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How Young Criminals Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

Submitted by RUSERIOUS

What’s up my fellow bloggers, just thought I’d stop by with a small bit of information you thought you knew. :) Do you really want to know the sad, pathetic state of the judiciary and our laws? Here’s how it goes. Our young friends who are snatching your phones, your jewellery and your handbags from your cars, as you drive in traffic, walk in Bridgetown or even just go for a stroll down your gap do not fear the law, capture or the Police.

Why you ask? Aren’t they going to go to jail? Well yes and no. You see the act of snatching your property from you is a minor offence under the Theft Act. No jail time. Then there is the youthful offender who is sorry, and the bleeding heart judiciary who gives him a chance to commit more crime. Meanwhile poor grandpa and some women (the main targets) suffer at the hands of these thieves.

Moving right along, there are the ever increasing robberies, which are just as frequent as snatching, where your suddenly attacked and before you can hit the ground you are overwhelmed and your property taken. Now the even more sinister part. Some youngsters are appearing before the court with about 5-10 charges of robbery and theft. But instead of pleading not guilty they plead guilty. Why you ask? Well here is why they learned to stop worrying and love the court.

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Is Enough Being Done To Prevent Crime And Violence In Barbados?

Submitted by Yardbroom

I have no evidence which leads me to believe, that the Barbados Police Force is not working “diligently” to achieve the aim as stated in their mission statement:

“To provide the highest quality Police service in partnership with our community, to ensure a safe stable environment.”

However, there is a perception widely held, that crime and violence are on the increase in Barbados, resulting in general unease in the populace.  We became complacent over the years with the relatively safe environment we enjoyed, believing it would last forever, therefore we never prepared ourselves for the social changes which introduced a different dynamic in Barbados.

There is a counter argument often stated, that our fears are unfounded as they are fed by a media which highlights major crime and a public that reminisces about a bygone age which is unlikely to return.  A fall-back position  is that the level of crime in Barbados is far lower than in some of our Caribbean neighbours, Trinidad, Jamaica and Guyana being given as examples.  Although true, no comfort should ever be taken from a comparison with countries whose crime rate is rated high, even in hemisphere statistics.

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The Time Is Now For Attorney General And Home Affairs Minister Adriel Brathwaite To Act

Attorney General and Home Affairs Minister Adriel Brathwaite

BU has expressed concern regarding a type of crime on the rise in Barbados. The heinous act which occurred last year at Campus Trendz and caused the death of six Barbadian women is one example. There is a resignation by BU that Commissioner Darwin Dottin, in response to concerned Barbadians, is programmed to deliver a PR response which is always built on the message that our crime rate compares favourably to other countries in the Caribbean.

In recent weeks, to coincide with the busy Yuletide season, several crimes which involved the use of firearms were reported and a few deaths resulted. It should be obvious to even the less discerning Barbadian that the crime situation has reached the tipping point. The ‘conspiracy’ by traditional media and other key agencies in civil society to keep the wool over the eyes of Barbadians regarding the crime situation has become a losing strategy.

In response to those who are turned off by negative news, be warned that BU focuses on issues ‘underground’ which are usually avoided by the establishment. For example, a recent shooting incident in Silver Hill is known underground to be connected to warring parties between Christ Church and St. George districts. What we are witnessing in Barbados is the settling of disagreements between parties with the gun being used as the arbiter. At the root of rising violent crime in Barbados is a serious ‘rip’ which has appeared in the fabric of our social DNA. Commissioner Dottin can strategize all he wants, it will not arrest the systemic problem impacting rising crime in Barbados. His practice of pulling wool over the eyes of Barbadians has come home to roost.

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Wild,Wild, West

Submitted by Charles S. Cadogan

What is happening in Barbados is truly unbelievable in regards of the crime rate. When a group of guys can go to a football game with guns and behave stupid, creating problems for innocent people, it is very dangerous to not only the population but also to the visitors who come and want to come to Barbados.

Let’s review this situation logically. Where are the guns coming into the island from? If my memory serves me well, the person who told the story about the situation said one of the gunslingers was a kid or a midget. Just how many male midgets can there be in Barbados? So this means that he shouldn’t be that hard to find.  If you want to **STOP** your community from being terrorized by these kind of situations, YOU HAVE TO SPEAK OUT. As we say here at home that you have adopted, NO SNITCHING. Well for your information, you are protecting yourself and your community and that is giving well needed information.

Barbados was an island that showed more love than any other island in the region. Where has all the love gone to for the good of all? And to add insult to injury you are taking this madness to another level when you are endangering the lives of innocent children when you are robbing a Daycare Centre.  What is it going to take for you to step up and open your mouths to protect those whom you love for this crime spree that seem to be no end in sight?

Then you have the political parties shooting off at the mouths about situations that need to be addressed and not spoken about. Why would Mr. Arthur want Mia Mottley’s head a few months ago. But now he’s saying that she is needed?  Mia Mottley is a peoples person who gets things done and is trusted by the people that she represents. Mia I am quite sure that you have the interest of all Barbadians in your heart and mind. Whatever choice you make I am sure you are going to give it plenty of thought.  I am sure that you are a strong independent woman with a mind of your own.

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