St. Philip South

Adriel Brathwaite (DLP) Anthony Wood (BLP)


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  1. For me the interesting thing is the Freundel who was supposed to be a liability in the election now seems like an asset, while Arthur seems a drag on the BLP.


  2. Observing(...)

    Brathwaite has been a non representative. Wood has been a “man scorned” loser. This one is a toss up with a lean towards the DLP although it has nothing to do with Brathwaiee’s accomplishments or work.

    Just Observing


  3. @Observing(…)
    That is why I put de case earlier on that Mona was the best person to run up here in St.Philip. If de BLP loses this election I think poor candidate selection must be seen as one of the factors.


    I tell wunnah de BLP should have run MONA ALLEYNE instead! How could the BLP in good conscience bring back a man who curse the good people of St.Philip because they sought, at that time (2008), to send him a message of repudiation via the ballot box? I told them early o’clock to send MONA but them wanted WOOD so tek de result you get in St.Philip South! Congrats to the DLP. You did far better than I thought you would.


  5. Oilman,
    The youth of SPS have spoken. You have been correct from the start despite the untruths being spoken by all those critics. We have not forgotten or forgiven Mr. Wood and don’t want him to ever come back.

    As a youth person using your blog, your submissions and submissions by some of friends against the govt have been so biased and have been used by our group to teach the younger ppl not to allow persons with prejudice views to lead them astray. It has now been viewed that the BU is the soapbox for the BLP and can’t be trusted to having neutral opinions even if the fellow bloggers held their own view. You will now to rated along with the National newspaper as full of propaganda and will have to work hard to earn any creditability in our eyes. As the youth have spoken against the BLP, we have now place your blog on notice.

    To all other naysayers,
    We the youth of SPS, stand by Mr. Brathwaite and plan to work with him to make our constituency even better than it is currently.


  6. @Leanne
    I am glad the DLP prevailed in St.Philip. For the BLP to send back a man like Wood after how he treated the young people of St.Philip South was a gross error.
    I also noticed a little bias on BU’s part. I agree with Leanne. This election showed me that the management of this blog is really in the BLP corner. Yes you allow all and sundry, of whatever political colour to voice a view but when the election got into full swing, I noticed that BU’s management declared its hand. That’s your right to do but please recognise that we out here now see in which corner BU stands


  7. @Oilman

    Believe what you will. BU like many believed the BLP would have won the election. So what is your point?

    Wood was beaten by about 300 votes despite of the fact Brathwaite was a less than a stellar candidate. What does this tell you.

    BU was proDLP in 2008 and according to you proBLP in 2013. It would be great if we were to be pro(someotherparty) come next election.

    What is evident to BU is that nothing much has changed as far as politics is concerned.


  8. @Oilman

    in all fairness, David tries to be balances in his presentations. Smoetimes he deliberately write or say thinks to evoke discusssions. Sometimes he and I would agree on issues, as well as disagree and when we reach a stale mate we would agree to disagree.


    LOL. I did not say that David does not try to be balanced. I did not say that David was proDLP in 2008 and proBLP in 2013. I also believed the BLP would have won the election. I said just what I said and that is, that I noticed a bias. From what I see Leanne has noticed this bias as well.


  10. @Oilman

    Surprise surprise DLPites have noticed a BU bias. Moving on.


  11. @OILman

    the politicains read this blog. Let us put forward some ideas for the development of this country, after all we have to live here. Something I want the Ministry of tourism to concentrate and develop a policy on community tourism as one of its development strategies

    I want to see those overseas missions evaluteted to determine whether we are getting a retun on invesment, after doing swot analysis..


  12. @David
    Oh yeah. De voice of de people is de voice of God. After all you say bout Brathwaite, de people chose Brathwaite as their representative! What does that tell you about WOOD?


    I concur with you. We have to get this country moving!


  14. @Oilman

    Agree with you, two poor candidates.


  15. Rices-Gemswick

    I don’t know who has give you the right to speak on behalf of the youth of SPS. I certainly did not vote for the man who said he keeps in contact by Facebook and he didn’t know he had to come out and interact, that is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. This will be Mr. Brathwaite’s last run, if it was up to me, he wouldn’t even have been barely given this one (yeah he barely got this one). I single handedly will make sure of this. Not sure if he is one that passed money, but I would hate to know that SPS youth prefers to get fish as oppose to learning how to fish. Don’t bother to reply because I’ve said what I have to say.


  16. Rices-Gemswick

    300 votes a lot in a constituency where more than 10,000 are eligible to vote? Get a grip brainwashed man!


  17. Rices-Gemswick

    Just shows my theory about Bajans loving bad treatment; you don’t like the blog but you keep coming back for more lmao. You don’t like that things are so expensive but” cuh dear it was the recession, give dem more time” is just like ” cuh dear he only hit her once, he just looking out for her best interest”.


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