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Good Luck at the Polls Barbadians and Remember the ‘One Lesson’

Submitted by Peter Brathwaite
Good luck Barbadians

Good luck Barbadians

Fellow Barbadians,

We go to the polls this Thursday. Emotion, anticipation and excitement fill the air (along with the ‘noise’ of the various political parties canvassing late into the night). Posters and flyers (and big as shite billboards) blanket our landscape (yet no one dared put their respective flyers/posters on the fancy pedestrian over-pass out by CBC last time I saw).

Both parties have published their manifestos. Of particular interest to some, if not most of us, will be the proposed economic policies of both parties. During the analysis of same, I ask that each and every one of you stop, hold strain and consider the words of Henry Hazlitt. Journalist, economist, philosopher, critic and author of the easy to read: Economics In One Lesson.

The “One Lesson” is stated in Part One of the book:

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