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Pedro Caddle, Maximum Sentencing Please!

Peter Caddle

Peter Caddle

BU’s Note: Local media has reported that Pedro Caddle has turned himself over to authorities in the company of his Attorney at law on Friday 30, 2013. Given the nature of this matter BU withholds the name of the person who submitted this writing two days ago which was not picked up by BU.

One again, the police are seeking public assistance in locating Pedro Caddle, who is wanted in connection with a number of “serious criminal matters”.  Pedro has been recently released from prison, where he has been held since 2011, following a May 2011 request for public assistance in locating the man, then too being sought in connection with a number of “serious criminal matters”.

Of course, Pedro’s venture into “serious criminal matters” began well before 2011.  The readership may recall that Pedro was a victim of a shooting incident while at the QEH in 2002.  Public transcripts on the ensuing trial state, “Pedro Caddle, a person who by his own admission is constantly in trouble and always being shot, went to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on that day in question for dressing for one of his numerous gunshot wounds, and was shot again by an unknown assailant.”

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Ignoring Public Service Rules (Prime Minister and Public Service Commission)

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

The attached is a copy of a letter that I sent to the Chairman, Public Service Commission which is referred to in today’s Nation.  The story missed the point of the letter in that the General Orders that now has the force of law as a result of the 2007 Public Service Act forbids public officers from being ADOPTED as parliamentary candidates.  The teacher in question seems to think that he only has to make his decision on Nomination Day but that is not what the laws says.  There was some doubt with people before him in a similar situation but that doubt was removed by the 2007 Act.

Of even greater concern is the fact that the Prime Minister is Minister with responsibility for the Public Service who with one hat is supposed to enforce the law and with the other as President of the DLP, he is ignoring the law.