St. Andrew


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  1. old onion bags

    @ Doc
    Wake up chile wake up….Ya hear the news? Stuart says ELECTIONS GOTTA COME BEFORE JANUARY…D money run out…and nah moe money coming til ee show ee hand…..well well….the sinew show and tether had to let go…Doc wakeup wakeup…THE DAY COMING….whalosss whaloss ! St .Andrew gine B in turmoil….LOL

  2. Doctor make the pain stop

    Any how Onions lets get down to some business, how do you feel about the issue that Mia helping men in St. Andrew to get out George? Also do you know who from St. Andrew BLP give Irene details about the strategy meeting wunna had? And who tell ME that George doan feel suh good cuz he break promises to de men in orange hill bout work? Lolololololol talk ken, talk.

  3. old onion bags

    Sorry Doc
    Onions don’t do stale cakes…….but you should know that….come a fresh. know now that is the 12th hour…heart beat rates high and snatching at anything nowadays is the norn…..I see Stuart answered the pundits with a resounding UNMOVED and G.O is go in his he charges nonchalantly headlong like a Subway Express, wish DEM luck…whaloss…. tell DEM so…..D man is class….LOL

  4. Doctor make the pain stop

    Onions you just broke Ryan’s record with a remarkable 13:12, you ran from my questions leaps and bounds and your reply had nothing to do with the questions, the PM running in St. Andrew? face de woman, you like a lil school boy, lets go back to some facts, is it true that George plans to push people in St. Andrew off their land if he gets back in so he can sell it to foreigners for a big pay out? Owen and George may not get along but they surely share the BLP motto… SELL OUT, PRIVATIZE & VICTIMIZE

    READ BEFORE YOU VOTE AND SEE WHY BARBADOS IS NOW JUNK .S&P down grades, Massive land fraud

  6. Some constituents eg St Andrew are truly blessed, in that they have a candidate who is enthusiastic, dedicated and who has the interest and welfare of their constituents at heart. This is not always the case even in a democracy, here is hoping that eventually they will do what is best for that blessed Parish.

  7. The Lion Paul Arthur

    A quote from Barbados Today from the outgoing mp, “This election is for Arlene and I hope that everything will go all right.” LOL that sounds like a confident man? lolol Irene ah want ya beat de hat offa he lololol

  8. The Lion Paul Arthur

    In the mp’s comments in B’dos Today..he focus’ on the neglect of the social centers in St. Andrew, yet he boycotted parliament yesterday, at an opportune time where he should have been representing St. Andrew on the said issues. However, in comparison his buddy Dale actually got the St. Joseph center done, which reminds me of the boy who talked all day in class and never got any work done while his friend talked but worked as well. So Payne got no results in the last 10 years, incluisive of when the BLP administration was in office, but now is asking for our vote .. I SAY NO TO PAIN.

  9. Additional Services

    @ The Lion Paul Arthur

    Is George Payne retarded?

  10. The Lion Paul Arthur

    yes and 64 years old


  12. Poltical Intelligence

    @ Onions, Scout, Ammy, et al…
    Latest CADRES poll fingers out St. Andrew as one of the weakest BLP seats in the entire country. A seat which was once a stronghold of the ailing BLP. St. Andrew will be a result the entire nation will seek, however the statistics suggest St. Andrew is certainly ready for a change….

  13. This constituency and SJS are two that will keep the interest high. Here is the mayor out and about today –

  14. Well well well. George in water hall is like buying beach furniture in St. George. Desperate is the word that comes to my mind. First of all he never used to canvass up there and secondly the people said he shouldn’t come now either.. See, George has a huge problem in the fact that he hasn’t done a thing in these areas in over 10 years. So when u go to people as a rep of over 20 years and they have never seen you before that is the response ya would get. The mayor isn’t out and about, he is 64, overweight and has political nightmares in the day. I dare Payne to not canvass for two weeks if he is a man. I wait for the big belly man he has handling his online battles to reply. One Ken white lip smith.

  15. George would like to give people the impression he good but let me give wunna the S. he NEVER used to mass canvass on Sundays and ah watch Orange Hill people hug up Irene and welcome her inside their homes, that orange hill box gonna jump george like a positive pregnancy test while on the pill and wearing a condom. The BLP needs to find a candidate to replace George his day is done.

  16. St.Andrew the hot spot to watch

  17. The word on the street is that Irene is doing well and the electorate of St Andrew is rallying to support her. They seem determined to elect a candidate who “WILL” represent them and let their voices be heard. . . it appears the “long silence” is almost at an end.


  19. I waited because time is a great healer. I cannot find words to express, how sorry I am that you were not given the opportunity to represent the people of St Andrew. Despite the result I have great faith in you, and I honestly believe that a time will come for you to play a part in Barbados’ politics from a position that you desire.

    Going forward good fortune to you and your family.

  20. old onion bags

    You made a jolly good show Irene…..just that George went Turbo….

  21. To political inntelligence, doctor make the pain stop, and yard broom…..’guh long roun clowns, wunna get knock down by payne, again’.

  22. old onion bags

    Doctor….Question …the pain stopppp ????

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