Norman Faria Calls For Blogs To Be Censored While Attending Annalee Davis Rookie Attempt to Capture A Serious Topic on Film in Just 30 Minutes

Annalee Davis

Members of the BU household attended the viewing of a 30 minute documentary titled On The Map produced by Annalee Davis at Solidarity House tonight (15 July 2008). The night’s proceedings was moderated by the ubiquitous Peter Wickham. The viewing although not a full house attracted a cross section of Barbados. Before we comment on the actual 30 minute ‘piece’ we should clarify a few matters which have been given rise by tonights proceedings. Norman Faria, Barbados Guyana Consul during the feedback segment of the night’s event launched a broadside at the blogs, we believe he meant BU given our persistent blogging on the Barbados immigration issue. He called on the authorities to censor us. He referred to the vile, racist and xenophobic positions taken on the blogs regarding the issue of migrant labour with a focus on the Indo-Guyanese.

Norman Faria we hope that you are reading very carefully what we are about to write:

All of our blogs to date on the immigration issue are built on two positions 1) the lack of a managed immigration policy in Barbados and 2) the socio-impact of large inflows of Indians on a predominantly Black host population. We have reread many of our blogs on the subject of immigration and we have struggled to discern any xenophobic meanings on our part. We must admit that some of our commenters have sometimes crossed the line by engaging in racial rhetoric. However Faria, Ricky Singh and others should not mistake the comments of a few commenters to represent the views of the BU household. We believe in free speech and while we don’t condone all the comments on BU we will always seek to protect freedom of expression. We believe that Barbadians are educated enough to filter racist and xenophobic nonsense from the real fears and concerns of Barbadians. The fear was very eloquently expressed by Caribbean Broadcaster Corporation broadcaster Jewel Forde and Sydney Simmons, now retired. The issue of migrant labour is a topic which is currently occupying the many countries in the world, the developed countries being no exception.

To respond to Keith Nurse who we understand is a lecturer at the UWI and who sought to scare Barbadians by referring to the Dominican /Haiti experience by mentioning the word genocide, it will not work!

To comment on the first effort by Annalee Davis to produce, we have to compliment her on the attempt to highlight a concept which is of value to our small region, i.e. migrant labour. The Caribbean was built on the backs of migrant labour and we have no doubt that this will continue. The BU household fully supports the free movement of people within a managed immigration policy. Contained within that policy must be how ethnic populations will be absorbed by our host population. It seems like we have made this point ad nauseam since our launch but some people prefer to ignore it. The construct of the presentation was woefully inadequate to deal with such a complex topic and Davis located the story mostly in the Guyanese experience and more specifically Indo-Guyanese which led to a perceived bias by the BU household. For the benefit of Davis we should provide one glaring example. The documentary featured resident Indian lawyer Bacchus, who may have some Guyanese origin speaking to the incident dubbed ‘terrible Tuesday’. The BU family may recall that the Barbados authorities sent back 20+ Guyanese who intended to visit Barbados a couple years ago. In the film we listened to Bacchus castigating the Immigration Department and by extension the Barbados government for allowing such to occur. To our surprise the documentary failed to extract an official response from the Barbados Immigration Department to bring some balance to the issue. Instead Ms. Davis film which is a collection of disadvantaged Guyanese grieving served to build the plot for her 30 minute effort.

The feedback session which followed the viewing spanned the gamut of rubbish to insightful but that is to be expected, it is a free country. We should make mention of Ricky Singh’s contribution when he passionately asked government to reverse its current policy on immigration. Ricky seems to know more than the average Barbadian because the promised White Paper on a new immigration policy is yet to be made available for public consumption. BU took umbrage to the tone of his presentation which expressed discuss at how Barbadians and the region have been slow to adopt CSME. He also had some lashes for the media of which he is a part. Whether he likes it or not, the concerns of Barbadians are being echoed all around the Caribbean. Again the concerns of Barbadians were represented two weeks ago by the action of our Caribbean Heads to delay the roll-out of CSME until 2012 because of the very same issue for which we have concerns, movement of people.

Lastly we wish to remind Peter Wickham of the days leading up to the last general election when the Nation newspaper frustrated his effort to publish articles, the blogs assisted him in the cause. Now we have seen him betray us by agreeing with Norman Faria that the blogs need to be censored. Although he did not actually say it he did not offer a denial when Faria made the comment by co-opting his support. We take that Mr. Wickham as acquiescence. Like your former colleague Dr. Don Blackman who lauded the discussions on the blogs prior to election as healthy but recanted soon after, both of you may realize the error of your ways. To reinforce the point we had an email sent to Peter Wickham recently requesting some information to which he has refused to respond, as we said this is a departure from the recent past.

The same behaviour has occurred from someone we thought was a friend of BU, Mr. Stephen Worme of the Barbados Light and Power Company. BU will remain in the wings and quietly observe because as the Bajan saying goes, God does not like ugly.


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418 Comments on “Norman Faria Calls For Blogs To Be Censored While Attending Annalee Davis Rookie Attempt to Capture A Serious Topic on Film in Just 30 Minutes”

  1. Jay July 24, 2008 at 12:23 PM #

    Reagonomics said:

    Dont leh nobody drag u in2 nuh fight over de media houses…all o dem is family, duh just had a lil fallout, dah’s all.
    No debating that here or we wouldn’t even be on these blogs,lol.The mainstream media are all in the same boat.

    However,the fact remains that all illegal immigrants must be taken care of in some capacity.NO ONE should be praising anyone for promoting an underclass in Barbados.The stark reality however is that most actual Bajans that I know are more for getting rid of said underclass than having them stay.

    One by one,Government officials appear to be getting the message.Bajans & Guyanese who are apart of this illegal immigration mess MUST be taken care of & held accountable in some official capacity.

    “Shortcomings in Barbados’ immigration laws have led to an influx of dangerous foreign criminals slipping through our borders.

    This was revealed in the Senate during debate on the Immigration Amendment and Validation Bill.

    During the debate Government Senator, Peter Millington raised the issue, saying that word getting to him is that there are dangerous criminals living in our midst who are foreign nationals, who in the first place should not have been allowed into the country.

    “We have reason to be concerned as well about how people with a long criminal record in another Caricom country can come and live freely in Barbados. So obviously there are loopholes which need to be tightened, there are procedures, and there are things that have to put in place.”

    Senator Millington believes that the Immigration Amendment and Validation bill will address the problem, as well as deficiencies at the Immigration Department.

    He wants that office to follow the approach of the United States in dealing with this issue and told a story of his personal experience with Homeland Security on entering the US.

    “He had a dossier and he can tell you what your engine to the state’s 19707175 you came in at a particular point in enough to trigger points and the point I’m trying to make is we need to have an accurate count of those who come to our shores when they leave and those who came in and did not leave.”

    Also speaking on the issue, Agriculture Minister, Senator Hanesley Benn has identified a disturbing trend which Barbadian employers are engaging in, involving Guyanese nationals, that he says must be stamped out as a matter of urgency.

    According to Senator Benn there are people in Barbados who make a living by going down to Guyana to recruit workers and confiscate their passports when they arrive in Barbados. These Guyanese workers then have to pay a portion of their salary to the recruiters every week or every month.

    To address this and similar immigration problems that Senator Benn believes could lead to acts of crime, he has proposed that the system be created to register all Guyanese coming into Barbados, because of the increasing numbers.

    Senator Benn believes such a system would stop these immigrants from trying to evade law enforcement and immigration officials.”

    If it were up to me,I think Barbados should remove Guyana from the visa free list or Caricom should oust the country from the regional block if true regional integration through CSME is to continue.Regardless of whatever happens,Barbados holds most of the cards.We have a Prime minister who is responsible for CSME & whatever happens in Barbados the rest of the regional block will follow.

    Anyway,at least some of the Africans who were suppose to be on the flight with the rest of the Nigerians & Ghanaians have been caught.


  2. Negroman July 24, 2008 at 3:29 PM #

    Jay very good point in having visas for guyanese.That is an execellent suggestion.I would hope the officials are reading these blogs and recognising some very good ideas are being suggested.
    I believe that our Prime Minister should have a referendum on whether Barbados should continue to participate in CSME.Give us the people a choice.Do no ram this CSME idea down our throats.
    Negroman is all for visas for guyanese.Guyana is not a Caribbean country but is part of South America.Guyana seek your fortunes with your South American counterparts.
    We do not want Guyana in the Caribbean.


  3. Reaganomics July 24, 2008 at 3:43 PM #

    @ Jay

    Deep down I’m very confident that Barbados will do the right thing and there is going to be a win-win situation. Once the harsh rhetoric is blown over, Barbados always seems to make the right choice.
    Reaganomics can tell u that from private conversations with Mr. Faria, he is well aware of the problem and admits to the nonsense some guyanese are doing.
    So the right thing will be done. Bajans aint stupid and they wont hurt their island. However a lot of decisions are made in silence to avoid too much public debate, so dont be surprised if amnesty is given.
    Just a thought.


  4. Reaganomics July 24, 2008 at 3:44 PM #

    @ Negroman

    The referendum on CSME is an excellent idea. But be careful what u ask for.


  5. Anonymous July 24, 2008 at 6:05 PM #


    You are doing well.

    I am so pleased that everyone here stuck to their issues today and ignored reganomics.

    Well Done.

    If he was on BFP he would have been thrown off already for those thingd he has been saying aginst BU.


  6. Reaganomics July 24, 2008 at 6:27 PM #

    Reaganomics is having fun. Ya all need to lighten up (no pun intended). There is the option of censorship, isnt there.
    On another note tho!
    Have a look at this article.
    “World Bank Urges Eastern Europe to Take in Immigrants”
    Reason being: ageing population.

    Here’s a facts:

    **Barbados definitely has an ageing population

    **1950, all countries in subregion had young growing populations w/ less than 10% population 60 +

    **1975, Barbados the first country with more than 10% of population elderly

    **2025, Barbados & Cuba are projected as first Caribbean countries 25% of population 60 +

    **By 2050, 1/3 of population of 4 countries will be 60 +: Barbados, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana

    Just smthg to think about!

    @ Negroman
    Look what they’re doing to OUR brothers in the Ukraine man!
    “Ukraine has also seen a surge in attacks on foreigners. More than 90, mostly dark-skinned students or migrants, have been attacked, 13 of them fatally, in apparent hate crimes this year alone, police say.”
    This aint right man, no one deserves this, no matter what color or race they are. This aint right!


  7. Pat July 24, 2008 at 11:34 PM #

    Reagonomics, I am no longer reading your posts. Too much hot air.


  8. David July 25, 2008 at 7:25 AM #

    we picked up this story on the Internet but we have been unable to cross check. The Website looks fishy and we may want to advise the BU family to access the link my using

    Here is the link.


  9. Anonymous July 25, 2008 at 7:38 AM #


    Couldn’t you just briefly tell us what the story is about?

    I don’t think I want to click on any suspicious link.


  10. Insight July 25, 2008 at 8:25 AM #

    This is the article David is linking to:

    Guyana rejects Barbados Deportee
    July 24th, 2008

    A Guyanese man who was deported from Barbados on Tuesday is back on the island after Guyanese authorities rejected him, and sent him back to Barbados.

    Capitol News understands that the man, Dexter David was deported from Barbados and arrived aboard a LIAT flight just after 1 on Tuesday afternoon. He arrived without travel documents identification documents and as such the Guyanese Immigration Department could not confirm his identity and nationality.

    The man told Immigration officials that he is Guyanese. His relatives were contacted and they raced to the airport with expired travel documents and other identification documents but local Immigration did not accept any of the documents.

    A Senior official at the Immigration office today told Capitol News that it is a policy of the Guyana government that anyone who arrives without travel and identification documents not be allowed to enter the country and the Airlines ought not to bring in passengers who are without travel documents even if those passengers were deported.

    Family members of the man are concerned that Barbados may now jail him, and local immigration could have used the documents they provided and allow the man entry. Immigration could have also made checks of its own records since the man is the holder of a Guyana passport. Local immigration may just be as guilty of a wrong as Barbados immigration since the man may have been sent back to Barbados without any travel document, a family member noted.

    A source at the airport said this incident is not an isolated one, and there are many other cases of persons being sent back here without any travel document or identification documents. It is strange the source said, that Guyana rejected the man when in the past, accepted many others who arrived the same way.

    An official at LIAT airline said the company does not usually fly in passengers who are not holders of a passport or some id document and the airline intends to investigate the report.


  11. The scout July 25, 2008 at 8:30 AM #

    If that link is factual, it means barbados has to tighten up on their immigation immediately since guyana is not taking them back. If the link is not that factual, it means just a hint of what is to come, therefore we’re faced with mass illegal guyanese who we will have to accept. NO WAY. so much for CSME. Owen, Jagdeo has led you down a wicked path, a path of mass destruction


  12. JC July 25, 2008 at 9:48 AM #

    Will this saga continue to be so frightening? Is there no hope?

    I have become very sad about this situation! Some persons have tried to make a mockery of this serious discussion. However, If what BU has just linked us to is true; I dont know how we can rectify this problem!

    Arthur has left a path of destruction. how could we have thought that this man was the BOMB! LOL


  13. Negroman July 25, 2008 at 10:13 AM #

    A very disturbing article.Guyana is something else.It is dumping it unwanted citizens on other countries Barbados in particular.What will happen to that unfortunate man no one knows.I hope he is put back unto a flight and send back to Guyana.After all he is a guyanese citizen.His relatives turned up at the airport with documents to identify him.
    This might be a ploy to force our hands into not deporting guyanese back to Guyana.We must watch this development. Nevertheless we must press on with our mass deportation of guyanese especially the indo-guyanese.


  14. Jay July 25, 2008 at 10:29 AM #

    That is NOT as disturbing as this article.Please read all of it.I think it also might explain who Reagonomics=Dr. Randy Persaud ?–6-6–.html

    “It is finally happening. Guyanese immigrants in Barbados are now being murdered. The attack in which Christopher Griffith was killed, and Seelochanie Samuels wounded, was not the work of bandits. It was an anti-immigrant political killing.

    For many Guyanese this might be a surprise, because, after all, we are all West Indians, and on top of that, Barbados has this image as an Island Paradise. Political violence is not supposed to happen there. Barbados is supposed to be the Singapore of the Caribbean – highly globalized, high per capita GDP, and outranked only by the OECD countries in the UNDP’s Human Development Index.

    But something ominous and enormously complicated is occurring in Barbados. There is an unbelievable level of hatred against Guyanese in general and Indo-Guyanese in particular. The magnitude and depth of hatred against the Guyanese is now bordering on neo-fascism.

    In this short article I am arguing that the developments in Barbados have direct linkages to the campaign to construct the Government of Guyana as racist. By ‘construct’ I mean that in contradistinction to objective reality, a platoon of opposition elements have been using various media (TV, daily columns, letters to the editor, blogs etc) to give the impression that the PPP government is deliberately victimizing the Afro-Guyanese population. This particular racialized construction of the political in Guyana, I submit, is linked to the vitriol against Guyanese in Barbados. I am also suggesting that the murder of Christopher Griffith and the wounding of Seelochnie Samuels are linked to the said campaign. Now let me develop the arguments with evidence.

    Several months ago I happened upon an internet news source called “Barbados Underground” (hereafter, BU). I was shocked by the contents. Writers openly called for mass deportation of all Guyanese. Others called for the annihilation of Indians. Yet another commentator suggested that only Guyanese who had proven themselves should remain in the country. In this commentator’s view only one Guyanese met the qualification — Dr. Kean Gibson.

    It so happens that Kean Gibson is the lead writer on the BU blog dealing with a topic labeled “Indian Racism Against Afro Guyanese in Guyana.” Sister Gibson, as she is lovingly called by some of her followers, penned the opening act under the title “Racism and the degeneration of Guyana”. She promised to follow that up with Part II in which she stated “I will look at the response of the people to the violence that is being inflicted on them by the state.” I am confident when she does, it will be a defense of the insurgents who have been destroying innocent lives in Guyana. Prove me wrong.

    Gibson’s views are well known, and her BU article is a simple continuation of the predictable. Here are some quotations from her: (1) “If the word “discrimination” is a poor choice for the experiences of African-Guyanese since racism is not legal in Guyana, then a more apt word is “victimization” where a group of people are singled out for cruel and unjust treatment”; (2) “…African are victims of what is in the hearts of East Indians…”; (3) The racism, and thus inequality, that is promoted in the Hindu sacred texts is a valuable resource which bestows benefits, rights and duties to a group of people and thus must be maintained at all costs and by any means necessary”; and finally (4) “We see that one set of laws and behaviors that apply to a particular group, do not apply to another. Young African men and the poor in the society are summarily executed while surrendering, or killed without firing at police…” Gibson goes on to say that white collar crimes go unpunished, in part because the state has “been reconstituted to become a criminal enterprise.”

    Now here are some commentaries inspired by “Sister Gibson” followers.

    A blogger who goes by the name Anonymous writes “I hope after this article by a respected researcher from the UWI Dr. Kean Gibson that I don’t hear no damn foolishness from those seeking to push their evil agenda under disguise…” The writer is admonishing someone who is calling for calm and reason.

    He continues – “Bajans deserve everything that could happen to them here in Barbados with this influx of these indians…” (sic).

    Once he found his length and line, Anonymous became nagging. “Barbados will become like Guyana or Trinidad UNLESS DAVID THOMPSON TAKES A BOLD STAND AND START REPATRIATING THESE PEOPLE BACK TO GUYANA” (emphasis in the original). He continues – “It is like a homeowner given a small pitbull puppy as a pet, it seems all fluffy and nice for the first 6 months because after all it depends on you to feed it and protect it since it is unable to fend for itself in this strange new environment. However as soon as this puppy becomes a dog and is confident enough, well then, the fangs come out, and you see the real viciousness of the animal.”

    He closes off this particular installment with – “Remember Dr. Kean Gibson instructed us that this mindset has been laid down for them (i.e. Guyanese Indians) in their teachings.

    Another writer hiding under the name Bimbro is even more fascistic that his other Sister Gibson follower. Here he is: “Doan give them nuh exotic name…That’ll only make the bastards feel more important than they should be!! Call the shits what they are and let’s hurry and bring them to justice”.

    “As far as Im concerned, ANYBODY who attempts to highjack our democracy, deserves just one solution!! The Final One” “Get my drift?!!!!”

    Another person writing under the name Analyst praises Kean Gibson’s research and then states the following – “The pit bull analogy given by Anonymous hits right home. East Indians became a real problem in Guyana only after DDT cut malaria and reduced their infant mortality in the 1940’s and 1950’s and their population increased exponentially. Then the PPP asserted itself…now there is a democratic dictatorship in Guyana that controls every facet of life.”

    The Kaieteur columnist Frederick Kissoon name also pops up on the website. The just mentioned Analyst circulated Mr. Kissoon’s February 2 article “War of the Flea” and stated that the article “…gives insight as to WHY the bloody massacres in Guyana underly (sic) a guerrilla war…” (emphasis in the original).

    I want to be fair to Kissoon here. I am not linking him with Gibson. Kissoon, after all, has been critical of her. I point to the circulation of the Flea article because it has in fact been used by the nativist elements in BU to bolster their xenophobia against Guyanese in Barbados. I am confident Mr. Kissoon would not be happy that his work is being used to justify vitriol against fellow Guyanese overseas. I urge him to write to the BU editor and clarify his position.

    Rickford Burke, the New York based writer who consistently characterizes the PPP as a race-based party is also quoted by Gibson’s followers as an authoritative source. His work is also used to justify assaults against Guyanese immigrants in general, and Indians in particular.

    Last month, while in Colombia for the Caribbean Studies Association Annual Convention I had the good fortune of watching the film On the Map – produced and directed by Annalee Davis, a Barbadian. The film depicts the despicable treatment of Guyanese in the once lovely Caribbean island. I sat beside Dr. David Hinds and we were both moved by what our fellow Guyanese are enduring in Barbados.

    Annalee Davis told us that, of recent, there has been a surge of resentment against all Guyanese, but especially Indians. She mentioned that she has reports of Guyanese being forced into the back of buses, just like old times in the Southern United States. On other occasions, Guyanese have to get up and give their seats to Bajans, all through which they are verbally assaulted.

    The point of this article should not be lost. I claim here that the hatred of, and creeping violence against Guyanese has two central elements. Firstly, there is a form of generalized resentment against all Guyanese. This aspect of the anti-immigrant outbursts is actually (believe it or not) quite ‘normal’ in societies that go through rapid demographic, social and cultural change associated with immigration.

    I argue that the second element, namely, the anti-Indian dimension, has links to the ways in which opposition elements have been painting Guyana as a bastion of victimization against Africans.

    In closing I should let you know that about three months ago, I wrote to BU and pleaded with them not to allow it pages to be used as a site for anti-immigrants hatred. I hope the descent into physical violence will now force them to think about this. To date, BU’s official position is that they have found nothing offensive on their site. Kean Gibson’s article is still there as the lead off piece.

    I know that President Jagdeo and the Guyanese Ambassador to Barbados have been trying to help Guyanese in Barbados in whatever way they can. That effort must both be applauded and re-doubled. I also urge the President Jagdeo to send a special team to investigate and document the treatment of Guyanese immigrants to Barbados.

    If On the Map has not been aired in Guyana yet, it should be.

    Dr Randy Persaud is a Guyanese-born political scientist living in the USA. He is Associate Professor of International Relations and Director of Comparative and Regional Studies in the School of International Service, American University, Washington, D.C..”


  15. Jay July 25, 2008 at 10:29 AM #

    BU should immediately counter this article.


  16. Tony Hall July 25, 2008 at 10:37 AM #

    This looks like a genuine website. The links are not working though. It seems like it was placed there to cause intimidation.


  17. JC July 25, 2008 at 11:20 AM #

    These guyanese are no longer playing the role of the unfortunate victims. These people are out to control Barbados. They have insulted us to the core!

    Why are they not dealing with the facts? Was the Phatom gang a myth when they terrorised and killed black young men; over 200 black STRONG HEALTHY men and boys were killed within that period.

    Why dont they deal with the facts; Why dont they say if this group had links with this very same PPP Government. Why dont they talk about Roger Khan as well, who was the financer of this gang. Remember Bacchus, who was a member of the gang; he then became a witness and he and his brother were murdered why dont they talk about that;


    Barbadians are not like that at all. These persons are causing persons who had any good tidings with them to begin to hate them!

    Since their country has been destroyed they dont give a shite about ours.

    Mr. Thompson we warned you (especially scout) about these people.

    Now that they are trying to harm your TOURISM with this slanderous speech how will you respond!

    Thanks Owen Arthur!


  18. The scout July 25, 2008 at 11:52 AM #

    I predicted this a few weeks ago. guyana is going to use our cropover season to badtalk Barbados as cause some negative advertisement in an effort to destablise this country. I’m seeing it unfolded right before my very eyes.Please Mr P.M. MAKE A DEFINITIVE STATEMENT, let us know where your government stands. You didn’t create it. You inherited it but it is your duty to STOP it; save this country from destrucyion by immigrant population. Show your patriotism, your FIRM leadership.


  19. The scout July 25, 2008 at 12:19 PM #

    Where is Norman Farier? Where is the P.M? Where is Maxine McClean? Where is Chris Sinckler? These persons silence is hurting my ears. Have they chicken out?


  20. The scout July 25, 2008 at 12:30 PM #

    Let me further warn you, if we allow this country to be destablised, we’re going to lose our tourist and worse of all our dollars might be devalued and once that starts we can be worse off than the same guyana. Put an end to this guyanese attempt for control. This can get very bitter, worse than 1937. Remember why we celebrate “the day of national significance.”


  21. Negroman July 25, 2008 at 12:37 PM #

    I agreed with all of the above from JC & Scout.These guyanese especially indo-guyanese are hell bent on destroying and tarnishing the good reputation that Barbados has internationally.We need strong and decisive leadership in this country right now,We don want any cowards to lead us.PM Thompson act decisively now.Our country is at the crossroads.These indo-guyanese will not stop until their agenda is completed.That agenda does not have any good things for black Barbadians.
    Imagine if wegive thenm citizenship and Barbadian passports.What a dilemna we will have on our hands.


  22. The scout July 25, 2008 at 12:41 PM #

    This whole plot is coming together; with a fall in construction jobs and layoffs, the guyanese and going to dig in and accept even lower wages,thus denying bajans jobs. We’re already being labelled as “guyanese haters” so whatever they do would be seen as self-preservation; the victims. They would stab you and shout for help.


  23. listener July 25, 2008 at 3:58 PM #

    Barbadians have stooped so low. I would say that barbadians are afraid because they are losing their jobs to more educated and hard working guyanese and esp. indo-guyanese they have no brain and no muscle i.e. to use to work; it is not suprising that guyanese students have been topping the CSEC exams and I even heard that the third highest school in barbados has only ten students passing over to the fifth form what a joke and they call themselves intelligent,indians have always been seen as the intelligent ones and look at india having the third largest pool of doctors,scientists and engineers and why do you think your companies choose others countries individuals cause the have more brain so yall deal with it yall put yourselves in these high places as if you are better than any one and even a guyanese who didn’t go to school can outsmart you stupid barbadians who went to the so called universities, your country is built on guyanese you fools without them you wouldn’t survive, your pop star Rihanna is part guyanese, let alone that your own PM who you are so proud of has roots in guyana so yall f**k yourselves and deal with it guyanese are here to stay and i will advice guyanese not to go to barbados cause it is a horrible place where all u have to eat is flying fish and there so called tourism sector being infiltrated by gay why you don’t fight to protect your country from gay invasion or as i have heard that the take over has already happened. Another reason why i will like to advise guyanese not to go to barbados is that they have limited resources like water and they soon might run out of water and they produce nothing they only produce is from guyanese farmers so if the deport the guyanese they will surely die of water shortage and no food of course if guyana stop sending food to them they will starve and i advise the GOG to do so because since they have no respect for guyanese let them starve and buy food at a higher prices. Guyana should have never joined this so called caricom it serves no purpose from the start they should have joined the south american union and would be much richer country by now but let me assure you guyana will one day be rich and much richer than your country so i’m only waiting on that day to come so i can laugh at these b**tches and if they try to come to guyana we will deport them we hate bajans(it sounds so gross “baajaans”).


  24. Anonymous July 25, 2008 at 5:19 PM #

    This is much more serious than we even realise.

    Barbados is fighting for its life at the moment – but a lot cannot be said publicly.

    I can only say in conclusion that it appears that even though owen arthur knew what he was doing with the guyanese was going to sink barbados down the road – he was not concerned about the future of the average bajan.

    All those BLP yardfowls and rejects that try to derail this discussion and feel real ‘big’ pushing this open door – open border policy – well your stupidity and political blindness if allowed will destroy our country as we know it- and there will be little for you to feel so smug about.

    People this issue is more than appears to the eye.

    Bold and courageous political leadership is needed – because vested interests are pushing back and pushing back strong.

    David/BU keep doing what you do – it is a sacrifice for your country that must be made.

    Bloggers help the police and those loyal,patriotic immigration officer to carry out their duty,provide information as you get it – and most importantly talk to your DLP politicians as often as you can.


  25. JC July 25, 2008 at 6:48 PM #

    Anon I would love to know what you know but I can respect that they are things that cannot be said on the blogs; probably you are like many of us bajans who would love to say things but because of work ethics , cannot say as much as we would like too.

    However, like you, I know how serious this thing has become. That is why i keep on plodding on!

    I wont give up!


  26. Anonymous July 25, 2008 at 7:15 PM #

    JC & Others

    Now that the governor of the central bank said that unemployment has gone up and is going to increase evn more;

    Now that the governor has said that construction has declined and the economy is contracting;

    Can someone tell me what are we going to do with all these guyanese legal and illegal who came here as they say to work – what are we going to do with them?

    No doubt some bajans are going to become unemployed,but if we listen to the bleeding hearts are they saying that these guyanese should be allowed to stay in barbados and push bajans out of their jobs by the guyanese accepting low wages?

    Must bajan families be allowed to suffer and go on welfare while guyanese enjoy the fat of the land?

    These are the facts that are before us as provided by the govenor of the central bank – no one should now come asking their 14 dumb-ass questions – to prove what I really don’t know.


  27. The scout July 26, 2008 at 7:31 AM #

    Check my blog of 25th at 12.41 P.M, you wiould find the answer. There are somethings that are good until you interfere with it. Once a change comes it can only be helped but it would never return to it’s original state. That has happen to Barbados. Check Jamaica. Fellow bajans you see what we are up against, I feel as though I’m watching a bad horror movie that I’ve seen before. The difference is WE CAN BRING THIS BACK TO AN ACCEPTIBLE SITUATION. I’m willing, like NATIONAL HERO Bussa, give my life for my offspring and loyal fellow bajans. Every day that passes makes the situation worse and our leaders are thrying to muzzle us. I’m beginning to HATE our leaders too, they seem to be part of it. If you are not with us you are against us. WE SHALL OVERCOME.


  28. chet18 July 26, 2008 at 8:38 AM #

    You are on the ball Negro Man! Norman Faria is yet another of the many stooges controlled by Bharat Jagdeo. He speaks of censorship because that is the order of the day in Guyana. I guess you know the rest! Regarding Hinkson that is anothyer issue, it only shows clearly that the Jagdeo institution will stop at nothing to ensure that they renact the apartheid era in Guyana.


  29. Anonymous July 26, 2008 at 8:50 AM #


    Post your above post @7:31 a.m. under the new article David has just put up.

    It needs to be read there too.


  30. boredickey July 26, 2008 at 8:51 AM #

    what is norman faria’s email address?


  31. Faria's email July 26, 2008 at 10:11 AM #

    Norman Faria e-mail address is


  32. insight July 26, 2008 at 10:12 AM #


    Norman Faria e-mail address is


  33. Decended from Bajan immigrants to Guyana July 26, 2008 at 2:20 PM #

    My Grandfather was one of the thousands of black Barbadians that flocked (immigrated) to British Guiana early in the 20th century. However, I say that in light of the current attitudes sampled on this blog any Guyanese that is stupid enough to stay in Barbados deserved what they get there
    Question: Is the Bajan dislike of East Indians reserved only for Indo-Guyanese, or do you also hate those originating from India, Trinidad, East Africa, jamaice, etc. Or are you so dotish that you think any one with and Indian appearance must be from Guyana?


  34. The scout July 26, 2008 at 3:34 PM #

    While I really don’t have time for your ignorant comments I must take you up on a few. We bajans’ standard of living is way in advance of yours. I have seen guyanese in Big MARKET BUYING CHICKEN FAT


  35. Anonymous July 26, 2008 at 5:33 PM #


    5 shootings occurred last night.
    Sounds like the choke and rob type you hear about in georgetown.

    Didn’t you tell us scout a lot of this would happen over the period of the crop over festival?


  36. Jack July 26, 2008 at 11:43 PM #

    Isn’t Rihanna part Guyanese? I wonder if Bajans consider her non Bajan since she is a first generation Bajan?


  37. Decended from Bajan immigrants to Guyana July 27, 2008 at 2:54 AM #

    Listener, Too bad your grasp of the English language is so weak. But you seem like a bright gel, so keep on working at it .
    ‘Little England’ indeed!


  38. Anonymous July 27, 2008 at 3:46 AM #

    For all you guyanese who keep bringing up,rhianna’s name – Rhianna’s grandparents were black bajans who went to guyana in the 40s.

    This is why her mother was able to come back here and settle and eventually marry rhianna’s father – a bajan.

    Barbados was known on the international scene before rhianna and will be continued to be known long after rhianna.


  39. listener July 27, 2008 at 2:17 PM #

    scout atleast they have a large supply of chicken while you will be starving and by the way standards of living can be raised


  40. Jack July 27, 2008 at 3:37 PM #

    Actually sorry for bringing up Rihanna because the more I read you actually seem to celebrate black emmigration. What seems to be the sticking point is really Indo Guyanese immigration to Barbados.

    Particularly Hindus seem to be not tolerated am I correct?

    The funny thing is many of the writers here seem to get upset when described as racists or Xenophobes but the reality of it with the level of discussion it makes it really difficult for me to understand how it is not racist?

    Mandela embraced Indians in South Africa, The Kenyan’s definitely have a huge Indian Population that are celebrated and in Mauritius and even in Fiji there are many black leaders that actually defend the right of Indian immigrants within their borders.

    Strange that Barbados’ black population doesn’t want more diversity within their ranks.

    Please help me understand.


  41. Reaganomics July 27, 2008 at 4:00 PM #

    @ Jack

    It’s not racism because Barbadians dont think they’re superior by dint of race.
    But there’s a real fear/phobia of a large influx of a particular ethnic group with whom the country has never had a history. And based on the news coming out of Guyana and Trinidad on the race politics and racial tensions between blacks and indians, Barbadians are fearful that the same could happen in a country that has been relatively stable since the 1950s. That’s all. If anything, it borders on xenophobia (fear of foreigners). And that is quite legitimate.
    What you will hope for is that an educated and enlightened people will address the issues openly and honestly and come up with solutions that are grounded in respect for human rights.
    You cant espouse christian values and morality today and then show disdain for indians tomorrow. It’s a contradiction.


  42. Anonymous July 28, 2008 at 2:38 PM #

    i thought that her grandfather went to guyana and married her grandmother

    Back and forth between guyana and Bim is an established practice but idt does not mean that we should our country to be undermined by guyana



  1. The Immigration Issue Exposes The Divide Between The Academics And The PEOPLE « Barbados Underground - June 1, 2009

    […] the screening of the Annalee Davis 30 minute show which documented the anecdotes of mostly Indo-Guyanese negative experiences travelling into […]


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