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CL Financial Bailout – Nitty Gritty

CL Financial bailout – Nitty Gritty by AfraRaymond The CL Financial bailout fiasco is headed towards an epic legal mangle as Lawrence Duprey and his cohort aim to regain control of the Caribbean’s largest-ever commercial/financial group. In swift response, the Minister of Finance is making legal moves to put CLF into liquidation. At the root of […]

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The Grenville Phillips Column – House Poor

We have consistently received the same criticism over the past 2 years – we are running too many candidates.  We were then advised that if we wanted to build a political party, then we should focus on 3 to 6 constituencies where one of the established parties had marginal victories.  We were also told that […]

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Stop the Guns|Close High Risk ATMS After 6PM

The following exchanges took place on BU Diaspora blog between family members Hants, Sargeant and BU David between the hours of 8:22AM and 3:22PM on July 18, 2017.   Hants July 18, 2017 at 8:22 AM Woman dies following ATM shooting. If possible, avoid using an ATM after dark. If you must, choose one that […]

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The George Brathwaite Column – Labour Struggles for Social Dialogue

“There must be a serious reassessment of the role of the union movement and of collective rights in this process if unions are to become dynamic social engineers and reclaim their legitimate space in the socioeconomic arena.” – Professor Rose-Marie Belle Antoine. In last week’s By George column, an argument was made for Barbados to […]

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A Carifesta Dance of Shame Explanation

Which country that you know of, would host CARIFESTA, and would organize a major international Dance exposition as the central event of the Festival, but would refuse to include a single one of their local or national dance groups in the said Dance exposition? Well, if you guessed that the country is none other than […]

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The Adrian Loveridge Column – A Critique of the Carib Food and Hospitality Exhibition

Having spent three full days, from opening until closing, on a stand at the recently concluded Carib Food and Hospitality exhibition, I feel that I can comment fairly objectively about the first of its kind event to be held on Barbados. First the positive aspects! Great to see the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC) […]

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A Country In Limp Mode

For eight years the country has been gripped in an economic recession – negligible growth notwithstanding in a quarter here and there – although it feels like a lifetime, an unaccustomed position for thousands of Barbadian if we count from the last major economic crisis of the early 90s. Clearly Barbadians- judging by how we […]

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The Caswell Franklyn Column – Docking Strikers Pay Not Automatic in Public Service

It was with utter amazement that I read a circular purportedly from the Head of the Civil Service reminding senior managers in the Public Service of the General Orders relating to absence from duty without permission, in response to the trade unions announcement of a march. Additionally, they were required to “make a note of […]

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Reparation Talk With Dr.Pedro Welch and David Comissiong

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Please see the attached video taped conversation on REPARATIONS between Dr. PEDRO  WELCH, the chairman of the Barbados National Task Force on Reparations, and DAVID  COMISSIONG in his role as host of the University of the West Indies REGION  TALK television programme. Region Talk: Interview with Prof. Pedro Welch on Reparations […]

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The Court System – A Proposal to Address its Inefficiencies and Purported "Collusions

Submitted by Pieceuhderockyeahright I said that I would only come back on BU and comment if/when there was something to speak about and a challenge was laid down for some governance ideas by a blogger here. I said I would risk wading into uncharted waters and give some ideas about the Justice System and the […]

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The Georgetown Prison Fire

 A failure and opportunity for good governance through public accountability Last week swift public accountability reinforced good governance in Trinidad & Tobago. Ms. Marlene McDonald was sworn in as Minister of Public Utilities on June 30. Three days later Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley fired her for countenancing a reputed member of the criminal underworld […]

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Rugby 7s Ready to Tackle US Tournaments

Submitted by  Amy Goulding, PR Consultant Bridgetown – Barbados’ male Rugby 7s team is heading off on a weeklong tour to the United States which will see them compete at an international level in two separate club tournaments in New York and New Jersey. In partnership with the Barbados Rugby Football Union (BRFU), the team […]

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Barbados Team Competing in Inaugural International Robotics Olympics

Dear All: This morning at 5:00 am (13 July 2017), five students and their mentor left on a JetBlue flight bound for Washington, DC, USA to represent Barbados in the inaugural International Robotics Olympics (for 15 to 18 year old secondary school students).  Barbados’ national team will compete against teams from approximately 160 nations from […]

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CL Financial Bailout – False Equivalence?

In today’s world of ‘Alternative Facts’ we have to be alert to the special dangers posed by ‘False Equivalence’. False Equivalence arises when two arguments are presented as being of equal relevance, but in fact one is solidly fact-based and the other is mere speculation or invention. Those dangers are especially present in matters of […]

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Governing By Fear or Faith

Some are surprised that the Government has increased taxes in the recent budget.  However this was to be expected since the direction that they are carrying us requires them to keep increasing taxes.  When the DLP administration formed the Government in 2008, they found themselves on an unsustainable economic path, where they had to raise […]

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Caribbean and Latin American Accidental Leaders in a Race to the Economic and Social Bottom of the Barrel

Submitted by Jerome May Today two once great nations find themselves in the hands of men who became government leaders by default. Leaders who first occupy their current positions due to unforeseen life circumstances namely the passing away of their bosses. Interestingly share a few key similarities I would like to call-out for thought: Both […]

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A Carifesta Dance of Shame!

Which country that you know of, would host CARIFESTA, and would organize a major international Dance exposition as the central event of the Festival, but would refuse to include a single one of their local or national dance groups in the said Dance exposition? Well, if you guessed that the country is none other than […]

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The George Brathwaite Column – Social Dialogue for Development

“We are losing sight of civility in government and politics. Debate and dialogue is taking a back seat to the politics of destruction and anger and control. Dogma has replaced thoughtful discussion between people of differing views.” – James McGreevey. Thousands of Barbadians are getting into the festive mood although the sweet songs of calypso […]

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