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The Rise And Fall Of A Star

Rihanna poses topless in Italian Vogue

Rihanna poses topless in Italian Vogue

Let us be clear, BU wishes Rihanna well in her chosen career. She has done well if we measure success by the penetration she has made in the world of pop. The BU household has watched her progression with admiration and interest. The recognition which Rihanna has brought to Barbados was rewarded by the government of Barbados last year. After the material possessions were received,  she was given the official papers to be Ambassador for Youth and Culture.

In light of her recent indiscretions and now her topless pose in Vogue Magazine, the question asked by BU and others remains. Should the government of Barbados ask Rihanna to quietly relinquish the post of Ambassador for Youth and Culture? Perhaps given her schooling at the Waterford University she should have the awareness to not wait to be asked.

Since the Chris Brown incident it seems Rihanna has been on a hunt for publicity by any means necessary. We understand these PR stunts all do wonder for her career but what does it do for her image in the eyes of young Barbadians who currently worship her? Rihanna finds herself in a position where she can trod the worn trail or she could use a hoe to chop a new path. She now has the popularity which equips he to  make a positive difference. It seems she is allowing the American pop culture to quickly reel her in.

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