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Christians Accused of Pirating Gospel Music

Submitted by Anthony Davis
Adrian Agard, executive producer of Barbados Gospelfest

Adrian Agard, executive producer of Barbados Gospelfest – photo credit: Barbados Today

Christians appear to be the biggest supporters of pirated gospel music releases. That is the assertion of Adrian Agard, who, has, for the past 15 years, been operating “Things Gospel”, a music, book, and stationery store.

Agard, who is also executive director of Gospel Fest, said the pirates seemed to recognise the lure which gospel music presents, and were taking advantage of it. Wherever a fellow is pirating, and sets up somewhere, he is always playing gospel music,” noted the veteran impresario.

Source:page 29 of Barbados Today dated 15 November, 2013

Pray tell me, Mr. Agard: Is everyone who plays gospel music a Christian, or is it the prerogative of everyone who lives in our country to buy and play whatever music she/he likes, or wants to give to someone?

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The Association Of Music Entrepreneurs Working To Expose Barbados Talent

Submitted by DrenalinProductions.biz on behalf of the Association of Music Entrepreneurs Of Barbados

Local musicians and artistes are feeling the impact of the global recession resulting in the shrinking of international bookings and performance revenues.  This has come from the newly elected president of The Association Of Music Entrepreneurs, George Thomas. Mr Thomas however believes that AME is well positioned and committed to play an effective role .in helping earn foreign exchange and stimulate economic growth through the export of local music.

Speaking on the heels of their recently held AGM, Thomas indicated that the non profit organisation is finalising plans for a range of initiatives aimed at increasing the promotion and export of local music that will result in Barbadian artistes and music finding new markets overseas.  One such planned activity is a trip to The National Association For Campus Activities marketplace (NACA) in February 2011, where the AME expects to showcase the talents of local musical acts to the largest collegiate gathering in the world.  NACA is a 50-year-old organisation and the largest campus activities marketplace in North America, where representatives of more than 500 colleges convene annually to book a variety of entertainment acts for their campus entertainment and activities calendars.  Next year’s showcase will be held in Missouri, and according to Thomas, provides an unprecedented opportunity for Barbados music export sector to build new markets for local artistes and musicians who have been hard hit and seen a steady and significant decline in revenues even from traditional bread and butter Diaspora markets.

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There’s A Time And A Place For EVERYTHING

Hartley Henry - DLP Political Strategist

I understand the rationale but I am not sure I agree with those who call for a removal of so-called “smut” from soca or calypsos. What really is the “smut” persons are referring to? Are we talking about sexual connotations? If so, then why pick only on the calypsonian?

Seventy per cent of the songs I hear on non-gospel stations in Barbados include some element of implicit and explicit sexual reference. Indeed, I marveled a few weeks ago in the midst of the Movado/Vybes Kartel hullabaloo, when, in banning two Jamaican artistes from coming to Barbados to sing smut, our society then authorized a radio station to send two probable teenagers to the United States to see smut. This writer has a fundamental problem with that!

I was all for the banning of the Jamaican duet because I objected philosophically to the notion that they had a role to play in helping to shape the thought processes of our youth. There are far too many role models in Barbados for me to accept that a Jamaican dance hall artist is required to point out right from wrong and lead our youths along the straight and narrow path. I also have a difficulty in these tough economic times, of our encouraging low income earners to assign hard earned resources each week to what, to my mind, is low level entertainment. I therefore supported the ban on Movado/Vybes Kartel.

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Sing Mr. Calypsonian, Sing!!

Hartley Henry - DLP Political Strategist

“Boy, I hear Colin Spencer putting some blows in wunnah this year”. That was the refrain of the self declared independent commentator, whom I know to be an ardent supporter and financier of ‘the other side’.

He was thrilled that a known supporter, indeed a former candidate of the ruling Democratic Labour Party, had penned and was actually singing a song he, the observer, deemed critical of the government. As for me, I had not heard the tune. Indeed, in this, the third week of June, I have not heard many of the tunes for the 2010 season, but I guess that has to do more with my listening to the wrong stations. My daughter tells me I ‘have to get with it’, as there is much more to radio in Barbados than VOB and CBC. Truth to tell, I hardly turn my dial away from those two flagship stations; so that which is not played on either is not likely to be heard by me, unless someone calls and says ‘turn to so and so and listen’.

So I was not alarmed and still am not fazed by the fear of what could be contained in Colin’s song. I know Colin Spencer! He is a man of immense character and integrity and therefore he cannot be bought out or bought into. I have not heard the song, but I am sure it is solid social commentary, the likes for which genuine kaiso lovers yearn.

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Rihanna The Sexy

Pop R&B song bird Barbadian Rihanna’s popularity continues to propagate as she promulgates her bad girl image. Despite the haters she continues to scorch the music charts across the globe. Many Barbadians have expressed concern about how her handlers have managed her image since her break-through Pon de Replay single. The sweet innocent 17 year old Combermerian is no more.

Her recent video (above) confirms once again that Rihanna is committed to wearing the bad girl Madonna like image.  Babadians could like it or lump it, Rihanna’s image is about making money and she seems to be doing a good job at it. The question to be asked against the background of the recent banning of Movado and Vybz Kartel, are we practising double standards given the bad girl image being portrayed by Rihanna supported by her naughty lyrics? Whenever we question how our youth ambassador is managing her career the haters surface. Given her global popularity and the fact she happens to be Bajan translates to many young Barbadians idolizing her.

Should we talk about banning some of her music as well?

How Many Sons Has Father Crab?

Submitted by Mario Herbert – GoWEB Caribbean

The minibus situation in Barbados has grown unbearable for some of us. Recorded music is not supposed to be played in these PSV’s (Public Service Vehicles), only the live radio stations. However, there are several Dance-hall CD’s in circulation featuring Father Crab, who shouts profanity and vulgarly throughout the entire CD. Passengers are subjected to hearing Father Crab “large off” all of the men who carry their own gun, and cannot be told what to do, while playing songs like “Press Trigger”. This not only promotes violence, but rebellion against authority too.

On one occasion, while Father Crab was encouraging this type of rebellious behaviour, a male passenger on the bus threatened to assault a female passenger, and when the conductor and driver forced him to disembark, he tried to break the window next to the aforementioned female passenger. When the conductor expressed concern about the window, he proceeded to brandish a knife, telling the conductor that he was prepared to kill him. I found all of this ironic, because the male passenger was simply acting out the music which was being blasted in the bus throughout this incident.

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The Rise And Fall Of A Star

Rihanna poses topless in Italian Vogue

Rihanna poses topless in Italian Vogue

Let us be clear, BU wishes Rihanna well in her chosen career. She has done well if we measure success by the penetration she has made in the world of pop. The BU household has watched her progression with admiration and interest. The recognition which Rihanna has brought to Barbados was rewarded by the government of Barbados last year. After the material possessions were received,  she was given the official papers to be Ambassador for Youth and Culture.

In light of her recent indiscretions and now her topless pose in Vogue Magazine, the question asked by BU and others remains. Should the government of Barbados ask Rihanna to quietly relinquish the post of Ambassador for Youth and Culture? Perhaps given her schooling at the Waterford University she should have the awareness to not wait to be asked.

Since the Chris Brown incident it seems Rihanna has been on a hunt for publicity by any means necessary. We understand these PR stunts all do wonder for her career but what does it do for her image in the eyes of young Barbadians who currently worship her? Rihanna finds herself in a position where she can trod the worn trail or she could use a hoe to chop a new path. She now has the popularity which equips he to  make a positive difference. It seems she is allowing the American pop culture to quickly reel her in.

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May The King Of Pop Rest In Peace

The Thriller Album has sold the most copies in history.

The Thriller Album has sold the most copies in history.

The death of Michael Jackson yesterday brought home the realization that one of the greatest entertainers the world has ever seen was no more. Even for those who would not have been enamoured by his genre of music, gerri curls hair style which transformed to straight hair over the years, his eccentric behaviour which featured accusations of sexually molesting boys, all the negatives were forgotten when Michael Jackson the performer entered onto the stage.

To explain his eccentric lifestyle away from the stage many will cite his lack of a normal childhood combined with an undesirable father. His pre-teen performances as the lead singer, afro and all of the talented Jacksons 5 have created timeless and priceless memories for many. Music lovers may feel correct in believing the world may never see another entertainer in the same mould as the multi-talented Michael Jackson. The regard held globally for Michael Jackson can be judged when at the announcement of his death yesterday afternoon media houses around the world stopped regular programming to broadcast US news feeds of his passing.

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Ambassador Rihanna Exposed At Reggae Concert

Ambassador Rihanna did a cameo at Reggae On The Hill last week during Beenie Man’s performance. For BU family members who don’t have the ear to understand what he is singing in the video here is the hook line  Me no have fancy car, but me no give you no scar. From reports Rihanna lingered on stage for a little while and then scuttled with her tail between her legs.

The dignity of Ambassador Rihanna exposed by what some people would call a thug in Beenie Man. It is no secret that many of the dancehall/dub artistes who frequent Barbados are very well known to court rooms around the world. We thought it laughable that several of the dancehall/reggae artistes who performed at Farley Hill last week complained about the treatment meted out by the Royal Barbados Police Force. Did they believe that our police force is clueless? People get ‘high’ just walking through the crowd at one of these shows!

Sorry guys but we give the police the benefit of the doubt on this one.

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Government Can't Do It Alone!

Vic Fernandes, Chief Executive Officer of Starcom Network.

Vic Fernandes, Chief Executive Officer of Starcom Network - Source: Nation Newspaper

Barbadians for the most part have given high marks to the government for introducing free bus rides to school children under 18 years old. The only requirement is that the child is wearing a school uniform or show a school pass to benefit. The Democratic Labour Party is no stranger to introducing bold initiatives of the social variety; free education and school meals are other pioneering social initiatives which come to mind. It should be noted that history has been positive about the impact which free education has had on the Barbados society. Our high educational standards have been linked to the political stability of Barbados, export of labour and the enfranchisement of our people in a post-independence era.

It is obvious that the introduction of free bus rides to school children is a public good which has been designed to target the mushrooming deviant behaviour among our youth population. While the government has been quick to deny that the initiative targets negative behaviour associated with the ZR culture, the BU household is not convinced. For too long, and certainly under the reign of the former government the PSV’s were allowed to terrorize Barbados. The culture had become so embedded that it easily nullified the attempt by the Royal Barbados Police Force to bring order. Don’t we remember Operation Road Traffic Maintenance? The time has come to fight back. Until the PSVs start a program to efficiently self-regulate they will continue to feel the brunt of public policy. No amount of talk about poor black man and people losing jobs will stop the process. The time for talk is done.

Having stated the above we believe that more still needs to be done to protect this future generation from itself. Too often we rely on government to do it all, but what can other stakeholders in the country do to assist in the fight against deviant behaviour among our youth and wider society? Continue reading