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Two Questions

BU wishes to ask the Cabinet of Barbados headed by Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart the following questions:

Was Jada Construction – Bjorn Bjerkman – awarded the GROTTO contract WITHOUT going to tender? If so is this a violation of government’s financial rules?

In December last year with much fanfare former Minister of Transport John Boyce launched the Super Saver Smart Card. This is a prepaid card designed to allow customers to ‘top up’ and use to pay for travel on Transport Board buses.

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Leader Of The Opposition Calls For The Resignation Of Minister of Housing Michael Lashley

Opposition Leader Mia Mottley

Members of the BU household attended the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) meeting last night at Heroes Square. BU will provide a more detailed comment later. What can be stated is when all the huff and puff was done it must be said Mia Mottley did a good job prosecuting Minister Michael Lashley. Many questions were asked of Minister Lashley last night regarding the contract with JADA covering Coverley. The Leader of the Opposition distributed copies of National Housing Corporation minutes (the same minutes quoted from by Lashley in the House) which supports a good case the Minister Lashley lied while standing on the floor of the House of Assembly at its last sitting. He has also been asked to produce the construction contract referred to my sacked NHC Chairman Marilyn Rice-Bowen.

The other issues worth mentioning is the revelation by former Minister of Health Jerome Walcott that a decision was made by government last Tuesday to refurbish the QEH and jettison plans to build a new hospital. Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur remarked on how the OECS countries have placed CLICO under judicial management and have taken steps to prosecute parties to recover CLICO assets and also to protect CLICO property. He lamented the fact that Barbados has done nothing to date to protect CLICO policyholders.

Hopefully others who attended will fill the gaps.

National Housing Corporation Minutes at the centre of the debate – Pages: 1,2,3 and 4