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Two Party System Failing The People

Submitted by The People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

The BLP and DLP have governed Barbados in the post – Independence period

The People’s Democratic Congress (PDC) shall continue doing whatever it thinks that is politically legally possible to help the broad masses and middle classes of this country PERMANENTLY REMOVE the DLP and BLP from the parliament of this country within the next six years, and thereafter then, too, to help these said classes of people do the logically correct thing and ABSOLUTELY ELIMINATE these said DLP and BLP infidels once and for all from the political landscape of this country.

The facts are that these factions have – within the last 25 years or so – become two monstrous, and, indeed, two national disgraces and scandals – of unseemly proportions – that have clearly overspent their time in Barbados!

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Call For Barbadians To Boycott The Next General Election

Submitted by People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

The People’s Democratic Congress (PDC) will NOT be running candidates in the next general election in Barbados. As a matter of fact, the PDC has decided to BOYCOTT the next general election over the continual destruction degradation of many of our political social material and financial affairs by these ossie moore jack o lantern BLP and DLP factions.

Furthermore, what this means also is that we will NOT be VOTING in the next elections either, and we will NOT be entertaining many conversations with many people on any political electoral issues related to which party is going to so-called win the next general election; which DLP/BLP candidates are going to so-called win constituency elections either; or which numbers of seats any of those two old joke parties are going to get.

Whilst it was our intentions up to recently – some weeks ago – to run candidates in the upcoming general election, we must say that – after careful study of three (3) particular situations in Barbados – we have recently most definitively come to the above described fundamental positions, and thus have so far been letting many potential/voters know the facts surrounding these circumstances. To this end, many of them have been in agreement with our positions.

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What Money Is NOT!

Submitted by People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

In Barbados, the ONLY good and satisfactory measure of the total amount of money that is in stock and in circulation at any points in time in this country is money itself.

Also, in Barbados, the ONLY good and satisfactory measure of those net positive/negative financial outcomes that are produced through  the use of money by multifarious people, and that are representative of money used collected spent received in given ways – in both regards – income, revenue, savings, expenditure, debts, etc. -  is money itself.

Verily such circumstances emerge whenever money is viewed by many people as a universal commodity, with its own digitized countable characteristics; emerge whenever money is viewed by such persons as a trusted medium of exchange expressing nominal income, payments, transfers, etc. and emerge whenever nominal income, payments, transfers, etc. are viewed as denoting money.

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Cost Of The Use Of Money Too High In Barbados

Submitted by the People’s Democratic Congress

Fixing money

As the cost of use of money theory would have it to be, the cost of use of money (in this case – Barbados money) invariably relates to the total amount of nominal costs -  expressed as a percentage of the Barbados dollar – that  individuals, businesses and others would find themselves contractually paying for from out of those nominal  incomes, payments or transfers that they would possess at the time; or would find themselves contractually passing on as further nominal costs to be borne by other individuals, businesses and other entities, in each and every case where they and others go and  USE – at the same time at innumerable points across the country – the Barbadian people’s money (value) on a daily basis.

In line with that theory, is the reality that whenever the cost of use of money theory is applied in the Barbadian setting, it naturally relates to the total amount of nominal costs – expressed as a percentage of the Barbados dollar – that individuals, businesses and others did find themselves contractually paying  for from out of those nominal  incomes, payments and transfers that they possessed at the time; or did find themselves contractually passing on as further nominal costs that were borne by other individuals, businesses and other entities, in each and every case where they and others went and USED – at the same time at innumerable points across Barbados – the Barbadian people’s money (value) on a daily basis.

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The Paradox Of Calling For Reparations

Submitted by the People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

Reparations, a false debate?

In its column in the Weekend Nation edition of Friday, March 30, 2012, the PEP is seen making the case for reparations for what it calls, “the plundering of the tax revenues of Barbados by the British Monarchy between the years 1663 and 1838”.

But, while the PDC is entirely supportive of those local and international efforts aimed at making sure that many of those Western countries and corporations, which would have  taken part in, or benefitted, from the enslavement of Black Africans by White Europeans and Americans in many parts of this Western Hemisphere from the 16th to the 19th Century, pay political material financial reparations to the descendants of such African peoples, and while the PDC do  make its own calls for present day African countries to pay reparations to the said present and future generations of African peoples on account of some of their ancestors roles in helping to put many millions of Africans into European enslavement, this party does not support the call that the PEP is currently making with regard to asking for reparations for Barbados as a result of “the plundering of the TAX revenues of Barbados by the British Monarchy between the said years 1663 and 1838”.

Now, let us make it crystal clear to the BU family why we do not support such a call.

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PDC Leader Mark Adamson Snubbed At Central Bank of Barbados Lecture

Submitted by People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

Cleviston Haynes, Deputy Governor (l) Paul Volcker (r)

Days before it could actually have taken place, there was one particular lecture event that many Barbadians would have already made up in their minds that they were going to attend. For, these people did not wish to miss out on this unique opportunity to see and hear for themselves a man who many of them would have long been hearing and reading about from long distances, and a man who many of them would have come to realize as a man who has long been building a name and reputation that have become larger than life, esp. in an area such as international banking and finance – an area that  has come to mean so much to them and to so many multitudes of people across the world politically financially.

No doubt about it too that many of these same people had wanted to hear from a man who, for some duration, was one of the world top central bankers, on what were the fundamental causes of the 2008 financial crises, and on what solutions were needed to prevent such from happening again and to prevent countries like Barbados from being so adversely affected by crises they did not create.

As part of the build up to the lecture event, which included the usual media advertisements, there was even the presentation of a special program on one of the government controlled radio stations, the night before the lecture – on CBC 94.7 fm to be exact. This program contained contained a recorded prelude to Mr. Volcker’s lecture by the Minister of Finance, Mr. Chris Sinckler, who rendered some insights into why Mr. Volcker would have been chosen to do such a lecture, themed REFLECTIONS, in Barbados.

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BLP DLP Same Damn Party

Submitted by the People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

In the final paragraph of the BLP’s column in last Friday’s Weekend Nation, the statement is made that “with the BLP, comes realistic hope of returning to the good times it created”, and towards the end of the paragraph/column there is mention made of what amounts to be some slogan: “Rescue, Rebuild, Restore.”

But, what is so duplicitous and disgusting about the use of these words in that final paragraph, is that they were really intended to be used by the author(s) of them WITHOUT the author(s) conveying any real confirmatory meaning to the critical thinker/reader of them.

For, any reasonable, sufficiently recollecting mature person in a position to recall some of the political times of the near 14 years of BLP misrule (1994-2008), must truly scoff at the folly of those childish words, and must truly point to any available evidence that they have to support the view that these are just plain vain empty stupid words being spewed out by the noviciate BLP column writer (s).

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Barbados Money, Money More Money

Submitted by People Democratic Congress (PDC)

The fact that Barbados money/currency whenever made is made overseas is not doubted. Furthermore, whenever whatever the amount of Barbados money/currency that is made, it is paid for from out of the net international reserves of the Central Bank of Barbados. These reserves have come through various sources, e.g. they have come through those persons and enterprises in Barbados that have been complying with the relevant laws, their having to hand over to the Bank, much of the foreign exchange that they would have obtained through national sectoral activities geared towards foreign exchange generation; have come through private and government sector foreign exchange borrowings which are lodged with the Bank, etc.

Whereas the cost of producing Barbados money/currency is NOT much in terms of the foreign reserves used up when such money is being produced, in the final analysis it is still Barbados money/currency which has to be used in the local political economy and the services industry.
So, one of the very  unflattering things about those very huge, disgusting TAX minuses (mentioned in this now four part series) would have been that, throughout  the course of those 23 years, these intellectually politically bankrupt DLP/BLP Governments did go on to eventually make use of the monies that they had illegally come by.

They, et al, made sure that payments for  government workers for work done – here and overseas – and made sure that government welfare checks, old age pensions, etc. for those persons who were qualified to receive them – were done and received, whereupon, all of the recipients, in turn, satisfied their own desires and purposes by buying food and drink, clothing, toiletries, paying bills or saving.

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The Method of Taxation, An Illegal Undertaking By Government

Submitted by The People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

Flashback to The PDC demonstrating outside BL&P

Having in the last PDC submission illuminated, to some extent, the close relationships between the Taxation policy of the government, and the financial policy of both the government and the financial private sector in Barbados, we now take this opportunity to use this column, this time around, to effect the five following goals.

  1. To state categorically that government CANNOT TAX money (only INCOMES, PAYMENTS, TRANSFERS)
  2. To prove once again that there are many fundamental differences between money and nominal income, nominal wages, etc
  3. To attempt to convince as many people as possible in Barbados that there are definite casual relationships between TAXATION policy and increased mass suffering and misery that is taking place among the broad masses and middle classes of people of this country.
  4. To show once again that inflation is a bogus false economic concept
  5. To give BU visitors and readers and some members of the Barbadian electorate another opportunity to gain a little more insight and understanding of the very profound rationalizations and syncretisations behind this very liberating powerful political philosophy of NO-TAXATION

Under this virtually centralized nominal TAXATION process in Barbados the government of Barbados CANNOT TAX money – coins, bills, and cards. It cannot therefore TAX 1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent, 1 dollar, 2 dollars, 5 dollars, 10 dollars, 20 dollars, 50 dollars, 100 dollars, either in themselves or altogether.

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VOTE PDC Next Elections!!!

Submitted by The Peoples Democratic Congress (PDC)

PDC wants to be the voice of the people

The truth is that from time to time in Barbados as many as a hundred and fifty persons on average could physically come the PDC over any six month period wanting to know what manner of governmental system will replace TAXATION, whenever a PDC Government goes ahead and abolishes it.

And, so keen are these individuals on seeking out knowledge on this philosophy, that they – during the course of discussing with us this very fundamental question of the ABOLITION OF TAXATION – go on to pose several other related questions, like, how will the police, nurses, doctors etc. will be paid??

Sad thing, though, is that on innumerable occasions owing to the shortness of length of these discussions, the PDC is only able to little explain to some of them, the strategies and policies that will directly and indirectly make up such a governmental financial system.

On many other occasions, too, during the course of these said discussions, our party has had to direct many people, once they have internet access, to this BU blog site to read, as much as possible, the relevant articles and submissions that have so far been submitted to BU on this philosophy.

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