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Nurturing Your Backyard Garden

Submitted by Readydone
Mimosa Weed

Mimosa Weed

At Baird’s village farms we use the most sustainable resources available. A main staple in our plant maintenance program is extracted from Mimosa seed enzymes and to a lesser extent coconut extracts. These are the equivalent of vitamins for your plants when applied at each stage of life and can’t be overdosed; we have noticed it drastically improves the transplant process. These organic, locally sourced extracts help provide the environment that encourages healthy plants, healthy plants grow faster produces more and resist negative outside influences.

Mimosa is an invasive weed traditionally used as feed to “slim down” livestock that have become fat from feed. The plants are easy to identify and the dry brown pods release seed with a quick, vigorous shake. The fact is that this is a free and abundant source. Anyone can harvest enough in one day to last a year and you don’t need specialized equipment or prior knowledge to extract.  It produces plants way more productive than any synthetic fertilizer can. These are good reasons we think everyone should add this to their garden maintenance program.

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