Cost U Less Maybe Coming To Barbados

Update: Read latest Press Release issued by Cost U less which was submitted by the tireless Ian Bourne

Monday 14th July edition of the Nation carried some statements and questions asked by Opposition Leader, Mia Mottley re Cost-U-Less. There were some inaccuracies in the statements . The following Website will give your readers all they need to know about the operations of Cost-U-Less.

Source: BU Family member

The Prime Minister has been sending strong signals before and after the last general election that he intends to dismantle the old structures which have existed in our distribution and retail sectors, and which historically have been producing high prices for commodities. This situation has become untenable in the prevailing turbulent economic conditions.

Last weekend Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley advised Barbadians that Cost-U-Less (a buyers club) is currently doing due diligence on Barbados. Mia Mottley was not complimentary about the move and hinted that the reputation of Cost-U-Less was suspect and queried how the entry of such a company might affect jobs who currently work as middlemen etcetera.This is coming from a person who held a senior position in the last government that selected 3S Barbados to do a multi-million dollar contract which has a very murky reputation.

This is an excellent opportunity for the consumer advocates in Barbados to show their mettle. The newly formed Barbados Consumer Watch and others should by their actions provide information to the public to stimulate healthy discussion. We have seen what competition has done in the telecommunications sector to a point. Can the entry of Cost-U-Less to the same?

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56 responses to “Cost U Less Maybe Coming To Barbados

  1. @Shelley Bradshaw

    Both are users of foreign exchange.

  2. Cost-U-Less is another myth (like inter-island trade, resolution of the Trinidad-Barbados fishing dispute, VAT removal on building materials for houses, an Agricultural Lands Protection Act, tax on cell phone usage, tax on lottery winnings, income tax deductions for mortgages to $20 000, a national minimum wage act, better remuneration for police officers, new health and pension plan for seniors, a polyclinic in St.John, restoration of the Empire theater etc) propagated by an otherwise nice fellow.

    Let’s not forget that explicit promise to reduce the cost of living in Barbados.

  3. This message is for the office of Cost U Less on Kauai,,,,I would like to know if it would be possible for to buy from you and you could ship it to me, I live in Belize Central America,,,,what I would like to buy is your chicken breast boneless frozen or not doesn’t matter, and I would also like to know how much it would cost me including shipping and handling also plus taxes,,,,, please let me know if that is possible,,,,I used to come to your store to buy most of my stuff because the prices where better then the other stores when I was living in Kauai,,,,,,,hope to hear from you soon,,,,,,thank you…..

  4. Johhny from Sin Michael

    @Mr.Bimbro…no, incorrect as many could and still do import. Many legacy importers still exist, from the ‘old days’.

    As for cost u less, Barbadians already have it, it is called CHOICE.

    Buy what you need and leave the Sxxx on the shop shelf.

    U dont need alla dat stuff, really. Spend less, live better.

  5. Johhny from Sin Michael

    U dont need frozen pies, cookies, chocolate, fries, drinks, milk (dont need it past two years old).

    Okras, ground provisions, rice, juices and fruits, cereals, local fish and meats are what u need.

    Ignore those stupid ads that sell you rubbish that cause ill health, cut your grocery bill.

  6. Jus a few pertinent facts.
    Caricom = CariCON
    When are we gonna get real.
    The farmer do not talk to his stocks.He just keep them the cheapest way possible to get the best return.
    When you people gonna wake up and see you aint nuffin but stocks. just kept to produce a revenue for the Farmer .
    You think Guyana full of poor people .Wrong!
    One did pull his pocket and raise 10,000,000US$ to build a call center, and it came from WHERE?? Barbados ! Yeah hows that?
    Well cos we have CARICON. Set up for the farmers to get better returns from their stocks.
    Caricon makes sure BARBADOS buys all its rice from Guyana and at a very HEFTY premium.About 200US$ a tonne more than World rice price and the Rice in the main aint as good.So we stocks have to eat Guyana rice and pay thro the nose.
    Non CariCON rice attracts a nice heavy duty to make it dearer than CariCON rice.
    Wanna pick something else,lets pick a item we all use ;Macaroni,the Farmer sets a duty of 100% on this . So any GOOD cheap Macaroni is shut out and we have to eat C**P macaroni at double world price.
    Jam!!! We in a real jam on this ,we gettin it Jammed in our posterior.Duty and VAT OVER 150% .Ever wondered why a pot of good Jam is 15B$ cos CARICON.Thats why.
    This brings me to Cost U Less. HOW they to sell at a LOWER COST when they have to pay these same duties as all the other long serving Bajun businesses.OR WILL THEYHAVE TO?
    OkOk Jus askin!
    Next time you doing your weekly shop and you slam down your Grantlys,you can have the pleasure to understand that probably 50% of your 100$ gone to make a TRINI happy as he can overprice every damn thing he sends here as CARICON lets him inflate his prices WAY above WORLD level as it arranges a HEAVY duty on the other stuff to MAKE him look competative.
    Cost U More Cost U Less Cost U nuffin, they aint going to make ONE S**T of difference ,all they will do is SCOOP up BIG PROFITS cos they GOT BIG Concessions and SEND the LOOT straight out of BIM.

    In the end YOU PAY as your taxes go up, to pay for the people who have lost their jobs,when the retail market get overloaded, profits fall and so unemployed rise..

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