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The "Old Colonial System" Is Still Choking Us!

The following was posted to Facebook and credit given to David Comissiong who is President of the Clement Payne Movement. Our nation will be celebrating 50 years of “Independence” next year, but there is overwhelming evidence that crucial components of the “Old Colonial System” are still very much alive and well in today’s Barbados ! […]

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Jack Warner

Jack Warner Arrested

Jack Warner will be recorded as one of the most enigmatic politicians of our time. His popularity as a politician in Trinidad belies the underhand dealings he has been associated with through the years in his capacity as Vice President of FIFA and Czar of the football operations in Trinidad. The David Simmons report logged […]

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Photo Credit: Barbados Today

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart the Words of Your Mouth and the Meditation of your Heart Must be Acceptable …

Submitted by HAMILTON HILL It was December of 2007 and I was home for the holidays. I had not yet exchanged a single Christmas Gift, but via CBC channel eight I got one that not even my wife could match. It had come from Prime Minister Owen Arthur. He had called elections and Comrade Thompson […]

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Adrian Loveridge

Sandals Barbados Not Doing Enough to Help Food Production

First let me declare my absolute and total support for those advocating the use and consumption of more locally produced items especially by our tourism industry. When the head of the Barbados Agricultural Society recently boasted that Sandals Barbados promised to purchase 1,000 pounds of local produce each week, no-one thought to question him as […]

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Senator John Sampson

Roger Khan May Testify Against Former US Senator John Sampson

Submitted by Errol Harry Shaheed “Roger” Khan and Victor Bourne are just a few in a rogues gallery of possible witnesses whose stories or testimony will feature in the upcoming trial of Brooklyn State Sen. John Sampson. Sampson, the former Democratic leader of the Senate, is accused of obstructing justice, witness and evidence tampering and […]

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BARBADOS: Pathocracy or Democracy?

Submitted by Terence Blackett “If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire.” – George Monbiot In the book, Political Ponerology, author Andrew Lobaczewski (1921 – 2007) studies the architects, primogenitors and supporters of psychosocial repressive/oppressive political regimes.His methodological approach examines the variables that lead […]

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Caribbean Leaders Silent on Guyana Elections

Where were they when what happened in St Kitts-Nevis took place in Guyana? By Donya L. Francis a 24 year from St Kitts-Nevis, presently studying in Taiwan- (Journalism and Mass Communication) I am writing on behalf of the youths and the Kittitians and Nevisians who have similar questions. What happened in Guyana after the elections? […]

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ISIS Wanton Destruction

Submitted by Charles Knighton The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has declared war on history. In March its fighters bulldozed one of the world’s richest archaeological sites, the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud in northern Iraq, crushing colossal statues and relics that have stood since about 1200 BCE. Also in March, it released a […]

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Rhia Evans

FOI and Press Freedom

Ian Bourne worked for the traditional media and now runs the Bajan Reporter website. BU has respect for anyone who attempts to be an independent media practitioner in Barbados. His perspective as a former insider of the traditional media is always interesting.

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Submitted by Margaret Harris A little boy in Barbados has died. Not in sleep or because he had an illness. He did not die like so many little boys  walking certain neighbourhoods because he was black; Barbadian boys are supposed to have a real chance at a future.

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A New Silk Road, A New Empire & An Old ‘Karibbean’

Submitted by Pachamama A total of 57 countries have joined AIIB as its founding members, China has said, throwing together countries as diverse as Iran, Israel, Britain and Laos.Among the Group of Seven (G7) industrialized countries, the United States, Japan and Canada remain absentees – Reuters   Search as we may, it is virtually impossible […]

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Stealing Water

Posted to the Unfinished Vendor Stalls at Probyn Street an Example of Government Leaking Tax dollars mention was made of a farmer who has been allowed to fill several containers with water from taps located outside Golden Square market to water his animals. BU wishes to support farmers everywhere but the market authorities have a […]

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Sir Hilary Beckles and Minister Donville Inniss

Minister Donville Throwing Stones From Glass House

Submitted by Anthony Davis THE AMOUNT OF MONEY the University of the West Indies is spending on the ‘coronation’ of ‘king Hilary’ is of tremendous concern to Minister of Commerce Donville Inniss – Barbados Today Methinks that the members of this Government will not forgive Sir Hilary for the statement that he made about the […]

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Mentally ILL Barbadians Are Human Beings TOO!

Barbadians everywhere have been hopping on the bandwagon to express righteous indignation at the death of 12 year old Shamar Weekes. And rightly so. With only a few more days left to complete the 7-day cycle we should expect the talk shows and social media scrutiny to intensify. As a society we have become so […]

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Teen Suicide: Boys Need Help Too.

It is a tragedy for our society when any child takes his or her life. The death of 12 year old Shamar Weeks in Barbados is one more example of the many children who have committed suicide within the Caribbean region. Teen suicide is one of the major concerns for adolescents who suffer from depression […]

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Adrian Loveridge

Let Us Execute Please!

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) was kind enough to invite me and a large number of representatives from both the private and public sector to a half day discussion forum last week. To quote from documentation provided the objective was to ‘Maximise Bridgetown’s economic and cultural activity’ by leveraging ‘existing institutions (tangible and intangible) and infrastructure […]

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