Israel Versus Palestine, Seems Like Total Destruction No Solution

The six-ship convoy had set out to carry 10,000 tonnes of aid from Cyprus to Gaza, despite repeated Israeli warnings that it would not be allowed to reach the territory

The video shows the Israeli soldiers descending to the ship. The video also shows some passengers on the ship brandishing sword like weapons. The Israeli government claims the ships were warned not to approach its territory. The organizers of the flotilla left the coast of Cyprus on Sunday and is reported to have been boarded by the Israeli while in international waters.

We all know the answer how this conflict will end. The nuclear outfitted Israel with support from the globe’s only military superpower the United States will have its way. When will it end? Well it seems like total destruction no solution.

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634 Comments on “Israel Versus Palestine, Seems Like Total Destruction No Solution”

  1. Zoe June 29, 2010 at 11:06 AM #

    I remain undaunted, fearless, in the face of the ABOVE benighted, uninformed deniers of FACTS and truth, who hide behind rhetorical nonsense, redherrings, utter rejection of credible warranted evidence, unable in their IGNORANCE to see the trees from the jungle, and the world media and international so-called humanitarians agencies, who are likewise *blinded* to the reality of WHO STARTED all of this, WHO is logically responsible for the self-imposed hardship brought on the Gazans, in the first place.

    Let me state for the record, unequivocally:

    1) I have for over 30 years, had and still have extremely cordial relationships with Arabs right here in B’dos. Both at the business and personal levels. And yes, many of them are Muslims.

    2) I DO NOT HATE Arab Muslims as people, not at all, yes, I am morally and spiritually against their ideology of HATE towards Israel, and our Western civilization, and their radically declared INTENT, one way or the other to subjugate ALL nations under Islamic Sheria Law.

    3) Two of my children have Arabs as their God-parents.

    Salient, pertinent, weighty, obvious FACTS that the above posters REFUSE to deal with re Israel and the Arabs/Palestinians, beginning in 1948, and continuing right up to today, that simply CANNOT be pushed into the background, in honestly, objectively, and cohenently addressing the current impasse, predicament, on the blockade.

    FACT: Isreal NEVER attacked any Arab nation beginning in 1948, when its Statehood was officially decalred by the then League of Nations.

    FACT: It WAS Egypt, Jordan and Syria WHO diabolically and viciously ATTACKED Israel , literally HOURS after May, 1948 to DESTROY her and ALL Jews.

    FACT: The Arab nations surrounding Israel, AGAIN in 1967, out-numbering Israel 20-1, sought to ATTACK her again, with ONE SOLE, openly declared INTENT, to ANNIHILATE her from the face of the earth. They FAILED, yet again.

    FACT: In more recent times, Hezbollah, and Hamas, have vehemently declared their VICIOUS intent, one way or the other, to TORMENT and TERRORIZE Israel and its citizens, UNTIL, one day, when they are strong enough, with Iran et al supplying them with arms, to ANNIHILATE Israel.

    FACT: Israel, stupidly agreed to give up Gaza, in 2005, the FACTS are all there, for peace.

    FACT: Instead of the Palestinians making the very best of this complete withdrawal by Israel from Gaza, and using the BILLIONS of international aid, to build a decent life for Gazans, along comes HAMAS, a sworn entity of Terrorism against Israel, and DELIBERATELY, viciously, for THREE YEARS, launches OVER 8,000 rockets against innocent Israeli towns.

    FACT: After repeated efforts by the Arab nations, beginning in 1948, to DESTROY Israel, now carried on by HAMAS, WHO are responsible FOR the hardship, brought on the Gazans, as Israel HAD NO option, but to protect itself, from the CONSTANT *sumggling* of weapons into Gaza, from the Egyptian border, as the OPENLY beclared INTENT to DESTROY Israel, by the PLO/PA Hamas et al, HAS NEVER being withdrawn from their official documents, and these ignorant, posters here on BU, come with a LOAD of BS, utterly, UNWILLING to look at the overall FACTS of history, (1948-to present time) like the rest of the terribly biased media, and so-called humanitarian bodies, WHO SAY not a word in support of MILLIONS of BLACK Christians in Sudan, MASSACRED by Islamic Terrorist.

    Not one you ignorant, lowbrow, ingenuous, posters here on BU, don’t brother me a bit, as non of you, have presented any cogent, coherent, objective, argument, in LIGHT of the FACTS from 1948 to the present time, which CANNOT be ignored or separated from the present blockade, as its GENESIS (beginning) goes right back to the vicious WARS of 1948, 67, 73, to torment and DESTROY Israel and ALL Jews.

    Any so and so, could write the diatribe CRAP coming from these BU hardheads, what utter folly, foolishness, and lowdown ignorance.

    It won’t be long before it all comes to a head, exactly as prophecied in God’s Word, as it IS playing out, day by day, as He said it would.

    Keep posting your incoherent, complete, illogical LIES and BS, all part and parcel of the same worldwide HOGWASH!!!

    You CAN’T answer to the FACTS, so you attack the poster, old worn out tactic, won’t WORK!!!


  2. vps July 5, 2010 at 2:29 PM #

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