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Mia’s War With Her Demons Versus Arthur’s Stealth And Precision Of Attack

Submitted by Douglas
Mia Mottley's swearing in as leader of the Opposition at Government House with Arthur and Payne in February 2013

Mia Mottley’s swearing in as leader of the Opposition at Government House with Arthur and Payne in February 2013

In recent times, the government of the day has come under the lens of the Mia led faction of the Opposition Party. However, her efforts at stamping her leadership has been undermined from the word get go .Mia’s gusto and zeal has ignited only a part of her team.  The George Payne and Arthur faction have remained faithful to the No support Mia policy.

Word reaching this side of the fence, after rubbing shoulders with those in Opposition is that Arthur has renewed his vows to ensure that the Mia’s reign is shorter than it was on the last occasion. Arthur is so worked up about Mia’s leadership that he has decided to keep busy by making public statements and appearances. While not speaking to the issue of leadership in public he makes no bones about in conversation to those who will listen. He actual uses the ‘H word’ to describe her.

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George Payne v Edmund Hinkson: Statement of Defense

Edmund Hinkson's SOD

Edmund Hinkson’s SOD

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Leroy Parris v BLP, Nation and Barbados Advocate: Chief Justice Gibson Produces a What the Hell Moment

Barbadians were treated recently to the news that the enigmatic Chairman of CLICO Holdings Barbados Leroy Parris who was deposed when the bottom fell out of the CLICO parent company in Trinidad has filed a legal action against the Nation, Barbados Advocate and Barbados Labour Party (BLP). Parris would not have made the top 200,000th popular person list in Barbados prior to his recent court action. Now that he has filed the action his position is likely to slide to 250,000th.

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George Payne v Edmund Hinkson: Barbados Labour Party Battling Demons


Barbados Underground (BU) welcomes the Barbados Today report about the George Payne v Edmund Hinkson: Storm Clouds Hovering Over MAM court matter even though it has come several days after we posted. The fact that Roy Morris (Chief Editor) and shareholders in the Barbados Today have chosen to expose one side; that of the plaintiff, and not the defendant is evidence of the stain which the traditional media continues to blot the media landscape of Barbados. BU is aware how matters before the Courts must be treated in the public domain. Given its public profile a media house can easily be joined by either side to a matter like this one. What it does not mean however is that ALL the facts should not be reported. In this case why not ensure that the Statement of Defence (SOD) is included in the report?

BU continues to find this matter intriguing but not for the reasons  political yardfowls on either side will show glee. There are the political ramifications of the court action by Payne for the Barbados Labour Party (BLP). Also, it gives BU the opportunity to explore a related issue associated with libel and slander which are now interchangeably referred to as defamation under the Act.

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George Payne v Edmund Hinkson: Storm Clouds Hovering Over MAM

News broke this week that Barbados Labour Party (BLP) member of parliament George Payne has filed a defamation action against fellow BLP member of parliament Edmund Hinkson. To say that the action is mind boggling is an understatement. BU continues to try all effort to procure the court filing.

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By George a Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

Barbados Parliamentarians 2013

Barbados Members of Parliament 2013

BULeaks#1: Understanding How Decision Makers In Barbados Are Manipulated By “Deep Pockets”

The McKenzie Files

We continue our focus on governance issues.

BU has gained possession of what we will refer to as the McKenzie Files. Much of the subject matter will not interest the BU family but among the over 30,000 pages, we have come across references to prominent figures in Barbados. BU posts these files deemed to be in the public interest and because of the public’s right to know.

BU recognizes that there are some people named in these files who are NOT public figures and it would be unfair to make public references to them. BU will continue to exercise discretion in what it publishes by redacting names where appropriate.

BU acknowledges that these documents are in public domain. If anyone named feels that they have been unfaired or defamed, please do not take it up with BU, but with the authors of the documents. Finally, BU will publish any relevant documents in the public interest and let the chips fall where they may.

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Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur Refuses To Debate In The House Of Assembly

Owen Arthur, Leader of the Opposition seen driving an Audi SUV in recent days

Those who followed the debate in the Lower House (highest court in the land) this week gleaned that Leader of the Opposition Owen Arthur was missing from the debate, AGAIN. The practice of visiting for a brief period to be marked present has been perfected by Arthur during this term as Opposition Leader. The job of leading important debates has been routinely entrusted to former leader of the opposition Mia Mottley. Another observation has been the low-key involvement of Deputy Leader of the Opposition Dale Marshall.

To question Arthur’s lack of participation in debates in the Lower House will probably provoke the predictable partisan howls. If we accept that Arthur was busy preparing for his sojourn in New York, his attendance record in parliament and early departure on many other occasions are a matter of record. Arthur’s willingness to ‘diss’ the ‘poorakey’ Lower House has to be regarded as gross disrespect of the highest court in the land. How many Barbadian workers are able to arbitrarily decide their hours of work?

It is instructive that there are a few Barbadians who remember that the role of the Opposition Leader is recognized in the Constitution of Barbados.

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Is This The Height of HYPOCRISY?

Adrian Loveridge – Hotel Owner

This from a man, while Minister of Tourism, publicly dismissed me as the unanimously elected Chairman of the first Small Hotels Committee for not being ‘sufficiently indigenous’.

‘We cannot at this stage, with such a fragile economy, have individuals make statements to scare people away from Barbados”.

Do they think we really have such short memories?

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Owen’s BLP, Owen’s Politics

Submitted by DLP Supporter

Leader of the Opposition Owen Arthur

“A chattel house on a prime piece of real estate.” That’s how the top brass of the Barbados Labour Party is describing Cynthia Forde’s current occupation of St Thomas. We understand that the property has been valued by a newly formed company called Forde’s Realtor and has a price tag attached to it of 3 million dollars. Where is all this going? A promise was made and an all out effort is being made to keep it. Arthur’s party politics is no different to how he administered the country’s affairs. Don’t forget, under the Arthur’s Barbados Labour Party, land was to fetch its highest economic value and now parliamentary seats fall under his model of economic development. Rawle Eastmond indicated, he doesn’t mind being a sacrificial lamb but he is not the only who will experience the venom of the Arthur Styled leadership.

The past week in politics in Barbados has opened up the eyes of the public, as to what Arthur’s Barbados Labour Politics is all about. We have seen the cracks in the Barbados Labour Party camp turn to gigantic divisions. The Arthur’s faction is fighting on two fronts, the Payne faction and the Mottley camp. These three divisions represent the three faces of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party. By the way, these guys have taken the term Opposition in a very real sense.

They can be no doubt, Owen Arthur is in charge once again. He has promised to heal HIS Barbados Labour Party and the healing will take place by a purging. It is clear that anyone who opposes Arthur will perish. Rawle faced such a fate and he perished.

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