 tunnels are either in operation or under construction.

    *The city of Rafah, which is administered by Hamas people, supervises the tunnels along with the national security forces that are deployed along the border. The object of this supervision is to collect taxes. In December 2008 the Rafah municipality and the security forces stopped the excavation of new tunnels because there were too many.

    *Every tunnel has 15-20 workers working shifts, and every shift has 6-8 workers.

    *Sometimes a tunnel is run by several partners. The partners sign a contract in a lawyer’s office, and the agreement states the number of shares held by each partner and how the shareowners will split the profits.

    *The opening of the tunnel on the Egyptian side is called “the eye of the tunnel” and the supervisor of the opening is called “Amin.” He is usually an Egyptian citizen and one of the residents of Egyptian Rafah. He receives half of the profits and his job is to guard the site and unload the goods into the tunnel.

    *The monthly import through the tunnels is estimated at $35-40 million, and the annual profits to tunnel owners are estimated at $200-300 million.

    *in early September 2008, the Rafah municipality began to collect a fee from the tunnel owners known as “commercial activity across the border.” All tunnel owners pay NIS 10,000 ($2,700). The Rafah municipality imposes sanctions against those who refuse to pay the fee by denying permits to complete construction of a tunnel or closing an open tunnel. The municipality contends that the tax is collected to pay the salaries of municipal officials and employees and to cover the municipality’s expenses.

    Not Saved, your mental and intellectual functions are so mared, impaired, prejudiced, by the LIES you have imbibed, that you have chosen to believe it as truth, and no LIE is of the TRUTH.


  24. Technician June 28, 2010 at 10:32 AM #

    ….And why is there a need for the tunnels in the first place again?


  25. Zoe June 28, 2010 at 11:51 AM #

    Another, Jihadist oriented minded fool!

    If the light that be in you is DARKESS, Oh’ how great IS that DARKNESS???


  26. Technician June 28, 2010 at 11:18 PM #

    Poor Zoe…..the easy questions seem to be the ones giving you the most trouble to answer!!
    What is a Jihadist oriented mind fool?
    Must be similar to a false prophet or a religious nomad..or liar…ROFLMAO!!
    You can duck and weave all you want. Post all the ME sanitised by Israel info but you are yet to show the justification of the collective punishment of the Palestinian people by Israel, with the continuation of the blockade, deemed illegal and inhumane by numerous world bodies.
    Continue to carry on with your nomadic religious journey, blinded to reality because of the blinkers of biblical rhetoric and prophecy.
    I you are what being a Christian is, then I rather stay in my darkness and ignorance.


  27. NS (Not Saved) June 28, 2010 at 11:54 PM #

    Tunnels ≠ Smuggling

    Only Zoe could try to convince us of such a claim. Then again, reason and logic were never his strong points.

    The Financial Times calls the tunnel economy smuggling but what would they know. Zoe knows better. Smuggling through a tunnel? never !

    Here is a recent article.

    And a few excerpts,

    “While the dangerous work proceeds below, Nasim, one of the owners of the tunnel, waits in the tent that covers the entrance. He is among a small number of Gazans who have made a fortune by undermining, quite literally, Israel’s economic embargo of the strip.Until recently, tunnel owners could expect to make at least $50,000 (€40,000, £35,000) in net profits every month by smuggling fuel, cigarettes and other goods from Egypt.”

    “For close to three years, the tunnels below Rafah have offered a unique lifeline to Gazans, who are otherwise deprived of all but the most basic
    humanitarian supplies”

    This is mind boggling hypocrisy from the likes of Zoe. Pointing to the smuggling tunnels to legitimise the siege.

    Here is the last para.

    “One western official says the tunnels act like a “humanitarian safety valve”, but cautions that they offer no solution to economic decline. As Mr Hammad says: “An economy cannot just depend on tunnels.””

    Every major humanitarian organisation not least of all, The Red Cross condemns the blockade as an unacceptable way to treat the population of Gaza.

    But Zoe would have us believe he knows otherwise and they are all liars.

    It is amazing that these two “christians” would spare us no effort to justify the shocking treatment of fellow human beings.

    I guess “do onto others…” is not part of the Zoe school of theology.

    Then again, MME explained it to us already. These “christianists” are no Christians.


  28. NS (Not Saved) June 29, 2010 at 12:02 AM #


    “International aid agency Oxfam today warned that the Gazan economy, which has been almost completely destroyed by three years of isolation, will continue to unravel unless the blockade is completely and immediately lifted.”

    “Israel currently allows some 100 types of items into Gaza. Before the beginning of the blockade over 4,000 entered Gaza. Heavy restrictions on imports and the near complete halt of all exports have led to a wide-scale shut down of Gazan industry. Factories have been crippled by the shortage of raw materials, leaving tens of thousands of people out of work. The blockade, which amounts to collective punishment, illegal under international law, has brought the Gazan economy to its knees.”

    “The blockade has unleashed a tragic chain reaction that has affected many of Gaza’s one and a half million residents. When a factory is forced to shut down because it can’t import or export, it doesn’t just affect the employees who lose their jobs. Entire families relying on that salary also lose out, becoming dependent on humanitarian aid”

    Oxfam, liars too?


  29. NS (Not Saved) June 29, 2010 at 12:03 AM #


    Here is another simple question for you to avoid;

    Why are exports restricted?


  30. Inkwell June 29, 2010 at 7:17 AM #

    NS (Not Saved)

    Lord have mercy, man, you gine kill e?


  31. ac June 29, 2010 at 7:25 AM #

    Israel can’t shut down a city because it is afraid of it’s enemies to where the people are lacking food and medical supplies.That is the same as genocide!


  32. Anonymous June 29, 2010 at 8:41 AM #

    Zoe hates ALL Muslims and ALL Arabs!!!…Period!!

    I can’t for the life of me, understand how a person who proclaims to be a Christian, can be so biased on an issue like this.
    No one is disputing the terror by Hamas but does this justify the blockade and siege??
    Innocent people including women and children are being punished and made to suffer. Children have no hope and only fall prey to the ideology of Hamas, therefore all the blockade does is to produce generation after generation of terrorist. This might very well be the situation Israel wants, as it will continuously justify their claims of self defence.
    Zoe seems to miss all this in his over zealous quest to demonise the Palestinians.


  33. Zoe June 29, 2010 at 11:06 AM #

    I remain undaunted, fearless, in the face of the ABOVE benighted, uninformed deniers of FACTS and truth, who hide behind rhetorical nonsense, redherrings, utter rejection of credible warranted evidence, unable in their IGNORANCE to see the trees from the jungle, and the world media and international so-called humanitarians agencies, who are likewise *blinded* to the reality of WHO STARTED all of this, WHO is logically responsible for the self-imposed hardship brought on the Gazans, in the first place.

    Let me state for the record, unequivocally:

    1) I have for over 30 years, had and still have extremely cordial relationships with Arabs right here in B’dos. Both at the business and personal levels. And yes, many of them are Muslims.

    2) I DO NOT HATE Arab Muslims as people, not at all, yes, I am morally and spiritually against their ideology of HATE towards Israel, and our Western civilization, and their radically declared INTENT, one way or the other to subjugate ALL nations under Islamic Sheria Law.

    3) Two of my children have Arabs as their God-parents.

    Salient, pertinent, weighty, obvious FACTS that the above posters REFUSE to deal with re Israel and the Arabs/Palestinians, beginning in 1948, and continuing right up to today, that simply CANNOT be pushed into the background, in honestly, objectively, and cohenently addressing the current impasse, predicament, on the blockade.

    FACT: Isreal NEVER attacked any Arab nation beginning in 1948, when its Statehood was officially decalred by the then League of Nations.

    FACT: It WAS Egypt, Jordan and Syria WHO diabolically and viciously ATTACKED Israel , literally HOURS after May, 1948 to DESTROY her and ALL Jews.

    FACT: The Arab nations surrounding Israel, AGAIN in 1967, out-numbering Israel 20-1, sought to ATTACK her again, with ONE SOLE, openly declared INTENT, to ANNIHILATE her from the face of the earth. They FAILED, yet again.

    FACT: In more recent times, Hezbollah, and Hamas, have vehemently declared their VICIOUS intent, one way or the other, to TORMENT and TERRORIZE Israel and its citizens, UNTIL, one day, when they are strong enough, with Iran et al supplying them with arms, to ANNIHILATE Israel.

    FACT: Israel, stupidly agreed to give up Gaza, in 2005, the FACTS are all there, for peace.

    FACT: Instead of the Palestinians making the very best of this complete withdrawal by Israel from Gaza, and using the BILLIONS of international aid, to build a decent life for Gazans, along comes HAMAS, a sworn entity of Terrorism against Israel, and DELIBERATELY, viciously, for THREE YEARS, launches OVER 8,000 rockets against innocent Israeli towns.

    FACT: After repeated efforts by the Arab nations, beginning in 1948, to DESTROY Israel, now carried on by HAMAS, WHO are responsible FOR the hardship, brought on the Gazans, as Israel HAD NO option, but to protect itself, from the CONSTANT *sumggling* of weapons into Gaza, from the Egyptian border, as the OPENLY beclared INTENT to DESTROY Israel, by the PLO/PA Hamas et al, HAS NEVER being withdrawn from their official documents, and these ignorant, posters here on BU, come with a LOAD of BS, utterly, UNWILLING to look at the overall FACTS of history, (1948-to present time) like the rest of the terribly biased media, and so-called humanitarian bodies, WHO SAY not a word in support of MILLIONS of BLACK Christians in Sudan, MASSACRED by Islamic Terrorist.

    Not one you ignorant, lowbrow, ingenuous, posters here on BU, don’t brother me a bit, as non of you, have presented any cogent, coherent, objective, argument, in LIGHT of the FACTS from 1948 to the present time, which CANNOT be ignored or separated from the present blockade, as its GENESIS (beginning) goes right back to the vicious WARS of 1948, 67, 73, to torment and DESTROY Israel and ALL Jews.

    Any so and so, could write the diatribe CRAP coming from these BU hardheads, what utter folly, foolishness, and lowdown ignorance.

    It won’t be long before it all comes to a head, exactly as prophecied in God’s Word, as it IS playing out, day by day, as He said it would.

    Keep posting your incoherent, complete, illogical LIES and BS, all part and parcel of the same worldwide HOGWASH!!!

    You CAN’T answer to the FACTS, so you attack the poster, old worn out tactic, won’t WORK!!!


  34. vps July 5, 2010 at 2:29 PM #

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