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Black Political Class Funded by White Elite

Submitted by William Skinner
Bizzy Williams,  leader of the entrenched white corporate class, slapped him down and reminded all and sundry who pays the bills and calls the tunes.

Bizzy Williams, “leader of the entrenched white corporate class, slapped him down and reminded all and sundry who pays the bills and calls the tunes

Our erudite Prime Minister, Mr. Freundel Stuart spoke the truth, when he said that there are powerbrokers that want to control black politicians but want no contact with the masses. As the Prime Minister said: “They don’t want to dirty their hands.” In other words, they avoid politics but want to be powerbrokers within the system. He also asserted that he is proud to be of the political class and that this class knows how to bury their differences when it is necessary.

Former Prime Minster, Erskine Sandiford, once reminded a group of corporate heavy boys that he was “not elected in a board room”; Dr. Don Blackman reminded us that there were white shadows, whose main focus was to influence and control the black political management class and another former Prime Minister, Mr. Owen Arthur, called Mr. Harold Hoyte, a black power player, a “negrocrat”. When we examine these comments, we realize that Mr. Stuart is not that far off target.

On the heels of Stuart’s speech, we have the Mr. Ralph “Bizzy” Williams, informing us that wealthy business persons pump money into the elections campaigns of both the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party. The revealed strategy, according to Williams is to be equally generous to both parties. He boldly proclaimed that he supports the PIG, which is the Party in Government. We note the acronym P.I.G- those who feed at the public trough.

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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart’s Vision for Agriculture

Click to read full text of the speech (Adobe PDF)

Click to read full text of the speech (Adobe PDF)

Risqué: Owen Hits Mia, Again!

Submitted by Pachamama
Leader of the BLP Mia Mottley (l) Former Leader of the BLP Owen Arthur (r)

Leader of the BLP Mia Mottley (l) Former Leader of the BLP Owen Arthur (r)

The Mighty Sparrow tells a story about a lion which was mastered by a donkey. In this epic, the lion (MAM), despite his loud growl, role as dominate polygamist, sharp teeth, body built for combat and a propensity to instil fear was made to submit and be the mate of a mere donkey (OSA). Well, unlike OSA, the donkey is well known to be mild mannered, a carrier of huge burdens and in possession of a certain physical attribute that some fear. Fear of the expectation of a certain amount of joy and or pain that donkeys by their very nature are said to be able to inflict.

The recent broadside which Owen Seymour Arthur (OSA) inflicted on the prime ministerial ambitions of MAM continues to complicate political calculations in Barbados. Certainly, OSA seems intent on keeping his promise to his friends that he will never leave the BLP to MAM. In stating that the proposed divestment of state assets was the right policy for a beleaguered DLP administration. An administration beset by mounting internal disquiet and clueless about a direction for the country. Still, it was OSA who was to again deliver a life jacket to a feckless Fruendel Stuart regime.

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Estwick UAE Proposal and the Silence of the DEMS

Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance (l) David Estwick, Minister of Agriculture (r)

Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance (l) David Estwick, Minister of Agriculture (r)

It has come as no surprise to independent observers that the Barbados government has to labour to govern as a result of its 2-seat margin. Prime Minister Stuart finds himself in a position where making decisions is heavily influenced by the political considerations. Now that the E11 faction has been effectively quelled and its whip – Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler – had to publicly throw himself at the mercy of the Prime Minister in the Big Interview with the Nation newspaper, an interview which will stain his legacy and perhaps has ended his political ambition to be Prime Minister of Barbados.

AND Perennial  discontent Minister David Estwick made known his recent dissatisfaction in January that he will speak out on economic issues (words to this effect). Two weeks later he was reluctantly given an audience with the Prime Minister and cabinet to present a proposal of a lifeline deal sponsored by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). To be expected there was loud clamour in the public space about the workability of Estwick’s UAE deal. It has been three weeks since Estwick presented to the Cabinet of Barbados and it has been three weeks the public, including local media, has gone silent. Yet again the politicians have been able to ‘’manipulate’ the voice of the people by remaining silent. And off we go to the next topic the planned construction at Lower Greys.

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Freundel Stuart Government Accused of the Economic Slaughter of Over 3000 Workers

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group
Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance (l) Fruendel Stuart, Prime Minister (r)

Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance (l) Freundel Stuart, Prime Minister (r)

The Mahogany Coconut Group has steered clear of the shameless political posturing regarding the economic slaughtering of over 3000 workers, in the name of a failed economic policy and a blundering administration led by Prime Minister   Freundel Stuart of Barbados. We have already called for fresh elections but we remain certain that even with fresh elections, and a possible victory by the Opposition Barbados Labour Party, nothing will change. Why an elections? We believe that the government has betrayed the country and the only legitimate stamp of approval will be that of the same people it has betrayed. In other words, if elections were called and the Democratic Labour Party is victorious, it would mean that the people have endorsed its current insane approach to economic management of Barbados’ affairs.

We urge right thinking Barbadians to take a look at the colour of those who are weeping and angry in the newspapers because they can no longer look after their families. They are Black. Not one white; not one Indo Barbadian. It is a reminder that the society is still in denial about wealth distribution and avoiding serious and objective debate about the ills of the country. We also ask right thinking Barbadians to take a look at those thirty political miscreants who are in parliament: Not one white! This harrowing experience of 3000 workers is therefore a black on black social and economic crime and the penalty should be the political gallows.

We are not saying that white and Indo Barbadians will be any better. What we are saying is that the white and Indo Barbadian business elites are raping the country and not facing the penalties. They can execute economic crimes and then leave the black political managerial class to fight amongst themselves. In the meantime the poor defenseless black working class, whose forefathers built the nation from scratch, are to be paraded on front pages of newspapers. The same newspapers that cannot find any writers, outside of mercenary party hacks, to pollute their pages on a daily basis.

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Integrity and Education On the Backs of Fallen Leaders

Fruendel Stuart (r) Arthur (l)

Fruendel Stuart (r) Owen Arthur (l) Photo: Nation Newspaper

Noam Chomsky opines thatit is the responsibility of intellectuals to speak the truth and to expose lies”. It begs the question do we have intellectuals in Barbados? Who are they? BU adds another question to the pile – is there morality in local politics?

During the last general election Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart was portrayed as a man of integrity when compared to Owen Arthur. Whether one agrees who won the integrity vote Stuart did not object to the comparison. One year later BU believes Stuart has fallen short of being a man of integrity. Before the political cackle begins it is instructive to lookup the definition of integrity, the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness”. Did Prime Minister Stuart and his Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite now appointed admit that they witnessed unsavoury (illegal) events during election day? The Prime Minister promised he would check every election law  on the books and bring the matter to parliament to prevent recurrence and in the process finger the culprits.

On another front BU is reliably informed that the government had been in discussion with the NUPW to send home workers for several weeks before the recent announcement. One must reasonably conclude that Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart – who is the minister responsible for the civil service had to be aware of the decision to retrench workers a long time before it was announced. Remember when the SmartStream system was blamed by Stuart as the reason why temporary workers were not paid? We subsequently found out that temporary workers are not registered on this system for payroll. The decision to send home workers was not arrived at overnight. During the time the discussions were being held the Prime Minister suggested there was a computer glitch when many public officers complained about not being paid. We hesitate to call Prime Minister Stuart a liar BUT he has been less than transparent about government’s position on the tenure of public servants.

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Lessons to Guide Another Dichotomous DLP Cabinet: Save Barbados Now!

George C. Brathwaite

George C. Brathwaite

At the 2007 Annual Delegate’s Conference of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), the then Leader of the Opposition, David Thompson, began his featured speech by invoking a few disclaimers. It was revealed that there were groups within civil society actively speaking out against several perceived ills. Freedom of expression prevailed in Barbados under the political sacrosanct of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) that was being led by the economically acclaimed and intellectually gifted Owen Arthur, in spite of mounting and troublesome criticisms against the government.

David Thompson, in his address, said then that the situation in Barbados had reached a stage wherein there were pronounced “signs of frustration and despair.” Thompson goaded the public into thinking that it was inconceivable why the BLP had become “so indifferent and disconnected from the people it was elected to serve.” Thompson’s utterances were glazed in flowery language and buttered with a mischief to exploit weaknesses which appeared in the seemingly invincible Arthur-led team. The DLP, through its leader, promised to “imbue new hope and optimism” into Barbadians because Barbados was on a “slippery slope of division,” and it had become infested by “stagnation and malfeasance in public administration.” One wonders how necessary was this charade at the end of 2007 when now compared with those things have been evidenced this year at the end of 2013?

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