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Put Up and Shut Up!

Submitted by Napolean Bonaparte
Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler says "we all have to find ways in which to ensure that we adumbrate our ambitions".

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler says “we all have to find ways in which to ensure that we adumbrate our ambitions”.

Listening to the call in programs nowadays, one oft can hear much bickering about fraught economic policies and the resulting businesses closures and even homes going up for sale. In one instance, one caller has gone as far as to suggest, that the landlords need to lower their rents and adopt a more lenient and humane attitude towards their tenants’ predicaments.

By the way, have some forgotten that (just as with their situations)landlords have similar financial obligations such as mortgage and maintenance cost to the premises. Besides what is all the harangue and cantanker about? Was it not some of these now philanthropic callers who some eight weeks ago voted (while in a much less belligerent temperament) to retain the status quo? So what is all the noise about? Why then if you were one of those who so aptly fell into that belladonna, you need to put up and shut up!

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Mr Clyde Owen Gregory

Submitted by Douglas Leopold Phillips


Opposition Leader Owen Arthur congratulating Gregory Nicholls on being named BLP candidate in St. Michael North West

The recent announcement of Gregory Nicholls , the political nomad and heir apparent to George Payne, to contest the St Michael North West for the Barbados Labour Party,came as no surprise. We on this side are quite aware of what happens when the factions in the Barbados Labour Party oil up their internal machinery …there will be jostling for human capital. In this instance, Nicholls was on the political auction block.

The exclusion and non participation of Clyde Mascoll from the process has also not come as a surprise, as we know, Arthur has planned something special for him The fact that Arthur has been able to woo Gregory away from the Payne camp has once again demonstrated Arthur’s intention to be man again. But what would Arthur have told this young political aspirant about his fortunes in St Michael North West? How would he have sold the package? What would have made this chap from Melrose St Thomas travel the belly of the Barbadian politics to contest the St Michael North West seat?  Well …. We were able to reconstruct a part of the conversation that was electronically recorded but somehow got garbled.

Owen .Hello Gregory, this is former Prime Minister Arthur , the Party needs a young well educated person like you to throw your hat in the ling against Christopher Sinckler.

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