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Submitted by Keep It Real   (and clean)
Roy Morris - Editor in Chief Nation Newspaper

Roy Morris – Editor in Chief, Nation Newspaper

I am waiting with bated breath to Emoji see a page-one comment from either the Publisher or the Editor in Chief of the Nation newspaper denouncing, in the strongest possible terms, its own journalistic faux-pas     (I am being kind) committed in today’s Sun on Saturday.

None of us, not even the most perverted person, would have expected that that tabloid would have sunk further into the depths of depravity and lewdness, especially after the recent appointment of  “people of impeccable character”.

Perhaps, such erotic journalism  can be easily explained-away since many in society, including some people in our most noble professions, have had to wrestle with their own amoral feelings, as they try to overcome an obsessive propensity for pornography and predatory exploits, while simultaneously fighting the said sexual appetite and their rapaciously  philandering demons.

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Stop the Filth, Protect the Vagina

Daggering Jamaican style

Daggering Jamaican style

There is a very disturbing trend which is gathering momentum in Barbados. If BU were to follow our sense of where it has its origin, all indicators point to Jamaica.

There must be a good reason why the Creator designed a woman’s vagina to be secreted away behind the protective lips of the vulva with additional protection between the legs. It seems the height of ignorance that any ‘woman’ would want to bend over (6:30 or not), to expose her vagina to violent humping – usually administered by a but not always the case.

BU agrees with those who believe that the wholesale adoption by Barbadian youth mostly of this silly and irrelevant sub culture, reflects poorly on our ability to effectively educate our young people. Why would any man want to bang that part of the woman’s ‘sweet spot’? In the name of freedom of expression it seems we are clueless as a society about how to arrest the rising popularity of this base behaviour. BU believes when the Democratic Labour Party government essays that it wants to build a society, curbing the unholy practice of bumping an unprotected vagina MUST be treated as abuse of a high priority. We must protect the ignorant from themselves.

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Deviant Behaviour On the Rise In Our Learning Institutions

Hon Ronald Jones, Minister of Education

Hon Ronald Jones, Minister of Education

Always the topic of homosexuality evokes heated discussion and BU’s recent blog on the subject  is no exception – Homosexuals Are People Just Like Us…no?. Societies including Barbados continue to battle the best way to come to terms with the issue.

Of concern to BU as well is a type of deviant behaviour which has sprung up in our school system which is associated with the homosexual behaviour. Some may argue it is linked to declining morals others may suggest it is the right of the individual to exercise personal freedoms. BU alluded to a bisexual behaviour practiced by students in the recent blog.

To illustrate, have a discussion with students and teachers who attend Barbados Community College (BCC).  Students openly engage in homosexual behaviour on the corridors any day of the school week. It is not uncommon to see female students holding hands, delivering a see you later kiss if their time tables dictate. Bear in mind this is being done in full view! For those who may want to pass the behaviour off as adolescent adoration and curiosity, the dress and appearance of the ‘male’ partner can easily confirm the intent of the players. The males not to be left out do similarly. BU understands that the openly gay brigade (branded as gay because of public behaviour) is a bigger movement than that of the females.

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Notes From a Native Son: Is Greed Now Part of the Hippocratic Oath?

Hal Austin

Hal Austin

As I sat down to write this week’s BU contribution on a pressing financial economic matter, I came across the break out of serious antibiotic-resistant bacteria problems at our only hospital. Those of us familiar with the various infections that plague British hospitals would not be surprised that Klebsiella bacteria has now arrived at the QEH. I must admit, it did not come as a shock to me, since a friend and I have only recently been discussing the rat-infested, rubbish-strewn, health and safety hazard that is the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. But it was the compulsive, arrogant, obstinate greed of the doctors behind their objections to alternative medicine that tipped me over in to widening the debate on the future of the health service and long-term care. It is not a concern about patient care, nor about the general welfare of ordinary Barbadians, but rather a determine attempt to co-opt the attorney general in their little game of protecting their money-making interests. To put it in simple terms, we are in a deep cesspit of our own making, typified by the abandoning of the elderly, so-called granny dumping, for which the entire nation should be ashamed, yet all these expensively educated people could think about is their own bank accounts.

There are issues of more pressing concern that doctors should be involved in, such as the mortality rate at the hospital, the high costs of X-rays and MRI examinations, of overall poor patient care by doctors, who attend surgeries as and when they like. Few Barbadian doctors, aware that their profession is about public health and not just money-making, have raised their heads from the trough that is taxpayers’ money to battle for improvements in the state of public health. But, typically, they are more concerned about the continuing rise of unregulated medical practice – so-called complementary medicine – not in the interest of the public, but because this medical practice main block one of their most lucrative income streams.

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Can Self-improvement Go Too Far?

Submitted by Charles Knighton

To improve morally is to treat others better and have a more positive impact on the world.

It seems we are unable to listen to the radio, watch TV or read a newspaper without being urged to adopt some regimen of self-improvement (“The health of positive change” Sept. 7 Advocate) the most paradoxical feature of which is that self-improvement cannot survive without acceptance of imperfection and tolerance of failure. Devoid of this softening influence, a concern for betterment can easily turn into a narcissistic focus on oneself, or a self-critical perfectionism.

In the 1920s French psychologist Emile Coue argued that by reciting the mantra “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better” we could, by the power of suggestion, make it come true. Whether or not such techniques do work, surely it would be wonderful if they did? How could it ever be worse to be better?

The thought of, say, someone practicing air guitar 24/7 should be enough to challenge any assumption that too much improvement is a contradiction in terms. When it comes to being better people, some progressions matter more than others.

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The Starship Song By Filthy Mouth Nicki Minaj Reported To Have Been Aired On The CBC

Anthony Nelson

It was reported to BU that the controversial Anthony ‘Admiral’ Nelson  played Starship, a popular song by Nicki Minaj at 8:22 AM on the morning of 07 September 2012. The BU family can listen to the lyrics and draw their conclusions. The CBC logs can be verified and hopefully appropriate action taken in the same way it dealt with the employee who allowed ‘heavy breathing’ to go out on air .

If Barbadians are serious about guarding public morals then the same way we reacted to a little boy who was goaded by an adult to gyrate behind a woman in a ‘back-shot’ position (A Picture Sums It Up!), so too we should be concerned by the playing of Starship on public radio. Continue reading

We Have To Protect Our Children

The sights and sound…yes the pic is meant to arouse sensibilities on a Sunday morning

Barbados, like all of the other States in the Caribbean region has committed itself to protecting the rights of children through ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (C.R.C.). Integral to this collection of rights are those geared at the protection of children who are abused, neglected or at risk of harm.


The story which continues to incense sensible Barbadians of a child being abused by two adults on Kadooment Day is rapidly reaching the end of the seven day period for top billing. Director of the Child Care Board (CCB) Joan Crawford, goaded by the public outcry, is quoted in the media that the widely circulated picture will be forwarded to the Police for investigation. Implied in the action by the CCB is that there is enough evidence to support a case of child abuse.

It was interesting to listen to Joan Crawford explaining that the picture does not expose the faces of the adults in the picture therefore it will be difficult to locate the individuals. Her apologetic observation begs the question, is Miss Crawford a member of the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF)? She is obligated to report the matter and let the RBPF used its sleuthing skills to locate the individuals.

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