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Obama – The Case for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity

Submitted by Pachamama
Saudi Arabia's Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud - Credit: The Wall Street Journal

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud – Credit: The Wall Street Journal

The failure of Saudi intelligence chief, Bandar Bush, to convince President Putin to withdraw political and other support from Syria in a visit to Moscow over two weeks ago was the trigger for the Western-backed false flag operation that may have led to the deaths of over 1400 Syrians in eastern Damascus. This is the same Bandar Bush who spent all day on 9/11 in the company of his brother George Bush, as POTUS. Bandar has been working surreptitiously for the past two years to topple the government of President Assad. This work was not unlike the skulduggery of 9/11, but grander. This time one of the PNAC objectives that inspired the self-inflicted wound was at work in the MENA countries known as the Clean Break Strategy. Bandar’s offer to Putin for economic and political concessions and corporation if he were to turn his back of Iran and Syria represented a final hurdle in widening the instability in the region in a cynical game of the exertion of power from Riyadh but given cover in the name of the hapless American people led by the serial war criminal, Barack Obama, for the first victim of war is the truth.

Base on their history, the proximity to events and very words of Bandar bin Sultan himself we are certain that this massacre of the innocent Syrian people was to construct a caucus beli for military action against a sovereign nation. But this does not represent a singular event. Obama has cold-bloodedly murdered 243 children by drone strikes in several countries; he is certainly complicit in the murder of tens of thousands of Syrians as he supports the Saudi and Qatari sponsored Al-Queda, Takfiris terrorist groups in Syria. The planned, criminal, humanitarian, intervention he is now implementing will likely kill many more Syrians. He has already murdered thousands of Libyans and even a head of state, leaving that country in a deepening chaos. This is a continuing war crime. He has been complicit in the deaths of 1400 Palestinians during December 2008. This is the same Obama who refuses to call what is happening in Egypt a military coup and supports a regime that has slaughtered thousands of Brotherhood supporters. With Bandar’s help he removed a legitimate government, democratically elected but who were guilty only of a gross misreading of the geo-political circumstance. This is a military which is using weapons supplied by Obama to murder Egyptians daily, but there will not be any action against this junta, for these are empire’s henchmen.

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Notes From a Native Son: This is the Year When Our Long-term Future Will be Decided

Hal Austin

Hal Austin

As we enter the dawn of a new year, all attention will be focused on the coming general election and, for some of us, the paucity of ideas battling for votes from a badly informed electorate. As things stand, it is largely a competition between tweedledee and tweedledum, although the recent injection of a broad, if under-articulated, idea of privatisation has raised its head.

However, even this glimpse of an ideological difference has been crowded out by the yahboo background noise of party humbug, rather than a rational discussion of the notion that firms owned by the private sector are in themselves inherently better managed and more efficient than those held by the public sector or social enterprises. Such closed mindedness also acts to shutdown debate, the arguments become irrelevant, as by definition people are either for or against the idea under discussion.

Now, as I have said here before, the world is entering a new phase in which the old economic assumptions are now redundant and the new global economic (and military) power will be centred in the early part of the 21st century in Asia and to some extent, Latin America. Therefore to understand what is taking place and the possible outcomes, one needs to read the runes carefully.  For a little island state, proud of its independence, careful observation is more important now than at any point in our history.

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Sandy Hook Slaughter Remembered, Especially 20 INNOCENT Children

Submitted by Hamilton Hill
Community Remembers Sandy Hook School Victims - photo image ABCNews

Community Remembers Sandy Hook School Victims – photo image ABCNews

Every year at this time we who share space this side of the equator find ourselves not only dreaming of, but wishing for a white Christmas. Though not a dream and certainly not a wish, a white Christmas is ours this year. Twenty tiny white caskets tell us so. Twenty tiny white caskets tell the story of a people too blind to see. Too blind to see that the purse strings of lobbyists make puppets of politicians, who in turn make empty promises to the people they claim to serve. When four hands and two sick minds sent six young souls to eternity, that was my Barbados, and it tugged at my heart strings. Sandy Hook has ripped that very heart out.

Like all kids that age they believed us when we told them that Santa Claus comes down the chimney. In childish anticipation they awaited the arrival of Kris Kringle. Instead Jason Krueger came calling at their front door. Cut down even before they had started to grow, dead already even though they had just begun to live. All in the name of the right to carry. We talk about rights but when will we talk about responsibility? Yes the second amendment afforded Mrs.Lanza the right to have four guns but how responsible could she have been to have them accessible to a son with a myriad of psychological challenges? As tempted as I am to speak to her demise let me not. Let me pose this question. Why is there a need for any civilian to own an assault weapon? Why is it legal for them to do so?

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Notes From a Native Son: Tell the Yanks to Back off our Policymaking

Hal Austin

American diplomats in Barbados have recently been pushing their snouts in the trough of Barbadian domestic public policy, against all conventions and accepted good manners, using their money as a Trojan horse. But this unwarranted intervention in our local domestic policymaking is not surprising; as America loses its influence in the world, it will intervene, more and more, in regional matters – the re-treading of Monroe-ism.

Part of the post-independence Barbadian political narrative is the myth that we are now masters in our own home; but, in reality, it is as much a self-deceiving nonsense as that we control our economy. However, although the language might have tempered itself in to what the Harvard sociologist Lawrence D. Bobo calls laissez faire racism, the reality is that the social outcomes of the new arrangement (that post-independence settlement which I have mentioned previously) still means that those left in the old communities, unable to escape to the Heights and Terraces, are the ones who pay the heavy social price. In a society shaped by American social biases, which is predicated on a winner/loser paradigm, there is an assumption that there must always be people at the bottom. But this is not a natural order of things; we know this from other societies, such as Scandinavia, and from the animal kingdom, that opportunities can be spread right across society.

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The Uselessness of Elections for the 99 Percent Everywhere

Submitted by Pachamama

Prime Minister Stuart and President Obama about to face the electorate

Bajans can’t wait to wade into the election euphoria now in its Christmas season in the United States and elsewhere. Not all Bajans though, for there are some of us who, in fact about 50% of us, have consistently NOT voted for either one of the two dominate parties in what are generally called western democracies. But this factoid has never alarmed the protectors of these pernicious political duopolies. We are told that the un-voted don’t count. Moreover, with the possible exception of Australia and a few other countries, where there are civil fines for choosing not to exercise a so-called democratic right, most people everywhere have acted with their feet and the determination that elections are merely window dressing to obscure the operational requirements of fascism as the dominate and underlying system of governance.

The American election system from at least the Reconstruction period has been synonymous with high-tech fraud. It is American which gave us the lexicon for election fraud whether to illegally overthrow a government or to maintain a compliant regime – at home or abroad. They gave us words such as ‘gerrymandering’, ‘redistricting’ and ‘robocalling’. A documentarian has remarked that when the American fossil is dug up our descendants will be left to wonder why so many people were running around talking about democracy when in fact few people benefited from the actions of party political actors operating across epochs. Strictly speaking the United States of America is not even a democracy. But you can’t tell that to the masses of the people who are enthralled by the religiously emotional diatribes of leading Democrats and Republicans. The political science literature tends to consider the American political system as a poliocracy. But very few would be aware of this. And even if they were, would it make a difference? Yet, for over a century the marketing of ‘democracy’ (as a political system) has intentionally misled several generations to view the Anglo-American political constructions as worthy of emulation.

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A Grassroots Comparison of the Upcoming Elections In USA and Barbados: Facts Versus Fiction

Submitted by Austin

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart (l) President Barack Obama

In the U.S today:

The Republican Party continues to live in there owe “bubble” detached from the many daily realities and struggles of everyday Americans. They are covertly using the fear of a blackbrownasian planet to get poor middle class republicans to fight for rich republicans, against their own middle class self interest which is very interesting in itself.

The Republican Party in the U.S remains focused on resisting President Obama at each step of the way whether it helps struggling American families or not.  They are also very focused on distorting the FACTS and TRUTH about President’s Obama accomplishments.  The attacks on President Obama started from day one as he attempted to pull the U.S economy back from the brink of economic ruin due to the poor financial and regulatory oversight of Wall Street a problem created by his predecessor President Bush, not to mention the (2) wars Bush got the U.S into.

Despite of the FACTS and the TRUTH of Obama’s accomplishments, we get to hear the republican talking heads in the media continue to spread pure extra strength propaganda about Obama, and it gets worst every day.  Obama while not perfect in many areas “HAS” accomplished much for the U.S, let’s just list a few of his Economic”accomplishments in the U.S. (visit http://obamaachievements.org/list to see full list )

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A Stone of HOPE or a Mountain of DESPAIR: Will the Unveiling of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Memorial Statue in Washington DC Really Change Anything – Or is America Doomed By the Scars of Her Past?

Submitted by Terence Blackett

Running through the dark center of American history there is a vivid red thread of tragedy… – Bruce Catton

In August 1955, a [14] year old Black boy whistled at a white woman in a grocery store in Money, Mississippi. Emmett Till, a teen from Chicago, didn’t understand that he had broken the unwritten laws of the Jim Crow South until three days later, when two white men dragged him from his bed in the dead of night, beat him brutally and then shot him in the head. Although his killers were arrested and charged with murder, they were both acquitted quickly by an all-white, all-male jury. Shortly afterwards, the defendants sold their story, including a detailed account of how they murdered Till, to a journalist. The murder and the trial horrified the nation and the world. Till’s death was the spark that helped mobilize the Civil Rights Movement. Three months after his body was pulled from the Tallahatchie River, the Montgomery bus boycott began… (Cited from: – DEATH OF INNOCENCE. The Story of the Hate Crime That Changed America” written by Mamie Till – Mobley & Christopher Benson – published by Random House Publishing Group, NY, © 2003).

History was to repeat itself but this time on a cool spring evening, April 4th 1968 @ 6:01 PM, a “lone wolf” assassin, alleged and purported to be James Earl Ray took aim and fired a single shot which rang out across the balcony of the room of where Dr. Martin Luther King was standing at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN. Laying sprawled and splattered out on the balcony’s floor, covered in a pool of blood splutter and with a gaping wound covering a large portion of his jaw and neck was this great man who had spent [13] years of his life dedicated to non-violent protest, peaceful resistance and orderly civil disobedience – now lay murdered from a sniper’s bullet.

What was remarkable is that adjacent to the rooming house in which James Earl Ray was apparently staying, was the fire station where police officers were stationed keeping Dr. King under constant surveillance using papered-over windows with peepholes cut out as the agents watched while Martin Luther King was shot.

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