Confession of a Policewoman

Submitted by Karquena Healez

Message: What do you do when an organisation like the police force try to hold you down and force you to have sex with one of their old men?

Metaphorically speaking and just so they can say that it is understandable, you make mistakes when you are young, admit it, confession is good for the soul? The truth is not important for police. They will create evidence and conditions to satisfy their inferior morals. Commonsense to them is something that apparently only comes when you’re old. Pity. Grown men and women constricted by law and a hideous uniform–especially khaki on black men–eww when the man is really dark and ugly thinking that commonsense is equivalent to experience.

This dilemma confronted me for the past three years. I went about my business for the six years I was in the force before attachment to the admin division. I was cordial and polite to all, no matter what deformity of morals, character or attitude the officer possessed, no matter what rank. But I perceived attitudes of malice, deceit and that akin to a cat taunting a mouse before the kill. The first persons to intimate what was afoot were two female officers; one who was involved in a long term relationship with an older policeman who was much more experienced than her and the other who boasted of brief encounters with male officers–more than one?!, being involved with a man old enough to be her father and someone else’s husband–all different relationships.

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World Affairs – Connecting the Dots

Submitted by Pachamama

What do the near two weeks of continuing slaughter of Palestinian children in the concentration camp cum Warsaw ghetto of Gaza, as the same forces that have maintained that open air prison for 65 years continue to support ISIS – the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, sometimes Levant – have in common with the Western project to destabilize the Ukrainian government and now backs a fascist, Right Sector, government in Kiev with the shooting down of a Malaysian jetliner?

We have previously connected the establishment of the fake Zionist regime in Palestine with American’s quest for global supremacy. Under the protective umbrella of the Americans all international laws, conventions and responsibilities of occupying powers have been ignored for decades. In international law an occupying power has no rights, only responsibilities – not Israel! They are reports that Israel maybe seeking to illegally claim gas resources off the shores of Gaza. So much so that the free reign given to Israel has left the rules of war in tatters, at the water’s edge. These rules were largely established after 60 million people died during WW2. Rules enacted because of the atrocities perpetrated, in part, against European Jewry.

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When This Fair Land Was Young

"...with expectations great..."

“…with expectations great…”

As wars and rumours of wars continue to beset the globe, terrorists aggressively expressing themselves hither thither and yon, amidst the fury, an idyllic  little island 21 miles long and 14 miles wide  – economic challenges notwithstanding – vies for the title of ‘one of the happiest places on earth.

It is the weekend and the main concern of the majority of inhabitants is to enjoy the annual Crop Over activities, pick a lime, collect a sea bath, prepare for attendance at Church, lounge on the patio to enjoy a cool northeasterly away from the beam of a hot sun. Oftentimes the island people take for granted our island paradise amidst the mainly political rancour that is more bark then bite.

Do we have problems to solve, hell yes. Should we continue to work together, Barbadians one and all, to overcome challenges that are omnipresent although called on to battle above our weight class sometimes? We must!

What can be deduced from world events is that there is no relationship between man’s intelligence and the ability to resolve and avoid conflict. It is easy to go with the flow, to align with what is popular, AND, forget Barbados must always be defined by Barbadians. If we relinquish our right to define Barbados then what is the point to be called Barbadian?

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Stolen Items from SEALED Barrels at Barbados Port Authority

The name of the party withheld by BU for obvious reasons [unedited]

Barrel trade is big business in the islands.

The Barrel trade is big business in the islands.

I have a story to tell! Here are the facts: 2 barrels were shipped from NYC to Barbados. Arrived in Barbados June 30th 2014. No document received via mail and no calls were made by the broker to inform of shipments’ arrival to Barbados. After finally getting through to the broker, we were advised that the forms were still with them and can be picked for clearance of said barrels. This is now July 10th 2014, TEN DAYS AFTER THE SHIPMENT ARRIVED ON THE ISLAND. Final day to collect barrels before flight back to NYC just 3 days after. My brother-in-law was the one who collected on our behalf and when the barrels arrive at home, there was NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE SHOWN TO EXTERIOR BUT TAPE WAS PLACED OVER COVER TO RE-SEAL WITH A NOTICE TO CHECK CONTENTS FOR DAMAGED BARREL. Finally opening the barrel at home after it was cleared with customs and this is what was discovered vs what was shipped…

1 half gallon Wesson Oil vs 5 half gallons shipped

1 bottle of Maxwell House instant coffee vs 8 to 10 bottles shipped

0 large containers of Lipton Iced Tea vs 4 large containers shipped

3 tubes of Crest toothpaste vs approximately 20 tubes shipped

0 bottles of 100% cranberry juice vs 3 lg bottles shipped

1 tin of Spam lite vs approximately 10 – 15 tins shipped

4 tins of Pink Salmon vs approximately 10 – 15 tins shipped

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Didi Winston Demands HER Rights from Pricesmart

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Group Think Tank and Watchdog Group (MCG)


The Mahogany Coconut Group supports the stand taken by Didi Winston against the PriceSmart Supermarket employee, who displayed extremely unprofessional behavior while in contact with Ms. Winston, who was a customer on June 10th 2014. To our understanding, the employee’s attitude toward Ms. Winston was clearly discriminatory because she is a transgender citizen.

We therefore welcome the efforts of the top management at Pricesmart in meeting with her and treating the issue with the seriousness it deserves. We realize that Barbadians and other Caribbean citizens accepting our LGBT community will be slow in coming. The MCG respects those who oppose the gay lifestyle but we have cautioned that if the heterosexual community expects respect from our LGBT community, they must in turn reciprocate.

On the other hand, we urge the LGBT community to avoid being seen as forcing its lifestyle on other citizens. A recent report in the Barbados press revealed that there are gays who are enticing young citizens to embrace their lifestyle. The report identified members of the lesbian community as the more prominent enablers in this regard.

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Unjust Tax!

Submitted by Anthony Davis
that tax doesn't need reviewing. It needs taking to the Mangrove Landfill where it belongs

… the tax doesn’t need reviewing. It needs taking to the Mangrove Landfill where it belongs …

GIVE IT TIME! That’s the message Minister of Finance, Chris Sinckler, tried to convey yesterday to those who have voiced their opposition and discontent over the new municipal solid waste tax. If they’re aspects of the taxes that need to be adjusted, then we will adjust it going forward, but you need to give things time to work their way through, Sinckler told the SUNDAY SUN in an interview. We always do a review of taxes and this is no different and l particularly, we always tend to be more punctilious in doing it at the beginning, especially if it’s a new tax, or if it’s an existing tax that you’re increasing you always tend to see how it is performing and how it is behaving and where it can be made better,” he said. “That’s something that is constantly done.”

Well, well, well, How the mighty have fallen!

Is this the same Minister of Finance who decided to deprive the scions of the lower echelons of our society of a UWI education by refusing to pay their tuition fees, and going into his stand-your-ground mode and stating that it is his decision and he shall not be moved?

Is this the same Minister of Finance who slashed the $1300, which many people depend on for various reasons, and which would affect the lower echelons of our society most, to $650, and got on his high horse and stated that that is his decision and he will not be moved?

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The Imperialism of the US Dollar and the Global Wars of the Banking Titans

Submitted by Pachamama
BRICS initiative to establish a US$100 billion multilateral bank to rival the World Bank has recently been a subject for discussions between Presidents Putin and Rosseff in Brazil and is sending shockwaves throughout the international financial community

BRICS initiative to establish a US$100 billion multilateral bank… is sending shockwaves throughout the international financial community”

After World War Two virtually all national economies were in ruins, except the United States, of course. These circumstances gave rise to the United States dollar as the medium of exchange between countries. In this process countries were forced to exchange their national currencies for US dollars to settle amounts owned to foreigners. And foreign countries were force to do the same to pay for goods and services. In both cases fees were charged, by predominately American banks, making the transactions more expensive than if national currencies or a basket of currencies could have been used.

This structure gave rise to United States banks as the leading financial institutions in the global economy. In addition, the post Bretton Woods architecture made the US dollar the reserve currency of the world. By 1971 the pretense of a ‘gold standard’ was removed as we entered the age of the supreme fiat currency. This monopoly by the major United States banks was later seen as a source of stupendous political power as the USA then sought to impose sanctions and USA law on world countries and other entities when it perceived that its interests were at stake. In recent times an overarching global grab for power has seen the USA imposing penalties on European banks for alleged violations of US law, for actions occurring outside of US territories. It’s a staggering development that although these competitor institutions never did anything in contravention of their national laws, that the USA could have the audacity to have determined that its laws had been broken. For the laws of Empire must have precedence over those of its colonies.

At the micro level, if a ‘shoemaker man’ from around dey by de bus stand went to Trinidad & Tobago for carnival and sent back 10 US dollars to his son, both the Trinidad and Tobago authorities and the Barbados authorities would have to inform the Treasury Department of the USA about that transaction.

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