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The Slave in YOUR Mentality (Chapter III)

Submitted Ras Jahaziel Decolonizing the African mind has become the most urgent task that now needs to be done if there is to be any meaningful reparations. What will it take to accomplish this most sacred mission? It means curing the broken slave of TRUTH ALLERGIES.

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Barbados Labour Party PROMISES to ENACT Integrity Legislation from DAY 1 If Elected

The following is the Barbados Labour Party’s draft Integrity Commission Bill. We invite you, the members of the public, to comment on this Bill as we intend – after taking into account your suggestions – to have this enacted  as a priority if we are granted the privilege of being elected in the forthcoming general […]

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Gasoline, Diesel and a Barrel of Oil

Amit at caribbeansignal.com updated the charts to include an axis for the price of a barrel oil – Barbados Underground. Two new charts today! The first chart shows the usual gasoline and diesel pump prices  – on the left axis – for 2017 to date. But this time, the price of a barrel of oil […]

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Chairman of the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) Jeff Cumberbatch Responds to Minister Chris Sinckler

In response to Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler’s criticism about the length of time the Far Trading Commission (FTC) has taken to deliver its final decision on the application for SOl to acquire BNTCL, Chairman of the FTC Jeff Cumberbatch shared the following press statement [16 November 2017]. The final decision on the matter is […]

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Another Heather Cole Column – Bajan Monopoly

Submitted by Heather Cole In the original game of monopoly, players roll two six-sided dice to move around the game-board buying and trading properties, developing them with houses and hotels. Players also collect rent from their opponents, with the goal being to drive them into bankruptcy. Lots of money is available but the stakes are […]

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The Grenville Phillips Column – The Way of the One Trough

History can be studied from an infinite number of perspectives, and no historian can study them all.  I study history from several different perspectives, one being seeking patterns among nations.  There seems to be a model that former colonies do not appear to deviate from once they have been granted independence.  It currently comprises seven […]

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Modern Day Slavery Exposed in Libya!

The following video shows what is being reported by CNN as a slave auction in Libya. Yes human beings being sold as merchandise. Yes we are living in 2017. “I’m at $1500 n I wan $1550, $1550, bid on $1550, I’m at $1550 would you go $1550, $1550 …”  

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A Shitty South Coast

For many years the South Coast of Barbados – Oistins to Worthing – has been known at home and abroad as the place to wine, dine and party by locals and tourists alike. Regrettably in the last year the South Coast has been making the news because of sewage overflowing onto public spaces; roadways, residential […]

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The Adrian Loveridge Column – Potholes and the Possible Effect On Tourism

It would be interesting to hear from our car rental companies to see if there has been a detrimental consequence as a result of the current and quickly deteriorating condition of our roads. Personally, as an ageing driver I am now very reluctant to drive after dark, especially if it is, or has been raining, […]

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Lottery Monies Being Used for Personal Aggrandizement | No Accounting by the Barbados Turf Club Says the Auditor General

“2.81 Monthly reports from the Barbados Turf Club should be submitted to the Accountant General’s Department to substantiate the payment of taxes arising from its betting activities. It was however observed that no monthly reports have been submitted, nor have payments been received on behalf of the Turf Club in relation to taxes due from […]

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The Jefferson Cumberbatch Column – Today’s Morality, Yesterday’s Culture

It is, I suppose, inevitable in a modern developing society that previous conduct, not then expressly treated as illegal or even taboo, would come one day to be judged in the harsh light of an arguably more humane polity, one more officially respectful of the rights of each individual to dignity and autonomy. The examples […]

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Foreign Reserves Continue to Fall

It is the silly season and if we are to judge from debates of the past leading up to a general election, it is unlikely such an important issue will take place devoid of political claptrap. All indicators about the health of the foreign reserves confirm that this government has been unable to change the […]

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The Future of Work: Technology and Humanity by Ronnie Yearwood

“I wish to suggest that my topic, “The Future of Work: Technology and Humanity”, is one for urgent scrutiny by the leaders of Barbados in every sector, and both the army of occupation currently at the top of Broad Street, in Bay Street and Warrens, and to be frank, in the context of the touch […]

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The Prime Minister, Attorney General and Gollop the QC

A few years ago Minister Michael Lashley was the starboy of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). He was complimented for expanding the housing stock, exponentially. He ensured Barbadians erased Liz Thompson’s ‘bumblebee’ prototype from memory. Years later many of the houses built by Lashley with tax dollars are unoccupied or rotted. If we include the […]

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Choosing the Right Boyfriend

As we approach the inevitable General Election, voters have a most important decision to make.  Who will they select to manage their affairs for the next 5 years?  During this time, political parties will try to entice voters to vote for them. There are currently 3 political parties with over 20 Candidates.  The Democratic Labour […]

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The George Brathwaite Column – Development With Citizens in Mind

Many academics and technocrats are demanding a re-visitation of Barbados’ development model. Many are concerning themselves with reviewing the goals of national development, and coming to terms with the processes through which the country must proceed if a robust, strong, and productive economy is to emerge. Acting Central Bank Governor Cleviston Haynes cautioned this week […]

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A Useless Police Complaints Authority Report

“The staff of the Police Complaints Authority comprised an Investigator, an Administrative Officer II and a Clerk/Typist. During the year under review the Administrative Officer II was transferred to the Ministry of Social Care and Constituency Empowerment and Community Development and was replaced by an Administrative Officer II (ag)” – 2016 Police Complaints Authority Report […]

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The Adrian Loveridge Column – Useless American AAdvantage miles

Occasionally I get castigated for my concentration on airlift and frankly I make no apologies, until we find another more effective way of getting visitors to Barbados and returning them home. For ten years our US arrival numbers were virtually stagnant, until changes were made in national marketing personnel and the introduction of new airlines. […]

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