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Jippy Doyle Goes To Prison


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Mrs. Ram Merchandani Brought To Heel By Public Counsel Barry Carrington And The Consumer Claims Tribunal

The Barbados Consumer’s Watch (BCW) organization is reporting in its latest blog that consumers in Barbados may just have something to shout about after all. For years the passive Barbadian consumer who has been taken advantage of by merchants who have appeared to be impervious to a sense of what is fair and just. Finally […]

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The Guyanese Immigration Mistake And The Honorary Consul's Views

Submitted by Yardbroom Could it be that with regard to Guyanese immigration a mistake was made a long time ago, and that mistake was compounded by a perhaps misguided but well intentioned act by the Barbados Immigration Department. Sometimes you can act in good faith but no good prevails. Norman Faria the Guyanese Honorary Consul […]

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Dr. Randy Persaud Is Peeing On Our Leg And Telling Us It Is Raining

Submitted by Max Hinds-Caribbean Institute for Democracy Dr. Randy Persaud, a man of letters I am assured, uses the opportunity of the tragic shooting of two Guyanese immigrants in Bridgetown to make the presumptuous claim that it is racism as instigated by Dr. Kean Gibson and Rickford Burke and BARBADOS UNDERGROUND, more so than anti-immigrant […]

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Search Is On For Relevant Renewable Alternative Energy Strategy For Barbados

Submitted by RE Engineer A renewable energy (RE) policy begins as informed decisions made from case studies of operational renewable energy systems under conditions as close to the expected operating conditions as possible. Carrying out tests and amassing empirical data is imperative. This data would effectively answer the myriad of questions that would need to […]

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Former Editor Of The Advocate Newspaper Tells Of Victimization By Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur

Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley issued a Press Release over the weekend which strongly condemned a recent position taken by the David Thompson led government. CEO’s and other political appointees at statutory boards are now expected to offer their resignations should there be a change in government. This position has created heated discussion in […]

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Bajantubes Weekly Crop Over Top 20

1. Edwin Yearwood – Handle Yuh Bizness 2. Pong – On Pon It 3. Lil Rick & Gorg – Wuk Up U Hear Wha I Tell U 4. Lil Rick – One More Time 5. Nard – Socarobics 6. Edwin Yearwood – Nah Missing Me 7. Bobo – Riddem Of The West Indies 8. Rupee […]

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Proud To Be Barbadian

We read the above advertisement by the O’Level Institute placed in today’s Nation newspaper. We found it to be awe inspiring. The story although a credit to Mr. Crawford speaks to the qualities of the average Barbadian. The late Errol Barrow had the vision for Barbados of using free education to enfranchise the people. Time […]

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The Police, People And Politics in Barbados, Is There A Level Playing Field?

Submitted by Yardbroom For those who expect this submission to be a strident condemnation of the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) and its activities, read no further, because it “will not” be. However, bloggers who are interested in a brief examination of the position we are in, and a balanced view of that position, a […]

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Leader Of The Opposition Clears The Air On The Appointment Of Party Hacks

Recently Prime Minister David Thompson held a meeting at Sherbourne where he gathered all of the CEOs and others appointed to Statutory Corporations. One of the key messages he stressed to those gathered was to appreciate that as political appointees they should make their resignations available to any new government entering office. This argument has […]

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Shooting In Barbados No Hate Crime Against Guyanese, Report Was Speculative Nonsense – Consul

There have been some press reports which have been targeted at BU that have appeared in several fora in the last 24 hours. We will respond in time to many of the inaccuracies which appeared in those reports. We agree that if our message is not to become distorted, our blog has a responsibility to […]

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It's Crop Over Time And Barbados Has Turned Into One Big Party Space

It is the penultimate weekend before the big Crop Over do. There is so much happening in Barbados by way of Fetes, Calypso Tents, Pic of the Crop Semis, Euphoria next week, Machel Montano’s big show at Llaro Court car park, Square One reunion at Kensington Oval, Brewster’s and Pork Limes and the list goes […]

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Fair Trading Commission Allows Opera Interactive Barbados Limited And Media Houses Off The Hook

It has been seven years since the establishment of the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) in 2001 and the jury remains out on whether its role has been and effective one when dealing with the consumer rights of Barbadians. Barbadians were promised by the then government that the the FTC would be the agency which would […]

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Is A Moral Renaissance Or Integrity Legislation Required in Barbados Politics?

Submitted by Yardbroom Events in recent years have led to the belief among some Barbadians, that all politicians are corrupt, dishonest and cannot be trusted. There are many, particularly the young who say quite openly, that Barbadian politicians have no regard for ordinary citizens, and are only interested in politics as a means to acquire […]

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Barbados Light & Power & Stephen Worme Under The Microscope

The Barbados Light & Power Company (BL&P) has been established in Barbados since 1911. If we were to give the company a rating based on the level of service delivered to Barbadians through the years, it would be have to be a high number. We perused the company’s 2007 Annual Report and observed it enjoyed […]

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Trans-Tech's Claim Challenged, Another Example Of The Media Short-changing Barbadians

July 20, 2008 Ms. Peggy Griffith Chief Executive Officer Fair Trading Commission Good Hope, Green Hill St. Michael Dear Ms. Griffith: It was with some concern that I read an article in the Weekend Nation (Friday, July 18) entitled “Gas Pump. This article outlined plans by Trans-Tech Inc. to start selling a device which, it […]

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Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies Director Speaks-out About Six Men's Marina Development

SIX MEN’S BAY in St Peter is the largest remaining coastal pond on the West Coast and a marina should only be constructed there if the developers are prepared to replace what will be lost by destroying the pond. This is the recommendation of Professor Robin Mahon, director of the Centre for Resource Management and […]

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Crop Over Keeps On Going

Source: Nation Newspaper This is the time of the year many Barbadians at home and abroad look forward to participating in our national Crop Over festival. What about those who directly participate in the tent goings, singing calypso etc, and the many others who benefit indirectly from the enormous economic activity which flows at this […]

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