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Marcus Garvey Speaks!

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel
Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey – click image

The Black Diaspora And Marcus Garvey's Return To Africa "Dream"

Submitted by Yardbroom

Marcus Mosiah Garvey

When Marcus Mosiah Garvey boarded the SS Trent, on the 17th June 1914, to cross the Atlantic and return to his native Jamaica from London; he had spent two years in England, and was about to start work on the draft of his pamphlet: “A Talk With Afro-West Indians” in which he wrote:

“Sons and daughters of Africa, I say to you arise, take on the toga of race pride, and throw off the brand of ignominy which has kept you back for so many centuries.  Dash asunder the petty prejudices within your own fold; set at defiance the designation of “nigger” uttered even by yourselves, and be a Negro in the light of the Pharaohs of Egypt, Simons of Cyrene, Hannibals of Carthage, L’Ouvertures and Dessalines of Haiti…..Blydens of Liberia….and Douglasses and Du Boises of America, who have made, and are making history for the race, though depreciated and in many cases unwritten.”

Garvey’s sojourn in London and other European capitals, had not been a total success, as he had been reduced “to asking for assistance from the Colonial Office,” for his repatriation to Jamaica.  His older sister Indiana, a domestic servant, also in London at the time, was in a similar predicament and therefore unable to assist him.

If in financial terms Garvey had been unsuccessful, in other ways he had gained much from his London experience, to quote Garvey: “I read, Up From Slavery ( by Booker T. Washington b1856-1915) and then my doom – if I may so call it – of being a race leader dawned on me”.

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Think Outside Of The Colonial Box

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel

Marcus Garvey

This excerpt that follows is chosen to strengthen the point that what we are clinging to in our colonial mentality is nothing more than European invented identities that were created solely for the benefit of Europe/America.

The slave economy of the past was never for the benefit of the slave. Similarly the slave economy of the present was never designed for the benefit of the modern slaves that do not like to see themselves as slaves because they have fridges and telephones and TVs in their rented and mortgaged houses.

As an African you have to look past the enticing trinkets of Europe and face the fact that you are still doing the same exact thing that you were brought on the slave ship to do…PROVIDE CHEAP, EASILY AVAILABLE, AND EASILY DISPOSABLE LABOR. The truth is that you have graduated from the field to the sweat shop, and you survive on what is left over after the modern slave-master or CAPITALIST counts his billions. How long should we sit here with our fates pinned to the fortunes of the billionaire white man while praying that he will soon have an economic recovery?

This is the time when we have to dare to reinvent ourselves in our own image, and we must not be content to cling to the fragmented arrangements that were made solely for the benefit of The Colonizer. If you were far-sighted you would see that this is the only thing left for us to do if the future generations are to be saved from a fate where prostitution is the main vocation.

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