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Adrian Loveridge, Peach and Quiet

The Adrian Loveridge Column – Endless Possibilities

According to the travel industry research firm, Phocuswright, the San Francisco based home sharing platform, Airbnb will become the fourth largest online travel company in the world by the end of this year. They will trail only after Expedia, Priceline and China Ctrip in terms of annual gross booking value. This has been estimated at […]

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Barbadians Need to Take a Day Off from Work to Renew Driving License

The following was extracted from Facebook and shared on Barbados Underground at the request of Kammie Holder. THREE HOURS & FIFTEEN MINUTES TO RENEW A DRIVERS LICENSE.- A WARNING. THE SHORT STORY: To the Pine Office, The Oistins Office and back to the Pine. Standing in line, Oistins 2 hrs; Sitting in line, The Pine […]

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David Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement


Submitted by DAVID  COMISSIONG, Citizen of Barbados As the Nation Newspaper rightly stated in today’s Sunday Sun front page article entitled “Hyatt go-ahead up to PM“, for the past 30 years the Law in Barbados has stipulated that all applications for planning permission to construct buildings on the “beach front” are referred to the Minister […]

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The Jefferson Cumberbatch Column – How Ill Are You Really?

According to a report in last Friday’s edition of the Barbados Advocate, The Honourable Minister Of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development, Dr Esther Byer, is of the opinion that the time has come for the reform of sickness benefits for employees in Barbados. According to the article, she is persuaded that if that […]

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The Caswell Franklyn Column – Appointments – A Political Gimmick to Deceive Public Workers

There are times when I wish that I could come up with a profound and memorable quote to describe an event or situation. The announcement in the 2016 Budget that all temporary officers, who had been employed in the Public Service for three or more years, would be permanently appointed was one such occasion. No […]

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Gun crime on the rise in the Caribbean

Violent Crime a Worry

The economy appears to have turned the corner with activity picking up. Real GDP grew by 0.8 percent in 2015—underpinned by a surge in tourism arrivals—relative to 0.2 percent in 2014 and an average of -0.3 percent in 2008–14, while employment increased by 2 percent and unemployment fell. Inflation is low – Press Release: IMF […]

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Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

No Mr. Prime Minister

Submitted by William Skinner Our Prime Minister, Mr.Freundel Stuart has now determined that technology is partially to blame for declining standards. Many of the issues we now confront began to surface in the mid-seventies. When the gangs first appeared, they were dismissed as “wayward youth”; after we ignored the agriculture sector for nearly forty years, […]

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Hyatt model

Minister Sealy, No 15-Storey Hyatt Hotel On Dah Beach

Submitted by Anthony Davis Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy is hitting back at critics of the decision to build the multi-million dollar Hyatt hotel on Bay Street, the city. “In his contribution earlier this evening to the debate on the 2016 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals, Sealy defended the international hotel chain, which he said […]

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David Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement

The Hyatt Hotel Project Requires Prime Minister Stuart’s Approval

Posted as a comment to the A Legal Challenge to the HYATT HOTEL is Looming by DAVID COMISSIONG My further reading of the relevant statutory instruments has confirmed that the Chief Town Planner is OBLIGATED to refer an application for planning permission that relates to beachfront property on the coast of Barbados to the relevant […]

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Afra Raymond’s Weblog – The Colman Report

“…This country should rest comfortably in the knowledge that the Government of Trinidad and Tobago…will do nothing to impede the flow of justice in this or any matter. And we will do everything within its duty and authority to facilitate the holding to account any and all persons who may have been found to have […]

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Cleanup Campaign – Run for the Coast

Submitted by Kammie Holder From: Run4 TheCoast [mailto:Run4theCoast@state.gov] Sent: Monday, August 22, 2016 11:48 AM To: Guardian Life Subject: The U.S. Embassy Presents the “Run for the Coast”, September 17, 2016 Dear Sir/Madam, The U.S. Embassy to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean, and the OECS, and the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, are proud to announce the […]

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Dr. George Brathwaite

The George Brathwaite Column – Budget Falls Short but High on Politics

The official debates on the 2016 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals are now over. The implications arising from Minister Chris Sinckler’s pronouncements in Parliament will continue to attract discussions across Barbados, and for several vexing reasons. Emergent from the budget and perhaps achieving consensus is that Barbados’ troubled economic situation will continue into the foreseeable […]

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Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler

Government Blames Workers

Submitted by Brian Frederick Here we go again shortly after shameful admissions by the Director of the Urban Development Commission of the waste of taxpayers money by incompetent management now we have the Minister of Finance complaining that politicians are taking the blame for management and he mentioned Ministry’s of Water, Housing, and Environment and […]

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Adrian Loveridge, Peach and Quiet

The Adrian Loveridge Column – Nothing Much in the 2016 Budget for Tourism

Politics aside, unless I have missed something, there is very little in the budget that will stimulate either domestic or international tourism. Maybe the ability to withdraw up to 15 per cent of registered retirement plans at the lower interest rate of 16.5 per cent tax rate will free a few dollars to encourage a […]

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The Jefferson Cumberbatch Column – Enforcing the Rule of Law (ii)

“If public opinion were to be decisive, there would be no need for constitutional adjudication…” per Chaskalson P -South African Constitutional Court [1995} It should not be thought that the recent and eventually successful claim of Mr Caleb Orozco in the Belize High Court that I commented on last week went unchallenged by anyone, even […]

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Presentation to Minister Richard Sealy – Planned Tourism Investment Initiatives 2015 – 2019

Tourism initiatives planned 2015 -2019

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A Legal Challenge to the HYATT HOTEL is Looming

Submitted DAVID A. COMISSIONG,Citizen of Barbados During his presentation in the Budget debate, Minister Donville Inniss claimed that the Chief Town Planner had already dealt with and given approval (“with conditions”) to an application to construct a 15 storey Hyatt Hotel at Carlisle Bay. (I,personally, harbour serious doubts about this, and I hope that the […]

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2016 Budget Doodle

BU thought to share a few doodles from the BU note pad about 2016 Budget and related. We should declare that except for listening to some of Sinckler budget presentation and most of the reply by the leader of the opposition one was left with a feeling of ‘what next’. It is obvious that government’s […]

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