St. James South

Donville Inniss*(DLP) Sandra Husbands (BLP)


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    The DLP brought Barbados to its economic and political knees starting in 1986 with the RICHIE HAYNES BACKRAISE BUDGET and give-aways that the Bree St. John led BLP had indicated the country could not afford.
    By 1988 , Barrow was. Sandiford stuttered and Richie Haynes Bolted. The Budget of 1988 was described by Richie Haynes as A BACKSTREET ABORTION. In the 1991 election campaign at Eastmond Corner, Sandiford declared that the economy was batting like Sir Garfield Sobers, two weeks later gave away 33 million dollars to retired civil servants who disposed of the money on consumer durables and the country was pushed into a hole further with the 8 % salary
    cut. Many persons lost ‘things’ in the most sordid and darkest period of our recent history. Man I could go on but I dont have to justify anything . To France wid you and your crap.We made a mistake in 2008 due to lies and deceit from the DLP and voted against a wonderful party and Government. We will correct this whenever ‘Mr. SLOTHFUL’ call elections. Simple !


  2. old onion bags

    @ true to form
    Even the PM promised to look at the imposition on the people ‘ new barbadians’ who pay NIS and where told they cannot access the service,
    The PM said would do something about it. Confidence by Stuart you say!
    Well now that you so innocently gone there… have ever body vex..including Donville…..PROMISE ?….Don’t go there…leave that to be dealt with by the folk from the Bayland….Funny you mention the NIS ..wonder now how much it actually got in ? The …J I C F ..Just in Case Fund looked to bottom out….The mysterious $160 Mill loan Mc Clean spoke of…..Washington of course ?Whatever which way.. boi…we really need it…it came just in time !…Marshall :.’the truth must still be known’ ….like we can’t depend on only ‘ second mortgages.’

  3. old onion bags

    Doctors from polyclinic saying some not paid for months…..Donville denies this…..who telling the truth ?Yet another war each day….” holding to the last tether”. Best Drug Service since…..? Since when maam’

  4. true to form

    I was wondering how Donville took the bruising last Sunday from the PM. Imagine inviting some one to speak and then completely dismissed what Donville said only the week before. That was a most unkind cut. Donville must have seethed with and anger indignation. But the PM EAGERLY decided to treat him as the PM thought he deserved. I supposed it only left to SJS to treat him as the PM did.He is now blustering about the payment of junior doctors. It always best to find out before speaking. Civil servants from time to time are not paid on time so it would not surprise me. The PM really kicked Donville in his ass on Sunday and I know he will have to respond.Think on these things

  5. to !:
    The reality of st. james south is that with a small swing Donville shall be in trouble. As a first timer it shall be difficult. He does not have the luxury of the second term syndrome which would have easily provided a win.

  6. Prodigal Son

    When I heard that Donville Inniss was addressing the PM’s branch, I went hmmmmm…did we not hear a few weeks ago that Donville cursed out the PM, then I said….hmmmm, they are closing ranks. Now the PM goes and insults Donville right before his face..hmmmm. Knowing the spunk of Donville, he will not let the PM get away with this.

  7. old onion bags

    Donville like a man running in quick sand. When the party and you moving in two different directions…is only a matter of time which dies first.

  8. old onion bags

    The PM going after middle class self employed hard working professionals to pay (optional) NIS is most sad.No one even stopped to consider why a person becomes self employed after not finding work in Govt or other orthodox methods…They are however, quick to relate that those self employed, are not paying (optional) NIS contributions.Just goes to show the insensitivity of this administration, to those graduated unemployed…. those from Clairemont, Paradise Heights and environs whose parent spent a mint educating them only to hear no jobs. Now a DLP apologist can only find time to say…”You self employed now at last ( not even congratulations)…fork out some money so that we can spend it a on Four Seasons or another boondoggle. Why can’t this administration employ a little empathy and understand the middle class cannot take any more, and that such strategies at this time are but counter productive…..NIS for the self employed is optional….why go after them during these times ?

  9. To Old Onion:
    I concur.

  10. old onion bags

    I hear ya Lemuel.
    Since no tourist ain’t coming …if they really want to save money is to put a halt to all Illaro Receptions….Stuart garden parties, all the non essential flights to Washington..the planned DT Birthday remembrance 2020 Cricket Bash., done away with the Constituency Council and send home Carson Cowboy Cadogans. No more trips for Sealy to Brazil….. I am sure that is a good few million right there we won’t have to waste…oh yeah you could call home a few of those BTA people in Ny and Canada…cuz no tourist aint coming remember?….You could also shut down CBC cuz DEM aint saying nutting neither….. promoting Chinese culture..Who the hell wants to know about the Emperor’s feeding manner and girl servants… Rosemary ?

  11. old onion bags

    Now having read BU’s PICKS…..On this one again …I am convinced David and Co. got it wrong….No way I say no way is Sandra behind …as a matter of fact ..this is going to be very much like the SutherlandSuckoo St.George seat… will issue in the SWING……Donville will not retain this seat nor Suckoo….They are in the cradle lap of some of the most affect by Stuart’s austerity measures..the middle class and the lower middle class.

    I would wish if both candidates could find time and weigh in …with their views and incorrectness of BU’s picks.

  12. Observing (and listening for a bell)

    onions. Are you basing this on Sandra’s ability or Donville’s lack of?
    Head to head it seems like a close race with Donville in front. The others should take a page out of his book.

    - Win by a little bit
    - work hard as hell in your constituency
    - Put your money where your mouth is
    - Run your ministry well despite unpopular decisions
    – openly cuss the opposition regularly for their “foolishness”
    - criticise your own party members for their timidity
    - Consolidate all the above as reasons for getting back in AND
    - position yourself for higher heights in the near future.

    Classic politics 101.

  13. old onion bags

    Donville may have more money…and more Photo Op’s..but Sandra holds a greater personality than he….For starters.Donville has a history..Sandra don’t. She is a better speaker….you must agree…She has a track record as a Senator and SBA president…who was the watershed….in the small business kickoff.She is known to many small upcoming businessmen and women as a hard worker …..called into fair play ..many times during that era… Finally there is the swing… by my calculation a 5%…..we almost home with this baby don’t you think ? No need to debate Suckoo.. by all n large…she gone.

  14. Observing (and listening for a bell)

    Question still remains….what’s the feel and mood on the ground in SJS and in relation to the party(ies). Sandra would need a coattail or two to bring it home. If she has Liz and co. from 2003 doing field work for her, then I may accede to the possibility of victory. Time will tell.

  15. old onion bags

    This seat will be the icing on the cake…when Donville gets his….FUNDY going feel vindicated…..retribution going be sweet…BTW…we all know SJS was always a BLP stronghold…..300 seats going be a cracker jacker for Sandra…..IT WILL SIGNAL the end… all bout from both sides.

  16. old onion bags

    Sandra ya ready to speak to night……? Na obeah entrance like Ire pls.

  17. Inniss seems to be winning the battle for air time at the moment.

    Hopefully Husbands is offsetting by putting in the work on the ground.

  18. old onion bags

    @ David
    Winning air time is about all….word on the ground different….MIDDLE n Lower classes vex still….lil tax reclassification ent saying a pang ! By the way…..BEES MARCHING…St. James South >>>>>>

    MEETING tomorrow night SUNDAY…Guest Speaker Hon Owen Arthur, Kerry Symmonds, Sandra Husbands…..One Stop Mini Mart, car park .St James ( nr Hanyesville entrance) ..7.00 PM..” Budget Butt Froth”.

  19. old onion bags

    Congrats to Sandra Husbands on the successful launching and timely opening of her Branch Office last night. With over 700 people in attendance..if this be any indication …you are well on the way to taking over this seat.Well organized as usual , you have showed your intent to be a force to be reckoned with .

  20. NationBLPnewspaper

    Research on the Nation newspaper’s coverage of BLP branch meetings has shown the following :

    Anytime Arthur speaks at a branch meeting, he is to be placed on the most prominent places in the Nation newspaper – Front page, back page or page 3. This will happen on the day following the meeting and there will be follow up stories on the Tuesday and Wednesday.
    It happens every time like clockwork. Check for yourself.
    Every single time, some might even be tempted to suggest that he has a direct say and influence in the Nation’s newsroom via the editor,his close friend Kaymar Jordan.
    The truth will come out eventually about how the BLP and the Nation newspaper leadership have merged their efforts as they both have the same goal.
    Kaymar Jordan is clearly Owen Arthur’s puppet and willingly so.

  21. i cant see Donville Inniss losing to Husbands-how many Husbands running?- Inniss has emerged as a legitmate potential leader among the young Turks on both sides. The country needs him in the House. Sandra Husbands comes across as a limp biscuit. Inniss should retain his seat on merit and as an emerging leader.

  22. The lost one....

    Inniss is a decent man and an excellent manager. He should retain his seat and thankfully so as we need people like him in parliament.

    Good luck Donville.

  23. Bees are certainly ready…..ASK SANDRA

  24. Note sent to media:

    Ladies and Gentleman,

    Come Join the Parliamentary Representative for the Constituency of St James South Donville Inniss and our Special Guest Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler on Sunday Sept 09 at 4:30pm at the DLP St James South Branch Office for the monthly meeting at 4th Avenue, Wanstead Terrace.

    Come on out and hear Finance Minister Chris Sinckler and Health Minister Donville Inniss address pertinent national and constituency issues.

    This will give persons an opportunity to interact and ask questions of both of these Outstanding, Keen and Energetic Ministers of this DLP Government.

    Follow our Pathways to Progress.

  25. old onion bags

    Having listened to Chris’ speech at Donville’s Office, all I am hearing is (like ac)….the same ole same ole….Global Recession to blame,DLP meet a Perfect Storm, Hard times always hitting we, OSA old, he only want power, Nuttin wrong wid Stuart, and the now infamous beg..”man give we another chance, as we went get enuff time.” ….cheezon Chris the rhetoric wear thin..Is this representative of the party’s election strategy?…well bud, if so… that would be the Kenny Worse.

  26. millertheanunnaki

    @ old onion bags | September 10, 2012 at 8:37 AM |

    Onions, you got to take your hat off to Chris, though.
    The man said he is all foursquare behind his man who few months ago he was stabbing in the back.
    Let me tell you the plan Chris and the others (including Don) has for Jerome. This is a plan hatched by both Hartley H and Peter W and presented to both Buffoon Chris and the porno Don.

    Pretend to be foursquare behind Freundel to fool the jackasses called the voters. Don will be next to express his unswerving support and public approval of his dear great leader. Once this façade is established and we win back the government the next day we the majority will no longer be the Eager 11 but the Empowered 16 to oust FS by expressing a no confidence in him and the GG will have no alternative than to accept our decision to appoint Chris as leader and Don his deputy. After all, The GG would not want to see the country go through another set of general elections in 21 days just after the “mother of all battles”. Hartley will be given a seat in the senate with ministerial powers to boot. Peter to be made an ambassador; preferably to the UK where his lifestyle is par for the course.

    Peter W also suggested the hugging up of Jerome in public but Chris the oil slick kid said he ain’t mind sipping ‘pink’ champagne with a leper for the world to see or kissing up with Mia but he ain’t hugging from behind no big ugly man in public for them women to laugh at he.

  27. old onion bags

    @ Miller
    It appears….Donville has used this “meeting of two alike minds” to counter the two spot meets had by the BLP in West Terrace and Queens College. I have been hearing this now for awhile…’two partners’. ….Do you mean they could not have held this ‘spot meeting’ on the pasture 100m away (overlooking UWI)…PUBLICLY and save David BU having to advertise and report back? Seems like only certain minds are seeing alike…..despite the ” I backing FDS 100%” chant……The question still begs why hold a spot meeting in a constituency office?Is this a fallout of a heads gine roll promise? Are other speakers not in for a spot meeting? A gag order maybe or a breaking of sorts?. If this was meant for certain ears, then why the non-selective media invite as is accustomed? Something thwangy here with this one…

  28. @ Miller
    …another question..since opening elections season…have there been any other spot meetings by the DLP ? If so why not ? BLP had about 10…

  29. Minister Donville Inniss  at branch
    DLP can’t sit on its laurels -
    A glimpse into some of the work done at the ministry of health –
    Public Sector Reform –

  30. I like Sandra on a personal level, but this politics thing is such a horrible thing for an otherwise good human being. Women in politics do NOT stand a chance of making any kind of impact on anything. IT IS A MAN’S (BLOOD) SPORT. Women are there to win seats and that is all. They will accomplish nothing particularly under the likes of Owen Arthur, and that is a pity. She will be forced to toe the line and will be lucky to leave the game with her pride in tact.

  31. Realists from Haynsville

    Sandra, be though not afraid, I know that you will be victorious because you are a honest person and you genuinely cares for the residents of St. James South and their livelihood and for that we the people of St. James South will elect you to represent us

  32. I dont think after the foolishness Snadra gettin on widin WestTerrace she can win that box,nor de fellas in Haynesville teking she on.shwe waisting time

  33. What foolishness are you referring to?

  34. Mine is a family of firsts – my grandfather was one of the first black Barbadians to bottle and market his own rum, and he ran a shop labeled by villagers as the Nuff Pork Shop which succoured Barbadians from miles around through the depression period. My memories are of my grandmother, co-owner of that bustling shop, feeding as many as 30 people daily from her kitchen;
    Genes to serve run deep….Kudos Sandra !

  35. Should we privatise the Port?
    A familiar voice speaks about Port workers and the Union
    Listen on you tube -

    It’s difficult to find a brutally honest public figure these days.
    The call to PRIVATISE the Barbados Port Authority and send home all of those workers is understandable.
    It seems like they take long to do jobs and are involved in a high level of _ _ _ _ _.
    B. Padmore

  36. The following flyer received from DLP St. James South:

  37. Wanstead Hill is in St Michael…!

  38. These people, whether they are from the DLP or the BLP in Barbados or Obama in the USA who trade incessantly on the insecurities of desperate people by peddling HOPE – are criminals. Our real hope should be that we wake up to the insidious nature of these criminals. In this respect they are no different that the religious stake oil salesmen who promised milk and honey in an unknown place in the bye and bye, while they live the good life in the here and now off the bones of the poor.

  39. Pacha if you see the size ah Donville house … swimming pool and all …! HA HA HA

  40. Mine is a family of firsts – my grandfather was one of the first black Barbadians to bottle and market his own rum, and he ran a shop labeled by villagers as the Nuff Pork Shop which succoured Barbadians from miles around through the depression period. My memories are of my grandmother, co-owner of that bustling shop, feeding as many as 30 people daily from her kitchen
    How many “Nuff Pork” shops existed in Barbados? The only “Nuff Pork’ shop that I knew of was in Vauxhall, Christ Church run by a Mrs. Waltruss? It was called by that name due to the copious amount of salt meat dispensed to the customers for a small pittance (probably a few pence) those were the days before ECC or Barbados currency.



  43. BU has taken note that Sandra brought out a big gun this weekend:

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