Bus Terminal Dispute – The Next Generation

The term is not into Week III and ….

God help us!

Privatization of State Enterprises on the Horizon

Posted by Artaxerxes to the UWI Cave Hill Takes a Hit

Tracey Shuffler advises government to Hand Over

Tracey Shuffler advises government to Hand Over

Politicians from the BLP and DLP are guilty of implementing policies that seemingly benefit the electorate in the short term, but in actuality having long term benefits for the political party.

For example, the NHC housing policy has been exploited by both the electorate and political parties. These housing units should have been starter homes for individuals/families who are in the process for developing themselves. Tenants should have been limited to rent units for a specific time period, while encouraging them to build their own homes. Financial assistance should have been given to those low income workers to either build their homes or purchase the units. Hence, rentals should have been an on-going process, whereby when one tenant moves out, another one moves in. Instead, and more so for political reasons, tenants were encouraged to occupy the houses for several years or not to pay rent. In 2008, this administration transferred ownership of the units to those tenants who occupied them for over 20 years, free of cost.

Additionally, I was doing a bit of reading and realised, prior to the 1976 general elections, Errol Barrow reduced bus fares from a per stage basis to a standardized rate of 25¢ per destination. However, he went on to lose the elections to Tom Adams and the Barbados Labour Party. Many people think Barrow is beyond criticism, but if we want to have a serious discussion about the Transport Board, we must first examine what implications this election gimmick had on the Board’s operations and financial stability over the years.

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Anal Adored by the Sexes

Do we misuse the gluteus maximus?

Do we misuse the anus?

The hushed issue of using the anus to extract sexual pleasure continues to hold interest for many. The expected reaction to this revelation will be one of alarm followed by condemnation by those whose heads are planted in the sand. But navigate to any reputable website offering insight into the issue and the message will be the same – an estimated 30% of males AND females have engaged in anal sex at least once. And what are some of the popular Internet searches? anal, booty, fat ass,   big ass, you get the drift.

Of interest is the fact the botsy or pooch, to use a Bajan term, as a source of sexual pleasure and general interest is pursued by BOTH sexes.  Yet it is a subject that is taboo even in the most liberal of societies. Many Barbadians associate anal sex and homosexuality. However, the volume of visits and hits to porn sites and specifically of male and female clicks to anal searches challenge the notion that there is only a moderate interest. So why the hypocrisy?  Why do males and females risk pain by penetrating the sphincter which is an anatomical feature to manage the flow of ‘waste’ from the body? Are male homosexuals attracted to the same sex because of an urge to have sex in the same way as the heterosexual? Is it a case of pursuing an emotional interest and having to settle with the anus because the female was the vagina by the great designer? To be frank BU is confused by this issue.

The big question is why is anal sex and matters related to anal rising in popularity among the sexes. If only we were able to commission a Wickham poll to determine the level of interest in anal sex among the religious in Barbados. We know that there is a healthy interest if we deduce from  revelations coming out of the Catholic church. Unfortunately the truth will never be known because of the taboo!

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Tourism Sector a Cadre of Beggars

Submitted by William Skinner
James Paul, CEO, Barbados Agricultural Society

James Paul, CEO, Barbados Agricultural Society says No MOU, no grant

The granting of concessions to the hoteliers, is a capitulation on the part of the Barbados government, which now finds itself with a one step forward two steps backward economic policy; trying to please an essentially lazy and backward corporate class while inflicting serious blows on the already poor and economically downtrodden.

The hoteliers in Barbados have clearly demonstrated that they have failed to capitalize on an industry that has been in existence for over sixty years. They have whined their way into the taxpayers coffers, on the spurious grounds that the concessions granted to the well established Sandals Group should be automatically theirs for the taking. In other words, while very few of them can ever boast or hope to come close, to demonstrating that they can ever reach Sandals’ heights, they have blackmailed the government into giving them similar benefits. It’s akin to a fourth division footballer demanding the same salary and perks of a first division superstar!

Be that as it may, they have also refused to sign on to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which will be used to monitor they operating in good faith with the agricultural community and other businesses, to ensure that the process is not exploited. In other words, the government wanted some formal agreement that the benefits will trickle down to local businesses. Low and behold, the BHTA said that it will not sign any MOU. Imagine a beggar being so bold faced, to be a chooser as well! It was very pitiful and embarrassing to witness a minister backing down from this group.

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Loveridge Calls for Smart Partnerships

Adrian Loveridge

Adrian Loveridge

While this may not be universally accepted by all, can and should the private sector tourism industry do more to help itself? The simple answer must be yes!

I firmly believe there are so many more ways that we can build smart partnerships to build our destination awareness in all the key markets. As an example, many years ago we persuaded the three largest villa rental agencies to jointly produce a full page ‘ad’ that appeared in leading travel magazines like Caribbean Travel and Life. By collectively sharing the costs they were able to attract an audience that would have been price inhibitive if attempted individually.

As first you may think that you were collaborating with the ‘enemy’ and handing valuable business to your competition, but in today’s reality the consumer is savvy and well informed. They can make a defined choice based on their own preferences. There would be nothing stopping our car rental agencies, major attractions and small hotels doing exactly the same and ideally, in one concerted effort, together.

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A Garrulous State

Dr. David Estwick

Dr. David Estwick

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) led by Freundel Stuart won the 2013 general election by a 16:14 margin, collecting 51.2% compared to 48.3% of the eligible vote. However, the statistic which stands out for BU is the 4,539 votes that separated the two parties in the first past the pole system of democracy we practice in Barbados, that is, 74,027 for DLP and 78,566 for the DLP. Another statistic civic minded Barbadians should take note of is that voter turnout continues to languish in the low 60 percent except for the general elections held in the period 1966 to 1986.

Although the system of democracy we practice in Barbados is described as “a universally recognized ideal” because it purports to protect the individual rights of individuals and ‘encourages the distribution of political power’, it is not perfect. It should be obvious to many our democratic system needs a revamp, we need to improve the quality of individual attracted to public service but more important, we need to have a system which holds politicians and public officials accountable to the electorate.

For the last 10 years, or so it seems, there has been too much twitter and not enough doing to build a better Barbados.  Since 2007 which coincides with the global meltdown, the country has had to endure incessant complaining from a demanding public dissatisfied with an uncommunicative government. A government that appears not to accept the responsibility of being representative of ALL Barbadians.

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‘Unconquered’ discussion Series

The ‘Unconquered‘ discussion series is hosted by Robert Young’s The Cloth at #24 Erthig Road, Belmont…Attilah Springer – aka Tillah Willah – is one of the livewires driving this initiative…I was invited by Tillah to speak at the ‘Conscious Citizenship‘ meeting on Wednesday 13th August 2014, along with Dr. Kevin Adonis Browne, author of the searching new work ‘Tropic Tendencies’…the session was both heated and edifying…it was real, even when Browne ramoujayed on rhetoric!
Afra Raymond