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BLP and DLP Political ‘Germfare’

Submitted by William Skinner
 “Mia Motley is being politically slaughtered by Owen Arthur because he is teaching her the age old truth”

“Mia Motley is being politically slaughtered by Owen Arthur because he is teaching her the age old truth”

As we continue to grapple with the floundering of the Democratic Labour Party and the blundering of the Barbados Labour Party, the collision of hypocrisy with reality stares us in the face. The inescapable truths are now haunting the apologists and desperate assortment of political henchmen and women, who never put Barbados before George or Roebuck Streets.

Mia Motley is being politically slaughtered by Owen Arthur because he is teaching her the age old truth: you cannot run with the hare and hunt with the hound. Arthur is bitter because he is confronting the harsh reality that his so-called economic management has in reality left the country no better off than he found it. He did not transform the society; he merely managed it competently and that is no great legacy to leave. Transformation is what both Grantley Adams and Errol Barrow achieved. Arthur will never and can never be seriously elevated to such heights. To put it mildly: Arthur became a ruthless self centered politician and conned the unsuspecting into believing that there was something called inclusion when in fact we all know it was nothing more than seduction and the opportunistic machinations of a frustrated group of young DLP politicians , who just did not want David Thompson to become Prime Minister of Barbados. He also easily seduced most of the rising talent that had emerged from within the ranks of the National Democratic Party.

Having squandered the chance to reclaim the government in 2013, Arthur on the night of the election made it known that he honestly believed that his chance for a second bite at the pie of power was sabotaged from within the ranks of his own party.

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A Ring a Ring o’ Roses: BLP DLP Same Party

Mia Mottley, Opposition Leader

Mia Mottley, Opposition Leader

Less than one year after the last general election and the sense in the BU household is that the country continues to be gripped in election mode. This is despite the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) having won the general election albeit by a narrow margin of two seats. The inability of the Stuart led government to bring Barbadians together and get on with improving the lot of the country has been a bane to many. To some the narrow result confirmed the disgust which the electorate has with the two main political parties.

Here is the flipside. BU is not convinced by  the alternative proposals which were championed by the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) during the last general election campaign. There was the privatization argument which backfired, however, the thrust of the BLP’s offering is centred on maintaining a service economy read tourism and international business. Not to forget the promise of a more aggressive offshore oil exploration program. The BLP faithful appear not to accept that the world has changed post-2008. Barbados ‘leveraged’ a global economic boom where there was easy money to be borrowed from capital markets. A significant percentage of the billions left in foreign reserves by the BLP represented borrowings which will have to be repaid. The adage that one has to earn your way in the world means that a borrowing strategy was not sustainable.

The BU gang has been harping for years that the Barbados downward spiral can be tracked to a lack of leadership. In case the BLP hacks have forgotten, the economic indicators started to flag during Owen Arthur’s third term. There is evidence that Arthur and the BLP struggled with the economic conditions which had become harsher.

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EMERA's Barbados Light & Power Company To Apply for a Hike in Rate Soon

EMERA Caribbean President Sarah MacDonald

EMERA Caribbean President Sarah MacDonald

EMERA Caribbean President Sarah MacDonald has signalled that the company will be applying to the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) for a rate increase in the near future. The Canadian owner of Barbados’ sole electricity generation and distribution company intends to build a 60 megawatt power generation plant.  We have been told that the current plant is old and inefficient. The bad news is that consumers are likely see their base rate move up BUT with anticipated improvement in operating efficiency the fuel adjustment should move down giving users a net benefit.

And in related news.

The FTC has completed its review of the best method the Barbados Light & Power must calculate the Fuel Adjustment Clause (FAC). The recommendation from the consultant and accepted by the FTC is that the BL&P will have to use its historical cost of fuel and NOT projected cost when administering the FCA.

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Bunker C and BL&P Revisited

Stephen Worme, Barbados Light & Pwer Co Ltd

Stephen Worme, Barbados Light & Power Co Ltd

Some have always admired the candour of Stephen Worme of Barbados Light and Power (BL&P). He was recently asked by a BU family member what was the average price they (BL&P) had paid per ton for Bunker C in the 2003 compared to 2013. This is a follow up to an earlier blog - http://wp.me/p41kz-74Z

2003 – $435 per ton.
2013 – $1,439 per ton.

Were these prices regulated by Government or have been subsidised in any way at any time? We cannot confirm at this time?

Deliverance Leadership Pragmatism: (DLP or BLP) A New Direction

Submitted by Yardbroom
Barbadians urged to vote INTEGRITY

Barbadians urged to vote INTEGRITY

Deliverance from Whom?

Leadership to Where?

Pragmatic in what we can reasonably afford.

All underpinned by “INTEGRITY” for without that, we are nothing.

In a matter of days Barbados’ electorate will go to the Polls and elect a Government for the next five years.  The time for crunching figures is over.  The pollsters have trotted out their numbers, the columnists showing bias have pontificated on the rightness of their selections and those in the shadows with much to gain, have invested their dollars and largesse to be distributed, no doubt expecting a large return on their investment.  The manifestos are near ready but they too rely on that word INTEGRITY for without it, they will be as useful as a loser betting tickets discarded at the Garrison Savannah.

I asked deliverance, from whom?  Deliverance from those in the shadows, whose faces are never seen but their dollars are.  They do not mount platforms and tell ribald jokes, and their parentage, domestic arrangements and physiognomy are never questioned, but like a fox at a Leghorn fowl shin-dig, they cannot be ignored.

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EMERA WATCH: Pay Up Or Power Down

Photo Credit: Miles Howe

Nova Scotia Power tacks seemingly arbitrary “security deposit” charge to customers’ billsWatch your meter closely, or you might be in for a surprise by Miles Howe

Having trouble paying your power bill? Be careful: don’t fall too far behind on the wrong day, or you might just find a pricey surprise in the mail. Nova Scotia Power (NSPI), the Emera-owned monopoly power provider to almost all of Nova Scotia’s 921,000 citizens, has at its discretion the ability to add a lump sum equal to up to three months’ service, known as a “security deposit”, to its customers’ power bills.

The decision to add a “security deposit” to a ratepayer’s bill is measured on a vague series of guidelines, which no one at NSPI appears able to explain fully. What is clear, however, is that a customer with errant bill payments has a good chance of being slapped with an added charge worth up to three months of average power consumption.

Receiving these startling bills in the mail has roused some Nova Scotians to take action against NSPI, with mixed results. The following two individuals received added “security deposit” charges on their power bills, and chose to fight back. The reaction of the power provider differed greatly between the two cases.

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I Have Had It With The Barbados Light & Power Company

Extracted from the Facebook Page of Rosemary Parkinson. This blog was forwarded to Miles Howe, a Canadian journalist at the Halifax Media Group doing some good work to keep EMERA ‘honest’.

New Managing Director, Mark King

Many of you might remember the tirade I did on BARBADOS *NOT REALLY ANYMORE* LIGHT & POWER a few months ago. And how far dat little diatribe went. From Facebook to Barbados Underground to Brass Tacks et al. Remember you sent your CEO to me? Remember I posted what I would still consider to be answers that only Dale Carnegie would have had the balls to write about in his now so very famous book “How to win friends and influence (really meaning fool) people”? Well…after all dat episode our billl went back down to high but hello I understand the cost of living an’ all de ress of it and it still did not make me happy but it was manageable. NOW THIS MONTH WE BACK UP TO WHERE I BELLOWED AND I GINE BELLOW EVEN LOUDER NOW ‘CAUSE NOW I KNOW YOU RIPPING OFF CERTAIN PEOPLE WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!!

This last month’s bill is so raas high I gine have myself a heart attack together with my landlady nexx door….we done both sick already with chess cold. And her mother done spend a week almost in horspital so she was saving electricals at home. But dis’ month’s bill 20th November to 21st. December gone from the usual $600/700 a month now back up to $1200!!!!

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Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Worme, Barbadians Want To Examine The Analysis On Solar Energy

Stephen Worme, Chief Marketing Officer, BL&P

As part of a pilot programme, BL&P has introduced a Renewable Energy Rider “to permit small customer-owned wind and solar photovoltaic systems to connect to the grid” to generate electricity for their own use and sell surplus back to BL&P. Provision was made for up to 200 connections but the last public report I saw suggested that less than 10 consumers had signed up.
Andrew Brathwaite

Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Worme of the Barbados Light and Power Ltd (BL&P) is quoted in the press suggesting that “international oil prices are predicted to rise and it would be unrealistic to expect the Barbados Light & Power Company not to pass on the increase to electricity users or to expect Government to subsidize it for “any extended period of time”  BU’s best research contradicts Worme’s forecast however we  concede that there is a known volatility associated with oil prices.

A couple years ago when the price of oil skyrocketed to USD140.00 plus per barrel it sparked a robust national conversation about the mitigating steps which should be taken.Two years later we are still talking with no semblance of a Renewable Energy Program to be mobilized any time soon.

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Barbados Stock Exchange Approves Emera’s Offer To Light & Power Holdings Limited

Chief Marketing Manager Stephen Worme (l) General Manager Peter Williams (r) of BL&P

According to Light & Power Holdings Limited 2009 Financials, “sixty-two per cent of the shares in Light & Power Holdings Ltd (LPH) are held by approximately 2,800 Barbadian shareholders.” The recent offer by Emera Inc. (“Emera” – Toronto Stock Exchange listing: “EMA”) to make an offer to other shareholders in LPH has been approved by the Barbados Stock Exchange (BSE). LPH is the parent company of the Barbados Light & Power Company Limited (BL&P).

It is noteworthy that as at 20 December 2010 the closing price listed on the BSE is BDS12.00. The offer made by Emera Inc “to purchase all issued and outstanding common shares in Light & Power Holdings at a cash price per share of BB$25.70 will be hard to ignore by the 2800 Barbadian shareholders. Under normal circumstances it would be hard to ignore the significant capital gains to be made, the offer is made all the more attractive in a recessionary environment. It has been reported the offer (25.70BDS) by Emera Inc mirrors what it paid to Leucadia National Corporation in May 2010 to acquire its current 38% of common shareholding in LPH.

The prospect of the BL&P being managed by a Canadian 5.8 billion asset based company appears to be an attractive proposition, on the surface. No doubt the management of the company must be feel pleased that a highly successful company like Emera Inc would ‘cherrypick’ LPH to add to its portfolio. One cannot help but wonder however at the timing of the recent move by LPH to apply to the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) for a rate review.  In January the FTC responded favourably by granting a rate of return of 10% instead of the 10.48% requested by LPH.

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Is This BLP Shame? Considering Truth And Transition

Submitted by George C. Brathwaite

You know my political affiliation; I have been loyal to the BLP and that is where my support lies — with the political party as a mechanism for ensuring our continued liberties as well as the social, economic, and political development of all Barbadians.

I do not need to be caught up in the euphoria of political transitioning, but I will say, that my political party is not necessarily acting in a manner that I would have thought enlightened persons who should know better would respond to whatever challenges that exist.

If Mr. Arthur has the support of the MPs, so be it. If Ms. Mottley has been found wanting for support or sheer alacrity, is there not a better way of dealing with the matter as opposed to what appears vulgar to the sensibilities of Barbadians even though it may resonate with glee in the opposing political party. Is it reasonable to suggest that notwithstanding the popularity of Mr. Arthur, the show that has now become a public debacle is debilitating for the BLP as an institution?

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