How Do You Eat Your Apples?

Submitted by Ready done
The popular herbicide Roundup is a watered down version of agent orange

Popular herbicide Roundup is a watered down version of agent orange

Some people eat apples as portrayed in the mass media from the side to the core, some eat from the bottom or top end because that way you eat the whole apple leaving only the seeds and stem, some people scrape the wax off of the apple before eating it. Most people don’t even know that some apples are dipped in wax to preserve it for years, some people read the bar code to see if it is an organic apple, some people peel the apple because they know the skin is the part that gets the most chemical spray, I personally don’t eat the red apple because it is imported, I prefer a mammy apple, golden apple or sugar apple. However way too much people have no idea what they are putting into their body. We tend to think that because it is sold in a supermarket it is good for us, we are inclined to forget that the supermarket is a business (to make a profit) it has nothing to do with our health.

There is an interesting link between chemicals used in war and chemicals used in food production which is not well known – we war with each other and we war with Mother nature. Chemicals used in agriculture are actually watered down versions of the chemicals used in war. Fertilizer use exploded onto the scene after the first world war because the war machinery that was used to create chemicals for bombs had to find an alternative use, it was easy to convert to be used in agriculture. The ammonium used in explosives is actually the same ammonium used in fertilizer, you should recall the Oklahoma City bombing.

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A Marriage Made in Heaven

Submitted by Pachamama

Mia: ah hay Dipper tell you to form a national unity gouvment
Fruendel: well, I was tinking that Owen would have been a better partner. Dipper seemed to feel so ………….
Mia: Tom like he would agree too. But I is the maximum boss now, not Owen. He would never be able to overthrow me again!
Fruendel: the boys down under got other plans fuh he. Well, we can consider dah idea for the country. Like the social partnership, but deeper, as deep as Dipper use to dip and broader. The boys from down dey tink we could deepen we personal relationship too, yuh know.
Mia: but you aint got nuh wife
Fruendel: and you aint got nuh husband
Mia: so are you suggesting a powah alliance that is not merely political

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Adrian Elcock Rihanna Partnership

Submitted by Barbados First

What is the connection between Adrian Elcock, Chairman of the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) and Rihanna?

Does it have anything to do with her being given a 3 year contract to market Barbados the terms of which have not been made public?

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Notes From A Native Son: The Budget Speech Sinckler Should Make on Tuesday

Hal Austin

Hal Austin

Mr Speaker, fellow members of parliament, I rise today with great humility; knowing the state of our nation’s economy and being aware of the weight of expectations by ordinary people, looking to me to provide the answers regarding their jobs, their welfare and their children’s futures.

Mr Speaker, I will do my best by delivering the package of reforms, monetary and fiscal, which I hope will lead us forward both in the short and medium terms.

The past five years have been tough, not only for us, but for the rest of the world; but it is to our little island home that I am given the great responsibility to pilot the ship of economic stability, growth and, with it prosperity for our people. It is a great responsibility and one that I am not treating lightly.

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The Dark Side of Civil Forfeiture in the USA

Submitted Green Monkey
Civil Forfeiture

Civil Forfeiture

In local news reports the US Ambassador is pushing for our legislation to allow for the seizure of assets gained from criminal activity as is allowed under US law. However, under US law you don’t have to be actually convicted of criminal wrongdoing to be deprived of assets, as  the cops only have to say that they suspect the seized assets came from unlawful activity.  The onus is then placed on the suspect to prove that the assets were gained lawfully or purchased with legally derived funds.

See article below from the New Yorker:

Under civil forfeiture, Americans who haven’t been charged with wrongdoing can be stripped of their cash, cars, and even homes. Is that all we’re losing?

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Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary – Time for Truce

On BU we have discussed the politics which has seen one of our premier green spaces become an environmental black eye for the nation. While BU holds no brief for Peter Allard surely the time has come for Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart to intervene. To expect Minister of the Environment Denis Lowe to resolve the matter given his shenanigans with Allard (highlighted in BU) is unrealistic.

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Scotiabank Bond a No Go

Submitted by Napolean Bonaparte
UWI, Cave Hill,Barbados

UWI, Cave Hill,Barbados

So what is the next move now? Starcom 5.30 pm afternoon news, (but not CBC TV) informed the listening public of the latest twist regarding a $190 million loan facility arrangement supposedly effected to the benefit of UWI …. to be repaid by the government of Barbados.

Scotiabank spokesperson informed  a big no way Hose` as the proposed arrangement was not within their required lending specs. So where has this idea originated from or should we say “floated”?

Could never really comprehend the meat of this matter totally, as details given were always rather sketchy. Matters of  a Jazz J Bonds must say or the likings of the kind. Egg and more egg on faces too will follow, but more importantly how will the UWI function this academic year, given an  additional 2000 students were said to be taken on the strength of this now hiccuped arrangement?  University staff too shall soon be dreaming up horrors and even bigger unsecured fright nights over the coming months if some new arrangement is not put in place before Halloween.

There again which worker in Barbados won’t be?