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Binyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu – The End of the Zionist Project

Submitted by Pachamama

This week’s unwelcome visit to Washington by Benjamin Netanyahu is the latest manifestation of deep-seated differences between the Obama administration and an Israeli government driven further and further to the right, at home, but more and more popular within the ranks of the love-hating, dispensationalists, WASP, Republican led, United States Senate and House of Representatives. These are occupied Israeli territories in the place called North America!

Nobody who has any sense, in the ‘international community’, likes Netanyahu. Whether it is Obama telling former French president Sarkozy, into a hot mic, that he did not like him. Or Obama himself complaining that he had to deal with him every day. Or the Europeans, countries like Switzerland, distancing themselves from the Zionist regime over settlement expansion while recognizing the Palestinian Authority, as a legitimate government, in international fora. Indications of how distasteful this maniac is.

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Adrian Loveridge

re-Discover the Caribbean

One of the most difficult and painful decisions I have ever made was to cancel our last re-DISCOVER the Caribbean Show some years ago, which had become a highly successful annual event spanning over seven years. As well as highlighting and driving new interest in Intra regional travel it was also used as a catalyst to build trade between the islands. It also brought almost around $1 million of foreign exchange into Barbados, filled scores of hotel rooms, generated significant car rental business and helped keep our multitude of restaurants busy, during a traditionally quieter off-season period.

If you were among the thousands of people who visited the show over the two days it took place annually, you would have met representatives from up to 22 participating territories, from Surinam in the south to Jamaica in the north and everywhere in between.

What finally prompted the final decision to stop coordinating the show was the reduced funding by the then Barbados Tourism Authority which even at its peak, represented less than 10 per cent of the actual cost. Plus the sad realisation that they could not find two or more of their staff to ‘man’ a stand for the duration out of what were then over one hundred employees.

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Dr.Dexter James

QEH Head Suggests “Rationing” to Save Cost

Submitted by Anthony Davis

The chief administrator at Barbados’ lone public hospital is suggesting that authorities may have to consider discontinuing treatment for some terminally ill patients… the question I want to ask . . . ‘is Barbados ready for a conversation and a debate around futility of care versus rationing?Barbados Today

Well, well, well. What next? The answer is a resounding NO, Dr. James!

How much is a life worth, doctor? What you should do is drum it into Chris Sinckler’s head that the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) needs the funds which he recklessly cut. The QEH was functioning very well until he came along and cut the funds to that institution along with the funds to the UWI and welfare. These are all things that are hurting the poor, the needy and the vulnerable in our society.

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Canadian Banks Struggling in the Caribbean

One of Canada’s largest newspapers The Globe and Mail published an unflattering story last week titled Trouble in Paradise: Inside Canadian banks’ billion-dollar Caribbean struggle. It comes at a time the government of Barbados has been telling Barbadians the economy is on the bounce. It is no secret the three sectors which drive the economy […]

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Vote Danny Gill for President

Danny Gill_NUPW

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Afra Raymond

Integrity Reflections

Originally posted on AfraRaymond.com:
This column sets out my reasons for seriously questioning the motivation and priorities of the Integrity Commission. Despite my doubts as to the way in which successive Commissions have operated the Integrity in Public Life Act (IPLA), I have continued to offer suggestions as to how their work could be…

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Wiliam Layne

Open Letter to Former Permanent Secretary William Layne: ‘CLICO Was a Time Bomb Waiting to Explode and Explode it Did’

The CL Financial/CLICO saga continues to occupy the news space in Barbados and regionally. Many have predicted it will take years to unravel if not resolve. And given the sloth of the Barbados Court system and the interlocking interests of politicians and prominent others there is good reason for those with material interest in the matter to batten down for the long haul.

One individual who has had a prominent role to play and a lot to say about the CLICO/Parris matter is William Layne. He is a retired permanent secretary in the ministry of finance appointed to Chair the CLICO Oversight Committee established by the late prime minister David Thompson. Another little discussed role Layne held was Supervisor of Insurance. Layne in a hard hitting CLICO exposition titled RECENT FINANCIAL FAILURES IN THE CARIBBEAN – WHAT WERE THE CAUSES AND WHAT LESSONS CAN BE LEARNT? delivered a few interesting observations on what lessons we can learn about the demise of CLICO in Barbados.

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Dr. Frances Chandler

Sugar Monies Paid on a Promise

The following article penned by agriculturist Dr. Frances Chandler is reproduced from the Nation newspaper in light of the perennial national debate is King Sugar dead. On a related point, at the time of posting this blog sugar cane farmers have not been able to confirm release of 2014 monies owed them by government. Minister David Estwick followed the promise made by Prime Minister Stuart on the 28 January 2015 monies would have been paid.

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Jihadi John

ISIS Penetration in the West

Submitted by Charles Knighton Mr. Matthew Farley cites the alienation of youth (February 22 Sunday Sun) as the  major factor in the decision of so many to flock to the ranks of ISIS, and I am sure such feelings of alienation play a part. But alienation in itself does not explain the well documented phenomenon […]

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Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

Barbados Workers Union Hauled Before the Employment Rights Tribunal for Unfair Dismissal

It is unusual to observe an employee forced to seek remedy against a trade union. Unfortunately for the employee (Christopher Jordan) the Chief Labour Officer was unable to resolve the matter, and as the law requires, he referred the matter to the Employment Rights Tribunal (ERT).

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Leroy Parris

Does Leroy Parris Maintain a $5,000,000.00 Deposit with the Central Bank of Barbados?

BU seeks clarification, in the public’s interest, on a 5 millions dollar deposit listed on an asset disclosure to the Barbados Court in an Affidavit filed by LEROY PARRIS to overturn an order freezing his assets and those of Branlee Consulting Services Inc. BU is unaware the Central Bank of Barbados is authorized to accept […]

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Sir Hilary Beckles, pro-vice-chancellor, University of the West Indies

Is There Money for Student Bursaries HERE?

The following documents were received by BU with the following question:

Would an audit of The Barrow Centre for 5 years of time, material, physical resources and everything else find money for student bursaries?

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Rickford Burke

Guyana’s PPP Selects Afro-Guyanese Elizabeth Harper as a Candidate in Upcoming General Elections


Selection of Elisabeth Harper cannot conceal racism and corruption in the PPP’s DNA

Guyana’s ruling People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) seems to have come down with schizophrenia over the merger of Guyana’s two main opposition parties, the APNU and AFC, and is in panic.  The two opposition parties formed a coalition and will contest the May 11, 2015 general elections as a single party.

The PPP’s panic is not misplaced. The coalition portends an end of the racist and corrupt PPP regime. Combined, the APNU and AFC garnered a majority of votes in the last general elections held in 2011.  Consequently they captured control of the Parliament, rendering the PPP a minority government.

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Minister Donville Inniss

Donville Inniss’ Response to Vote Buying by Politicians

Posted by Artaxeres to the Well Done Freundel blog

It seems as though once again Donville consumed too much alcohol or mind altering substances at Friday and Saturday night karaoke sessions, which puts him in the frame of mind to talk shiite at the DLP Sunday evening constituency branch meetings.

The suggestion from three businessmen to implement laws forbidding politicians from bribing people to vote for them, seems to have brought condemnation from “The Don”. He is reported as having said, “You need to strongly, not subliminally, but boldly state that any businessman who provides money to a politician to buy votes should also be locked up and heavily punished.”

But we all know Donville is a man who loves the attention he receives from the press, as well as constantly contradicting Stuart, or implying that he’s a liar.

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