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Adrian Loveridge

Garbage Disposal Dumps More Cost On Businesses

While at first this week’s column may seem to stray from the subject ‘matter’ the consequence of certain actions has a direct negative effect on our tourism performance. As a business we get absolutely no ‘free’ state collection of garbage. We sort and separate everything we can with the wonderful assistance of B’s Recycling and […]

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Can We Trust Local Media?

In the end the truth about what is happening is the only thing that is of value to anybody. And when a newspaper begins to suppress news, whether at the behest of its advertisers or on pleas from special segments of business, it will soon cease to be of any service either to its advertisers […]

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Chefette Warrens reopenning

What Tings Bad in BIM What!

Submitted by Due Diligence That the largest privately held company in Barbados, a fast food business comprising, 15 restaurants, 10 drive-thrus, 8 playgrounds and a manufacturing plant, employing almost 800 Barbadians continues to grow surely indicates that, despite 5,000-6,000 public sector employees being added to the unemployed, all is well and the people have lots […]

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Barbados Judicial Centre

Judicial Centre Efficiently Enforcing Dress Code BUT What About Delivering Justice

BU has no issue with government departments demanding the public it serves uphold certain standards when visiting to do business. Barbadians are reminded frequently via radio ads and other media placements about the dress code enforced at the National Insurance Board. BU was made aware recently of an incident where a young lady went to […]

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Barbara Cooke-Alleyne

Case 190 of 2007– David Weekes and IBIS America Corp vs The Caricom Secretariat and 3M

The ongoing ‘feud’  between the Knight of St. Andrew and he who is primus inter pares on Mount Olympus has sparked a robust debate about the lack of leadership in Barbados at a time when the country should have high expectations given its investment in education. It is ironic to observe while two of the […]

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Tariq Khan

Complaint Against Lawyer Peta-Gay Lee-Brace Ignored by Tariq Khan Led Barbados Bar Association

Griffiths, who leaves the island on Friday to go to Britain for medical treatment, said he was still awaiting correspondence from the Bar Association in relation to a complaint he had lodged against Carrington [BU’s emphasis] – Nation Newspaper 15/04/2015 BU agrees with New York columnist David Brooks who promotes the view the public must […]

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ISIS beheadings

ISIS Irrationality Unexplained

Submitted by Charles Knighton On Monday, April 20, both sections of the press informed their readership of the latest ISIS atrocity, the beheading of 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya. Why does ISIS consistently act with such savage irrationality? What goals does it seek by slaughtering and alienating other Muslims, beheading and incinerating hostages, stoning adulterous […]

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Nigel Marshall

Roebuck Secondary School Cancer Case: Nigel Marshall Makes an Impassioned Plea Before Passing

The mystery concerning what occurred at Roebuck Secondary is a question still to be answered. Many continue to beg government to release the environmental report which was conducted in the interest of satisfying transparency. BU posted the following request issued by the Future Centre Trust in 2014:- Did you or any one you know attend […]

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UWI,Cave Hill

Tension Between Hilary Beckles and the Barbados Government Continues

Brooks distinguishes two sorts of virtues: resumé virtues and eulogy virtues. Resumé virtues are the skills you bring to the marketplace: wealth, fame, status and a great career. Eulogy virtues are the things people will say about you at your funeral: that you were honest, loving, and steadfast. Most of us would say that eulogy […]

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Adrian Loveridge

The Underground Tourism Sector

Let me be among the first to congratulate a Minister of Tourism for embarking on a personal visit to all the hotels in his domain. He was quick to point out that this was not meant to be an inspection visit but rather a ‘familiarisation exercise’ to view ‘each and every tourism establishment first hand, […]

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Afra Raymond

Our Land – The Caroni case

Originally posted on AfraRaymond.com:
EMDB Agricultural Development Site Map. Click this link to see a Google Earth Map of the EMBD Agricultural Development Sites. Caroni (1975) Ltd, the loss-making sugar conglomerate which was also a State Enterprise, was closed on 1 August 2003. The Caroni estate has to be located within the wider context…

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EMERA Caribbean President Sarah MacDonald

Barbados Workers Union FACE OFF With Barbados Light & Power Company

Submitted by Anthony Davis The Barbados Light & Power Company Limited (BL&P) has been warned that it will not be allowed to send home workers before discussing the matter with the Social Partnership. Any attempt to do so will be met with strong resistance from the combined forces of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) and […]

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LIAT, the Political Football of Caricom

A reason our little islands will never agree to fully integrate, whether under the umbrella of Caricom or some other functional arrangement, can be traced to deep insularity. Some have convinced themselves it does not exist until a Shanique Myrie or LIAT incident serve to bring it to the fore. Barbadians are aware Minister Donville […]

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Therold O'neal Fields, another thieving lawyer?

Lawyer Therold Fields Disbarred NOT Speaker Michael Carrington

THE NAME of Therold Oneal Fields has been struck from the roll of attorneys in Barbados. This decision was made by the Court of Appeal today, as the court also ordered him to pay $601 000 with interest of eight per cent to his former client, Patricia Simpson, who had hired him in 2008 in […]

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Eduardo Galeano

Then Silence – Eduardo Galeano (1940 – 2015)

Submitted by Pachamama Where have all the heroes gone? For Galeano, it was to meet our collective destiny. This great Uruguayan, literary genius, poet, champion for social and economic justice, was one of a kind. The One who comes to a people every 2000 years or so. If ever a writer disdained commercial success, it […]

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Statement on the Review of Barbados' Economy for the First Q1

Barbados Economic Performance for Quarter 1, 2015

The Governor of the Central Bank Delisle Worrell delivered his review of the performance of the Barbados economy for first quarter, 2015. Governor has hitched his hope to the tourism wagon, so far it has worked for quarter one. However BU’s interest remains fixed on a decline in exports, increase in public sector debt as a % of GDP and employment indicators and international reserves are at 2013 level.

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Speaker of the Barbados House of Assembly

Brazen Michael Carrington Breaks His Silence

However, Michael Carrington with-holding a client’s funds for 2 years [whether or not he felt justified in doing such, the fact remains the client filed a civil suit against him to recover his property – Artaxerxes Three months after Speaker Michael Carrington was ordered by the High Court to handover over two hundred thousand dollars […]

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Felicia Browne,
Human and Gender Justice Advisor
Caribbean Mentorship Institute

Mentoring to Tackle the Problem of Gangs

Submitted by Felicia Browne – President of the Caribbean Mentorship Institute (CMI) The Caribbean Mentorship Institute (CMI) is alarmed by the number of young persons who have been associated with gang-related activities within the Caribbean region. The Institute, which focuses on the mentoring of young people, believes that mentoring provides a good environment for the […]

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