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There seem to have been many characters with the same nicknames in other neighbourhoods. A lady named Silvia; one day, she asked one of the boys on the pasture to run an errand for her; she offered him some soup.  He said that Silvy taught that she was making dumplings and made kite paste. Her husband called “monkey,” he used to clean toilet pits — another town man and town woman.  After monkey cleaned a pit or two and was paid, he would find himself at the closest Snackett.  If people were sitting on the stools and saw him coming, they would scamper; the man smelled like pure shit, didn’t even smell like a poop that would fade away in thin air.

If I keep digging up in this ole shoebox, I en gine get it tuh close bak.  I wud have to take de few coppers I have left and buy a valise to keep this memorabilia in tact.

These are some of the characters I remember while I was growing up.

  • Ceola, the bag lady that frequented the Fairchild St Bus Stand
  • Swine, Gwen Workman’s son; he threw a policeman through Larry Dash Showcase
  • Death Bird, a short woman that used to go into the communities early in the morning preaching, and when she came to your neighbourhood you expected somebody to die.
  • Dribbly Joe, he used to ride on the donkey cart with his mother.  I think he fell off a lorry and died
  • Yesterday Cakes, 2 sisters who were too proud to ask for stale bread at Humphrey’s Bakery, so they ask for yesterday cakes
  • Dog gurl, she enjoyed the feeling of a dog
  • Phensic Pokey, after having sex for the first time, she was hurting so went home and tek phensic
  • Easy Boy, he walked in strides, one today, one tomorrow
  • Bull Dog, short, stout man; he used to blow horn at store in Swan St
  • Gear Box, not the same person using handle @ BU
  • Young Donkey, short woman, used to be a member of Salvation Army
  • Lordie from Deighton with the backoo
  • Daddy Long Legs
  • Heart man
  • Board Dickey
  • Cock Cheese
  • Boysie, fish in pocket
  • Pokey Wata
  • Nimbles
  • Duncan Dead Fowl
  • Infamous King Dyall

There were the days of:

  • Douggies Snackette  & Jeff’s’ Snackette, they had some real tasty ice cream in de cones.
  • Humphrey’s Bakery in Dayrells Road, cars line up from top to bottom on Sunday afternoon
  • K R Hunte Record Store
  • Cotton Factory
  • Gene Latin American Band
  • How about the chinks that were said to have the men scratching their pouch at the Olympic Cinema, especially if sitting in the pit?
  • Detention after skool; having to write 500 lines. Some holding 2 pencils between their fingers and writing two lines at a time.
  • Some male teachers use to soak the leather straps in water, or in some kind of liquid? Female teachers use to put together more than one ruler, and with your hand stretch out, she would give at least 3 lashes with the side of the ruler in the palm of your hand. Some used to give an option how you want to take the licks, either in your back or in your hand.  Boyz used to trick some teachers by putting exercise books in their back so that the lashes hit the books.  Some girls used to rub their hands with Sweet Lime because it was said that if they get hit too hard it would cut them.
  • We were not allowed to use Ball Point pens in schools.  We were made to believe that those pens did not have a grip to form the letters properly.  We had to dip pens in the inkwell and because of ink smudges on the desks; a day was designated close to the end of term to scrub those desks.
  • We heard the word pupils more so than students.
  • Those who were not quick to grasp were called duncy.  There was a rhyme many of us would say, “go to skool you duncy fool and let the teacha geh yuh de rule.”  Some teachers (fe/males) would invite students to their homes to help those who were dragging behind.
  • At Wesley Hall Boys’ a teacher was nicknamed “square head Smithy” even though his head was shaped like a cone.  Another who used to drop licks in the boyz with all he force was nicknamed, Cole Pone.”
  • We would stop on way to/from skool to buy “black b!tch” “glassy,” combination of Walker toffees and nuts; but we dare not be caught eating in the classroom; otherwise our ass was grass.  Not forgetting the fat pork, taking the cashew seed and poking 2 holes in it for eyes to look like a monkey face or to roast.
  • In the milk room at school, during break we lined up for 2 biscuits and a plastic cup of cold milk.  That powder milk seemed to give some of us excessive gas.  When it came to the end of term especially for long vacation, the remainder of powder milk left was distributed.
  • A perfume called “Temptation” & “Khus Khus” used to sell in a vial at Rollock, the 5&10 store. The High School gurls would buy and lather themselves in it to smell sweet.  There was the “Lifeboy” soap that left a trail of fragrance behind.
  • Terelene Shirts; certain shoes/sandals people used to call “dog muzzles”
  • There was the bad smelling Musterole that parents used to rub down when a cold was imminent, and give yuh a Whiz.
  • Fogarty, at the top of Broad Street, Alleyne Arthur round de corner on High Street, the Civic at the top of Swan Street, some people called it “Layne Store.” And de good ole Civic Day.
  • Schools of the past:
  • Rudder Boys – corner Country & White Park Rds. Those boys could have “sing, sang.” I think. Harold Rock was their Director of Music
  • Stow Primary – Government Hill
  • MacDonald High – Deacons Rd.
  • Community High – corner Passage & Barbarees Hill/Rd
  • Unique High – Dayrells Rd
  • Wakefield High – WhitePark
  • Green Lynch – Spry St
  • National High – Roebuck St
  • Federal High – Collymore Rock
  • St Gabriels –
  • Serendipity Singers

The word, “Foop” was used often.  I am yet to uncover if there is a true meaning.  LOL


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  1. ROK December 13, 2009 at 11:15 AM #

    Bonny Peppa, sorry for treating you so scruffy. I done most of my work and I ready for Xmas. I in good time too.

    While in Costa Rica, London and Belgium, I found a bit of difficulty getting onto our websites and using e-mail. I could not stream the meetings. It just would not work. Not sure if it was bandwidth but the agendas were so packed, I had very little down-time.


  2. David December 13, 2009 at 11:35 AM #


    It would be good info if you have it to let us know if there was a error message etc. Would help to troubleshoot the problem. Email any pertinent info if you have it.


  3. Bonny Peppa December 13, 2009 at 6:46 PM #

    You sorry fa treating me sa scruffy? I got summuch ‘licks’ fa you dat you gun wonda if you is Bico’s ‘flavour a de month’. You wait n see. ‘Licks’ chan dun.

    Next time you travellin, I want ta accompany you too. I doan feel comfy wid you in dese strange places alone. Nor I doan want de eyes wandering neitha.
    I ready fa Christmas too and I ‘want’ you unda my tree. Bow-tie n lights.


  4. kiki December 13, 2009 at 7:15 PM #



  5. BAFBFP December 15, 2009 at 6:10 PM #

    Bonny I don’ know ’bout big or small, I t’inkin’ ’bout THICK and HARD….!


  6. BAFBFP December 15, 2009 at 7:10 PM #

    ROK you ain’ know that de International Current Account ain’ got nah money.. we only got two months import covah an’ you flyin’ ’bout de place spenning foreign nuff exchange and pun top ah dah, braggin’ too?


  7. Bonny Peppa December 15, 2009 at 7:23 PM #

    Oh losss, ya mek ma whettttttt all ovva. Oh Lordddddddddd, a soakin wetttt.


  8. ROK December 15, 2009 at 7:46 PM #


    One thing I don’t do when I travelling is shop, to throw away the little foreign exchange we have. The next thing, my expenses are usually covered by an international organisation when I travel.

    Third thing, when I travel it is work. I hardly have time to even enjoy the hotel room by the time I get in, it is time to hit the sack or do some more work.

    Fourth thing, after 2 or 3 days, I looking to get back home. How many places I have been and don’t even know what the country look like. Just not interested except to do what I have to do.

    Bottom line, I just don’t like leaving Barbados and will only do so if i think it is extremely important and there is no one else to take it on.


  9. Bonny Peppa December 15, 2009 at 8:55 PM #

    All dat WILL change when I become Mrs. ROK.
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? I din hear ya. All dat will change.

    I want my rings from Mexica, hear? Na way else………………or else.

    I Love you darling.


  10. ac December 15, 2009 at 10:16 PM #

    DE Rok auh Gibaltra


  11. BAFBFP December 15, 2009 at 11:37 PM #


    You must know dis… wid some women only some, a very small number, Size is Evat’ing..!! I hope you got a big big towel, BP want dryin’ off..!


  12. ROK December 16, 2009 at 8:32 AM #


    I only have large towels… Wrap and dry! LOL!


  13. Sapidillo December 16, 2009 at 1:51 PM #

    I came across the following:-

    Remember When – Close your eyes, and go back . . .

    Before the Internet or the MAC,
    Before Uzis and Crack.
    Before Nike and Reebok,
    Before SEGA or Super Nintendo.
    Before burglar proofing and KFC.
    Before Soca, Bub and Spouge
    Before Children’s Rights and Women’s Lib.

    Go way back…
    I’m talking about

    Hide and seek at dusk.
    Looking through the window, sitting in the gallery,
    Licking your lips over Barley or Saga and condensed milk.
    Drinking Chocolate tea, Cocoa tea Green tea and shining Bush tea.

    Carrying Sandwiches in a brown paper bag to school.
    Bathing in cold water from a barrel or tub
    Hopscotch, Butterscotch, HulaHoop, Jacks, Cowboy and Crook, Cops and Robbers, Rounders!
    Pass-out Cricket in the road with a lime
    Lying on the floor reading Mandrake Flash Gordon, and Mutt and Jeff.

    Borrowing books from the library.
    Bathing in the rain under the guttering.
    Going for walks on Sunday afternoon.
    Band Concerts.
    Window shopping.
    Wearing old pants to the beach and collecting sea shells and pretty stones.

    Remember. . .
    The excitement of catching candle flies in a jar and lady birds
    Killing birds with sling shot and cooking and eating them.
    Pitching Marbles and playing jockey in the gully.
    When a Calypso on the radio in Lent would have caused a scandal.
    When going to town was a major outing requiring serious preparation.
    Spending holidays by your grandmother and aunts.
    Castor oil and senna pods at the end of August to clean you out!
    Eating Sapodilla and Sugarapple and tying up your mouth with Cashew seed.
    Climbing trees, skipping rope and eating a bucket of long mango.

    Remember. . .
    Sliding down the bannister, jumping on the bed.
    Pillow fights.
    Having a pet chicken, duck, goat and crying when it became a meal.
    Being tickled to death.
    Running till you were out of breath.
    Laughing so hard that your stomach hurt!
    Being tired from playing….remember that?

    Remember. . . .
    Scratching your mother’s head.
    Getting a penny for every gray hair you pulled out
    Fighting for the bowl when your mother made a cake.
    Churning coconut ice cream on Sunday and licking the palette.
    Peeling cane with your teeth.

    Remember when . . .
    you knew nothing of rotweillers or pit bulls; only alistations.
    a penny was a decent allowance, and another penny a huge bonus.
    you’d reach into a muddy gutter for a penny.
    fashionable young ladies wore boleros.
    your mother wore stockings that came in two pieces and had garters..
    all of your male teachers wore ties and female teachers had buns.
    you had to be rich to have a car or a radio.
    there was no TV and you went to sleep at 7.00 o’clock.
    laundry detergent had free glasses, dishes or towels hidden inside the box.

    Remember when . . .
    any parent could discipline any kid, or feed them or have them carry groceries, and nobody, not even the kid, thought to complain of it.
    every kitchen had a larda with wire mesh.
    Milk came in rum bottles and had to be boiled and the cream was a great treat..
    they threatened to keep kids “down” if they failed…and they did!
    your mother used to say that your licks hurt her more than it hurt you.
    adults spoke in code so “little ears” wouldn’t hear.

    Remember when . . .
    Disapproval of parents and grandparents, godparents, aunnties… was a much bigger threat than drive-by shootings, drugs, or gangs.!

    If you can remember any of these things, you must be my age!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. BAFBFP December 16, 2009 at 7:24 PM #


    I ain’ gun lie tah yah, but life widout de internet AIN’ WORF LIVIN’….!



  15. BAFBFP December 22, 2009 at 8:02 PM #

    I get de las’ say… I wan’ all ah wanna tah live in de present… well well, praise de Lard!


  16. trevor kellman December 29, 2009 at 5:20 PM #

    Deighton GRIFFITH nick name was DE BOMBER- he usta hit hard. isee he rip a boy shirt in de back with a fat leather strap.


  17. RobP February 9, 2010 at 10:45 PM #

    One day at school I bought a bread and two (a salt bread and two fish cakes). I brek de fish cake and the vendor ask me, “Wuh you lookin’ fuh, does rock cake got in rock?



  18. Chris Keefe March 11, 2010 at 1:02 AM #

    Hey all, I see a few mentions of the OLD days including Fern Trail. I lived in Barbados way back when (late 60’s) and dated Fern for a while.

    I have dated a few since and married twice, but I still very fondly remember Fern. A loyal and wonderful lady. I sincerely hope she has done well and found a great life.

    Also remember Joe Tudor. Quite the character. Vulgar but very funny. Very very funny in his time.

    regards to any who may remember me, and even those who do not :-)

    Chris – from New York City


  19. Gustavo De Beauville March 20, 2010 at 7:24 PM #

    Greetings and salutations my good friends,
    although I may be far away in the cold north in Calgary, I must admit that this post did indeed catch my eye and tickle my funny bone to the highest order.”rip out ya balls wid a rippin iron”

    I grew up in Wanstead on the west coast of the island and went to school at Queens College from 1991 – 1998.
    I was a child of the eighties but for sure I could i dentify with alot of these memories and am as pleased as punch to add a few of my own to the pot:

    Religiously watching Sesame Street from 4pm – 5 pm
    Then enjoying the cartoon/educational show from 5 – 6pm until Days of Our lives came on and the ‘big people’ took over.

    Going crazy when the Bico ice cream truck would pass through the neighbourhood – selling dipsy-lics, popsy lics and juicy frostics for 50 cents a piece.

    Watching cricket with pride knowing that the ‘Big Boys’ like Haynes, Dujon, Greenidge, Marshall, Walsh and Ambrose would of course win and definitely inspired fear and dread in the opposing team.

    Having the luxury of buying barbequed pig tails, roast corn, coconut water, fresh bread, nut cakes, sugar cakes, fish, dunks, ackees, hog plums, sea grapes, fat porks and cashews from someone on the side of the road.

    That’s all i gots fuh now
    But I shall return my bredrens, until then
    Have wunna selves a peaceful and blessid afnoon


  20. Andy Springs May 5, 2010 at 2:32 AM #

    This was wonderful reading all this stuff….I remembered so much, brought back so much that I had to read all, from top to bottom..I bookmarked this page, ’cause I keeping track….boy…memories…..BUT…I aint see nuhbody talk bout ‘Gold Bead’….half Indian fellow that was a yogi….do some strange things …..short, had a features like sitting Bull, that sorta Indian…American type…and we dont talk bout sling-shot in Buhbadus, we call it a ‘guttuhperk’..and who doan what a crawling soldier is, nevva went behind the Drill Hall, but the Mobil boys were the worse…and I think a cooper is the man who makes the barrels that are used to make rum, and talking bout rum, cask water ( water placed in the rum barrel after the rum was removed, and allow to stay in the sun for a few hrs., or days) was the strongest…and Bonny peppa, the tie heads, as ppls know them, are not to be feared…they just worship different to most other christian churches…they are sorta penticostal….and I had shark oil and honey every single morning…and liked it too…my father used to mix it half and half, so it was not too raw, and since it had in honey, it had a pleasant taste…Sunrise was a brand of hard biscuits that we used to cook, but wibsco had the eclipse, not like what they make now…they were hard and thick, and we cooked them with what we called ‘steamed food’…yam, potatoes, green banana, eddoes, and a must, ..dumplings….saltfish was the meat of the day, now, it more expensive than pork…and yeh, the school girl was called ‘GT panties….cause in them days Ford cars had ratings, and GTs were the fast cars…Cortinas were the most popular…when u had a Cortina GT, U had a car, and a mini clubman, or cooper-S…..and a crocus bag was a multi purpose item, ..curtains, aprons, bedding material, and most of all, I remember U could not scrub the floor except U had a crocus bag to wipe, on ur all 4s…yeh, I did a lot of that even as a boy….and picking rice…O Gawd….my family was large…and my father had a reasonable job, plus my mother worked…..and we bought over 20 pints in the earlier days, then lbs. in the latter days…til we started buying a 1/4 bags…I used to go to Lord in Roebuck street, and yeh…wunna 4get he..Uncle Lookup used to bring home the goods on a lister…..that was another means of moving loads…3 was like a small flat bed, with an engine up front controlled with a handle, and to reverse, U had to get off, and turn the whole thing around, …the front could turn 360 was a single cylinder diesel engine, and hand cranked to start…and I was a rice picker…..Ipicked half, and my younger brother the other half…..he had help tho…..and who cud 4get Pink Star liver Cutters, and gizzard cutters…thedidn’t called the gizzard cutters tho, they had a name I cant remember right now……and I was a member of Yoruba Foundation with then Elton Mottley…(Elombe) wonderful days….and 4 the St. Giles boys in here..dont 4get Cuffly, BoBo, the Grinner, ReeceBoBo and the Grinner used to paint ur ass wid licks, just so…Remember one day ..Class 3A and 3B used to share the same room, the grinner mek all o we, both classes stand up , close we eyes, and then beconned with he finger to we, some idiots went up, and after he had enough, he tell the rest o we to open we he paint the ass…telling them if they had their eyes closed, they would not see him calling…I was peeping, but had more sense that to go up..then the girls’ school cross the road…wid miss Spencer…she husband use to come there and beat she so bad…LOL….cause she did like one o the boys’ school teachers, and evva time somebody talk, licks like peas….she got married and was mrs. Carmichael…and yeh, wunnuh 4get Humber…the charater that used to be round the swing bridge…man could hlooa hard …AAAAhhhh umber humber…and I think the bad man talked abou was Archi Bummer or Bumper, depending on where the person that talking came from…I know the man personally,…quiet, real tall, but beat police bad as hell….and Ang, from St. George…the say he was going to his mother funeral, so he went to buy some shoes, and when the sales clerk ask what was the last size he wore..he replied…’the last size I waer was booty’…man neva wear shoes, and he foot was looong and broad….LOL…LOL..I now remember a joke while typing…had a friend with similar feet, long and broad….had lil trouble in the sea at pebbles..went to far from the pot….and when the life guard ask he lend he one the fins (flippers) so he could get in faster…as the life guard said, he said the man tell he look, dem is my feet……LOL

    Thanks guys, U stir up my memories….must keep coming


  21. Andy Springs May 5, 2010 at 4:42 AM #

    And touching weird things….Steel donkey…..the sow pig wid the 11 young ones at nite,….the horse trottin up and down jessamine ave. in the bayland, and the strong tobacco smell after 6……the lil girl that mek nuff taxi men crash at nite pun Maxwell main road….and the hearse that used to follow home some ppls at nite….and nobody passing by Ch.Ch church after 6…2 damn ghosty……but I had a real experience…b4 there were the ZR vans, ppls used to use suzuki vans as taxis to do the same work…I used to drive one on weekends, saturdays only, til bout 6 in the morning……I was dropping a group to a fete behind the airport and decided to use Vauxhall, since most came from that area..When I get near the junction that would take u to the highway if U turn right, not the first after the drivein, U turn feft, and follow the corner b4 U get to the next junction to turn right, I see something whitish, so I hit my high beam…man…I see a host.. nuff ppls, and my blood went like ice…I aint say a word..when I get to where I see these ppls, my head feel like it was swelling….when I went back 4 the ppls round 5, they sat the same way .so when I get back near there the fellow that was sitting in the front say..”man U passing there again?’….I said is the shortest way, and I getting sleepy and I gotta get the van back by 6 so the next man can use it…man look at me and say…’man I dont wanna pass back there, I see shit when U pass there 2 nite’ I ask, whuh shit U talking bout..he…man..looka I see real ppls crossing there, and when U get there, they look at me yuh, and they din real ppls…dem is duppies I see, and I did frighten like rasshole, but I did 2 frighten to tell U’… I simply said..Yeh, I see them 2 but when I get there, I could not see them, but I felt them…they gone now tho…..couldn’t let the man know I was a bit uneasy …and one nit at Yoruba house, I unlock the door 4 the members to go in, and two girls tha were early, I hear the screm out, so I rush to see what happen…..they near lick me upsided down, and when I look, I saw Ernest Mottley standing at the bottom of the stairs wearing his familiar hat, and then he faded out…….I had to give one o girls lil water….all Elton do when he got there was to laff.

    Had my choir boy days at St.Pau’ls too…was a sweet choir boy..sing like a lark… and the Green line taxi , where Coconut Tours is, is where they were, and then the name changed to Egan’s, and then later to shit, can’t remember…and they used Austin Minx cars, all were a deep green nearly like army green, and the drivers were always dressed with their hats, similar to the type that policemen now wear with the peak,…and Bico was next to where Harbour lights is now, that car park is where Bico was…( Barbados Ice Co. ) that is what BICO stands for, then after they were getting a lil compitrition with their Icecream, they used they same letters as Best Icecream Obtainable..I used to buy my ginger mints, and extra strongs from there after church on sunday nites..ahhhh…Remember when there was Bajan Bandstand in the esplanade….the place where ppls walk and jog, was water, I remember when the water was right up to the wall, and men would fish there, and the water was about 2 or 3 feet from the top, and was about 4 to 5 feet deep…sometimes when fights break out, ppls would run, cause somebody ending up in the water, and women get beat real bad when they went there with other men other than the boyfriend…those were the days….and for the ppls who were around the Bayland would remember Peeloo…man could play road tennis like a idiot…talk nuff shit and play with both hands too…..and scooters, another thing…police run yuh wid dem all-p bicycles….and queens palace…the race horse that ran in the railings…ppls eat nuff horse cutters later…lol….that time Gwen workman was next to the museum wall, where a house now is, b4 she went over on the side where Fredrica, well she dead, she daughter running things..and miss Lynch cutdrops…and lyda..goady lyda…and Val rosa club.. had some of Barbados’ best body builders…O and the Progressive bus company was Birch….where the Esso is ….corner of bay street and colloden Rd..he ran Rendez Vous and Gospel Hall…his busses were red with a yellow and green stripe…think so…down the side….near dead when he see the buses after the transport board took them over… they had his birches in the rain…lol….there were top horses like volata, Blue sails, Vintage, and jockys like venice…well he was a youngster, , johnny Belle, Chally Jones, deFratas, Harry Hinds…and the Garrison on Race days was a big thing….that is where I used to see the mauby woman with the sweet breads with the coconut run through the middle, and when U call 4 a mauby, she would hold the tot…yeh that is what we called it then..right up to the tap, and lowerit slowly…it is only when I got older that I found out why they did that…one , was to keep it from spilling b4 it got in the tot, and the lowering was to see when it to what they giving U …then was the games…after races ppls went home better than when they went to the shop…nuff goods…..ppls had a real reason to go to the races….there is a story bout a mauby woman….’who know , know it’…that was her calling way…’get ur mauby, who know it know it’…til one day the mauby bucket fall, and the skeleton of a hand skate cross the road…my father tell me they never saw that woman again…nobody knows if she dead or not……

    Nick names were the way …and ppls got nicknames so simple…like fry soup…man went home tired and used a frying pan to warm the soup, and miss and say he fry the soup……then we had one called bow nose was wide as the ABC highway..lardy..always look greasy..ball soup…soft pedals..he used to walk like he cant touch the ground, and the boys who learnt lil latin gave him that nickname..then we had a woman..I did hate she..Tester…hit yuh hard as ass, and say she testing yuh…..and fry frum-frum…drummer….cant remember y they call he so….was a hi-fi man….cat best….always saying how he dont dress normal, he dress like a cat…that was the term then…now it is dressing hard or tight….and talking bout tight….them jeans…Lord have mercy….I had some…dress easy, but afterwards,…cant get outta them things fuh rass…
    And the games…like puss puss catch a corner…hiddy biddy, …man from Boscobelle,..that was a good game, but part that was rough…lick as I lick , no advice…..that means no prompting, and if yuh dear open yuh mout…or just look round, a hard lash from the man with the belt,one was …a man from boscobelle would like to know the name of…a white woman live in a green house with nuff black children..lick as I lick, no advice.. who is she.. answer: a soursop..but the one yuh had to be tough to play, and as they start I get call in, cause it was not easy…’Doctor, Whip and Judge’….only two ppls that can save ur ass was the doctor or the man with stop..cause i never hear none o the ppls who pull judge evva set anybody free yet…and if a wicked person pull stop…may the good Lord have mercy…many times ppl went home and then shout back stop…that time ur ass full wid blows..and not a man fight….play by the rules or keep out…
    who as men in here evva foop behind a paling…and get catch?…..women dont own up to these things, but I know nuff get foop all bout playing house…”mummy and daddy”, and always sending the ones that are the children to the shop…and telling them don’t come back too quick…..LOL…LOL….LOL…well I had to repair a paling or 2 a few times…

    Another thing is how hawkers ply their ware…..Your seasoning, your thyme, your cassava..your ball starch..and tray heavy as shite…my brother get some licks just because he shout out ..if they are ours, how U get them….


  22. PC July 7, 2010 at 5:24 PM #

    “)Watchmen (the “watchey”) running you from breaking cane. Sorry for anyone who got caught!


  23. BAFBFP July 7, 2010 at 7:50 PM #

    Andy Springs

    De Grinner (aka Mr Greenidge) paint my ass too..! I don’ miss he…


  24. Anonymous July 25, 2010 at 7:32 PM #

    I read earlier about cock knocking and cock fighting……they are NOT the sam thing….cock fighting is using the exploded pods from the mahogany tree, hooking the lil tips together, and trying to pull off the other person’s tip….cock knocking is when two lil boys rub the heads of their penis together…now, it sounds similar, but certainly , not the same….lol….


  25. RudderBoys July 25, 2010 at 11:26 PM #

    I attended “Rudder Boys” (Barbados Academy) back in the 1960s leaving when it closed in ’68. I learned from this post/thread that we used to have a famous choir of some sort and would like to learn more if any of the oldsters are around.


  26. Dawta of Zion March 3, 2011 at 5:52 PM #

    Greetings to all does anybody remember a character called ‘Gully Boar’ my mudda used to tell us about…..her father told her stories of Gully Boar


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    The clarity in your post is just spectacular and
    i can assume you’re an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission allow me to grab your RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please keep up the rewarding work.


  28. Dexter October 25, 2012 at 7:04 AM #

    How may could remember the policeman…Lion Man. a true brute if any. Who could forget the Empire cinema 4.00 pm on Saturdays. Normally if a great movie (like Jaws), there would be a rush crowd, trying to get pass the outer gate, in order to purchase tickets. That is til the 6.3″ Gorillphant appeared. With 11inch palms and brute strength to suit, Lion man could be heard grabbing people from the crowd by their shirt collars with the baritone bellow…”Get Dung, Get dung” as human bodies were flung about like laundry. The best joke… Lion man was said to have a 4.8ft wife who was said to sandpaper him wid licks REGULAR.


  29. production academy Edenvale December 18, 2012 at 7:28 AM #

    Hi, I read your new stuff on a regular basis. Your writing
    style is awesome, keep it up!


  30. Mark Fenty December 30, 2012 at 10:15 PM #

    Dexter I remember Lionman quite, he was a very big and tall man;he was stationed at District A police statain when i was a young lad. Sad to have heard that he had died a few years ago.:


  31. Mark Fenty December 30, 2012 at 10:43 PM #

    Who remember this very small fellow who had no feet, and he used to push himself around Roebuck Street using his bear arms. If my memory services me right, he wore biggest pair of gloves I’ve ever seen.


  32. Boy Blue December 30, 2012 at 11:07 PM #

    Lion Man could have been easily mistaken for (Sir) Wes Hall.


  33. townman December 31, 2012 at 4:23 PM #

    Man who remember when de bad men use to give de police bear trouble? Men like:Doctor-Rat,Buddy Brathwaite, Sandy_Fly, Bend_Toe, Barabbas,Pack_Rat, Mark Young and Harding.


  34. townman December 31, 2012 at 4:46 PM #

    Pack Rat was de true badman,he the black, ugly and fearless. He used to snatch off de police hat on de regular, at de national stadium. Till one evening de police had did toshoot him inde foot twice.


  35. Joan February 25, 2013 at 9:06 AM #

    Nobody mentioned Born Lazy a man who walked so slowly it would take him 1/2 hour to walk 1 yard. I remember throwing ackee seeds into the
    leaves we were burning and listening to hear when they popped. Great entertainment! But maybe I am older than all of you.


  36. Chris H.P. April 20, 2013 at 2:50 PM #

    Remember people like Uncle Look Up, Ossie (Ozzie) Moore, Ceola, and that guy who wore all white and went to England talking about de sun cold.?


  37. Percy Hogg September 4, 2013 at 9:13 PM #



  38. Mark Fenty November 27, 2013 at 7:57 PM #

    Lion Man is now with our Lord, I am afraid to say.


  39. Mark Fenty November 27, 2013 at 8:06 PM #

    Joan, I remember Uncle Looking as a boy of 5 attending Roebuct Boys Primary. He worked at a store next to the school! He was a very nice man, because even when the kids insulted him; never would he respond with a unkind word.


  40. Wilma WARD October 1, 2014 at 10:41 AM #

    The only shopkeepers’ name you got correct was Delbert Lynch. Some one should have proof read your ‘book’ before publication. Several grammatical and other errors. I was born in Belleplaine and am well versed in the then culture and the peoples of that small and successful business community.
    E.G Edmund Smith was the correct name!!


  41. nanci November 23, 2014 at 6:32 PM #

    I can relate to almost all of the comments, but all those terrible things happen because most of the parents had little or no education, they used the kids for their own comfort and shortcomings, like when a parent got in a quarrel with another parent, but when the child pass the morning, one of the neighbors would complain the child didn’t speak to that neighbor. That was very confusing because most of the time the neighbor would lie. How on earth you can see your parent cussing and carrying on with another neighbor and say hello to that person the next morning, but most of the time it would be a lie that the child didn’t speak. The teacher most of them used to take out their anger on the kids whose parents were less influential or had good jobs, it was all about class. Those days were like slavery days, where the mother would marry a man but if he’s not your father , you would be treated even worse. Its not that kids are more rude or worse than kids back then, because kids were still bad, but its just no one paid any attention, and most of the time they got away with it. Keeping what goes on in the house, was the worse because back then there were lots of incest going on, but some mothers who depended on the so called husbands kept it quiet, and also some kids were the favorites, so those who were not were expected to work hard, and get to school late, and get beat at home and at school. Then the system would abuse you also because kids were kicked out at 14 years old. So I call it a step above slavery, or the indentured period.


  42. nanci November 23, 2014 at 6:49 PM #

    you were not on punishment, but just got beat after a shower, because mostly it was the mother or father, because he or she took out their anger and frustration on the child, then after that child got to be an adult and got an education, that same parent wants to lay claim to the child success. When that same child was a kid going to school, how about coming home for lunch and nothing is there, but now when some of these same parents grow old, they want those kids they abuse to come to their rescue. I bet many of those parents regret their actions, but its too late. Many of those teachers didn’t like their job, they just wanted the money and benefits. I saw a few of them later in years, did they learn about beatings at the teachers training school? I remember reading about the house slaves, the ones who would tell the master about the field negroes, and that’s what it was in those days, the teachers didn’t want the poor kids to get no where, so why not beat the shit out of them, and terrorize them to make them hate school. That’s why teachers should learn about child psychology, and special education so to include all kids in the educational system. Beatings and punishment wont do it, because then you will be rearing a generation of horrible people with no remorse or empathy for another human being.


  43. Rawle Maycock January 17, 2015 at 10:45 AM #

    percy bushell, was charged for arm robbery but was freed, of the charge, a case that saw Burton Hinds jailed for contempt of court an Ian Gale bought before the court for printing the picture of Percy Bushell in the Advocate, as they ruled it could perjudious the matter before the court.


  44. David January 17, 2015 at 11:53 AM #

    @Rawle Maycock

    Before our time, tell us more.


  45. Ty stanton July 22, 2015 at 4:15 PM #

    Mark Fenty, when did you attend Roebuck? I might know you.


  46. ac November 13, 2015 at 6:39 PM #

    Remembering Bajan “A diamond in the rough ” only wish i could relive those moments in time here on BU



  1. Baxton Sutdios Licia Brown Bentwood Butterfly Chair/Stool - April 23, 2010

    […] Remembering What WAS Bajan «Barbados Underground The seller can not be bothered with this man who looked like he could not even buy a pair of pumps to put Brown on his feet. The man went out, went to another garage where he was treated with a little more respect, and I bought a brand new truck …… talking shops Baxter Rd Bout Before I popular Oistins on Friday night, I don my brothers and sisters Pink Star Would to files if we had no family away from home. There was this guy who worked at OL Pink Star. … […]


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