Ryan Brathwaite Wins Gold At World Track And Field Championships

Not since Obadele Thompson’s bronze medal performance at the Sydney Olympics has Barbados had reason to celebrate the performance of our sportsmen on the world scene. Brathwaite’s performance this evening to win Gold in the 110 metre hurdles given the vacuum created by our non-performing Barbados and West Indies cricket teams has served to feed the hunger of Barbadians for success from our sports people.

The twenty year old Brathwaite’s performance on the big stage is sure to inspire young Barbadians everywhere that all is possible. Not to be left out are our local officials who can take comfort in the knowledge we have the capacity to produce a world class athlete with home grown talent.

Brathwaite’s success will have other benefits to the country given our reliance on tourism and international services. The respected Barbados brand will continue to take root.

Yella, blue! Yella blue! Yella blue!

Congratulations Ryan!

0 responses to “Ryan Brathwaite Wins Gold At World Track And Field Championships

  1. @ROK

    Your substantive point has been made and heard. We should find a way to fund our athletes who demonstrate above average potential. To hell with the status quo.

  2. @David

    Thanks for that intervention.

    @LIB “The African proposal is still on the docket.”

    Sorry, that is off-topic.

  3. livinginbarbados

    The African proposal (it’s yours, but not detailed) was very ON topic, but just not realistic. Big difference.

  4. @LIB
    “All anonymous women out there, you are now male. New rules. ROK does say rules dont matter so look out for further changes.”

    What happen man? You trying to use me to get a sex change? That is out of my professional space. That is the domain of the Creator.

  5. livinginbarbados

    You’ve crossed your threads. The context was Psyche. But from there, let me repeat YOUR words:
    “I not worried about that anonymous person. I think he is a Jamaican too so he would say anything to back up his man.”[Please note YOUR pronouns.]

  6. @LIB
    “You’ve crossed your threads.”

    Well, I ain’t perfect. By the way, that is how you make cloth. Not a bad thing, I’m sure you would agree.

  7. @LIB
    “Please note YOUR pronouns.”


    You too bright! Never thought you would have picked that up. My humble apologies for underestimating your intelligence.


  8. Most middle eastern countries especially( Bahrain, quatar and yemen) are invovlved in “sporting citizenship” or from the athletes perspective “flags of convenience”.Kenya and ethiopia(great athletic rivalry between these countries) have an over abundace of A grade and B grade athletes who are still not good enough to be on their nationl team(very competitive atmosphere).So a lot of these athletes “sell” their endurance skill to other countries who do not produce home-grown athletes and the biggest beneficiary of this is some of these rich arab states .These “flags of covenience athletes”(mostly kenyans) are promised a income for life and are moderately taken care by these rich gulf states.If an athlete is able to medal they are rewarded handsomely also. Most will tell you they do it for economic reason because the athletic federation in Kenya donot take care of its athletes.Sometimes you find in a race family members racing against each others and representing different countries.

    A lot of these kenyan runners once they becom citizen they change their name and religion to muslim.You will always find this situation in countries that provide an extra abundance of talent eg brasil with soccer players, china with table tennis player, USA with basketball players etc.That is why the IAAF and the IOC have three year waiting period for athletes that change citizenship and must be agreed by both countries unless a waiver is granted. If some of these rules were not in place then these less-endowed athletically rich countries could buy a whole olympic and world championship team.

  9. livinginbarbados

    @ROK, acknowlegements graceously noted. None of us is perfect, and to err is human. But we try to get better.

  10. Hi Bonny and thanks for the further info about Ri! Still disappointed ur not too impressed with her but everybody can’t b the same! Fully understand ur love of the ballroom-music etc, but, u know, dat track of hers I played the other day’s a slow-number!! Just hit me for six, man! I jus love the girl!! Think, if I were young again, I’d have to try and ask her for a ****, that’s if she would have me, which, I’m not sure she would!!

    Bonny, forgot also to mention I watched a prog on New York or NY City!! I suppose there’s a difference, last night, and guess what it revealed! That, in NY THERE R MORE BAJANS DAN IN BIM!! Can u believe dah!! But wha d Bajans doing?!!


  11. Hi Dave, 2 of my posts (just now) have n’t appeared!! What’s happening, bro?!!

  12. Bimbro,
    I try connecting de dots that you would ask Rihanna for and I come up wid kiss, date, fupe, which it is man? :)
    You in na good ya kno.
    My sons not even into r&b or hip-hop so my chances of hearing her would be pequeno. They into de ‘dance-hall’ as you would guess. One of them playing a oldies cd right now.

    I myself got a whole bunch a family down in NY. Some straight, some narrow. I luv Bim and don’t plan to go anywhere else so, it bothers me none.
    Two a you post disappear? Be careful. Me n’ you might be gettin ban cause one or two KLOWNS callin fa um. Um won’t stop me from eating be Christ.

  13. Hi Bon, and thanks for the info. The posts appeared merged into one, above, so it’s ok!!

    Really more interested in her singing than anything but the pics of her seem more and more appealing by the day!!


    Anyhow, I caan worry gal!! I had my turn at being in my 20s aready an I mus leave it to d rest now!! I just want her to have a huge hit again so we can c her on our screens every few mins, like before! I really doan understand what she’s doing at the moment, at all!!

  14. Why worry about LIB? he is typical Jamaican. A typical jamaican once told a bajan friend of mine, in an argument that his thinking was limited because he was from a small island. This jamaican was arguing so wrong about a simple matter. My friend told him, he was right about coming from a small island, that’s why bajans would hear when the scool bell rang. This almost started a fight. Maybe, LIB didn’t hear the school bell too often and relied on those who heard it to report what happened at shool.

  15. Scout, dat may be d reason but I doubt it’s the only one! Posssibly his fondness fuh ganga, u know, the intoxicant which d JAs caan live widout or close proximity to such Bob Marley-type users, lef e brain addle a long time ago!!

  16. Bro Scout,
    Dat baddddddd. I luv um. He din hear de school bell.

    I gone doe, I cud hear mine ringing :)

    Ya ring-neck-vagabon.
    A too luv ya comadee.

  17. @All

    I thought this thread was supposed to be about congratulating Ryan Griffith!
    However, it seems to have degenerated to the usual personal attacks, innuendo and hyperbole that we see occurring on nearly every thread on BU!

  18. Robin,
    Aren’t you guilty of the same? Then shushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  19. Ryan brathwaite

    thanks everyone for supporting me

  20. Let me join with BU household member and thank Ryan for taking time out of his training schedule in Switzerland to post on BU, we will track your every performance going forward, we wish you well!

  21. Ryan Brathwaite
    Congrats my fellow bajan; you have made us PROUD. Please remain humble but positive. You are the TRUE ambassador and mentor for our youth here in Barbados. Keep flying the Barbados flag high.

  22. @ scout

    The typical bajan man in all his literacy glory will not accept that the fact that the three noble prize winners from the caribbean are not of bajan stock.

  23. Somebody commented about multiple handles from one person. I see ‘David’, and it links to BU. I see ‘bUnderground’; that also links straight to BU. So, I guess mutliple handles is a NON ISSUE.

    Murmurings are heard in some corners in Hillaby that Ryan did not send any message to BU. Can someone confirm. It would be bad to embarrass the boy by abusing his name. He could claim identity theft.

  24. Mr ZION1971, your sentence that reads: {The typical bajan man in all his literacy glory will not accept that the fact that the three noble prize winners from the caribbean are not of bajan stock} explains clearly what LITERACY glory is (LITERARY?). Do you mean NOBEL, which is a noble prize to get? bajan should be Bajan (proper noun?). I do not want to be rude but you need to make a better case.

    The NOBEL committee is there to be contacted instead of moaning from down here. They can be reaced in Oslo.

    Dont you think it is time that people in Barbados see that others have merit? If Bajans want to win everything then they need to compete in everything and be the best. Do you see any Bajans lining up with Chinese skills to go to Beijing and work in the Embassy? If there are none do we send the ones we have who know about eating Chinese food? Is that good enough? How about sending the Crop Over song Chow Mein and not send Sir Lloyd at all?

  25. @Anonymous

    We have ignored your barbs, innuendo and insults all yesterday. We have even ignored your multiple handles because most BU family would know what you have been trying to do. We will clarify a couple points raised.

    Ryan Braithwaite is known to a member of the BU household who contacted him in Switzerland and asked him to comment. Secondly, the BU household member who contacted him posted the comment which followed. Usually, most comments are posted under David but it does not negate the contribution of the other members of the BU household.

    To be honest, we are disappointed a man of your touted academic standing would be stooping to such levels but we shall see.

  26. David, a few issues. You say now it was not Ryan who made the comment. Why did you not state that and why then thank him? You could have written “comment provided by friend of Ryan Brathwaite on his behalf” and that would have been well understood.

    You seem sure of the identity of the poster and that is something that if wrong you may want to redress. Several posters are following the threads and are seeking to see where the discussions go.

    You seem to have at least misled the BU family. Do you agree?

  27. If various posters are using multiple handles, including yourself, what is it thta you are saying that is wrong? You can seem to be several and others cannot?

  28. Just to help. I am a female. I am a graduate. I used to live in Barbados, and know it well. I never worked for the IMF but have worked in the USA. I can offer directions to my office, and will be glad to meet, and with a witness in case there is any need to 3rd party confirmation. Now, do you still want to think that you know to whom you are responding?

  29. David, at the very least the following gives a particular impression, and you imply that in fact you were 2 of the ‘persons’. Who was the BU household member you were addressing? Are David and bUnderGround different or the same?

    Ryan brathwaite // August 25, 2009 at 11:31 AM

    thanks everyone for supporting me

    bUnderGround // August 25, 2009 at 12:32 PM

    Your welcome.

    David // August 25, 2009 at 7:10 PM

    Let me join with BU household member and thank Ryan for taking time out of his training schedule in Switzerland to post on BU, we will track your every performance going forward, we wish you well!

    If what you are arguing is to make sense then who will post comments from say ‘David Thompson’?

    Signing off.

  30. There are so many matters that need the BU family to swabble over, I don’t believe that posters can now be making a controversy over such a famous event. Let enjoy the occasion and congratulate the young man. Most of you who are using the moment to create a problem, can’t even jump over onr of the hurdles at their own pace so just switch-off.

  31. @The Scout, in case you misunderstand. In many senses, the original post was tribute enough to Ryan’s exploits and it seemed very sincere. But, when it appears that the sentiments are enhanced by further comments, we appear to hit a problem. If Ryan appreciated the gesture of BU, so be it and let him or a representative express that, and say so clearly. However, it appears that another impression was sought. That may be a misreading. David has now clarified.

    What could have happened and it often does, is that someone shows the blog to Ryan who then publicly denies it being from him and then egg may hit faces. No need for that. That’s all. He ran well. All should be proud.

  32. Anonymous gotta pokey too…!


  33. Gear Box,
    You notice? Haw hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  34. Barbadian Ryan Brathwaite will compete today at the AF Golden League in Zurich, Switzerland. Click on the link to check how the races will run-off. Ryan’s race will be at 20.20 (Switzerland Time)

  35. That’s 2p:m our time, David.

  36. Ryan came third in a time of 13.21, behind trammell of the USA and Thomas of Jamaica.Congratulation Ryan.

  37. I am sorry he did not have a flag to do the victory lap with and you know he was looking for one :) congratulations Ryan, and yea CBC knew he was making strides why not pre-empt the crap that they usually show and show something of National Significance??? COW….loafer that is what!

  38. Ryan ends the season in style!

    Lets all get out on Thursday and give him a rousing welcome home.

  39. A fantastic tribute to Ambassador Brathwaite!



  42. i love u ryan

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  44. rhianna lane

    i am very proud of u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very gggggggoooooooodddddddddd

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