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Chris Sinckler:Political Germs Hosted by Queen Bee

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler suggested during the 2014 Estimates Debate that Opposition Leader Mia Mottley has allowed her political soul to be host for “two political germs”. Sinckler has become known for his rumshop political lexicon but did he go too far or should his vitriol be regarded as part of the cut and thrust of politics?

A Case of Massaging News

Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica - photo credit Dominica News

Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica – photo credit: Dominica News

On 27 April 2013 Barbados Underground (BU) posted the blog Who Are the Local Partners in Cost-U-Less?. Although the Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit has denied the word making the rounds that he is a local shareholder, BU defends our right to ask questions of Skerrit or anyone in the interest of providing clarification.

In the interest of providing further clarification it should be noted that the Companies Act Cap 308 places sole responsibility of managing the company in the hands of the Directors. What this means is that unless a shareholder choses to be a Director the public is left to speculate who are the shareholders. The Act is drafted to protect the Shareholder who  – if not a Director – has no say in the conduct of the company.

BU reiterates our position taken in the original blog, in the interest of transparency the other names mentioned (Hartley Henry, the Estate of David Thompson and Leroy Parris) should state publicly whether they have an interest in Cost U Less (CUL).  The government has approved significant concessions to CUL and given the names mentioned the public has a right to know. It should be noted that Pricesmart has since denied receiving similar concessions. Also at the time of launch it was widely reported that David Staples represented local shareholder interest. Perhaps in the interest of protecting its goodwill CUL should make a public statement stating who are the local shareholders.

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Who Are the Local Partners in Cost-U-Less?

Former Prime Minister David Thompson (l) Former Chairman CLICO Holdings B'dos Ltd rumoured to be local partners in Cost-U-Less

Late Prime Minister David Thompson (l) disgraced former Chairman of CLICO Holdings B’dos Ltd rumoured to be local partners in Cost-U-Less

We do not charge membership fees and believe we can offer low prices to Barbados shoppers, just as we have in our most recent store opening in the Cayman Islands, which was also a partnership with local business people

NorthWest Company trading as Cost-U-Less July 2008

It has been almost five years from the time of the announcement Cost U Less Maybe Coming To Barbados that it launched in Barbados. However, based on consumer feedback the wait has been in vain.  It has been two months since launch and Barbadians continue to wait for the low prices promised. Before the coming of Cost-U-Less the Trinidadians, who now have a vice grip on our food retail and distribution channels, had promised Barbadian consumers the same, that is, we would benefit from economies of scale created by a larger T&T market.

Barbados now finds itself in a situation where we have a new entrant to an already competitive retail food sector.  And it has not demonstrated any appreciable price differentiation in its offering. Sad to say the inevitable must follow.  We created 200 jobs with the coming of Cost-U-Less but SuperCentre and DacostaMannings, owned by the Trinidadians, continue to send home employees.

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David Thompson – THE FINAL CHAPTER

Eulogy Delivered by Hartley Henry – Personal Friend and Principal Political Advisor

The Late Prime Minister David John Howard Thompson - December 25th, 1961 to October 23rd, 2010

On this solemn morning, we meet to memorialize the short but illustrious life of a man who became our beacon in every storm; a friend when a helping hand was needed; a sure head in the midst of uncertainty.

I am grateful to Mara, widow of our beloved, now lamented Prime Minister, for inviting me to give this funeral oration.  I feel both the hand of history and the humbling honour associated with closing the final chapter of David Thompson’s short but impressive life.

He was cut down before he could accomplish the agenda he had set himself in government.  In that sense, his full promise was unfulfilled.

But oh, how much he had done in so short a space of time; how many lives he had touched for the better; how greatly loved and admired he was; as much by the boys on the block as the captains of industry.

He was known by those of us close to him as “The Chief”, not because he demanded it, but because he inspired it. He would have been just as content to be called simply “David”, as the majority of people of Barbados did; not with disrespect but with affection.

The fondest memories of this eminent son of Barbados have been etched in the hearts of tens of thousands of us, because he was a leader who raised the level of our ambition and gave us confidence that our aspirations, both as individuals and as a nation, could be achieved, in triumph.

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