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Compensation Fund: Another Screw-up By the Barbados Bar Association

Barry Gale QC, President of the BA

Barry Gale QC, President of the BA

BU has been able to access the audited financial report of the Bar Association (BA) relative to the Compensation Fund. BU notes that the fund holds in excess of $2 million. The authority for the Fund is to be found at Part VIII of the Legal Professions Act Cap. 370A of the Laws of Barbados.

Briefly, the Act states:

  1. The Fund is the property of the BA and must be paid into a separate bank account to the credit of the BA to be known as “the Attorneys-at-law Compensation Fund”.
  1. Every attorney-at-law is required, when a Practicing Certificate is issued to him, to pay to the Registrar his/her annual contribution to the Fund, without which no Practicing Certificate will be issued.
  1. “50. (1) Where it is proved to the satisfaction of the Bar Association that any person has sustained loss in consequence of dishonesty on the part of an attorney-at-law or any clerk or servant of an attorney-at-law in connection with that attorney-at-law’s practice as an attorney-at-law or in connection with any trust of which that attorney-at-law is a trustee, then, subject to the provisions of this section, the Association may, if it thinks fit, make a grant to that person out of the Fund for the purpose of relieving or mitigating that loss.”

A few points to ponder from the reading of the posted financials.

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Vernon Smith QC Suggests Barbados Bar Association Illegally Charging VAT on Member Subscriptions

Vernon Smith QC

Vernon Smith QC

BU read the Barbados Today article with  interest which outlined Vernon Smith QC reaction to being characterised a delinquent Barbados Bar Association (BA) member. The BU family is reminded of the list which was circulated by the BA and posted to BU in a blog by Caswell Franklyn – Defaulting Lawyers.

BU has posited a view that the Legal Profession Act contravenes the Constitution of Barbados concerning lawyers who opt not to pay BA fees and is therefore a nullity ab initio. Vernon Smith’s view has also been discussed.  Now that he has come public in his defense it provides the opportunity for the BU family to explore the matter further.

Vernon Smith is quoted in the article as follows:

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Barbados Tourism Officials On The Beat

Today is World Tourism Day. Despite BU’s concern that we depend on this industry for too much of our economic survival, it appears to be the one significant productive sector we have at the moment. See attached an extract from the in flight British Airways magazine High Life and judge for yourself how our tourism officials are promoting Barbados.

Pages 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

BU will have some more to say about tourism in a later posting.

What Society Are We Having Forced On Us? – Christian Loses Crucifix Appeal Against British Airways

The Crucifix, a cross with the corpus (Body of Christ), is an ancient symbol used within the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Anglican churches, in contrast with some Protestant sects, which use only a simple cross-Wikipedia

World citizens, especially Christians following the case of a British Airways check-in assistant Nadia Eweida versus British Airways (BA) would have been extremely disappointed she lost her appeal.

In a nutshell the basis for the court case:

Eweida, a part-time check-in assistant since 1999, complained about anti-Christian bias after BA introduced a new uniform in 2004 and prohibited the wearing of any adornment around the neck. When she refused to cover up her crucifix, she was sent home and remained unpaid from September 2006 until February 2007.

The positive coming out of the affair is that BA was forced to change its uniform policy and to allow staff to display a faith or charity symbol with the uniform. Unfortunately for Eweida the lost of her appeal on Friday means her claim for lost of earnings of  £120,000  has become a pipe dream. The challenge in law affecting this matter as reported is problems which can arise when an individual asserts that a…practice adopted by an employer conflicts with beliefs which they hold, but which may not only not be shared but may be opposed by others in the workforce.

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30 Airlines Predicted To Go Bust By Christmas:Will Tourists Soon Have To Walk To Get To Barbados?

Derek Larkins, fourth from right, led the 11 holidaymakers who took a stand when they were asked to pay twice for their rooms

Band of rebels: Derek Larkins, fourth from right, led the 11 holidaymakers who took a stand when they were asked to pay twice for their rooms-Source: Mail online

Britons stranded in the Caribbean by the collapse of XL Leisure mutinied after a hotel tried to make them pay twice. Instead of helping them arrange flights home, they say, managers at their Barbados hotel seemed more concerned that they were not going to be paid by XL. They told the 11 Britons to pay again if they wanted to continue their stay.
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There is a furious war of words raging between Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Airlines and Willie Walsh who is CEO of British Airways (BA). The cause of the disagreement between the two airline heavy weights is the accusation by Sir Richard that Walsh is massaging passenger figures to lend weight to the pending deal to create a major alliance between BA and American Airlines. Barbadians like many others around the world are more familiar with the adventurous Sir Richard. However Willie Walsh is no sneeze. His track record has as a highlight the turning around of Ireland’s Aer Lingus airline in 2001, which he took over one month after 911. His appointment to take the top job at BA should concern Barbadians because of the airlift it provides between Europe and Barbados. If we are not mistaken Europe is our second biggest market.

Today (13 September, 2008) Willie Walsh predicted in the aftermath of Britain’s third largest holiday company XL that 30 airlines will go belly-up before Christmas. This is a revelation by an airline insider which should give Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy an instant migraine. In recent days we have had the announcement that British Telecommunications giant will be slashing 1200 in the Caribbean. One day later, Walsh CEO of British airline giant BA announced 1400 voluntary redundancies – a pity Cable & Wireless has not pursued a similar approach. Continue reading