Lisa Marshall – Retrenched Worker from the Transport Board

Submitted by Douglas
Lisa Marshall

Lisa Marshall hosted on VoB talk show and was scathing in her critical of the Transport Board. Listen to the 28 August link 


When for the sake of using airtime on Voice of Barbados (VOB) they host the ilk of LISA MARSHALL they ought to do the listening public the favour of letting them know that the mission of the station is one of political mischief, they have long loss the art of being subtle and discreet and smooth but rather they will go to the extreme to seek to discredit the government of the day.

Lisa Marshall may have been retrenched by the Transport Board but some would ask how did she survive so long on the job.

See the files attached: she is a rotten apple and if you think these are the only charges against her, think again, she has a further six on file.  In my book before she receives her full payment  she should first be made to repay the monies she has stolen from the Transport Board.

A lean clean and fully operational Transport Board need not be burdened with the likes of the Lisa Marshall types, rid the taxpayers of supporting uncouth thieves and criminals from the workforce.

See relevant files:

Kerri Symmonds the Lawmaker and Lawbreaker

Submitted by Douglas
Click to read Kerri Symmonds Non-Payment Road Tax document

Click to read Kerri Symmonds Non-Payment Road Tax document

It is becoming clearer with each passing day what the people rejected in 2008 and why they further rejected them in 2013, the Barbadian voters are not idiots, they knew then that Arthur and Mottley could not last, they also knew that Mottley and Maria Agard could not last, they knew then that Mottley and Payne,  could not last, they knew then that Mottley and Marshall  could not last, they knew then that Mottley and Toppin  could not last, they knew then that Mottley and her CLONE Symmonds could not last.

It is also very clear to see that when they marched in white it was for other reasons than avoiding the Municipal Waste Tax, it is now clear to see that Symmonds was also marching to avoid paying the car tax for the big ride he owns and drives on Barbadian roads everyday but refuses to pay  road tax. He can now add to his wide beating, theft from Boolani and driving a vehicle on Barbadian roads without paying road tax. 

Now to the spineless and politically neutered and politically void Kerrie Symmonds, a young guy who once aspired for great things in the political world but has fallen well short of any standing. He most recently displayed a show of political immaturity when on a Sunday he stated publicly that he was not a clone of Mottley, and to represent his constituents he would not speak on a Mottley platform, however, a few short days later he forgot his constituents to favour Mottley in a march, guess his constituents did not then matter.

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Examining Sandals Benefits

Submitted by Due Diligence
Father and son Butch and Adam Stewart

Father and son Butch and Adam Stewart

In the August 23, 2014, edition of Barbados Today there was an article titled It’s the Mix. In the article, Gordon Butch Stewart, extols the benefits that local restaurants. bars and other businesses will receive from the guests of Sandals Barbados. “I want people to come here and get more than they expected when they are spending their money… People will leave this hotel, probably a hundred a day for attractions outside of the hotel. It happens everywhere. We have a company that is called Island Routes that sells the attraction out there. So our job is to bring the visitors to Barbados and then get them out so they can taste the country, taste the flavour, the different food and [interact with] the different people. I can guarantee you that when this hotel opens, you go down the road [in] the bars and the restaurants [and] you will see Sandals people in there”.

After being virtually invisible for over a year from the Canadian (Toronto at least) newspaper Travel Section, Barbados’ name has reappeared. Not a BTA ad – it is the first ad (I have seen) for Sandals Barbados,  a half page in the August 23, 2014 Globe Travel section of The Globe and Mail.

As another BU commenter said, Sandals guests are going to Sandals. DD is sceptical about Butch’s pitch.  The amount of business the Sandals’ guests will do with other hospitality and tourism service providers will be very limited.

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Child Begging

Felicia Browne, Human and Gender Justice Advisor Caribbean Mentorship Institute

Felicia Browne

The rights of children are often under-evaluated. It has been known that children under the age of 18 years often forced to work to provide for their families. Many of these children died as the result of the harsh environments that their tender and under-nourished bodies endured. As a result, developing nations have designed specific guidelines to protect children from social implications that have had dire effects on their lives. The rights of children became an effective deterrence for against child – labour.

In the Caribbean, there has been a growing concern over child labour and indirect forms of begging. Children are being seen working various forms of street hustling like the selling of counterfeit movies, stolen electronic devices, or local produce like fruits and vegetables. In more severe cases, child’s rights advocates have reported high incidents of child sexual abuses by children who are expected to provide for themselves. These economic burdens that are placed on children can have devastating impacts on their lives. Many of these children are lured in various forms of illicit activities like child pornography, thief, gang-violence and child-trafficking.

Child trafficking, has become a serious concern for many Caribbean societies, in particular as many are struggling with their economic and social inequalities. Child trafficking can take various forms, including but not limited to, forced child begging, sexual exploitation, child pornography, child marriage and child soldiers. UNICEF have also reported that the number of children being trafficked across the globe are mainly trafficked to engage in street begging, prostitution and petty crimes like stealing.

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Beautiful Barbados

World famous Merry Men composed the song Beautiful Barbados.

World famous Merry Men composed the song Beautiful Barbados.

Three items in the news this week have resonated in the BU household. The revelation that a road in Christ Church has been suspended for eight months because the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) has been unable to procure a 6 inch pipe to complete their part of the work. The second, several Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) trucks have broken down and garbage collection has been severely affected. The sight of piles of garbage complete with booing flies, cat size rats and a pig pen stench has become part of the landscape in many districts. And the last item, the statement made by former minister Haynesley Benn that the government should manipulate the St. Peter constituency to create a partisan advantage.

The 40 million dollar BWA headquarters under construction perched on St. Barnabas Hill is an impressive structure.  It is difficult to visualize or justify the investment in the building if juxtaposed to the level of bad service Barbadians have been subjected to for many years by the BWA. The construction of the building has been saddled with controversy from the start with alleged malfeasance. BU is confident though under Minister David Estwick everything has gone by the book so far. It is the greatest irony the BWA takes almost one year to procure a 6 inch main while construction of its multimillion headquarters nears completion.

As the country mobilizes against Ebola by holding frequent press conferences, media releases, identifying quarantine bays and generally dusting of protocols – 90 Nigerian students have been a casualty of the exercise – an inefficient garbage collection is a mounting concern.

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Sandals Concessions Too Late to Make a Difference to Tourism Industry!

Adrian Loveridge - Hotelier

Adrian Loveridge

Even if the repeatedly broken promises confirming that all registered hotels will qualify for the same concessions given to Sandals last year came into practical effect this week, it is now far too late for the vast majority of properties to make any meaningful use of them this year, at least in terms of major upgrading. Whether it was Government’s honest intention or not, Sandals look like they will re-open with an enhanced quality product advantage in late January 2015 that virtually every other hotel cannot hope to compete with.

Again, it’s important to repeat that like most other tourism businesses we welcome the group’s arrival and in the long term hope that it will drive additional investment and upgrading on a level playing field. Despite the continued speculation about added airlift, it simply will not happen until the Beaches property is hopefully completed in a yet indeterminate number of years from now. The short term reality is that we have lost a potential 25,000 airline seats in the interim reconstruction period. That would not have happened if the former Casuarina/Couples hotel had remained open. Only time will tell if punishing around 5,000 rooms, while rewarding just 280 will prove to be a sustainable long term solution to the overall industry challenges.

In hindsight it’s perhaps easy to see how this situation developed. The trappings of a private corporate jet, a luxury yacht, well oiled and orchestrated publicity machine with seemingly impressive amounts of money running into tens of millions being mentioned almost every day. Continue reading

FDI the Intoxicant of Caribbean Politicians

Prime Minister Dr Denzil Douglas (left) and Premier Vance Amory

Prime Minister Dr Denzil Douglas (left) and Premier Vance Amory

Some interesting developments have been unfolding in the Caribbean in recent years and have increasingly gained public attention of late. Those of us who have an interest in the politics of the region observed the ‘clash’ that occurred in the parliament of St. Kitts and Nevis last week between Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas and Premier Vance Amory of Nevis. The issue which sparked the conflict has to do with “an attempted sale of Crown lands by the Nevis Island Administration to an Iraqi national and funds alleged to have been sent to the federation as payment for the proposed sale” – PM and premier square off in parliament over Nevis petition . Prime Minister Douglas suggested there was alleged fraud associated with the transaction and called for an investigation to which Amory asked the Speaker to have to have the statement withdrawn.

In the build up to the 2008 General Election Barbados Underground posted frequently on the subject of land use policy (or lack of) in Barbados, citing reasons that were also applicable to the region. St. Kitts and Nevis is an example of a Caribbean country that has shifted to a 100% service based economy with tourism and foreign direct investment (FDI) now driving the economy. If we are to listen to some pundits in the local media who are impressed by the progress made by St. Kitts and Nevis, and recommend a similar economic model for Barbados, recent events should alert to the dangers of doing business with foreign investors from non Western countries. There is a saying one cannot have two masters. In the case of Barbados with a heavy reliance on international business anchored in Canada and the United States we should exercise caution.

BU’s read of the region, Guyana included, is that our governments are resigned to implementing a policy of attracting foreign direct investment as a key driver of economic activity. This approach has taken on an urgency in the last five years post meltdown of the global economy because traditional growth structures have been decimated.

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