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BANGO Is The Sole Intervenor At Barbados Light And Power Hearing

Posted by ROK on his Speaking up Blog Yesterday I walked into the shock of my life, when upon entering the Procedural Conference leading up to this hearing, held at the Accra Beach Hotel at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday 30th December 2008, the only name displayed on the Intervenor’s table was the Barbados Association of […]

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It Was The Year That Went Ponzi

The year of our Lord 2008 will be remembered by Barbadians for the many history making events which occurred. At the beginning of the year Prime Minister David Thompson led the Democratic Labour Party to a comfortable win over the Barbados Labour Party led by the veteran Owen Arthur. While the party hacks experience the […]

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Barbados Association Of Journalists (BAJ) Resuscitated

It is no secret that BU has flogged our media houses (Fourth Estate) with impunity in recent months. Part of our criticism would have been leveled at the non-functioning Barbados Assocoation of Journalists (BAJ). In other words we have had the ridiculous situation of our journalists not being represented by a functioning body while our […]

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Are Peter Wickham's Views In Agreement With Barbados Public Opinion?

Submitted by Yardbroom In recent comments Patrick Todd member of The Barbados Parliament made reference to the declaration of assets issue.  I am not concerned with the words spoken by Patrick Todd in this submission, neither do I seek to defend him as he is well capable of taking care of himself.  I will also […]

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KFC and Chefette Restaurants Send AirBourne Postal!

Circulated by Ian Bourne to Media Houses, NISE … Ms Kim Tudor; Nat’l Initiative for Service Excellence/Ms Michelle Hustler-Small; Bds. Coalition of Service Industries/Editor; Daily Nation/Editor; B’dos Advocate & Heat Magazine Attn: New Year’s Resolution, viz. – Service Dear All: Most people at this time of year make a New Year’s resolution; more often than […]

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The Barbados Brand Continues To Shine In The Gloom

Even in the throes of a global financial meltdown Barbados continues to project a world class brand which appeals to the potential tourist. It is no secret that Barbados is very dependent on the tourist dollar to shore-up its foreign reserves. To a small developing state like Barbados the health of our foreign reserves is […]

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It Is Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas

We are approaching the biggest event on the Christian calender. Another year when Christians should be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Barbados prides itself on having built a model society based on  predominantly Christian values. As we become a  multi-religious society as a result of the inflow of people from around the world, we […]

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Barbados Media Personnel Urged To Support Colleagues In The Face Of Police Harassment

Submission Circulated by Editor at Nation Newspaper Amanda Lynch-Foster  to Media Personnel (Click Image to read Nation Comment) I’m sure most of us are feeling the same way today – pissed off and frustrated with the disrespect that journalists are getting. This is the third time this has happened in the last year and a […]

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Proposition 8 Turns To Hate: The Implication

Former Minister of Health David Estwick was quoted on a Gay Website as saying “… legislation criminalizing homosexuality and prostitution in the Caribbean region were among difficult issues that the political directorate must take up urgently.” He did go on to be quoted “What are we going to do about reaching men who have sex […]

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Customer Bemused At Piss Poor Service Delivered By RBTT Bank

Observation submitted by Annette I had the laugh of my life today. I was in RBTT bank- Holetown and found the line was not moving at all. there were four tellers at their wickets…One was doing Western Union transactions exclusively, and the other three were literally standing up twiddling their thumbs. Three customers were in […]

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Recent Public Execution In St.Kitts

Submitted by The Scout Quite recently, the then Foreign Affairs The Hon. Chis Sinckler signed an agreement to retain the death sentence in Barbados, However, we have all come to realize that this is just a formality, since any attempt at carrying out that sentence is blocked even if it meant convening a court session […]

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Immigration The "Wisdom" Of Senator Maxine McClean: Lighting A Candle In The "Darkness"

Submitted by Yardbroom Senator Maxine McClean in the Barbados Senate as reported in the Nation Newspaper dated 11 December 2008, gave as clear an outline on managed immigration as one would expect a responsible senator to give.  The words of senator McClean were not given the attention they deserved and have slid under the radar.  […]

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PNC Robert Corbin's Case Against McAllister And Team Alexander Is Trifling

Submitted by Rickford Burke (Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy) 1.The letter delineated an official party position. Its specificity on the Disciplinary Committee proceedings against Team Alexander as well as its conclusions is redolent of authorship by the PNC leadership itself. There is no “Melanie Morrison” in the PNC leadership or with access to such information. […]

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A Case When A LIME Is No Ordinary LIME

It is the Christmas holidays approaching and we were hoping to take a short break from blogging. However the thought of a company which has operated as a monopoly in the Caribbean for so long and has generated unconscionable profits contemplating sending home employees makes a sour taste in our mouths. Cable and Wireless (C&W) […]

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It Is Cool To Be In Barbados

“Welcome to KoolBarbados! At last a DIY site for all those who love this island as much as we do. Bajans everywhere and visitors from anywhere post your own videos, audio, photos and stories here. Join now, get your personal home page, stay cool and start sharing immediately.” – Click on the image to visit […]

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What A Difference A Change In Government Can Make

Are we permitted to make a quick observation about our friends in the media, especially the print version? We remember not too long ago one Adrian Loveridge who had to resort to the blogs and other Internet Websites to deliver on his message. We even remember that one time when he was invited to participated […]

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Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary Closes

After years of providing educational and environmental programmes to tens of thousands of children and adults, Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary closed on Monday to the public. “The last day went well, but most people were too hurt and emotional to really speak to me,” said Harry Roberts, General Manager of the Sanctuary.   “The closing of […]

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Nelson Barbados Group Court Application Rejected~The Other Side Of The Kingsland Estate Court Matter Part XVI

Submitted by BWWR As promised, here are the Reasons of Justice Jayne Fergusson in refusing the application of Nelson Barbados Group Limited for leave to appeal the decision of Shaughnessy J. in which he refused to release for general distribution the videotapes of cross-examinations in Barbados of, among others, Sir David Simmons and those in […]

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