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Pigeon Shit Closes Ellerton Primary School

Submitted by Anthony Davis
Pigeon poop closes Ellerton Primary School

Pigeon poop closes Ellerton Primary School

A WORSENING PIGEON PROBLEM has forced the shutdown of Ellerton Primary School for the rest of the week after staff and students complained of, among other things, itchy skin. The ceiling of one block was ripped down yesterday as workers began a cleanup of the St. George school following reports of mites, piles of sickening pigeon droppings and an awful stench there. Workers from E&E Building Solutions were late yesterday dismantling ceilings and carrying out repairs to classrooms.” – Nation Newspaper (9/10/2014)

Once again my mind boggles!

Have not the students and staff of our schools just returned to the schools after a lengthy holiday? Pray tell me, did not anyone check the state of those plants during that time? Why should our scions and staff of these schools be subjected to such deplorable conditions?

It seems that neither the ministry of education, nor the Minister of Education care about the health and well-being of our students or school staff. In the mean time the Minister of Education is having fun jetting to China when he should be here looking after them!

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